21:02:48 <b1airo> #startmeeting scientific_wg
21:02:48 <martial> hello all
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21:02:52 <priteau> Good morning / evening everyone
21:02:52 <openstack> The meeting name has been set to 'scientific_wg'
21:03:03 <oneswig> Good afternoon anyone?
21:03:04 <b1airo> #chair oneswig
21:03:04 <openstack> Current chairs: b1airo oneswig
21:03:10 <simon-AS559> o/
21:03:10 <b1airo> #chair martial
21:03:10 <openstack> Current chairs: b1airo martial oneswig
21:03:40 <oneswig> #link agenda for today https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_working_group#IRC_Meeting_November_1st_2016
21:03:47 <zioproto> oneswig is stig ?
21:03:51 <dfflanders> y
21:03:54 <oneswig> indeed
21:03:59 <zioproto> here is saverio
21:04:04 <b1airo> and agenda dump is:
21:04:05 <b1airo> Selection of New Activity Areas for Ocata Cycle
21:04:06 <b1airo> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/scientific-wg-barcelona-agenda
21:04:06 <b1airo> Brainstorm of 'Forum' session proposals for Boston
21:04:06 <b1airo> WG Picks from the Summit
21:04:06 <b1airo> Developer sessions
21:04:06 <b1airo> Video Archive
21:04:08 <b1airo> Plans for Supercomputing 2016
21:04:10 <b1airo> Evening social?
21:04:14 <b1airo> Superuser blog post?
21:04:49 <oneswig> #topic new activity areas for ocata
21:05:07 <oneswig> Well, we had a good session on this at the summit
21:05:10 <b1airo> if you can check / add your details to the scientific-wg rolodex that'd be great -
21:05:13 <b1airo> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/scientific-wg-rolodex
21:05:40 <oneswig> See the etherpad link - line 39 onwards - https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/scientific-wg-barcelona-agenda
21:05:43 <martial> oneswig: it sure was a busy meeting (we need a bigger room :) )
21:06:06 <oneswig> Perhaps we do - but nobody has said we need a better view
21:06:52 <oneswig> I think we should pick four activities to focus on - seemed like about the right number.  Any view on that?
21:07:39 <martial> should we go by number of people interested ?
21:07:49 <b1airo> re. room / logistics etc, i think next time we should try for a double session for the meeting
21:08:04 <oneswig> Identity federation was a popular choice, clearly
21:08:11 <dfflanders> oneswig, key is having people willing to hold up their hand to play lead on each activity imho
21:08:14 <oneswig> b1airo: longer, rather than wider, I like it
21:08:19 <oneswig> makes sense
21:08:27 <martial> oneswig Scientific Datasets
21:08:36 <dfflanders> +1
21:08:39 <priteau> oneswig: big data processing and scientific datasets are two main topics, and they could possibly be under the same umbrella
21:08:43 <zioproto> I am interested in both Identity Federation and Scientific Datasets
21:08:43 <oneswig> martial: can you elaborate on what's involved there?
21:09:03 <martial> and GPGPU
21:09:11 <martial> those were the top three it seems
21:09:24 <b1airo> i think that's the bring the compute to the data idea, oneswig
21:09:53 <b1airo> and especially for large science clouds having interesting datasets easily accessible brings users
21:09:54 <oneswig> so more than a directory of who hosts what data then? Something automated
21:10:02 <martial> oneswig: was just listing the top topics from the etherpad
21:10:21 <oneswig> martial: ah ok
21:10:23 <b1airo> yeah i have no idea what practices are out there today - i guess that's where we'd start
21:10:26 <dfflanders> http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/using-public-data-sets.html <-- thoughts martial
21:10:32 <martial> oneswig: the subtitle was "is anyone hosting or consuming Scientific Datasets with Openstack ?"
21:10:43 <zioproto> martial: I am
21:10:52 <zioproto> so the idea is that Amazon is doing this
21:10:54 <zioproto> https://aws.amazon.com/public-data-sets/
21:10:58 <zioproto> we want to host datasets
21:11:07 <zioproto> otherwise users will go away to the amazon cloud
21:11:13 <dfflanders> +1
21:11:21 <zioproto> I am hosting the Common Crowl dataset (part of it 30Tb)
21:11:27 <b1airo> yes i'm sure we're all consuming them, but whether our clouds are hosting them in an accessible manner is another question, and then what are the choices/best-practices for hosting/moving/sharing
21:11:36 <oneswig> zioproto: do you know how they are exposed in AWS?
21:11:44 <zioproto> oneswig: yes with S3
21:11:57 <oneswig> zioproto: objects then - interesting
21:11:57 <zioproto> that is why amazon implements the Hadoop connector to S3
21:12:01 <b1airo> this would be a nice topic for engaging with NRENs too i suspect
21:12:13 <martial> the page zioproto shared lists the information and datatypes available on S3
21:12:17 <zioproto> b1airo: yes NREN are very interested
21:12:42 <oneswig> zioproto: do you envisage a port to swift of the same?  I assume more is needed wrt metadata?
21:13:21 <zioproto> I tested also swift
21:13:28 <zioproto> but the Hadoop connector for swift is buggy
21:13:33 <dfflanders> john dickinson (PTL of Swift) would be interested in this
21:13:36 <zioproto> cant work with files bigger than 5Gb
21:13:39 <martial> (sorry dfflanders)
21:13:45 <zioproto> there is a open bug for that in openstack sahara
21:14:09 <zioproto> so NRENs got started this about SCientific Dataset collaboration #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/10YVe3Ex0tvR6p12t8kxhwgm_f2Ws_mMX7_w_AMm_BwM/edit?usp=sharing
21:14:09 <seattleplus> Note that this is where SwiftOnFile comes into play
21:14:16 <oneswig> zioproto: assume you've added your vote to it?
21:14:25 <zioproto> where do I have to add the vote ?
21:14:41 <martial> zioproto https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/scientific-wg-barcelona-agenda
21:14:53 <martial> zioproto line 112
21:14:54 <oneswig> zioproto: comment, add yourself as a watcher, etc.
21:15:03 <zioproto> sahara bug #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/sahara/+bug/1593663
21:15:04 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1593663 in Sahara "[hadoop-swift] Cannot access Swift Static Large Objects" [High,Confirmed]
21:15:20 <seattleplus> Otherwise, any large data stored in Swift requires manual chunking
21:15:32 <oneswig> Oh, you filed it.  Counts as interest I guess...
21:15:48 <zioproto> oneswig: right I wrote that stuff
21:16:07 * dfflanders thinks this would be a great poster for Forum in Boston to get PTLs of Sahara and Swift to meet this use case.
21:16:33 <notmyname> my irc client is going crazy over here
21:16:40 <zioproto> I was at the Sahara design session
21:16:41 <oneswig> sounds good to me - and a good activity area
21:16:52 <zioproto> there was not a lot of enthusiasm around fixing this bug
21:16:56 <oneswig> hello notmyname
21:17:05 <dfflanders> lol popular notmyname
21:17:13 <notmyname> how can I help?
21:17:13 <clarkb> it is filed against sahara but it looks like hadoop is what is actually failing?
21:17:21 <clarkb> should that bug be pushed upstream to hadoop?
21:17:24 <dfflanders> welcome John :)
21:17:41 <b1airo> hi John, thanks for watching!
21:17:46 <zioproto> there is a paternity problem about this swiftfs hadoop code, now it is maintained in Sahara... but should be a Apache Hadoop thing ?
21:18:08 <priteau> We have some users interested by the Swift+Hadoop use case in Chameleon as well, I know we checked out a few solutions at some points, I will try to share what we've learned
21:18:24 <martial> thanks priteau
21:18:36 <zioproto> clarkb: see here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/sahara-ocata-edp
21:18:44 <zioproto> at the end they talk about this bug
21:19:01 <seattleplus> I would argue it depends on how often you want to access the common dataset
21:19:07 <zioproto> priteau: what is Chameleon ?
21:19:21 <seattleplus> If its >1, then there is great benefit to just copying the data out of Swift
21:19:25 <oneswig> Does this mean Sahara does not currently get used for objects of this size?
21:19:27 <b1airo> notmyname, we were just discussing public scientific dataset hosting for openstack clouds and related to that hadoop+sahara - apparently there is a problematic bug in sahara with regard to large objects:  #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/sahara/+bug/1593663
21:19:28 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1593663 in Sahara "[hadoop-swift] Cannot access Swift Static Large Objects" [High,Confirmed]
21:19:32 <clarkb> zioproto: oh if sahara maintains it then you are probably fine. I was going off of the "error is emitted by hadoop process" in that bug
21:19:33 <priteau> zioproto: testbed for cloud computing research built with OpenStack (http://www.chameleoncloud.org)
21:19:37 <dfflanders> Chameleon is NSF funded baremetal as a service for CS researchers in the USA
21:19:53 <zioproto> seattleplus: if the dataset is 200Tb you want to consume it directly from object storage without holding another copy
21:20:34 <priteau> What is the best way to share knowledge on this topic? etherpad or wiki page?
21:20:43 <b1airo> we were just musing that Swift folks would be interested in this general data hosting topic and may be able to help move any related technical issues
21:20:44 <seattleplus> zioproto: Well…again, if it takes 10x longer to process, then that isn’t always true
21:20:59 <zioproto> seattleplus: agreed !!!
21:21:03 <dfflanders> +1 priteau
21:21:04 <arcimboldo> it's a matter of *how* you download it. Also swiftfs downloads it in a sense
21:21:05 <notmyname> b1airo: yes, absolutely!
21:21:20 <zioproto> seattleplus: object storage is slow if you have to list many objects in the bucket, is not trivial how to organize the data
21:21:30 <dfflanders> priteau, mt two pence = etherpad
21:22:18 <dfflanders> chairs, do we see an action coming from this, or potentially a lead who can take this forward?
21:22:31 <oneswig> If an activity area is a combination of a goal and overcoming obstacles, we've got a great case here
21:22:34 <b1airo> priteau, dfflanders - agreed, etherpad for now until we have something written up
21:22:42 <zioproto> etherpad is good to me
21:22:45 <dfflanders> +1 oneswig
21:22:55 <b1airo> oneswig, +1 this looks like a good topic
21:23:26 <b1airo> there's lots of little areas inside it as well, e.g., object store design for large clouds etc
21:23:27 <oneswig> So that seems like 2 winners discussed so far - this and identity federation.  What shall we cover next, before we get on to assigning leads?
21:23:58 <zioproto> at switch we published a demo tutorial how to consume data with Hadoop from swiftfs #link https://github.com/switch-ch/hadoop-swift-tutorial
21:24:21 * dfflanders looks at etherpad from barcelona
21:24:25 <oneswig> I had one to propose based on discussions outside of the meeting - telemetry and monitoring.  Any interest in that?
21:25:03 <zioproto> oneswig: but that stuff is a bit generic and not really focus on 'scientific wg', am I right ?
21:25:10 <arcimboldo> oneswig, +1
21:25:12 <b1airo> oneswig, sounds like one for martial
21:25:31 <oneswig> I have an interest in connecting high-resolution telemetry data to workload manager data
21:25:42 <oneswig> Which works its way onto our territory
21:25:52 <zioproto> ok I think I did misunderstood the topic
21:25:54 <oneswig> But you're right, it's a problem on everyone's minds in general
21:26:22 <dfflanders> oneswig if not immediate interest here I would think this would be worth circulating via sceintific-wg rolodex ?
21:26:54 <b1airo> dfflanders, mailing list perhaps
21:27:14 <b1airo> prefer not to direct email people unsolicited
21:27:14 <oneswig> dfflanders: I'm hesitant to mail a massive distribution too often - keep the powder dry for whne you really need it
21:27:38 <dfflanders> timecheck = half way done
21:27:57 <dfflanders> oneswig blairo understood and agreed :)
21:28:02 <oneswig> OK - the other candidates to discuss - perhaps park this one in reserve
21:28:03 <martial> oneswig: I am very interested in the telemetry and monitoring
21:28:28 <b1airo> oneswig, what's the problem you are trying to solve here?
21:28:29 <martial> oneswig: we are developing tools for that, I "quickly" presented those in the BoF talk
21:29:15 <oneswig> b1airo: user-sourced telemetry data is part of it.  Understanding our system's performance is the rest
21:29:42 <b1airo> other thing i wanted to discuss today is creating a HPC/Research Challenges/Gaps list that we could share with the community
21:29:56 <dfflanders> +1
21:30:05 <oneswig> b1airo: Is that an activity area?
21:30:17 <oneswig> for ocata?
21:30:28 <b1airo> oneswig, user-sourced... as in they can feed telemetry data into the system in order to make scaling decisions etc?
21:30:51 <oneswig> More like MPI performance profiling I have in mind
21:31:01 <b1airo> oneswig, it could be a standing activity
21:31:27 <oneswig> What activities were there around GPGPUs - anyone want to make a case?
21:32:08 <b1airo> oneswig, so the underlying problem is that of mashing together data from the user environment and the infrastructure into something meaningful?
21:32:46 <oneswig> b1airo: yes - something to view performance telemetry from many contexts
21:32:56 <b1airo> oneswig, i think writing something up about how to make them work and any caveats would be very useful
21:32:57 <oneswig> and correlate
21:33:13 <arcimboldo> I get asked often question like "my app is slower on your VM than on my laptop"
21:33:19 <b1airo> that's an activity i'd be able to lead without too much trouble
21:33:20 <oneswig> b1airo: will do
21:33:34 <arcimboldo> turns out it was a VM with overcommit and running on an old machine. But for the user it might be as everything is the same
21:33:35 <oneswig> #action oneswig to elaborate on the case for telemetry
21:33:46 <b1airo> arcimboldo, yes that statement sounds familiar
21:34:27 <arcimboldo> On their defense, we are not giving any tool to predict the performance of the VM, not even after instance creation
21:34:33 <oneswig> The lingering question of "why did my app run slow" can get much trickier to answer in a cloud environment
21:34:33 <arcimboldo> or to check how fast is the vvm
21:34:42 <b1airo> regarding performance, i have some anecdotal evidence from M3 of applications that suffer very bad degradation without the appropriate pinning and topology
21:35:01 <b1airo> e.g. almost an order of magnitude!
