17:13:49 <LouisF> #startmeeting service_chaining
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17:14:06 <pcarver> ok, that's better
17:14:08 <LouisF> hi all
17:14:22 <vikram_> hey LouisF
17:14:25 <LouisF> cathy is away today
17:14:34 <johnsom> o/
17:14:42 <LouisF> agenda topics?
17:14:50 <s3wong> hello
17:15:20 <pcarver> LouisF: I think the main topic is still installation. I haven't tried Cathy's new instructions, but I'd like to hear who has.
17:15:48 <pcarver> I think we should try to merge a devstack change if it's working consistently for people.
17:15:51 <LouisF> pcarver: agree
17:16:57 <pcarver> oh, another topic I wanted to raise is database table naming. I'm wondering if we should group everything together with an sfc prefix
17:17:13 <pcarver> e.g. like the ml2 tables are
17:18:12 <LouisF> pcarver: can you suggest an example
17:18:57 <LouisF> #topic installation
17:19:23 <LouisF> has anyone tried the latest devstack?
17:19:25 <pcarver> LouisF: example related to the devstack installation topic or the table naming topic
17:19:54 <LouisF> pcarver: latter lets defer though
17:20:01 <pcarver> let's talk devstack first. Who has tried Cathy's latest instructions as posted to the wiki and were you successfult?
17:20:41 <LouisF> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/ServiceInsertionAndChaining
17:21:28 <igordcard_> I haven't as I'm waiting for the flow classifier
17:21:54 <mohan_kumar> LouisF, Flowclassifier  changes are done ?
17:22:52 <LouisF> mohan_kumar, igordcard_ the flow classifier should work currently
17:23:18 <mohan_kumar> LouisF , okay
17:23:47 <igordcard_> LouisF: where are the flow classifier methods' implementation?
17:24:17 <igordcard_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/233858/15/networking_sfc/services/flowclassifier/plugin.py
17:24:18 <LouisF> igordcard_: they are implemented in agent.py
17:24:41 <vikram_> LouisF: We need to have it in plugin.py as well
17:24:56 <vikram_> LouisF: Might be required by other drivers
17:25:11 <igordcard_> LouisF: so then this file should implement the methods right? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/227100/30/networking_sfc/services/sfc/plugin.py
17:25:11 <LouisF> vikram_: agree for other drivers
17:25:17 <pcarver> I don't see the wiki instructions fetching 233858 or 253679 (the latest devstack change)
17:25:49 <vikram_> LouisF: Is the changes done? Can't find them
17:25:50 <LouisF> igordcard_: yes
17:26:14 <LouisF> vikram_: which chnage are you refering to?
17:26:15 <pcarver> so do the wiki instructions include flow classifier by some other means? Or does following those instructions leave out the fc?
17:26:37 <vikram_> LouisF: adding FC interfaces in plugin.py
17:27:01 <LouisF> pcarver: the wiki will install the agent that implements the FC
17:27:06 <vikram_> LouisF: As pointed out earlier some drivers may required FC's notifications as they come
17:27:15 <igordcard_> vikram_: +1
17:27:38 <vikram_> LouisF: I think we discussed this before
17:28:00 <vikram_> LouisF: but could not find the code for it.. so just wondering
17:28:10 <LouisF> vikram_: agree will add to https://review.openstack.org/#/c/233858/15/networking_sfc/services/flowclassifier/plugin.py
17:28:32 <vikram_> LouisF: ok
17:28:35 <igordcard_> LouisF: :)
17:28:45 <LouisF> but that is not required for the ovs driver implementation
17:29:13 <igordcard_> LouisF: I don't see how it receives the signals from the API..
17:30:06 <LouisF> to implement the port chain and associated classifiers the OVS agent queries the DB to get the FC info
17:30:20 <LouisF> then sets up the appropriate flows
17:31:07 <vikram_> LouisF:+1
17:31:29 <igordcard_> oh, okay
17:32:14 <LouisF> set _parse_flow_classifier in agent.py
17:32:16 <LouisF> see
17:33:13 <LouisF> back on topic I will update the wiki to include latest devstack
17:33:32 <LouisF> then please try the install procedure
17:34:17 <mohan_kumar> LouisF , sounds good !
17:34:36 <igordcard_> LouisF: quick doubt, this should work with ingress=egress port pairs right?
17:34:54 <LouisF> igordcard_: yes it will, we have tested that
17:35:00 <igordcard_> LouisF: thanks
17:37:26 <LouisF> once a chain has been created dump flows should show
17:37:29 <LouisF> cookie=0x97c3b95c3db61742, duration=76753.949s, table=0, n_packets=4911361, n_bytes=481313378, idle_age=0, hard_age=65534, priority=10,ip,nw_src=,nw_dst= actions=push_mpls:0x8847,load:0x100ff->OXM_OF_MPLS_LABEL[],set_mpls_ttl(255),output:36  cookie=0x97c3b95c3db61742, duration=85074.214s, table=0, n_packets=5007569, n_bytes=490745445, idle_age=0, hard_age=65534, priority=10,mpls actions=resubmit(,5)  cooki
17:37:46 <LouisF> on br-int
17:38:44 <LouisF> cookie=0x97c3b95c3db61742, duration=85074.214s, table=0, n_packets=5007569, n_bytes=490745445, idle_age=0, hard_age=65534, priority=10,mpls actions=resubmit(,5)
17:39:01 <LouisF> cookie=0x97c3b95c3db61742, duration=76753.885s, table=5, n_packets=4911360, n_bytes=481313280, idle_age=0, hard_age=65534, priority=1,mpls,dl_dst=fa:16:3e:07:71:2b,mpls_label=65791 actions=pop_mpls:0x0800,output:3
17:40:04 <igordcard_> LouisF: looks good, thanks for the paste
17:40:05 <LouisF> i will post these on the wiki
17:40:50 <mohan_kumar> Louis, add the steps you followed for enable traffic dumps as well
17:41:14 <mohan_kumar> on service VMs
17:41:16 <LouisF> ok
17:42:15 <LouisF> sudo  tcpdump  -eni qvo7e79c62d-23
17:43:17 <LouisF> ok please try installation procedure on wiki
17:43:30 <mohan_kumar> LouisF , Thanks
17:43:55 <LouisF> #topic database naming
17:44:15 <LouisF> pcarver: can you give an example
17:45:00 <pcarver> LouisF: so if you do "show tables;" in the database, the SFC tables are scattered around
17:45:30 <pcarver> if you look at the list of tables, on the other hand you'll see that all the ml2 table names start with ml2_
17:45:55 <pcarver> NSX and Nuage tables start with nsxv_ and nuage_ respectively
17:46:16 <pcarver> I'm wondering whether there's a concern over "polluting" the database namespace
17:47:18 <pcarver> should we have sfc_port_chains and sfc_flow_classifiers so that all the SFC tables are together in the listing
17:47:49 <pcarver> and so that it's clear which tables are part of the SFC sub-project as opposed to core Neutron or some other sub-project or extension
17:48:07 <LouisF> pcarver: agree that would help
17:48:43 <LouisF> others?
17:48:46 <pcarver> anyone else have an opinion?
17:49:01 <pcarver> I didn't post this to a review because I wanted to get input from the team first
17:49:40 <mohan_kumar> pcarver, +1  . It's good to have common prefix , i too thought once
17:50:14 <LouisF> pcarver: we no dissenting voices ...
17:50:21 <LouisF> we have
17:50:29 <pcarver> if there are no objections, I'm going to post this to the DB related files on review.o.o
17:50:44 <LouisF> pcarver: ok
17:51:01 <pcarver> a nuisance to rename all the tables I suppose, but I think we'll be happier in the long run
17:52:23 <LouisF> we can do that but we reallt need to focus on getting installation tested and the implementation evaluated on as many testbeds as possible
17:53:16 <LouisF> ok any other questions, topics?
17:54:06 <LouisF> going, going...
17:54:19 <LouisF> thanks all
17:54:41 <LouisF> bye
17:54:43 <mohan_kumar> Bye
17:54:45 <pcarver> bye
17:54:53 <LouisF> @endmeeting
17:55:00 <LouisF> #endmeeting