13:59:53 <devkulkarni1> #startmeeting Solum Team Meeting
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14:00:05 <devkulkarni1> #topic Roll Call
14:00:12 <devkulkarni1> Devdatta Kulkarni
14:00:31 <zhurong> zhurong
14:00:40 <devkulkarni1> hi zhurong
14:01:08 <devkulkarni1> hopefully caowei and Ablu will join us as well
14:01:29 <Ablu> hi
14:01:31 <Ablu> sure
14:01:40 <devkulkarni1> here is our agenda for today: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-08-31_1400_UTC
14:02:16 <caowei> hi
14:02:35 <devkulkarni1> alright.. we have enough folks to get started
14:02:55 <zhurong> they all join :D
14:03:06 <devkulkarni1> lets go through the items on the agenda and then we can open up for open discussion
14:03:10 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: :)
14:03:23 <devkulkarni1> #topic Announcements
14:03:45 <devkulkarni1> Our submission titled "Applications as first class citizens on OpenStack" has been accepted as stand-by for Barcelona summit
14:04:14 <devkulkarni1> what this means is, if any slot opens up for whatever reason, our talk will get space
14:04:22 <devkulkarni1> otherwise not
14:04:52 <devkulkarni1> our other submission was workshop on solum
14:05:00 <devkulkarni1> but that did not get accepted
14:07:54 <zhurong> devkulkarni1  bad news
14:08:05 <devkulkarni1> got disconnected
14:08:17 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: what about your talks?
14:08:44 <devkulkarni1> for our talks I would say its a mixed result
14:09:29 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 I have a cooperation topic with another guys
14:09:30 <devkulkarni1> while we would have liked to have both accepted, having one in stand-by is better than not having any selected.. we might still have a chance
14:09:49 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: cool
14:10:38 <devkulkarni1> but I agree.. compared to Austin summit, it is less number of talks for us this time
14:10:44 <devkulkarni1> it happens
14:11:50 <devkulkarni1> hopefully we will have better representation at the following summit in Boston
14:12:10 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 So many application development and CI/CD topics
14:12:42 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: agree.. this is a popular space
14:13:16 <devkulkarni1> and also currently open.. there is no one tool/technique/platform that has become widely accepted..
14:14:26 <devkulkarni1> ok, lets move on to the next item
14:14:38 <devkulkarni1> 2) Outreachy internship successfully completed by pt_15
14:15:07 <devkulkarni1> last day of pt_15's internship was last week
14:15:36 <devkulkarni1> she is still going to continue contributing to solum
14:16:01 <devkulkarni1> any other announcement(s) from any of you?
14:16:25 <zhurong> This is a good news :D
14:16:28 <Ablu> I will try to prepare my first part of my work for submission
14:16:43 <devkulkarni1> +1 zhurong
14:16:52 <Ablu> so the building of new images by running scripts on top of an existing image
14:17:08 <devkulkarni1> Ablu: sounds good
14:18:01 <devkulkarni1> #topic Discussion
14:18:16 <devkulkarni1> Cutting a release this week (http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-August/102451.html)
14:18:56 <devkulkarni1> we need to cut a release for solum, python-solumclient, solum-dashboard, and solum-guestagent this week
14:19:27 <devkulkarni1> I am planning to do that later today
14:19:41 <devkulkarni1> we can tag another release later as well
14:19:50 <devkulkarni1> but we have to do one this week
14:20:08 <devkulkarni1> so if we merge any outstanding patches this week, that should be fine
14:20:35 <devkulkarni1> we can always tag another release before the official release dates for the newton release
14:21:16 <devkulkarni1> #topic Patch review
14:21:19 <zhurong> most of the projects had already FF
14:22:01 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: yes.. feature freeze is for projects that are following release with cycle release model
14:22:19 <devkulkarni1> we are following release-intermediary release model
14:22:28 <devkulkarni1> in this model we can tag a release anytime
14:23:06 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 oh.. thanks for explain this
14:23:10 <devkulkarni1> dhellmann's above email is mentioning that we need to tag a release this week so that we can get in as part of official newton release
14:23:23 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: right
14:23:53 <devkulkarni1> so we will tag a release this week and then if we merge more patches, we can tag another release next week
14:24:29 <devkulkarni1> on to the topic of patch reviews
14:25:02 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: thanks for submitting the oslo patches :)
14:25:29 <devkulkarni1> can you give an overview of the patches? that way it will be easier to review
14:27:29 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 openstack/common dir had using all of the oslo to instead, most of the project had done this work
14:28:18 <Ablu> ok, I guess I am out for today :)
14:28:22 <Ablu> Have a nice day!
14:28:29 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: right. in fact, moving away from openstack/common to use oslo libraries is one of the goals put forward by the TC
14:28:41 <devkulkarni1> alright Ablu
14:28:46 <devkulkarni1> have a great evening/night
14:29:03 <zhurong> yep, we need remove this dir
14:29:12 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: so you taking up this task is really very helpful for our project
14:29:38 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: after your current series of patches, how much of this work will still be remaining?
14:30:05 <devkulkarni1> I believe we have to do this for python-solumclient as well
14:30:40 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 Once is merged, there are only need to remove the dir, then it will done in solum
14:30:56 <zhurong> yep, python-solumclient  need to do as well
14:31:15 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: ok, so solum is almost migrated
14:31:29 <devkulkarni1> once your current patches have merged, we just have to remove that directory
14:31:39 <devkulkarni1> which you can do as a followon patch
14:32:19 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: this is really great.. I will move your patches forward soon so that we might be able to satisfy the oslo goal even before the barcelona summit
14:33:44 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 need merged all the current review patches, then remove the directory
14:34:03 <devkulkarni1> sounds good
14:34:25 <zhurong> the left thing is very easy to do and review
14:34:39 <devkulkarni1> lets try to merge your current patches asap
14:35:08 <devkulkarni1> if there are any -1 from Jenkins, I would suggest to fix that
14:35:30 <devkulkarni1> that way we would not be blocked due to gates
14:36:00 <zhurong> -1 from jenkins is because deponded on the prev one
14:36:14 <devkulkarni1> ah I see
14:36:43 <devkulkarni1> in that case it should get fixed once the first patch in the tree is merged
14:37:29 <zhurong> yep devkulkarni1
14:37:34 <devkulkarni1> cool
14:38:13 <devkulkarni1> lets discuss solum-dashboard patches next
14:38:21 <devkulkarni1> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/solum-dashboard+status:open,n,z
14:39:08 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: I thought this patch (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/359468/) will be fixed after your pep8 fix was merged:
14:40:18 <zhurong> seems can not passed
14:40:39 <zhurong> we recheck at the same time :D
14:41:07 <devkulkarni1> ha ha nice :)
14:41:30 <devkulkarni1> lets see if the recheck makes any changes
14:41:51 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 if my Manually update will pass the gate, I think we can merge my patch first
14:42:08 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 yep
14:42:29 <devkulkarni1> ok, we can do that
14:42:44 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 If OpenStack Proposal Bot pass the gate, I will abandon my patch
14:43:00 <devkulkarni1> ok, I think this is good plan
14:43:51 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: looking at https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/solum-dashboard+status:open,n,z
14:44:16 <devkulkarni1> there are several patches from pt_15 which have -1 from you and/or caowei.
14:44:45 <devkulkarni1> I was wondering if we should create bugs for these and come back and fix them?
14:44:58 <devkulkarni1> that way we will be able to move this patches forward
14:45:43 <devkulkarni1> the reason I suggest is, pt_15's internship has ended and I doubt she will have enough time to submit revisions to patches in next few weeks
14:45:59 <devkulkarni1> what do you think?
14:46:06 <zhurong> If I have time, I will help her with the patches, and make them merge
14:46:17 <zhurong> this weekend, I will do this
14:46:56 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: ok, that will be very helpful then.. I just want the patches to get merged so that all the hard work that pt_15 and you put into this over last few months is reflected in our newton release
14:47:57 <devkulkarni1> and about your patch for i18n: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/349160/
14:48:16 <devkulkarni1> thanks for sharing the Translations link on the patch
14:48:40 <devkulkarni1> I haven't yet gotten around to checking it out, will do so soon
14:49:05 <zhurong> after this patch, I need add auto translations job for solum-dashboard
14:49:58 <devkulkarni1> I see
14:50:42 <devkulkarni1> hmm.. jenkins gave -1 to both the patches
14:50:53 <devkulkarni1> your manual update one and the proposal bot
14:52:06 <devkulkarni1> pbr version conflict http://logs.openstack.org/68/359468/3/check/gate-solum-dashboard-pep8-ubuntu-xenial/4497fcf/console.html#_2016-08-31_14_47_05_638048
14:52:11 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 I will fix my patch
14:52:57 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: or, if you want to check with openstack-infra on how to resolve the pbr version conflict issue that will be good too
14:53:45 <zhurong> I checked, the proposal bot pbr version is the same with my patch
14:54:38 <devkulkarni1> ok
14:54:54 <devkulkarni1> hmm.
14:55:10 <devkulkarni1> lets see if your fix gets +1 from Jenkins
14:55:32 <devkulkarni1> then we can merge yours first and then re-trigger proposal bot's patch
14:55:50 <devkulkarni1> ok, 5 minutes remaining..
14:55:58 <devkulkarni1> #topic Open discussion
14:56:05 <zhurong> my jenkins -1 maybe because pylint package license changed
14:56:20 <zhurong> Now it be GPLv2
14:58:07 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 meeting time is almost over
14:58:12 <devkulkarni1> oh I see. what is the way to fix it?
14:58:21 <devkulkarni1> yeah, its almost over
14:58:38 <devkulkarni1> we can continue in solum channel
14:58:41 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 I have submit a new one
14:58:50 <devkulkarni1> I see
14:59:44 <devkulkarni1> alright, lets conclude for today then
14:59:54 <devkulkarni1> thanks all for joining today
14:59:57 <devkulkarni1> #endmeeting