14:01:06 <vijendar1> #startmeeting Solum Team Meeting
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14:01:33 <vijendar1> devkulkarni is not available to today
14:01:43 <vijendar1> so  Iam going to run today's meeting
14:01:43 <Ablu> Ah :)
14:01:52 <Ablu> Hi
14:02:05 <vijendar1> #topic Roll Call
14:02:12 <vijendar1> Hi Ablu
14:02:35 <vijendar1> Vijendar Komalla
14:02:53 <vijendar1> Ablu let's wait for couple of minutes
14:03:50 <Ablu> vijendar1: ok :)
14:04:07 <Ablu> Though I do not have anything discuss really ..
14:04:53 <vijendar1> Ablu: ok. if no one else join, we can end the meeting
14:05:46 <Ablu> vijendar1: i only worked on my test environment.
14:06:22 <Ablu> I had some issues with networking, but I got them resolved. Implementing a vm handler now
14:06:38 <vijendar1> Ablu: nice
14:07:12 <vijendar1> Are you implementing vm handler plugin for Heat?
14:07:36 <Ablu> vijendar1: Na. A vm builder for solum. The heat plugin was only a test
14:07:48 <vijendar1> Ablu: I see
14:07:52 <Ablu> I want to build vm images with pscker
14:07:56 <Ablu> Packer*
14:08:16 <vijendar1> Ablu: ok
14:08:27 <Ablu> But the heat plugin could allow orchestration of solum generated images
14:08:41 <vijendar1> if you are blocked on anything, feel free to ping on IRC
14:08:58 <vijendar1> right
14:09:15 <Ablu> I tested a plugin which generates an image and then passes the name of the image to OS::Nova::Server
14:09:35 <vijendar1> good
14:09:37 <Ablu> And that works after a bug in heat is fixed (fix was proposed today)
14:09:52 <Ablu> vijendar1: thanks for the offer. I will :)
14:10:07 <Ablu> I am on the phone so typing is slow... :p
14:10:13 <vijendar1> no problem
14:10:51 <vijendar1> Ablu: since no one else joined, probably we can end the meeting
14:11:05 <solumuser__> hi
14:11:09 <Ablu> vijendar1: fine with me :)
14:11:18 <vijendar1> solumuser__:  hi
14:11:19 <Ablu> Hi solumuser__
14:12:59 <vijendar1> hi caowei
14:13:42 <caowei> hi Ablu
14:13:47 <caowei> hi vijendar
14:14:02 <vijendar1> caowei we have Ablu with us today
14:14:12 <vijendar1> devkulkarni is not available today
14:14:30 <caowei> OK
14:14:31 <vijendar1> caowei:  do you have anything to discuss
14:14:57 <vijendar1> caowei: if you don't have anything specific, we will end the meeting
14:15:08 <caowei> https://review.openstack.org/338208
14:15:50 <vijendar1> caowei: checking
14:16:15 <caowei> i submitted the patch
14:16:42 <vijendar1> caowei: that looks good to me
14:17:44 <vijendar1> caowei: I just did +2
14:19:30 <vijendar1> caowei: do you have any other issues to discuss?
14:19:39 <Ablu> I g2g. Will read any further discussion later
14:19:46 <Ablu> vijendar1: thanks for hosting
14:19:50 <vijendar1> Ablu: sure
14:22:52 <vijendar1> caowei Ablu thanks for joining
14:23:37 <vijendar1> caowei Ablu if you have anything to discuss, let's take it on #solum channel
14:23:41 <vijendar1> #endmeeting