17:00:20 <Cathy_> #startmeeting service_chaining
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17:00:39 <Cathy_> Hi mohankumar
17:00:41 <johnsom> o/
17:00:42 <Cathy_> hi johnsom
17:00:44 <pcarver> hi
17:00:49 <Cathy_> hi pcarver
17:00:52 <Cathy_> hi everyone
17:00:55 <mohankumar> Hi Cathy_
17:01:58 <s3wong> hello
17:02:00 <Cathy_> mohankumar: will vikram join today?
17:02:05 <Cathy_> hi s3wong
17:02:26 <mohankumar> Cathy_ , not sure
17:02:30 <Cathy_> OK let's start
17:03:21 <Prithiv> hello
17:03:26 <Cathy_> I will give an update on the code testing status. I would also like to discuss when we merge the first patches of codes. any other topic you would like to discuss today
17:03:31 <Cathy_> hi Prithiv
17:03:49 <Prithiv> just wanted to know if anyone have tried the flow classifier
17:03:55 <Prithiv> gonna try from my end today...
17:04:26 <Cathy_> Prithiv: there have been some fixes to FC just uploaded to fix some issues with FC
17:04:45 <Cathy_> let me give an update on this
17:04:55 <Prithiv> yes... i saw that... just pulled those changes... running devstack now
17:04:57 <Prithiv> ok
17:05:58 <Cathy_> some patches have been updated for Flow Classifier, OVS Driver, Agent, DB etc. to incorporate quite some fixes to bugs we have found during our integration test starting 4 weeks ago including fix to support service chain that crosses subnets.
17:06:51 <Cathy_> I hope everyone can download these updated patches and give it a quick sanity test
17:07:52 <mohankumar> Cathy_ , great !  setting up testing env may be i ll start testing from next wek
17:08:04 <Cathy_> mohankumar: sure.
17:08:24 <georgewang> hi
17:08:32 <Cathy_> I will update the wiki to post the install steps for incorporating these new patch updates.
17:08:41 <Cathy_> georgewang: hi
17:09:14 <Prithiv> sure.. will provide an update
17:09:42 <Cathy_> If no big issue, I think we can merge these first patches so that we do not have the inter-dependency pain anymore. We can then start the normal bug filing and bug fix stage and try to get ready for code release at the Mitaka cycle.
17:09:56 <Cathy_> does this make sense?
17:10:23 <pcarver> Cathy_: What's the top one or two that we want to merge first?
17:10:46 <pcarver> I think we need to focus our reviewing efforts in the right order
17:10:53 <Cathy_> So I think the merge sequence will be
17:11:14 <mohankumar> pcarver +1
17:12:00 <Cathy_> FC API and DB, Port Chain API, DB, Common driver, OVS driver, OVS agent
17:12:34 <Cathy_> We can merge the FC API and DB, Port Chain API, DB, Common driver first, and then OVS driver and OVS agent
17:12:54 <Cathy_> We will update the prefix as Paul suggested before the merge.
17:13:05 <georgewang> I think it is OK
17:13:36 <pcarver> I think that list is still to long for focus. Is 233858 the first one? How about we ask everyone to get all reviews in and target merging that by next Monday or Tuesday
17:13:42 <georgewang> the code of fc api/sfc api/db/extensions/common driver are quite stable now
17:14:30 <georgewang> And we have fully unittest covers and make sure code in these changes are well tested
17:15:17 <georgewang> yes 233858 the first
17:15:28 <pcarver> I don't know what everyone's vacation plans are, but I'd like us to pick one or maybe two of the patches to merge ASAP so that we can start cutting down on the number of long term open reviews
17:16:00 <mohankumar> Cathy_ , why cli patch kept last in merging plan ?
17:16:03 <mohankumar> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/210008/
17:16:07 <georgewang> agree pcarver's suggestion
17:16:28 <mohankumar> it  much stable
17:16:38 <pcarver> +1 to mohankumar's question. The CLI patch seems like the thing that is easiest to see if it's correct
17:17:23 <georgewang> if there is small changes needed, we can fixed it by a new small cl
17:17:45 <pcarver> georgewang +1
17:17:51 <georgewang> cathy cannot login the meeting now
17:18:20 <LouisF> pcarver: are you chair?
17:18:23 <pcarver> The more we clear out the long open reviews the better
17:18:41 <cathy__> hi
17:18:43 <mohankumar> georgewang : okay
17:18:47 <LouisF> hi
17:18:56 <cathy__> sorry I got disconnected
17:19:07 <georgewang> cli's change now is no dependency on other change I think
17:19:10 <cathy__> pcarver: actually FC API and DB, Port Chain API, DB, Common driver have been open for comments for over 2 months and many updates have been done to incorporate comments. The codes are also quite stable and we have found few bugs during our last 4 weeks' testing.
17:19:13 <pcarver> LouisF: I don't know if I can add myself as chair. I think the person who started the meeting needs to add
17:19:57 <cathy__> hi
17:20:02 <pcarver> cathy__: I know. I was agreeing with georgewang's comment about opening new reviews if needed
17:20:28 <cathy__> could everyone see my message?
17:20:54 <mohankumar> cathy__ , yes
17:21:59 <pcarver> It's not necessary that a change be perfect, we can open a new review to fix. But we do want to make sure things have gotten a good look before merging. So if we narrow our focus and merge one or two easy things rather than spreading focus across all the open changes.
17:22:22 <cathy__> Do we have consensus that we will give FC API and DB patch, Port Chain API patch, DB, Common driver patch a final review by next Tuesday and then we will merge them?
17:22:43 <LouisF> cathy__: +1
17:22:44 <cathy__> pcarver: agree. we can always file new review patch to fix bugs.
17:22:50 <georgewang> +1
17:23:04 <pcarver> cathy__: I think that's too many. Depends on vacation plans of course, but I'd say we should try to merge one or two at most first.
17:23:22 <cathy__> We have had these patches open for review for too long.
17:23:24 <pcarver> Otherwise people are still going to be splitting their attention and not focussing enough in depth.
17:23:51 <LouisF> pcarver: those patches have had a lot of reviews
17:23:59 <pcarver> cathy__: I think it's because there are so many that they've been open so long. I keep looking at bits and pieces scattered across many.
17:24:10 <cathy__> OK, then how about the two: FC API and DB, Port Chain API DB
17:24:27 <pcarver> cathy__ +1 I agree
17:24:31 <cathy__> let's concentrate on a final review of these two patches
17:24:48 <mohankumar> cathy__ , lgtm
17:25:21 <pcarver> To confirm, that's these two, right?
17:25:24 <pcarver> #link https://review.openstack.org/233858
17:25:34 <pcarver> #link https://review.openstack.org/227098
17:25:43 <cathy__> so finish review by next Tuesday. Then everyone give +1 or +2 for merge if you are OK for merge.
17:26:32 <cathy__> pcarver: yes
17:26:37 <Prithiv> yes
17:26:58 <Prithiv> is the wiki going to be updated ?
17:27:01 <cathy__> s3wong: Prithiv johnsom OK with this plan?
17:27:09 <johnsom> yes
17:27:22 <pcarver> Prithiv: do you mena this install instructions or something else on the wiki?
17:27:24 <cathy__> Prithiv: yes, wiki page will be updated for getting the latest patch update.
17:27:26 <Prithiv> yes
17:27:29 <Prithiv> instruction
17:27:40 <Prithiv> i will review this patch ASAP...
17:28:32 <pcarver> Prithiv: I've been updating the wiki page each time I try the install and find anything that doesn't quite work. I'd encourage everyone else to update the wiki page too if you find any discrepancies between your procedure and what's there.
17:30:32 <cathy__> any other topic you would like to discuss?
17:31:38 <pcarver> Can you elaborate on https://review.openstack.org/249488
17:31:58 <pcarver> cathy__: There are a few comments on that change along the lines of "why is this needed"
17:32:30 <cathy__> pcarver: let me take a look
17:32:53 <pcarver> I'm not really all that strong on Alembic so I'm looking to others to understand what's needed or what isn't, but the commit message on the change is really vague
17:34:17 <cathy__> pcarver: We will update the commit message to make it clearer.
17:38:45 <cathy__> These files are for generating DB migration files. So if there is a change, run these scripts, migration files will be automatically generated.
17:40:11 <cathy__> if no more topic, then we can end the meeting now and go back to do the review, testing, bug finding, and fix:-)
17:40:38 <georgewang> bye
17:40:54 <jwarendt> bye
17:41:00 <mohankumar> bye
17:41:07 <cathy__> bye everyone. we will not have IRC meeting next Thursday.
17:41:16 <cathy__> happy holiday!
17:41:51 <cathy__> #endmeeting
17:42:50 <s3wong> cathy__: you probably want to change your nic back to Cathy_ to end meeting :-)
17:42:55 <LouisF> cathy__: need chanhe nick to cathy_
17:43:19 <cathy__> s3wong: how to do that again?
17:43:42 <johnsom> slash followed by nick
17:43:52 <s3wong> slash nickj
17:43:55 <s3wong> nick
17:43:58 <LouisF> do /nick newnick
17:44:27 <cathy_> #endmeeting
17:44:35 <s3wong> Capital 'C'
17:44:43 <LouisF> cathy_: its Cathy_
17:44:45 <s3wong> when you started the meeting, it was Cathy_
17:45:02 <Cathy_> s3wong: LouisF johnsom thanks.
17:45:06 <Cathy_> #endmeeting