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14:04:48 <vijendar> Hi
14:04:55 <devkulkarni> hi vijendar
14:05:12 <devkulkarni> lets wait for some time to see if others join in
14:05:17 <vijendar> sure
14:11:42 <vijendar> devkulkarni: other than you, is there any one else here?
14:12:07 <devkulkarni> vijendar: no, no one besides two of us have joined in yet
14:12:15 <devkulkarni> may be we can end the meeting
14:12:37 <devkulkarni> I was hoping zhurong, caowei, Ablu will join in
14:12:45 <devkulkarni> looks like they are busy
14:12:46 <vijendar> ok
14:12:49 <Ablu> I am here
14:12:55 <devkulkarni> oh cool
14:13:15 <devkulkarni> in that case, I would say lets continue
14:13:21 <devkulkarni> we can keep the meeting short
14:13:34 <devkulkarni> Here is the agenda for today:
14:13:36 <devkulkarni> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-09-14_1400_UTC
14:14:40 <devkulkarni> #topic Announcements
14:14:51 <devkulkarni> 1) Update on participation in Barcelona summit
14:15:14 <devkulkarni> So one update on my side is that I won't be able to attend the Barcelona summit after all
14:15:26 <devkulkarni> we do have 1 fishbowl slot
14:15:55 <devkulkarni> so if one of you will be in Barcelona, you can use that to present
14:16:17 <devkulkarni> 2) PTL elections
14:16:18 <vijendar> and also you have one presentation accepted…right? devkulkarni
14:16:35 <devkulkarni> vijendar: so the presentation is actually on stand-by
14:16:41 <vijendar> ok
14:16:59 <devkulkarni> that means, only if one of the other accepted presentations drop out for some reason, our presentation will get in
14:17:24 <vijendar> I see
14:17:43 <devkulkarni> if you or james_li will be going to Barcelona then one of you can do that presentation (if it gets in) and also do the fishbowl session
14:18:06 <vijendar> ok. I am also not going
14:18:15 <devkulkarni> oh okay
14:18:49 <devkulkarni> I will check with zhurong if he is going.. I remember he saying that he had a presentation accepted
14:19:30 <devkulkarni> ok, so the second announcement is that PTL candidacy is now open
14:19:37 <devkulkarni> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-September/103439.html
14:20:42 <devkulkarni> I will submit my candidacy for the ocata cycle, unless one of you want to try this role
14:21:05 <devkulkarni> the deadline is Sunday September 18th
14:21:38 <devkulkarni> so those were the two announcements I had
14:21:51 <devkulkarni> let me go to the next topic
14:21:58 <devkulkarni> #topic Discussion
14:22:26 <devkulkarni> It appears that currently Solum services are not starting up
14:22:36 <Ablu> :)
14:22:58 <devkulkarni> Ablu: which commit are you reverting back to, to get to a working state?
14:23:37 <Ablu> I went to a24e811 as a base
14:23:49 <Ablu> I mean in theory reverting the log change is enough i guess
14:24:02 <Ablu> but that gave me a lot of conflicts due to other import changes
14:24:16 <Ablu> so i just locally removed all the commits until a24e811
14:24:41 <devkulkarni> looking through the commit history
14:25:17 <devkulkarni> what is the date of a24e811 commit?
14:25:25 <devkulkarni> and commit message
14:25:57 <Ablu> I assume 0276e3ce7bc4069121dc77f8a52fbb8d86705f95 broke it
14:26:01 <Ablu> * a24e811 - Fix output public_ip  in the coreos.yaml (5 hours ago) <caowei>
14:26:18 <Ablu> commit a24e8119b135265e6127bed546eb0c5e05c64fb7
14:26:19 <Ablu> Author: caowei <cao.wei@99cloud.net>
14:26:21 <Ablu> Date:   Mon Aug 29 11:27:00 2016 +0800
14:27:10 <devkulkarni> ok
14:27:30 <devkulkarni> so you have reverted to the commit before that one?
14:28:13 <Ablu> devkulkarni: no. I am on a24e811 (the commit before 0276e3ce7bc4069121dc77f8a52fbb8d86705f95) and rebased my stuff onto it
14:28:43 <Ablu> or better I removed the commits 0276e3ce7bc4069121dc77f8a52fbb8d86705f95 to origin/master from the history with rebasing
14:29:05 <devkulkarni> ok, understood
14:30:07 <devkulkarni> I will try to spin up with that commit and see how that goes
14:30:45 <devkulkarni> for now, you continue with the commit that is working for you atm
14:31:08 <Ablu> devkulkarni: but git-review wants me to pull all the time...
14:31:18 <Ablu> can i tell that not to pull --rebase?
14:31:48 <vijendar> I don't think there an option like that
14:32:10 <Ablu> hm ok.
14:32:12 <devkulkarni> hmmm. probably not, since master history and your history is different
14:32:43 <devkulkarni> we will have to first merge patch(es) which will revert the culprit commits
14:32:49 <Ablu> devkulkarni: well for my local git it simply looks like I am behind a few commits... The history is still common. I only have a single new commit
14:33:23 <Ablu> reverting 0276e3ce7bc4069121dc77f8a52fbb8d86705f95 and f35e792a16c7a96f245b65c1a59b49a711b80738 might be enough until a proper fix is there...
14:33:42 <Ablu> But it gives a lot of conflicts due to all the other oslo changes
14:34:13 <devkulkarni> yeah.. we did merge several oslo related changes
14:34:20 <Ablu> like "Switch to oslo_i18n" and "Switch to oslo_utils"
14:34:28 <devkulkarni> right
14:34:53 <Ablu> but glad that it is not only an issue on my end this time :->
14:34:57 <devkulkarni> lets try to catch zhurong today/tomorrow and see if he has any thoughts on solutions
14:35:02 <devkulkarni> :)
14:35:15 <devkulkarni> btw, were you able to get the connectivity back for your VM?
14:35:39 <devkulkarni> I remember seeing messages that you were not able to reach out from your VM
14:35:45 <Ablu> devkulkarni: yep. my iptable rules got messed up
14:35:58 <devkulkarni> ok, that is good to know
14:37:45 * Ablu is afk 1 minute
14:37:52 <devkulkarni> so lets discuss a plan to fix the broken state.. I am thinking that we can try to catch zhurong today/tomorrow to see if he has any thoughts on this.. if it turns out that it will require more research to fix, we can submit patches to undo the culprit commits
14:42:31 <Ablu> back
14:42:33 <Ablu> devkulkarni: sounds good
14:42:41 <devkulkarni> cool
14:42:58 <devkulkarni> anything else that you want to discuss today?
14:43:43 <devkulkarni> if not, I will end the meeting
14:43:52 <devkulkarni> thanks Ablu vijendar for joining today
14:43:55 <Ablu> not from my side
14:43:59 <Ablu> devkulkarni: thanks for hosting
14:44:02 <devkulkarni> ok
14:44:06 <vijendar> thanks devkulkarni
14:44:11 <devkulkarni> see you next week
14:44:16 <devkulkarni> and on solum irc channel
14:44:19 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting