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14:00:44 <devkulkarni> #topic Roll Call
14:00:48 <devkulkarni> Devdatta Kulkarni
14:02:48 <Ablu> Hi
14:02:54 <devkulkarni> hi Ablu
14:03:08 <caowei> hi
14:03:16 <devkulkarni> hi caowei
14:03:27 <devkulkarni> thanks for joining today Ablu and caowei
14:03:46 <devkulkarni> looks like zhurong and vijendar are not around yet
14:03:57 <caowei> hi Ablu
14:03:57 <devkulkarni> hopefully they will join in a bit
14:04:06 <devkulkarni> we can get started
14:04:42 <devkulkarni> I have only couple of things on agenda today
14:04:51 <devkulkarni> 1) Solum dashboard patches
14:05:00 <devkulkarni> 2) Cutting new Solum release
14:05:40 <devkulkarni> let me go over both these items and then we can anything else that you want to discuss
14:05:48 <devkulkarni> 1) Solum dashboard patches
14:06:12 <devkulkarni> We are almost done with all the dashboard patches
14:06:15 <devkulkarni> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/solum-dashboard+status:open,n,z
14:06:30 <caowei> yes
14:06:49 <devkulkarni> this was a big work, which thanks to pt_15, zhurong, and caowei, we have been able to complete over this summer
14:06:58 <devkulkarni> I am really happy to see this done
14:07:27 <devkulkarni> Our dashboard was not very useful till now. But with this work that should not be the case anymore
14:08:13 <devkulkarni> I wish pt_15 and zhurong were also here today.
14:08:22 <devkulkarni> hopefully we can touch base with them next week
14:08:51 <devkulkarni> we still have one more thing remaining in the dashboard
14:09:02 <devkulkarni> and that is to remove the panel for "Assemblies".
14:09:38 <devkulkarni> once that is done, we would have completed entire migration of the dashboard code to use new abstractions in Solum
14:09:57 <devkulkarni> but this is not a blocker to using the dashboard
14:10:24 <devkulkarni> So that is all on the dashboard front
14:10:41 <devkulkarni> 2) Cutting a new Solum release
14:11:11 <devkulkarni> Since we have merged several dashboard patches in last few days, it will be great for us to cut a new release
14:11:30 <devkulkarni> I am planning to do that sometime this week
14:11:59 <devkulkarni> in the solum and python-solumclient repositories as well we merged several patches
14:12:28 <devkulkarni> these were related to moving solum and python-solumclient over to using oslo libraries
14:12:48 <devkulkarni> zhurong really stepped in here and did it all for us
14:13:09 <devkulkarni> I think the solum repository is now completely oslo compatible
14:13:36 <devkulkarni> this is a big achievement, as this was one of the goals proposed by the technical committee for the next openstack cycle
14:13:55 <devkulkarni> we have achieved this goal before the end of the current cycle
14:14:03 <devkulkarni> that is really awesome
14:14:19 <devkulkarni> kudos to zhurong for taking charge of this and getting it done
14:14:55 <devkulkarni> there is one more goal for the next cycle -- to make solum code (in all solum repositories) python 3.5 compatible
14:15:36 <devkulkarni> if you remember, I had brought this topic up with you sometime back. hopefully, between all of us we will be able to achieve that goal as well soon
14:16:12 <devkulkarni> so, since we have merged several patches in solum, python-solumclient, and solum-dashboard after cutting the previous release, it makes sense for us to cut another release
14:16:39 <devkulkarni> I will do it once the remaining 4 patches in solum-dashboard have merged
14:17:20 <devkulkarni> so that is all that I had on those two topics
14:17:52 <devkulkarni> anything that you have on mind that you want to discuss?
14:19:25 <devkulkarni> Ablu: how is your work coming along?
14:20:13 <devkulkarni> btw, I forgot to acknowledge that caowei has helped us straighten out our VM based deployment flow
14:20:23 <devkulkarni> this is going to be very helpful
14:20:45 <devkulkarni> caowei, I remember you had been wanting to write a blogpost about this
14:21:07 <devkulkarni> let me know if you need any help with it
14:25:32 <devkulkarni> alright then. we can end the meeting. see you next week
14:25:53 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting