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17:00:23 <devkulkarni> #topic Roll Call
17:00:27 <devkulkarni> Devdatta Kulkarni
17:00:38 <vijendar> o/
17:00:44 <ashishjain> Ashish Jain
17:01:29 <james_li> james li
17:01:45 <devkulkarni> please feel free to provide your name to get registered as an attendee for the meeting
17:01:52 <devkulkarni> hi james_li, ashishjain, vijendar
17:01:57 <james_li> Hi devkulkarni
17:02:05 <devkulkarni> we have a new contributor today rahulshr_
17:02:22 <rahulshr_> Rahul Shrivastava
17:02:27 <vijendar> Hi devkulkarni and all
17:02:30 <james_li> welcome rahulshr_
17:02:32 <dimtruck> o/
17:02:36 <devkulkarni> hi rahulshr_: welcome to solum
17:02:41 <devkulkarni> hi dimtruck
17:02:47 <rahulshr_> Hi james_li
17:03:33 <devkulkarni> rahulshr_: do you want to introduce yourself to the team.. a couple of lines about what your background and what interests you in solum will be great
17:03:58 <rahulshr_> sure..
17:05:54 <rahulshr_> I have around 6 years of exp in various application dev, I have worked in Verizon, Oracle. Mostly I have used C/C++ and a bit of python for development
17:06:23 <devkulkarni> rahulshr_: nice!!
17:06:48 <devkulkarni> rahulshr_: we sure are going to benefit from your background in solum development
17:06:58 <rahulshr_> I saw few demo of openstack and got interested to contribute to it.
17:07:21 <devkulkarni> rahulshr_: we are glad that one of the projects that interested you is solum
17:07:37 <rahulshr_> Since Solum is new may be I can contribute here easily..
17:07:57 <devkulkarni> rahulshr_: yes, solum is relatively new as compared to other openstack projects
17:08:26 <devkulkarni> in terms of lines of code we are < 30K lines of python code.. I don't know how big others are, but we are not that big that is sure
17:08:51 <devkulkarni> rahulshr_: we look forward to your contributions
17:09:07 <rahulshr_> for now I am trying to deploy solum in our openstack multinode setup
17:09:25 <devkulkarni> rahulshr_: oh cool.. let us know how it goes
17:09:51 <rahulshr_> devkukarni: sure...
17:09:59 <devkulkarni> you might be able to contribute your findings to solum installation guide
17:10:04 <devkulkarni> cool
17:10:14 <devkulkarni> alright.. here is the agenda for today's meeting:
17:10:21 <devkulkarni> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-01-12_1700_UTC
17:10:35 <devkulkarni> #topic Announcements
17:10:46 <devkulkarni> #success Devstack plugin for Solum finally working as expected.
17:10:48 <openstackstatus> devkulkarni: Added success to Success page
17:11:14 <devkulkarni> big thanks to dimtruck for helping with getting our devstack plugin straightened out
17:11:40 <devkulkarni> to be more specific, the plugin is for the devstack gate
17:12:02 <ashishjain> dimtruck thats nice
17:12:03 <devkulkarni> our devstack gate was failing since mid-December as the plugin was not working as expected
17:12:22 <devkulkarni> initial plugin code was contributed by venkatmaheshkotha
17:12:40 <devkulkarni> thanks to venkatmaheshkotha for that
17:13:11 <devkulkarni> last week dimtruck went through deep weeds and figured out what was causing the plugin to not work as expected
17:13:35 <devkulkarni> any one have any other announcements?
17:14:20 <devkulkarni> alright.. moving on to the next topic
17:14:32 <devkulkarni> #topic Review Action Items
17:15:27 <devkulkarni> I have an action item pending on retiring solum readthedocs, but I have not listed it as I have been just carrying it forward for sometime now without actually making any progress on it
17:15:50 <devkulkarni> so I have removed it from the list.. I will provide an update once I figure it out
17:16:27 <devkulkarni> apart from that there were no action items that we had identified last time
17:17:01 <devkulkarni> #topic Blueprint/Bug Review and Discussion
17:17:24 <devkulkarni> I am going to switch order here a bit
17:17:33 <devkulkarni> 1) API/Service patches needing one more +2
17:17:45 <dimtruck> sorry to backpedal, devkulkarni but quick question
17:17:48 <devkulkarni> james_li: there are several patches which need one more +2
17:17:53 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: sure
17:17:55 <dimtruck> what do you mean by retiring readthedocs?
17:18:12 <dimtruck> do you mean removing it from the site or stop publishing to it?
17:18:15 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: good question
17:18:38 <devkulkarni> we want to retire this: http://solum.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ as it is no longer correct (and the jobs are not publishing to it)
17:18:42 <james_li> devkulkarni: taking a quick look
17:18:44 <devkulkarni> we have already removed the job
17:18:47 <devkulkarni> thanks james_li
17:19:08 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: but we need to figure out how to remove above site/link
17:19:15 <devkulkarni> it shows up in google searches
17:19:43 <devkulkarni> official solum documentation is at: http://docs.openstack.org/developer/solum/getting_started/index.html
17:20:12 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: do you know what can we do to remove the readthedocs site?
17:20:25 <dimtruck> looking too :)
17:21:04 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: my guess is we might have to reach out to openstack-infra folks about this
17:21:28 <dimtruck> it's owned by them??
17:21:47 <devkulkarni> ashishjain, rahulshr_, dimtruck, vijendar: please review the patches that are needing one more +2 which I have listed in the meeting agenda
17:22:01 <vijendar> sure
17:23:00 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: well, I don't know if the site is owned by them or not, but they control the job that publishes the official docs (and also readthedocs job for projects that are not yet official)
17:23:12 <ashishjain> devkulkarni : sure
17:24:42 <dimtruck> i see
17:24:44 <dimtruck> ok, thank you
17:24:53 <dimtruck> sorry for the tangent
17:25:38 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: no, its not a tangent.. if you have any insights/suggestions on this I would like to hear them
17:26:07 <devkulkarni> the action item has been pending for some time now
17:27:00 <devkulkarni> lets take next 15 minutes to go through the patches that are needing one more +2
17:27:32 <devkulkarni> btw, james_li is one of our core reviewers (having the +2 power)
17:27:43 <devkulkarni> good to have him join us for the meeting today
17:28:45 <devkulkarni> you can find who all have +2 capabilities here: http://stackalytics.com/?module=solum-group
17:29:00 <devkulkarni> folks who are core reviewers have a star besides their name
17:29:28 <dimtruck> oh nice!
17:32:53 <devkulkarni> rahulshr_: here are the links to open solum patches:
17:32:58 <devkulkarni> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/solum+status:open,n,z
17:33:15 <devkulkarni> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/python-solumclient+status:open,n,z
17:33:44 <rahulshr_> devkulkarni: checking it
17:33:46 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: about your tempest plugin patch.. what are the next steps?
17:34:02 <dimtruck> 1. rebase
17:34:19 <dimtruck> 2. update the tests to use dynamic credentials
17:34:23 <dimtruck> that should be it
17:34:30 <dimtruck> i should have a patch later this week ready for review
17:34:31 <devkulkarni> rahulshr_: cool.. you can  bookmark those links
17:34:41 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: sounds good
17:35:24 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: the dynamic creds would make it such that we don't have to setup users etc. that we currently do in post_gate_hook?
17:35:34 <dimtruck> that is exactly correct
17:35:40 <dimtruck> it has 2 advantages
17:35:47 <dimtruck> 1. no longer having ti set up demo users
17:36:08 <dimtruck> 2. can run tests in parallel and not step on the same user's resources
17:36:34 <dimtruck> it /might/ be that we still can't because of resource constraints on the test hosts but at least we'll have ability to do that.
17:36:34 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: both those seem very useful things
17:37:00 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: I am assuming that we will be able to control whether or not we want to run tests in parallel, right?
17:37:06 <dimtruck> that's correct
17:37:14 <dimtruck> it's just a tox command
17:37:21 <devkulkarni> I see
17:37:29 <dimtruck> with a regex for which tests to run and a parallel flag to control concurrency
17:37:42 <dimtruck> instead of running nose, we'll run tox
17:37:51 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: I see..
17:38:26 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: going back to the discussion about devstack plugin..
17:39:05 <devkulkarni> how does the plugin interface with our vagrant setup? any ideas?
17:39:17 <devkulkarni> https://github.com/rackerlabs/vagrant-solum-dev
17:39:39 <devkulkarni> in the vagrant setup we were basically copying over lib/solum and extras.d into the devstack directory
17:39:48 <devkulkarni> and then stack.sh was calling the hooks from lib/solum
17:40:32 <devkulkarni> but with the plugin model since the lib/solum has been deprecated, we probably need to use the enable_plugin macro in the vagrant setup..
17:41:07 <devkulkarni> https://github.com/rackerlabs/vagrant-solum-dev/blob/master/Vagrantfile#L310
17:41:16 <devkulkarni> https://github.com/rackerlabs/vagrant-solum-dev/blob/master/Vagrantfile#L311
17:41:41 <dimtruck> right
17:41:44 <devkulkarni> at least that is what I am thinking..
17:41:48 <dimtruck> i'll need to take a look closer at that...
17:41:53 <devkulkarni> what do you think?
17:41:54 <devkulkarni> ok
17:41:54 <dimtruck> it should be exactly the same as gate
17:42:12 <dimtruck> meaning that we just add those enable_plugin and $PROJECTS flags and the rest should work the same
17:42:19 <devkulkarni> will it be? but we are not spinning up gate vm
17:42:25 <dimtruck> that's fine
17:42:41 <dimtruck> all devstack-gate does is set up a bunch of jenkins envvars
17:42:55 <dimtruck> and some other stuff...but mostly then calls stack.sh
17:43:02 <dimtruck> which then uses plugins
17:43:09 <devkulkarni> that's right
17:43:29 <dimtruck> essentially, they ripped out extras.d and replaced it with plugin arch so we should not have to do much work there
17:43:38 <devkulkarni> may be all we need to do then is to add that enable_plugin line to the Vagrantfile
17:43:39 <dimtruck> just make sure to not enable tempest since we don't want to run that :)
17:43:41 <dimtruck> right
17:43:44 <dimtruck> that's what i'm thinking
17:44:04 <devkulkarni> alright.. I will try that today
17:44:40 <devkulkarni> alright.. its quarter to noon.. I would like to move on to the next topic
17:45:16 <devkulkarni> before I skip to the next topic, there are two other review items in the meeting agenda
17:45:31 <devkulkarni> 1) Release model change as suggested by ttx #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/263294/
17:45:39 <devkulkarni> We discussed about this last time..
17:45:57 <devkulkarni> the deadline to change the release model is Jan 21st. We have submitted the patch above.
17:46:06 <devkulkarni> there is nothing more that needs to be done
17:46:20 <devkulkarni> 2) Micro-service architecture spec https://review.openstack.org/#/c/254729/
17:46:36 <devkulkarni> Please take a look at the micro-service architecture spec above
17:47:01 <devkulkarni> At a high-level, this spec outlines how we can support multi-container apps in solum
17:47:34 <devkulkarni> now that I think of it, I should have named the spec as 'multi-container app architecture' spec rather than micro-service architecture
17:47:42 <devkulkarni> I might change the name
17:47:58 <devkulkarni> please read it, review it, provide comments, ask questions, etc.
17:48:23 <devkulkarni> alright
17:48:32 <devkulkarni> #topic Open discussion
17:48:53 <devkulkarni> The main thing I wanted to discuss was the Austin summit
17:49:01 <devkulkarni> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/
17:49:16 <devkulkarni> talk submission deadline Talk submission: February 1, 2016
17:49:25 <devkulkarni> Travel support: February 9, 2016 (https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/austin-and-travel/#travel-support)
17:49:57 <devkulkarni> lets brainstorm possible talks that we can submit..
17:50:30 <devkulkarni> dimtruck, vijendar, james_li, ashishjain: any thoughts/ideas on topics that we can submit for the summit?
17:51:52 <devkulkarni> ashishjain: if you have installed solum at wipro and are using it in some capacity, that can be a nice topic for the talk
17:52:16 <dimtruck> not from me yet :)
17:52:42 <devkulkarni> if we are able to push the multi-container work, then we can talk about deploying solum using solum
17:52:46 <devkulkarni> but we are not there yet
17:52:54 <vijendar> how about solum with containers service (carina/magnum)
17:53:02 <devkulkarni> vijendar: +1
17:53:19 <devkulkarni> I was going to suggest that to you..
17:56:28 <dimtruck> +1 from me on that too
17:56:44 <vijendar> and also how about solum as CI/CD?
17:56:46 <dimtruck> if we can show CI/CD on multi-container deployment/re-deployment
17:56:54 <dimtruck> great minds think alike vijendar ;)
17:57:02 <vijendar> :)
17:57:15 <devkulkarni> sure, that can be another one
17:57:35 <ashishjain> devkulkarni: sure will try to submit one on the usecase
17:57:37 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: although, not on multi-container deployment/re-deployment
17:57:56 <devkulkarni> since we won't be ready with multi-container till the deadline (Feb 1)
17:58:26 <vijendar> devkulkarni: but it will be ready by summbit…right?
17:58:27 <devkulkarni> but we can aim for CI/CD + non-destructive app updates with Magnum/Carina
17:58:42 <vijendar> devkulkarni: *summit
17:59:18 <devkulkarni> vijendar: hopefully yess.. but I would not be very comfortable submitting the abstract without actually having it in working condition
17:59:35 <vijendar> devkulkarni: sure
17:59:40 <devkulkarni> we can definitely demo multi-container if it is ready at the summit
17:59:56 <devkulkarni> thanks ashishjain
18:00:16 <devkulkarni> ashishjain: let me know if I can help in any way with the submission.
18:00:34 <devkulkarni> looks like it is time to end the meeting
18:00:54 <devkulkarni> lets keep on brainstorming about possible submission ideas over next couple of weeks
18:01:00 <ashishjain> devkulkarni sure
18:01:12 <devkulkarni> we should at least have 2 to 3 solum submissions
18:01:30 <devkulkarni> alright.. thanks vijendar, ashishjain, rahulshr_, james_li, dimtruck for joining today
18:01:38 <devkulkarni> see you all next week
18:01:44 <ashishjain> devkulkarni thanks
18:01:49 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting