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17:00:23 <devkulkarni> #topic Roll Call
17:00:29 <devkulkarni> Devdatta Kulkarni
17:00:53 <james_li> james li
17:00:59 <devkulkarni> hi james_li
17:01:04 <james_li> hi devkulkarni
17:01:14 <devkulkarni> here is the agenda for today: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-05-10_1700_UTC
17:01:26 <devkulkarni> ablu should be joining us soon
17:01:51 <vijendar> o/
17:01:55 <devkulkarni> hi vijendar
17:02:01 <devkulkarni> we also have james_li with us
17:02:09 <devkulkarni> and ablu should be joining soon
17:02:21 <devkulkarni> here is agenda for today: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-05-10_1700_UTC
17:02:37 <devkulkarni> lets wait for a minute to see if anyone else joins..
17:03:04 <vijendar> sure
17:04:01 <devkulkarni> alright.. lets begin
17:04:07 <devkulkarni> #topic Announcements
17:04:18 <devkulkarni> I have one announcement today
17:04:19 <devkulkarni> Ablu will be working on his thesis over the summer and is looking to use and build on Solum.
17:04:38 <devkulkarni> I am excited to see how can Solum help with Ablu's use-case
17:04:47 <vijendar> nice
17:04:51 <devkulkarni> yeah
17:05:05 <devkulkarni> Yesterday he presented his proposal and it was well received
17:05:21 <james_li> is he graduating this summer?
17:05:27 <devkulkarni> His timeline is to complete his thesis by September
17:05:27 <Ablu> Na. It was today :)
17:05:32 <devkulkarni> hi Ablu
17:05:37 <Ablu> Let me get my laptop...
17:05:42 <devkulkarni> sure..
17:05:58 <devkulkarni> Ablu: It would be awesome if you can update the team on your project and the timeline
17:06:06 <Ablu> ok. Hi :)
17:06:21 <Ablu> Well I had my introduction talk today
17:06:27 <Ablu> so i can register the work now
17:06:47 <Ablu> I can share my proposal I guess...
17:07:14 <devkulkarni> Ablu: yes, that would be helpful.. vijendar and james_li are very knowledgeable about solum
17:07:27 <devkulkarni> they would be able to provide helpful pointers as well
17:08:15 <Ablu> one sec...
17:08:22 <Ablu> let me make my git repo public
17:08:29 <devkulkarni> cool
17:08:46 <Ablu> https://gitlab.com/ablu/bachelorthesis/builds/1334176/artifacts/file/build/Proposal%20Bachelor%20Thesis%20Erik%20Schilling.pdf
17:08:57 <Ablu> meh... access denied
17:09:48 <Ablu> now it works ^
17:09:57 <devkulkarni> yep
17:10:33 <Ablu> please bear with me if i think of some open stack stuff incorrectly :P Still new to all this...
17:10:50 <devkulkarni> Ablu: no worries
17:10:56 <devkulkarni> Ablu: latex?
17:11:01 <Ablu> devkulkarni: yep
17:11:11 <devkulkarni> cool
17:11:41 <devkulkarni> thanks for sharing the proposal with the team Ablu
17:12:07 <Ablu> you can find my presentation i did today there too... but that one is 1st) probably hard to understand without the audio track and 2nd) it only lists some vague ideas which came to my mind...
17:13:03 <devkulkarni> james_li vijendar: whenever you get a chance, I would encourage you to take a look at the proposal.. Ablu is available on the solum irc usually till our mid-day/afternoon
17:13:21 <devkulkarni> Ablu: I guess the proposal is good for now..
17:13:22 <vijendar> devkulkarni: sure
17:13:35 <Ablu> German time zone here...
17:14:06 <devkulkarni> thanks Ablu
17:14:08 <devkulkarni> thanks vijendar
17:14:09 <Ablu> well the prososal is pretty generic... not really related to solum a lot so far
17:14:43 <devkulkarni> Ablu: sure.. and we all can brainstorm how/where solum can fit in your use-case
17:14:59 <devkulkarni> lets do that next week once folks have got a chance to read the proposal
17:15:09 <devkulkarni> sound good?
17:15:14 <Ablu> yep
17:15:19 <devkulkarni> cool
17:15:31 <devkulkarni> any other announcements from any of you?
17:15:35 <Ablu> i will read into solum and openstack tooling a bit and prepare a bit
17:15:53 <devkulkarni> Ablu: yes, that is a good plan
17:16:05 <devkulkarni> it will make the discussions more concrete
17:16:51 <devkulkarni> alright, if there are no announcements, lets move to the next topic
17:17:05 <devkulkarni> #topic Review Action Items
17:17:20 <devkulkarni> I had this action item from last time:
17:17:23 <devkulkarni> (devkulkarni) Follow up with the devstack team regarding devstack gate issue related to n-dhcp.log
17:17:35 <devkulkarni> and an update on that from the summit
17:17:36 <devkulkarni> Update: Synced up with dims during the summit. Will be following up with him to figure out a fix.
17:18:01 <devkulkarni> I haven't yet gotten around to follow up on that
17:18:11 <devkulkarni> hopefully soon
17:18:28 <devkulkarni> #topic Patches for Review
17:18:47 <devkulkarni> We have quite a few patches that are ready to be merged
17:18:53 <devkulkarni> 1) Tenant name -> project name change
17:18:57 <devkulkarni> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/314115/
17:19:09 <devkulkarni> vijendar: can you move this forward? ^^
17:19:21 <vijendar> devkulkarni: sure
17:19:32 <devkulkarni> thanks
17:19:38 <devkulkarni> 2) Delete app images from glance
17:19:42 <devkulkarni> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/313702/
17:19:55 <devkulkarni> vijendar james_li can you move this one forward? ^
17:20:39 <vijendar> devkulkarni: looking
17:21:00 <devkulkarni> 3) There are bunch of patches for app name and lp name validation
17:21:11 <devkulkarni> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/313705/
17:21:15 <devkulkarni> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/313709/
17:21:20 <devkulkarni> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/313703/
17:21:24 <devkulkarni> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/313782/
17:21:48 <devkulkarni> james_li: can you move these along?
17:22:05 <james_li> devkulkarni: looking
17:22:10 <devkulkarni> james_li: thanks
17:25:32 <devkulkarni> cool, thanks vijendar and james_li
17:25:54 <devkulkarni> lets move to next topic
17:26:01 <devkulkarni> #topic Bug review
17:26:15 <devkulkarni> here are some of the new bugs that we filed recently
17:26:22 <devkulkarni> 1) Java REST API example: https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1580245
17:26:24 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1580245 in Solum "java-rest-api-example" [Undecided,New]
17:27:02 <devkulkarni> This one is about providing an example app that is just a REST API written in Java
17:27:28 <devkulkarni> 2) Python REST API example: https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1580246
17:27:29 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1580246 in Solum "python-rest-api-example" [Undecided,New]
17:28:00 <devkulkarni> This one is about providing an example app that is a REST api written in python
17:28:38 <devkulkarni> The reason I filed these two bugs was to have examples for REST api/service building and deploying using solum
17:28:48 <vijendar> devkulkarni: I can take the rest example one
17:29:03 <devkulkarni> vijendar: cool..
17:29:44 <devkulkarni> Ablu: do you want to take one of the rest api bugs as well? this will provide you with a simple enough thing to get started with solum
17:31:05 <devkulkarni> some other bugs that were recently filed include:
17:31:15 <devkulkarni> 3) Inject params at app deploy time: https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1578414
17:31:16 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1578414 in Solum "inject-parameters-at-app-deployment-time" [Undecided,New]
17:31:17 <Ablu> hm...
17:31:29 <Ablu> I am not sure how much time i have this week
17:31:39 <Ablu> we are preparing a release at work...
17:31:56 <devkulkarni> Ablu: sure, I can understand
17:32:28 <devkulkarni> there is no deadline as such for completing these bugs
17:32:38 <devkulkarni> they are more of wishlist bugs
17:32:46 <devkulkarni> nice to have example apps
17:33:38 <devkulkarni> other bugs that we filed recently were:
17:33:45 <devkulkarni> 4) Delete LPs from local registry: https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1578402
17:33:46 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1578402 in Solum "Languagepack images are not deleted from local docker registry on LP delete" [Undecided,New]
17:33:53 <devkulkarni> 5) Use publicly available docker images as base images: https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1577857
17:33:53 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1577857 in Solum "support-building-app-from-public-docker-images" [Undecided,New]
17:34:18 <devkulkarni> If you are interested in working on any of these bugs, please assign them to yourself in launchpad
17:34:42 <vijendar> sure
17:35:20 <devkulkarni> vijendar: any bugs that you had in mind that we should file?
17:36:24 <vijendar> devkulkarni: none at the moment
17:36:49 <devkulkarni> vijendar: ok
17:37:23 <devkulkarni> Ablu: as you start with solum, if you find anything that needs improvement, or is not clear, please file a bug on launchpad
17:37:43 <devkulkarni> that way there will be record
17:38:03 <devkulkarni> alright.. lets move to open discussion
17:38:15 <devkulkarni> #topic Open Discussion
17:38:19 <Ablu> devkulkarni: sure
17:38:26 <devkulkarni> Ablu: thanks
17:38:30 <devkulkarni> 1) Submission for Barcelona are due in early June
17:39:02 <devkulkarni> vijendar recently created this etherpad listing possible topics for submitting talks for Barcelona
17:39:03 <devkulkarni> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/solum-barcelona-2016
17:39:51 <devkulkarni> james_li: I think you, me, and vijendar should collaborate on submitting a talk on 'Container app deployment and Security'
17:39:59 <devkulkarni> which is point number 3 on the etherpad
17:40:51 <devkulkarni> please add any other topics that you might think of
17:41:09 <devkulkarni> I hope we are able to submit at least 2 or 3 talks
17:41:34 <vijendar> and should do one hands on workshop
17:41:37 <devkulkarni> and we should definitely propose a solum workshop
17:41:41 <devkulkarni> yep
17:43:15 <devkulkarni> apart from the barcelona submissions few other topics in open discussion
17:43:23 <devkulkarni> 2) Updates from upstream
17:43:32 <devkulkarni> - Distributed database in Nova: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-May/093616.html
17:43:57 <devkulkarni> This one is about feasibility of replacing nova's backend db with a distributed db
17:44:26 <devkulkarni> the proposal is to investigate cassandra as a backend for nova
17:44:46 <devkulkarni> - Using Go in OpenStack world: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-May/093795.html
17:45:30 <devkulkarni> This one is about using Go in OpenStack
17:45:43 <devkulkarni> both these threads have received lot of replies
17:45:54 <devkulkarni> you can read them whenever you have some time
17:46:07 <devkulkarni> lot of good thoughts/comments on each
17:47:07 <vijendar> thanks devkulkarni for sharing these threads
17:47:38 <devkulkarni> np
17:47:57 <devkulkarni> any other topics on your mind that we should discuss in open discussion?
17:48:24 <devkulkarni> if not, we can end the meeting
17:49:43 <devkulkarni> alright then..
17:49:54 <devkulkarni> thanks james_li, vijendar, Ablu for joining the meeting today
17:49:58 <devkulkarni> see you next week
17:50:02 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting