14:00:25 <devkulkarni> #startmeeting Solum Team Meeting
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14:00:40 <devkulkarni> #topic Roll Call
14:00:51 <devkulkarni> Devdatta Kulkarni
14:00:52 <Ablu> hi
14:01:22 <zhurong> \0/
14:01:50 <devkulkarni> hey Ablu, hey zhurong
14:01:54 <caowei> hi All
14:01:58 <devkulkarni> hi caowei
14:02:02 <zhurong> hi all
14:02:19 <devkulkarni> we have enough of us, so lets get started
14:02:34 <devkulkarni> here is the agenda for today: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Weekly_Solum_Team_Meeting
14:03:23 <devkulkarni> Lets go through the agenda items and then we can open it up for open discussion
14:03:37 <devkulkarni> #topic Announcements
14:04:24 <devkulkarni> 1) Welcome to new contributor (tgtanya)
14:04:50 <Ablu> hi :)
14:04:59 <devkulkarni> yesterday we got pings from tgtanya showing interest in contributing to Solum
14:05:06 <tgtanya> So glad to be here, thanks devkulkarni :)
14:05:20 <devkulkarni> tgtanya: glad you could make it to our meeting
14:05:35 <devkulkarni> A very warm welcome to Solum :)
14:05:57 <devkulkarni> tgtanya: you can introduce yourself to rest of the team?
14:06:44 <tgtanya> Hey Team Solum, my name is Tanya Goel and I am currently an undergrad student majoring in Cloud Computing from India
14:07:29 <caowei> hi tgtanya
14:07:30 <tgtanya> Looking forward to be a part of this team and contribute, this would be my first time contributing to an open-source project
14:07:47 <tgtanya> Hey Ablu, caowei :)
14:07:55 <zhurong> tgtanya welcome
14:08:06 <devkulkarni> Good to know that you are majoring in the area of cloud computing
14:08:28 <devkulkarni> We are happy that you have chosen Solum as your first step into open source cloud computing
14:08:49 <devkulkarni> Solum team will be happy to help you get started on this journey
14:09:22 <tgtanya> So I have heard, no better place to start than an OpenStack project community
14:09:50 <devkulkarni> OpenStack tc would be thrilled to hear that
14:10:39 <devkulkarni> btw, I am curious as what made you choose Solum over other OpenStack projects? Did you have specific interest in application build/deploy, PaaS, etc.
14:12:26 <tgtanya> I am not very good with API designs yet, but Solum seemed like the project to help me understand the actual implementation of OpenStack for the end-user deployment of applications
14:13:17 <devkulkarni> Cool. That seems like a very good reason to me. You will definitely learn all about app deployment when working on Solum
14:13:32 <devkulkarni> So, welcome again.
14:13:44 <tgtanya> Thanks, again. :)
14:13:47 <devkulkarni> Lets move on to the next item on the list of announcements
14:14:12 <devkulkarni> 2) PTL candidacy (http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-September/103871.html)
14:14:38 <devkulkarni> If you have not seen this email before, I submitted my candidacy for the PTL position for Ocata cycle
14:15:22 <devkulkarni> the election period is currently active. although we don't have elections as there is no other candidate
14:15:34 <devkulkarni> there will be elections for 4 other projects
14:16:01 <devkulkarni> once the election period is over (coming Sunday), the official results for all the projects will be announced
14:16:37 <devkulkarni> btw, if you have not yet subscribed to openstack-dev mailing list, I would advise to do that.
14:17:03 <devkulkarni> that is the list where all the important emails related to wider openstack go
14:17:22 <zhurong> agree with this
14:17:45 <devkulkarni> in case you want to ask a solum specific question, you can do that as well on that list. Just make sure that you put [Solum] in the subject line of your email
14:18:26 <devkulkarni> ok, so the third announcement today is related to Barcelona summit
14:18:55 <devkulkarni> for those who don't know yet, OpenStack summit in Barcelona is happening in last week of October
14:19:12 <devkulkarni> For Solum, we have one fishbowl session
14:19:35 <devkulkarni> which is basically one 50 minute slot where we can do presentation/demo.
14:20:07 <devkulkarni> Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to the summit. However, zhurong is most likely going to be there
14:20:28 <devkulkarni> and he has agreed to represent our team in the fishbowl session
14:20:52 <zhurong> My application is still applying
14:20:56 <caowei> cool
14:21:11 <devkulkarni> zhurong and I will be working on the presentation for the fishbowl session
14:21:15 <devkulkarni> zhurong: ack
14:21:54 <devkulkarni> In case zhurong is not able to make it as well then we can check if any other contributors would be there, and would be willing to present
14:22:14 <devkulkarni> caowei, Ablu: are any of you planning to be in Barcelona?
14:22:23 <Ablu> na
14:22:37 <devkulkarni> ok
14:23:05 <devkulkarni> I will check with vijendar and dimtruck
14:23:50 <caowei> sorry , i can't
14:23:54 <devkulkarni> in case that none of is there, I will let the organizers know accordingly so that they can give that slot to some other project
14:23:57 <devkulkarni> caowei: ok
14:24:06 <devkulkarni> s/none of is/none of us/
14:24:37 <devkulkarni> alright, those were all the prepared announcements that I had
14:24:53 <devkulkarni> do any of you have any announcements?
14:25:44 <zhurong> np
14:25:59 <devkulkarni> alright. lets move on to the next topic
14:26:07 <devkulkarni> #topic Discussion
14:26:17 <devkulkarni> Logging is now fixed (thanks zhurong)
14:26:31 <zhurong> :)
14:26:35 <devkulkarni> zhurong: do you mind updating the team on the issue and how you fixed it?
14:26:48 <devkulkarni> this was pending for long time
14:27:08 <devkulkarni> it had blocked our migration to oslo, so really glad that this has been taken care of
14:28:18 <zhurong> the oslo_log config can not load, we should register it first
14:29:55 <devkulkarni> you had to change the logging trace setup as well, right?
14:30:50 <zhurong> yep, now it can works well
14:31:09 <devkulkarni> really glad that this has been resolved.
14:31:55 <devkulkarni> tgtanya: since you are going to setup Solum development environment, you can verify what zhurong fixed through his patch
14:32:48 <devkulkarni> basically, if all the solum services start up nicely and if you are able to see log messages being generated for each service, then things are working correctly
14:33:12 <devkulkarni> thanks zhurong for fixing this
14:33:17 <tgtanya> devkulkarni: will do
14:33:48 <devkulkarni> are there any other items that you want to discuss?
14:35:21 <zhurong> noting from my side
14:35:40 <devkulkarni> ok, in that case let me open the floor for open discussion
14:35:47 <devkulkarni> #topic Open Discussion
14:37:07 <devkulkarni> as a reminder, in open discussion, you can bring up anything that you have on mind if we have not covered that in our meeting
14:42:42 <devkulkarni> alright, if there is nothing else to discuss today in the meeting, we can end the meeting
14:43:59 <devkulkarni> thanks Ablu, zhurong, caowei, tgtanya for joining the meeting today
14:44:01 <zhurong> I think we can end the meeting earlier. :)
14:44:08 <Ablu> devkulkarni: thanks for hosting
14:44:19 <devkulkarni> zhurong: about to end it
14:44:25 <devkulkarni> see you all next week
14:44:31 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting