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14:26:11 <Ablu> \o/
14:26:19 <pt_15> o/
14:26:29 <devkulkarni> hi Ablu, pt_15
14:26:40 <devkulkarni> I don't have set agenda for today
14:26:54 <devkulkarni> we can keep open discussion
14:27:01 <Ablu> I could give a short status update about my work...
14:27:09 <devkulkarni> yes, that would be great
14:27:38 <Ablu> I can now clone git repos, transfer them into vms and run arbitrary commands on them
14:28:01 <devkulkarni> nice !!
14:28:04 <Ablu> in theory I could also collect build result files from the result image, but that part is broken in packer at the moment apparently (a bug is filed already)
14:28:21 <Ablu> So right now I am trying to understand the deploy logic
14:28:33 <Ablu> and try to make a plan how I can deploy my vm images
14:28:34 <devkulkarni> how did you get around the issue of volume mounting not supported in packer?
14:28:43 <devkulkarni> I see
14:28:51 <Ablu> devkulkarni: i realized packer allows to transfer/download files via sftp
14:28:54 <Ablu> ehm
14:28:56 <Ablu> scp
14:29:02 <Ablu> so I used that
14:29:07 <devkulkarni> cool
14:29:15 <Ablu> should be more flexible than volumes anyway :)
14:29:34 <Ablu> well I need to make sure the directory is cleaned maybe, but that should be doable
14:29:43 <devkulkarni> sure
14:29:56 <devkulkarni> how are you setting up your services to start up when the vm is deployed?
14:30:12 <devkulkarni> rather, when the vm will be eventually deployed?
14:30:20 <Ablu> devkulkarni: well I do not at the moment since I have no deployment done yet
14:30:38 <Ablu> But at the moment my plan would be to run the run_command using cloud-init
14:30:46 <zhurong> devkulkarni Ablu pt_15  hi
14:30:50 <Ablu> zhurong: hi
14:30:54 <devkulkarni> hi zhurong
14:31:05 <pt_15> hi zhurong!
14:31:15 <zhurong> pt_15 I checked your patch
14:31:16 <devkulkarni> ok, that makes sense
14:31:26 <Ablu> but well... still not sure about the deployment. I still did not manage to wrap my head around the heat invoking code there
14:31:47 <pt_15> zhurong: oh great! :)
14:31:55 <pt_15> zhurong: did you encounter any errors in it?
14:32:00 <zhurong> pt_15 the second have the error
14:32:00 <devkulkarni> Ablu: I can tell you how to do that.. it is straight forward
14:32:42 <pt_15> zhurong: ok, what error did you come across? and this is in the lp show patch right?
14:32:43 <Ablu> also I started to write a bit about my development plans in my paper itself. I guess once you are back next week we should discuss further steps :)
14:33:20 <zhurong> pt_15 I have no time to find out the reason, you can see the patch, I add the comment
14:33:31 <devkulkarni> Ablu: yes, lets do that.. I should be able to find some time before next week .. I will ping you
14:34:03 <pt_15> zhurong: sure! thanks for testing it out! :)
14:34:37 <devkulkarni> thanks zhurong and Ablu for helping pt_15
14:34:42 <zhurong> pt_15 lp show is normal, the detail patch can not work correctly.
14:35:04 <Ablu> devkulkarni: hm. ok. This week is relatively busy for me though... I will get my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. And still need to do a bit of home office for work. So not sure if I get any time before the weekend
14:36:11 <pt_15> zhurong: hmm, ok, I'll try and work out the problem.
14:36:28 <devkulkarni> Ablu: ok, I may also not have much time
14:36:33 <zhurong> pt_15 come on :)
14:36:47 <pt_15> And as devkulkarni said, thanks a lot for helping Ablu and zhurong! :D
14:37:11 <zhurong> pt_15 your are welcome :)
14:37:23 <Ablu> you are welcome :P Though you always managed to catch me during times where I was busy... So I could not help a lot I fear
14:38:14 <pt_15> Ablu: you still did manage to help quite a bit actually! :D
14:38:33 <devkulkarni> pt_15: have you managed to get a working environment?
14:39:10 <pt_15> devkulkarni: no, not yet, got the same problem with devstack again, so i'm trying out vagrant now
14:39:30 <devkulkarni> ok
14:40:33 <Ablu> pt_15: well. As I said. The vagrant setup by default does a port forwarding from your host to the vm. So to access port 80 of the vm access port 8080 of your host
14:41:28 <devkulkarni> that is correct.. once stack.sh completes, it prints the URL of dashboard
14:41:37 <devkulkarni> horizon
14:42:07 <pt_15> Yeah, I had tried opening that URL from my host machine, but didn't work
14:42:29 <devkulkarni> what error did you get?
14:44:17 <pt_15> On opening the URL, just got the error server not found
14:44:59 <pt_15> Am now rerunning stack.sh on the VM, and will then try opening local host on my host
14:47:12 <devkulkarni> anything else any of you want to discuss today?
14:47:35 <Ablu> not me :)
14:48:09 <devkulkarni> pt_15: how about you?
14:48:50 <pt_15> devkulkarni: nope!
14:49:10 <devkulkarni> alright
14:49:29 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting