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14:00:54 <devkulkarni2> #topic Roll Call
14:01:02 <devkulkarni2> Devdatta Kulkarni
14:01:23 <caowei> hi
14:01:27 <devkulkarni2> hi caowei
14:02:05 <Ablu> hi
14:02:11 <devkulkarni2> hi Ablu
14:03:00 <caowei> hi Sunny
14:03:03 <devkulkarni2> here is agenda for today's meeting: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-06-29_1400_UTC
14:03:33 <devkulkarni2> #topic Announcements
14:03:45 <devkulkarni2> 1) Webinar on June 29, 2016 (today) http://www.midokura.com/Webinars/ at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET
14:04:15 <devkulkarni2> I will be doing the Webinar today in couple of hours.
14:04:17 <Sunny> Hi Caowei
14:04:36 <devkulkarni2> I have recorded some screen casts over last couple of days
14:04:47 <devkulkarni2> showing capabilities of Solum
14:04:54 <devkulkarni2> you can find them on our main wiki page
14:05:04 <devkulkarni2> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Solum#Resources
14:05:10 <devkulkarni2> Check under Resources
14:06:06 <devkulkarni2> I have a presentation prepared as well
14:06:28 <devkulkarni2> it is pretty much what I did at the OpenStack summit in Austin (with some changes)
14:06:42 <devkulkarni2> will share it on slideshare once the webinar is over
14:07:35 <devkulkarni2> the main use cases that I am planning to focus on are: 1) deploying app from CLI 2) triggering app deployment from github trigger
14:07:46 <devkulkarni2> lets see how it goes
14:08:13 <devkulkarni2> Second announcement is
14:08:18 <devkulkarni2> 2) I will be traveling next two weeks. I plan to be online as much as possible. But in case I am not able to vijendar has agreed to run our weekly meeting in my absence.
14:08:56 <devkulkarni2> If you don't see me online and have a burning question, please send me an email
14:09:11 <devkulkarni2> I will be checking my emails regularly
14:09:42 <devkulkarni2> those were the announcements from my side
14:09:45 <Ablu> starting with next monday? Or from tomorrow?
14:09:52 <devkulkarni2> starting next monday
14:09:55 <devkulkarni2> July 4th
14:09:56 <Ablu> alright
14:10:06 <Ablu> another month over...
14:10:27 <devkulkarni2> specifically, July 4th - July 19th
14:10:49 <devkulkarni2> Ablu: if you don't see me online but want to discuss/brainstorm or have questions, just send me an email
14:11:10 <Ablu> alright
14:11:11 <Ablu> hi pt_15
14:11:18 <devkulkarni2> same goes for caowei Sunny and rest
14:11:21 <pt_15> hi Ablu!
14:11:27 <devkulkarni2> hi pt_15
14:11:33 <devkulkarni2> good to see you
14:11:33 <pt_15> Hey devkulkarni2!
14:11:43 <pt_15> yeah, sorry I'm slightly late
14:11:59 <devkulkarni2> alright
14:12:13 <devkulkarni2> any announcement from any of you?
14:12:51 <Ablu> I hacked together a very basic packer invoker :P
14:13:01 <devkulkarni2> oh nice !!
14:13:03 <Ablu> it seems to work so far
14:13:28 <pt_15> well, I have submitted a patch for the languagepackes, and it would be great if you guys could take a look at it, since I'm actually a bit stuck :)
14:13:34 <pt_15> * languagepacks
14:13:41 <Ablu> So if you have a minute or two before you leave for traveling it would be cool if we could discuss further steps
14:13:50 <devkulkarni2> Ablu: absolutely
14:14:41 <devkulkarni2> today is bit bad day unfortunately as I am going to be busy with the webinar in the morning and then have to get my Mac updated with latest version of OSX
14:15:05 <devkulkarni2> how about we plan to discuss the next steps sometime tomorrow and continue on friday?
14:15:40 <devkulkarni2> Ablu: btw, if you can submit the packer handler as WIP patch I can start to take a look at it
14:15:41 <Ablu> devkulkarni2: sure
14:15:53 <Ablu> that gives me enough time to clean it up a bit
14:15:57 <Ablu> devkulkarni2: yeah i will
14:16:00 <devkulkarni2> perfect
14:16:06 <Ablu> i just got so far that it starts the packer build
14:16:12 <devkulkarni2> cool
14:16:15 <devkulkarni2> pt_15: ack
14:16:25 <devkulkarni2> before I forget there is one more announcement
14:16:46 <devkulkarni2> Ablu put together steps to run and debug solum code from within Pycharm
14:17:11 <devkulkarni2> you can find them here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/solum-pycharm-debugging-setup
14:17:47 <devkulkarni2> I plan to move these to our development wiki page on https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Solum/solum-development-setup
14:17:57 <devkulkarni2> thanks Ablu for the steps
14:18:25 <devkulkarni2> pt_15: so about your patch..
14:19:03 <devkulkarni2> can you provide details on what the patch does, where are you stuck, etc.
14:19:15 <pt_15> devkulkarni2: yeah, sure
14:19:16 <devkulkarni2> lets discuss is right now
14:19:36 <devkulkarni2> I had it listed in our patch review topic for today, so this is good time to discuss about it
14:20:00 <pt_15> right now the patch adds code to display and create languagepacks
14:20:33 <pt_15> But, I am running into some errors with it
14:20:45 <pt_15> I keep getting internal server error in the logs for create
14:20:45 <devkulkarni2> what kind of errors?
14:21:35 <pt_15> I get the horizon ui and everything, but then it throws an error on the ui that danger: error occured, and the logs show internal server error
14:21:45 <devkulkarni2> which logs are these?
14:21:53 <devkulkarni2> are these solum-api logs or horizon logs?
14:22:12 <devkulkarni2> to begin with, is the code able to connect to solum languagepack api?
14:22:19 <pt_15> horizon logs
14:22:45 <devkulkarni2> do you have the log stack trace?
14:23:17 <pt_15> I think so, since in the case of create it doesn't actually call the api till after getting the details, but this error occurs before that
14:24:10 <pt_15> paste.openstack.org/show/524060/
14:25:28 <devkulkarni2> lets not worry about create for now as that is bit advanced .. from the UI you need to do a POST call. Lets concentrate on GET as that is the most basic all. Lets say you have created an lp using the cli.. the most basic functionality that you should try to get working is the languagepack show .. it should display the languagepack that you created using the cli. Is the code able to do this?
14:26:18 <pt_15> I haven't added the show part yet, only the list part. I am working on the show part now
14:26:28 <devkulkarni2> ok, so list is working?
14:26:40 <pt_15> Yeah
14:27:12 <devkulkarni2> pt_15: ok. in that case let me suggest something.. please submit a patch that contains only the code required for list
14:27:24 <devkulkarni2> you should anyways not put all the code in a single patch
14:27:33 <devkulkarni2> create separate patches for list, create, show, delete
14:28:07 <devkulkarni2> please create separate bugs for each of these operations
14:28:07 <pt_15> devkulkarni2: oh ok, cool, I'll submit a patch just for the list then
14:28:32 <devkulkarni2> in each of the bug please add exact steps of how to load the patch code in horizon and how to test it
14:29:07 <devkulkarni2> as far as order of patches go — I would suggest you do them in order of increasing complexity
14:29:20 <devkulkarni2> 1) List; 2) Show; 3) Delete; 4) Create
14:29:53 <devkulkarni2> to test show and delete, you can create a lp using the cli and then use your ui patches
14:29:54 <pt_15> Ok, cool, so should I let create be for a little while, come back to that after the others are done?
14:30:57 <devkulkarni2> yes, don't worry about create till you have list, show, and delete working.. the main reason is that for create you need to take input and do a POST call from the ui .. that is going to be most complex amongst the four operations
14:31:25 <pt_15> ok, cool, that makes sense :)
14:32:34 <devkulkarni2> in your commit messages, please add details regarding what problem the patch is solving, a brief note about the solution, and link to the bug that you will create
14:33:18 <devkulkarni2> please read this: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/GitCommitMessages for improving your commit messages
14:33:47 <pt_15> ok, sure!
14:34:07 <devkulkarni2> pt_15: also, you want to get into habit of resolving pep8 errors
14:34:26 <devkulkarni2> the reason is that many times reviewers will not look at a patch until Jenkins has given +1
14:34:41 <devkulkarni2> so you want to make sure that your patch always gets a +1 from Jenkins
14:34:55 <pt_15> devkulkarni2: oh ok, I didn't realise that :)
14:35:57 <devkulkarni2> ok, I will look forward to your separate patches for lp operations
14:36:27 <pt_15> devkulkarni2: great! :D
14:36:50 <devkulkarni2> any one else wants to discuss about any patches/code that they are working on?
14:37:26 <devkulkarni2> caowei: how is it going with your docker registry based approach? any progress/blockers?
14:38:26 <devkulkarni2> alright
14:38:32 <devkulkarni2> next topic is bug review
14:38:38 <devkulkarni2> #Bug Review
14:38:43 <devkulkarni2> #topic Bug Review
14:38:56 <devkulkarni2> Here are some recent bugs
14:39:04 <devkulkarni2> 1) raw_input not compatible with Py3? https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-solumclient/+bug/1596135
14:39:04 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1596135 in vmware-nsx "Make raw_input py3 compatible" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Ji.Wei (jiwei)
14:39:26 <devkulkarni2> 2) Git clone timeout https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1595069
14:39:26 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1595069 in Solum "git clone timeout" [Undecided,New]
14:39:37 <devkulkarni2> 3) App delete failure due to Foreign key constraint issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1589365
14:39:37 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1589365 in Solum "solum app delete fails" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to caowei (caowei-e)
14:39:48 <devkulkarni2> 4) App delete failure due to Heat stack delete failure https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1583813
14:39:48 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1583813 in Solum "app-delete-fails-to-delete-app-if-heat-stack-delete-fails" [Undecided,New]
14:40:12 <devkulkarni2> Let me know if any of you would like to volunteer to take up any of these bugs
14:41:04 <devkulkarni2> Its a good way to start building understanding about the code
14:42:25 <devkulkarni2> are there any bugs that you intended to file but have not yet filed?
14:42:47 <caowei> devkulkarni: Why not speak some cases which solum is how to use in the current openstack environment in the summit.
14:44:27 <devkulkarni2> caowei: you mean cover how to use solum in a typical openstack environment?
14:45:05 * Ablu is semiafk from now on
14:45:06 <caowei> yes
14:47:55 <devkulkarni2> good point, and yes, I am planning to cover that .. basically, I have a slide which shows various backends that Solum supports for storing LPs and DUs and also showing the various deployment options .. these will sort of cover different options that are possible in a typical OpenStack environment.
14:48:47 <devkulkarni2> does that answer your question?
14:49:06 <caowei> devkulkarni: My environment docker registry can already be used,but blocked in head.
14:49:52 <devkulkarni2> caowei: sorry, I did not follow that. where exactly are you blocked? we can work through it..
14:50:35 <devkulkarni2> caowei: btw, earlier did you mean to submit a summit talk for Barelona on how to use Solum in a typical OpenStack environment?
14:51:18 <devkulkarni2> correction: did you mean that it would be good to submit a talk for Barcelona on how to use Solum in a typical OpenStack environment?
14:52:41 <devkulkarni2> on the topic of summit, here is the etherpad where we are collecting different topics that we can submit for the summit
14:52:48 <devkulkarni2> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/solum-barcelona-2016
14:53:18 <devkulkarni2> Towards the end (line 79) you will find a title and abstract of one talk that we will definitely submit
14:54:47 <devkulkarni2> if you have any ideas on any potential submission, please add them to the etherpad
14:54:54 <devkulkarni2> we can work through them
14:55:06 <devkulkarni2> submission deadline is July 13th
14:56:09 <caowei> I have not been deployed successfully,this time is busy with the company's projects.
14:56:22 <devkulkarni2> caowei: sure, I can understand
14:56:37 <devkulkarni2> caowei: let me know when you get back to trying the deployment
14:56:43 <devkulkarni2> we can work through it
14:57:38 <devkulkarni2> alright.. we are almost at the end of our meeting time
14:57:54 <devkulkarni2> is there anything else that you want to discuss today?
14:58:21 <Ablu> Not from my side
14:58:58 <devkulkarni2> if not, will catch up sometime next week
14:59:28 <devkulkarni2> remember that I am going to be traveling between July 4 - July 19 .. will be back as usual on July 20th
14:59:40 <devkulkarni2> during the travel period, I will try to be online as much as possible
14:59:52 <devkulkarni2> and vijendar will run our meetings if I am not able to
15:00:17 <devkulkarni2> thanks Ablu, caowei, pt_15 for joining today
15:00:21 <devkulkarni2> #endmeeting