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17:00:25 <johnsom> o/
17:00:26 <vikram> ji
17:00:27 <cathy_> hi everyone
17:00:27 <pcarver_> hi
17:00:28 <vikram> hi
17:00:42 <LouisF> hi
17:01:39 <s3wong> hello
17:01:47 <cathy_> OK let's start
17:02:03 <cathy_> #topic Separate flow classifier API and DB code patch out of the SFC API and DB code patch
17:02:27 <amotoki> hi
17:02:34 <mohankumar> hi
17:02:34 <cathy_> amotoki: hi
17:02:46 <cathy_> any thought on this?
17:03:28 <s3wong> cathy_: do we want to instead post the patch to Neutron?
17:03:29 <mohankumar> cathy_ : can you explain the background for this change ?
17:03:58 <LouisF> cathy_: are you thinking about the common classifier?
17:03:59 <cathy_> If we separate the classifier code patch, then it will be easier to move this code to Neutron core if needed and for othere modules to leverage this code later
17:04:00 <s3wong> cathy_: or we separate in case that we are going to move that from networkiing-sfc to Neutron in the future? (but it would remain in networking-sfc for now)
17:04:22 <vikram> s3wong: We can't get the same code in neutron..
17:04:46 <cathy_> LouisF: potential for that in the future
17:05:02 <vikram> current proposal is to introduce it as a core extension and not as a service plug-in
17:05:10 <s3wong> vikram: really? how so?
17:05:29 <amotoki> I think the current proposed code has a separate flow classifier extension and db code, so I think we can easily migrate to a new one once general flow classifier feature lands in neutron.
17:05:30 <vikram> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190463/
17:06:01 <vikram> amotoki, cathy_: I agree we can port most of the changes
17:06:01 <cathy_> amotoki: yes, agree.
17:06:26 <vikram> amotoki, cathy_: but need some changes as well
17:07:06 <s3wong> vikram: I was under the impression that armax has commented on that flow classifier vs flow classifier in networking-sfc in an email to ML?
17:07:06 <cathy_> amotoki: vikram so for that easy porting, it seems better to separate the code patch out for review now
17:07:40 <cathy_> vikram: yes, may need some changes or extension, but most of the meaty part will be the same
17:07:42 <amotoki> s3wong: do you have a pointer to the thread?
17:07:54 <vikram> amotoki, cathy_: but need some changes as well?
17:07:59 <vikram> s3wong: any link?
17:08:04 <cathy_> vikram: yes
17:08:26 <s3wong> amotoki, vikram: looking...
17:08:27 <vikram> cathy_: +1 for moving flow_classifier changes out
17:08:37 <cathy_> vikram: OK, good
17:09:33 <vikram> how other's think about this change?
17:09:50 <amotoki> i think what we need to do when flow classifer from neutron core is available are to remove the extension from SFC service plugin supported_exnteison_list and consume methods from common flow classifier.
17:09:57 <cathy_> s3wong: If I remember correctly, the comment is about the putting the BP proposed by Yuji in "abandoned" state for that time.
17:10:16 <amotoki> I am not sure which is better. I think we still need time to land the common classifier discussion.
17:10:38 <cathy_> amotoki: agree. but the code developed here can be leveraged
17:10:42 <amotoki> cathy_: IIRC yuji resumed his one.
17:11:01 <vikram> amotoki: but a separate patch will be helpful to port the code later
17:11:32 <s3wong> cathy_: yes, I remember that as well, but still searching for the email...
17:11:34 <amotoki> vikram: cathy_: I see. I got your point. you are suggesting separate gerrit reviews.
17:11:43 <cathy_> OK, so separate it out will be helpful, but how to do the common classifier is another topic which needs more discussion
17:11:45 <vikram> amotoki: +1
17:12:04 <LouisF> cathy_: +1
17:12:38 <amotoki> +1
17:13:06 <cathy_> s3wong: mohankumar johnsom pcarver_ : OK with you?
17:13:16 <pcarver_> yes, +1
17:13:20 <LouisF> vikram: for now can you create a separate patch for the flow classifier?
17:13:23 <mohankumar> yes +1
17:13:23 <s3wong> cathy_: +1
17:13:26 <johnsom> +1
17:13:33 <vikram> LouisF: Sure!
17:13:35 <cathy_> LouisF: I can do this
17:13:37 <LouisF> cathy_: do you want to split the patches?
17:13:41 <mohankumar> cathy_
17:13:45 <amotoki> i can help vikram
17:13:50 <vikram> cathy_: go ahead
17:14:25 <cathy_> #agreed Separate flow classifier API and DB code patch out of the SFC API and DB code patch
17:14:29 <s3wong> amotoki, vikram, cathy_: found it:  http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-July/070849.html]
17:14:43 <cathy_> #action Cathy Separate flow classifier API and DB code patch out of the SFC API and DB code patch
17:15:24 <cathy_> #Patches Ready for merge discussion
17:15:35 <cathy_> #topic Patches Ready for merge discussion
17:15:43 <LouisF> s3wong: yes its about sfc fc vs. common classifier
17:16:11 <vikram> s3wong: I think the discussion was about packet forwarding ... Yuji had a separate patch for tah
17:16:23 <vikram> *that.. not same as flow classifer
17:17:39 <cathy_> it seems the following patches are ready for merge: Realizing SFC (1b/5), Realizing SFC (2/5), Refactored documents.
17:17:54 <cathy_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/networking-sfc+branch:master+topic:networking-sfc,n,z
17:18:15 <LouisF> pcarver_: do still have a problem with  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/229777/
17:18:29 <LouisF> pcarver_: do you?
17:18:42 <pcarver_> LouisF: I did as of last time I tried it. Has there been a new PS?
17:19:06 <pcarver_> I found that if I deleted the pylint line from test-requirements.txt I get a successful tox run
17:19:08 <LouisF> pcarver_: vikram retested the pep8 and it was ok
17:19:16 <cathy_> LouisF: pcarver_ I see email from Vikram saying he does not have problem
17:19:17 <vikram> pcarver_: I tried before the meeting.. It worked without any issue
17:19:47 <pcarver_> I'll try it again, but I tried it on a freshly built Ubuntu 14.04 VM twice and got the same issue consistently
17:20:17 <vikram> pcarver_: It would be great if you can post your error and details
17:20:27 <pcarver_> can you check if the pylint line is in your test-requirements.txt?
17:21:15 <pcarver_> the file isn't part of the patch, it's part of a freshly cloned networking-sfc repo
17:21:17 <vikram> pcarver_: it's there
17:21:29 <vikram> pylint==1.4.4 # GNU GPL v2
17:21:34 <vikram> line no 22
17:22:00 <pcarver_> I'll rerun and post the full output to a pastebin
17:22:10 <vikram> pcarver_: let's take this offline.. ;)
17:22:16 <pcarver_> ok
17:22:47 <cathy_> For this patch, let's wait for this issue to be resolved before merging it.
17:23:28 <vikram> cathy_: +1.. let's figure out hwy pcarver_ facing issue..
17:23:28 <pcarver_> I'd be ok with merging it if other folks are getting a successful tox run on a clean clone and fetch
17:23:51 <cathy_> How about the other two patches? I have gone through them and they look good to me. OK for merge? Any -1?
17:24:16 <vikram> anyway's i re-triggered CI
17:26:28 <cathy_> If anyone has an issue with the other two patches, please shout here :-) , otherwise I will approve them for merge.
17:26:35 <LouisF> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/227074/ looks good
17:26:52 <s3wong> cathy_: we do have to wait for 1b to merge before merging 2 though, right?
17:27:05 <vikram> cathy_:  do you have the link handy?
17:27:10 <LouisF> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/229765/ also
17:27:34 <amotoki> both looks good to me
17:27:51 <cathy_> vikram: I posted the link before. Here it is https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/networking-sfc+branch:master+topic:networking-sfc,n,z
17:28:08 <cathy_> amotoki: LouisF OK, thanks for the input
17:28:11 <vikram> cathy_: thanks..
17:28:29 <cathy_> s3wong: let me check the dependency
17:28:37 <s3wong> cathy_, LouisF: yeah, the migration patch looks good
17:29:52 <pcarver_> I'm ok with the migration patch, although this whole Alembic business seems questionable to me. But if it's conssistent with the rest of OpenStack I guess we have to live with it.
17:30:20 <pcarver_> I just don't like the idea of database schemas being defined in two places and relying on code review to visually check consistency
17:30:22 <s3wong> pcarver_:  a can of worms you don't want to open :-)
17:30:53 <pcarver_> s3wong: well, not right now anyway. I don't mind opening cans of worms at the appropriate time.
17:30:56 <amotoki> pcarver_: we have check-migration in pep8 target.
17:31:06 <amotoki> it is done in most neutron related projects.
17:31:37 <amotoki> we can improve it.
17:31:53 <cathy_> s3wong: so you are OK with merging the two patches, right?
17:32:19 <amotoki> regarding 229777, I created a fresh pep8 env now. "tox -r -e pep8" and then run ".tox/pep8/bin/pylint --rcfile=.pylintrc --output-format=colorized networking_sfc/**/*.py". It succeeded.
17:32:21 <s3wong> cathy_: migration I am OK... 1b we have to wait for pcarver_'s OK (that it works installing on ubuntu)
17:32:44 <LouisF> amotoki: great
17:32:59 <cathy_> s3wong: I am referring to Realizing SFC (2/5), Refactored documents.
17:33:19 <pcarver_> I'm probably going to +2 the 1b patch later today. I just got a clean tox run on a bare metal Ubuntu box. I want to run it once more on a VM and see if I can identify why I was getting failures.
17:33:20 <vikram> cathy_: I think we can merge 1b/5 as well
17:33:44 <cathy_> pcarver_: great
17:33:48 <LouisF> vikram: +1
17:34:00 <cathy_> vikram: OK
17:34:16 <vikram> cathy_, pcarver_: I think it might be an env issue rather than code flaw ;)
17:34:18 <s3wong> the DependsOn for migration patch needs to be updated
17:34:36 <amotoki> on the other hand "tox -e pylint" failed. I think we can tackle this later.
17:34:47 <LouisF> s3wong: you mean the [OUTDATED]?
17:35:04 <pcarver_> vikram: probably, but I'd like to identify what it is specifically because I built two fresh Ubuntu 14.04 VMs yesterday and repeated the issue on both.
17:35:22 <vikram> pcarver_: ok
17:35:26 <s3wong> LouisF: yes
17:35:27 <pcarver_> Simply deleting the one pylint line from test-requirements.txt resolved the error, but I don't know why
17:35:40 <s3wong> LouisF: (that's why I did
17:35:47 <s3wong> didn't +A)
17:36:10 <cathy_> vikram: could you update the dependency per s3wong's suggestion
17:36:43 <vikram> s3wong: No need to worry..
17:36:56 <vikram> s3wong: Once the patch gets merged we can rebase
17:37:21 <LouisF> vikram: ok
17:37:36 <s3wong> vikram: sure
17:37:56 <vikram> s3wong: no conflict .. so nothing to worry
17:38:43 <cathy_> #agreed merge the three patches: Realizing SFC (1b/5), Realizing SFC (2/5), Refactored documents.
17:39:14 <amotoki> I would suggest to remove "pylint" from deps in tox.ini rather than deleting pylint from test-reqs.txt
17:39:15 <cathy_> #topic review for the other SFC patches
17:39:30 <amotoki> will comment in the review.
17:40:14 <vikram> amotoki: sure
17:40:27 <s3wong> amotoki: OK
17:40:52 <cathy_> amotoki: sure, thanks for the comment, vikram I will wait for you to address that and then approve it for merge. OK with you?
17:40:56 <amotoki> just commented. vikram, can I update it?
17:41:15 <vikram> amotki: sure ;)
17:41:21 <vikram> amotoki: sure ;)
17:41:39 <amotoki> I succeeded to run 'tox -e pylint' now.
17:41:49 <amotoki> once others confirm the success, we can go.
17:42:04 <LouisF> pcarver_: can you check also?
17:42:12 <pcarver_> amotoki: That sounds like it'll resolve what I was seeing. I'll check it.
17:42:51 <pcarver_> The error I was getting was about a duplicate of pylint. The error pointed to test-requirements.txt, but obviously a duplicate can be resolved by removing either of the duplications.
17:43:00 <amotoki> pcarver_: I uploaded the new patch set. try it!
17:43:34 <vikram> amotoki: thanks!
17:46:07 <cathy_> I see vikram and mohankumar have posted new comments for the other patches 3/5, 4/5, 5/5. LouisF could you address them and upload new patches?
17:46:14 <LouisF> pcarver_: will do
17:46:27 <cathy_> amotoki: could you also review these patches?
17:46:57 <amotoki> I am looking at 3/5.
17:47:04 <vikram> LouisF: Let me know if any help is needed
17:47:10 <amotoki> after that, I will visit later ones.
17:47:14 <LouisF> amotoki: thanks
17:47:17 <cathy_> amotoki: great. thanks.
17:47:23 <LouisF> vikram: ok
17:47:39 <cathy_> pcarver_: s3wong could you review these patches ?
17:47:57 <s3wong> cathy_: certainly
17:48:01 <pcarver_> cathy_: I will. I'm swamped, but will make time to get through all of them.
17:48:20 <cathy_> great, thanks folks!
17:49:03 <cathy_> Let's try to squeeze time and give these good review so that we can move forward faster.
17:49:22 <cathy_> any other topic you would like to discuss? we have 11 minutes left
17:49:36 <vikram> cathy_: how about the agent code
17:49:49 <vikram> cathy_: when it could be ready
17:49:50 <cathy_> vikram: yes, I am going to post that code soon.
17:49:57 <vikram> cathy_: ok..
17:50:25 <cathy_> vikram: I can post them either this Friday or next Monday.
17:50:37 <vikram> cathy_: ok..
17:51:08 <cathy_> vikram: Still working on the UT codes for the agent to make them more comprehensive.
17:51:17 <vikram> cathy_: You are going to separate the patch 3/5?
17:51:23 <cathy_> vikram: yes
17:51:26 <vikram> cathy_: ok
17:51:34 <vikram> cathy_: great
17:51:55 <vikram> horizon changes are also coming great
17:52:16 <vikram> mohan will post them soon
17:53:51 <mohankumar> Horizon patch will up  for review tomorrow without UT , as of now create , delete , list for all resources are tested with client ,sever code . Doing few update checks
17:54:01 <cathy_> vikram: great. So mohan will post an updated patch, right?
17:54:16 <vikram> cathy_: yes
17:54:18 <cathy_> mohankumar: great. thanks.
17:54:26 <s3wong> mohankumar: very good!
17:54:41 <LouisF> mohankumar: great!
17:55:01 <mohankumar> thanks :)
17:57:11 <cathy_> We have a good discussion. Thanks everyone!  If nothing else, I will end the meeting.
17:57:12 <s3wong> 3 minutes, is the meeting coming to a close?
17:57:20 <cathy_> s3wong: yes
17:57:21 <LouisF> bye
17:57:26 <s3wong> bye. Thanks, everyone!
17:57:29 <cathy_> bye everyone
17:57:34 <mohankumar> bye
17:57:43 <vikram> bye
17:57:54 <amotoki> bye
17:58:06 <cathy_> #endmeeting