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14:01:22 <Ablu> Hi
14:01:39 <devkulkarni1> hi Ablu
14:01:57 <pt_15> Hey
14:02:04 <devkulkarni1> hi pt_15
14:02:19 <devkulkarni1> lets wait for a minute or so to see if others join in
14:03:53 <devkulkarni1> alright, lets get started
14:04:04 <devkulkarni1> here is the agenda for today: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-07-27_1400_UTC
14:04:58 <devkulkarni1> the main item on the agenda is that voting is now open for Barcelona summit talks
14:05:18 <devkulkarni1> you can check solum related talks which have been submitted here:
14:05:19 <devkulkarni1> https://www.openstack.org/summit/barcelona-2016/vote-for-speakers/presentation/15648/?q=Solum
14:05:41 <devkulkarni1> talk selection process involves two main criteria
14:06:16 <devkulkarni1> community vote and technical merit
14:06:51 <devkulkarni1> you can vote on the talks that you like (Solum and other talks)
14:08:26 <zhurong> do we have a meeting?
14:08:31 <devkulkarni1> hi zhurong
14:08:37 <devkulkarni1> yes, we just started
14:08:47 <zhurong> hi devkulkarni1
14:08:56 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: here is the agenda for today's meeting: https://www.openstack.org/summit/barcelona-2016/vote-for-speakers/presentation/15648/?q=Solum
14:09:24 <devkulkarni1> voting is now open to select talks for Barcelona summit
14:09:24 <zhurong> only two if us?
14:09:36 <devkulkarni1> pt_15 and Ablu are also here
14:11:36 <devkulkarni1> I would encourage to take some time in next couple of days to vote on the talks (Solum or otherwise) that you think should be selected for the summit
14:11:51 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 your topic is very impressive
14:12:28 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: thanks :) .. hopefully it gets selected.. fingers crossed
14:12:43 <devkulkarni1> btw, zhurong and pt_15: we have also submitted a workshop
14:13:00 <devkulkarni1> if it gets selected, your horizon plugin work will become very critical
14:13:35 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: oh ok, cool!
14:13:38 <zhurong> pt_15 did a grate job
14:13:44 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: thanks a lot for reviewing pt_15's patches
14:13:59 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 :D
14:14:05 <devkulkarni1> yes, I see lot of patches..
14:14:10 <pt_15> thanks a lot zhurong :D
14:14:19 <devkulkarni1> zhurong your reviews really helped with those patches
14:15:01 <pt_15> certainly did zhurong :)
14:15:20 <devkulkarni1> lets continue to discuss about those patches as our next item
14:16:20 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: what is the current status on them? have you addressed all of zhurong's comments?
14:16:36 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 pt_15 My pleasure. :)
14:16:54 <pt_15> yes devkulkarni1, i've addressed all of zhurong's comments :)
14:17:05 <devkulkarni1> nice
14:17:18 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: have you also added screen shots to the patches?
14:17:33 <pt_15> yes, i've added the screenshots for all the lp patches
14:17:43 <devkulkarni1> also, could you comment on the readiness of both set of patches? (lp and app)
14:17:46 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: nice
14:17:52 <pt_15> i haven't added the app screenshots yet, but i'll get to those soon
14:18:04 <pt_15> yes, sure
14:19:00 <pt_15> basically, in terms of the lp patches, i've tested them all out, and they all are in working condition. the only thing remaining for them is the reviews (if any more :) )
14:19:15 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: in the lp show patch, are you displaying the location of the log?
14:19:24 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: ok
14:19:27 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: yes
14:19:58 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: so looks like lp patches are ready.. zhurong has also looked through them I believe
14:20:23 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: yes :)
14:20:52 <pt_15> also, for the app patches, i am currently testing them out, and will soon be uploading screenshots for them, and any changes if required
14:21:01 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 I will go through it once more
14:21:05 <devkulkarni1> let us target to get them merged this week.. now that you have added the screen shots, I will look at the patches one more time.. I will also download them on my setup and test them out later today
14:21:28 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: sounds great! :)
14:21:33 <devkulkarni1> thanks zhurong, that will help.. lets try to merge the lp patches in next couple of days
14:21:37 <pt_15> thanks once again zhurong!
14:22:00 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 OK, sure
14:22:16 <zhurong> pt_15 Your are welcome
14:22:49 <pt_15> zhurong: :)
14:23:05 <zhurong> pt_15 You do a great job
14:23:09 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: for the app patches, can you elaborate on each patch a bit..
14:24:08 <devkulkarni1> you are making patches dependent on previous patches, right?
14:24:13 <pt_15> Thanks zhurong
14:24:22 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: yeah
14:25:03 <pt_15> Actually for some of the basic functionalities for app, like list, show, deploy etc most of the code was already there
14:25:41 <pt_15> I have just updated them to reflect the basic API changes
14:25:47 <devkulkarni1> I see.. yeah, I remember that code .. but if I recall it is using plans
14:26:13 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: makes sense
14:26:16 <pt_15> Yes exactly, so I have just made the changes for it to start using apps
14:27:26 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: wasn't there any reorganization needed? I thought horizon's base architecture had changed.. may be not
14:27:42 <pt_15> I am also working on app create right now, although without all the verification process, which we can maybe add later
14:28:00 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: yeah it has, but not much, in fact this architecture still works
14:28:11 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: ok
14:28:34 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: for app create, yes, lets first get a working example end-to-end
14:28:54 <devkulkarni1> then, in a follow up patch(es), you can add validations
14:29:27 <pt_15> Yeah, sure :)
14:29:34 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: when do you think you will be able to complete basics of all the app patches?
14:30:05 <pt_15> I should be able to test them and get them working by the end of this week
14:30:53 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: that would be awesome.. so, we can then target to get the app patches merged by end of next week
14:31:19 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: yes, that would be great! :)
14:32:20 <devkulkarni1> pt_15: we can discuss next week what would you like to do after the initial app patches are merged
14:32:49 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: yes, sure, that sounds great! :D
14:32:59 <devkulkarni1> one thing that I was thinking was you could look at adding github integration support
14:33:24 <devkulkarni1> have you looked at the video which shows demos github triggers?
14:34:13 <devkulkarni1> it is this one: https://vimeo.com/172438083
14:34:40 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: oh, i haven't seen this one before
14:35:10 <devkulkarni1> the video shows how to setup github trigger from cli and then how creating a pull request triggers build and deploy of the app
14:35:49 <pt_15> oh ok, cool!
14:35:52 <devkulkarni1> once you have the app create implemented in horizon, you can improve it to do github trigger setup
14:36:35 <devkulkarni1> currently the trigger setup code is in the cli .. you might be able to refactor the cli to use it from within horizon
14:36:57 <pt_15> devkulkarni1: yeah, certainly, i can work on adding this to it, once the initial app create is done :)
14:37:09 <devkulkarni1> yeah, check out that video whenever you get some time
14:37:35 <pt_15> devkulkarni1:  sure, i'll definitely do that :)
14:37:51 <devkulkarni1> adding that support will be useful.. also, basic validations for lp and app create will be useful
14:38:33 <devkulkarni1> alright.. any other thoughts on the topic of dashboard?
14:38:39 <pt_15> yeah, i'll work on adding this support in the next week :)
14:38:51 <devkulkarni1> sounds good pt_15
14:38:55 <pt_15> no, i think that's it for now! :)
14:39:47 <devkulkarni1> ok
14:40:15 <devkulkarni1> zhurong Ablu: you guys want to discuss anything?
14:40:41 <Ablu> I started working on writing my own deployment handler for vms
14:40:48 <Ablu> but i only had like half an hour yesterday
14:41:00 <Ablu> I guess the next two weeks will be relatively silent from my side
14:41:20 <devkulkarni1> sure, I understand
14:41:48 <devkulkarni1> let me know if you want us to brainstorm anytime.. we can just sync up on solum channel and hash out any stuff that needs discussion
14:42:08 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 I have nothing else
14:42:22 <devkulkarni1> btw, unikernel guys might reach out to you to understand/discuss writing of the vm handler
14:42:23 <Ablu> devkulkarni1: well i guess for now I have enough to do
14:42:33 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: ack
14:43:02 <Ablu> I can try to help, but I fear my approach has little in common with unikernels
14:44:00 <devkulkarni1> Ablu: true.. although, last week when he was asking questions, I thought their use-case is similar to yours.. but after yesterday's chat, I don't think that is the case
14:44:25 <devkulkarni1> in any case, he might ping to understand how to write custom handler/custom deployer
14:44:43 <devkulkarni1> they have also submitted a talk for barcelona
14:45:14 <Ablu> Well that is trivial to do...
14:45:41 <devkulkarni1> true
14:46:28 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: any updates from caowei? .. haven't caught up with him in some time
14:48:54 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 We are the some company,  but we are not base in the same city, and not work in the same team
14:49:29 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: ah I see
14:49:52 <devkulkarni1> well, I will try to catch up with him during your day time
14:50:08 <devkulkarni1> hi vijendar
14:50:24 <vijendar> devkulkarni1: hi…sorry! I am too late
14:50:34 <devkulkarni1> no worries vijendar
14:50:45 <devkulkarni1> we have pt_15, Ablu, zhurong as well
14:51:18 <devkulkarni1> vijendar: voting for Barcelona is now open
14:51:26 <vijendar> nice
14:51:31 <zhurong> devkulkarni1 I will tell him to ping you in solum IRC
14:51:59 <zhurong> Hi vijendar Nice to meet you :D
14:52:00 <devkulkarni1> https://www.openstack.org/summit/barcelona-2016/vote-for-speakers/presentation/15617/?q=Solum .. this will open a page with some random presentation .. search for 'solum' in the search box
14:52:18 <devkulkarni1> zhurong: cool, that would be nice
14:52:18 <vijendar> zhurong: hi :)
14:53:04 <devkulkarni1> vijendar: was there any action item from last week that I should know about?
14:53:48 <vijendar> devkulkarni1: no
14:53:54 <devkulkarni1> ok
14:54:32 <Ablu> I g2g. Thanks for hosting.
14:54:32 <devkulkarni1> alright then.. I think we can end the meeting so that you all can get back 5 minutes
14:54:41 <devkulkarni1> don't forget to vote for solum talks
14:54:54 <devkulkarni1> thanks Ablu pt_15 zhurong vijendar for joining in today
14:54:57 <devkulkarni1> see you next week
14:55:02 <devkulkarni1> #endmeeting