21:35:11 <oneswig> b1airo: strewth
21:35:46 <b1airo> yeah, will try and get some real numbers for this particular case before SC
21:36:16 <oneswig> GPGPUs anyone?
21:36:38 <b1airo> oneswig, +1
21:36:47 <powerd> +1 on the GPUs
21:36:49 <arcimboldo> tome the problem with GPU is that it's a scarse resource and you can't really do overbooking
21:36:56 <dfflanders> +1
21:37:00 <martial> testing them in production
21:37:10 <arcimboldo> I don't know what's the general feeling. I feel like gpus still work best with a batch system
21:37:33 <b1airo> re. that nomad project currently doesn't talk about gpgpu, seems more focused on NFV stuff?
21:37:52 <martial> b1airo: it is very undefined yet
21:38:03 <oneswig> martial: what was the session like?
21:38:05 <martial> b1airo: was at the Design summit session
21:38:18 <martial> b1airo: they discussed the first steps to create the API
21:38:31 <b1airo> arcimboldo, we run a batch system (SLURM) on top of openstack, it then handles the job scheduling for GPGPU flavors
21:38:44 <martial> details at: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nomad-ocata-design-session
21:39:00 <b1airo> we also have some users who just want a CUDA dev environment, in which case an on-demand VM is good
21:39:22 <b1airo> martial, thanks will take a look
21:39:26 <oneswig> Are we including Xeon Phi in this?
21:39:36 <oneswig> ... anyone for phi?
21:39:43 <b1airo> why not? i have no direct experience, but sounds like it works
21:39:51 <oneswig> me neither
21:39:58 * dfflanders would like to learn more
21:40:09 <oneswig> OK, motion carried.  One to go.
21:40:10 <powerd> so phi seems a different beast in its latest incarnation - no a PCI devices / cores dont support VM
21:40:15 <b1airo> at least with older gen phi, not sure whether the computing model of the current ones works...?
21:40:18 <martial> we have done some testing for Deep Neural Network and our depth was too little to trigger the Phi :(
21:40:21 <dfflanders> timecheck = 20 min remaining
21:40:40 <oneswig> Anyone to step forward with a final activity area proposal?
21:40:53 * arcimboldo still doesn't understand what nomad is exactly
21:40:58 <oneswig> we now have 4
21:41:09 <b1airo> what's the list now oneswig ?
21:41:33 <oneswig> id federation, big data / sahara / datasets, gpu, monitoring - in that order
21:41:54 <dfflanders> time for people to o/ as activity leads?
21:41:55 <martial> arcimboldo: an absrtaction layer for hardware, see https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Nomad
21:42:32 <dfflanders> also noting that this agenda item might need to be carried on to next meeting due to jetlags and tz differences?
21:42:50 <arcimboldo> martial, a kernel then? :)
21:42:55 <zioproto> martial: it is a hardware salad, GPUs for HPC and Network chips for IPSec encpryption ...
21:43:01 <oneswig> dfflanders: good point, perhaps ratify a list next week
21:43:36 <oneswig> OK - any more on activity areas?
21:43:58 <oneswig> Do I have any volunteers for leading?
21:44:15 <oneswig> I'm happy to do monitoring (since I'm doing it at work)
21:44:17 <powerd> happy to take on some gpu work!
21:44:32 <zioproto> oneswig: can you explain exactly what one should do when leading ?
21:45:14 <oneswig> zioproto: good point, here's what I'd guess - track activities, represent the group, help advocate the use case at the forum in boston
21:45:28 <martial> zioproto: participate in meetings, discuss the topics on MLs and  interact tiwht people
21:45:34 <b1airo> zioproto, herd cats towards some sort of outcome, however minor that might be...? :-)
21:45:42 <dfflanders> +1 oneswig zioproto mt two pence : at a minimum attend meetings and report on progress + push forward any arising actions.
21:45:47 <oneswig> in the case of big data, make sure the issue you raised is followed through for example
21:46:00 <martial> zioproto: given that you are working on it already, sounds like a good fit too
21:46:13 <zioproto> ok, I already do all this stuff but I am afraid to take officially the lead, cant be sure I will be there in Boston
21:46:13 <dfflanders> blair, +1 cat herding ftw ;-D
21:46:22 <martial> b1airo: at times, herding cats sounds easier though
21:46:22 <zioproto> I talk for Scientific Dataset
21:46:43 <dfflanders> I will help support you zioproto if you lead
21:46:48 <oneswig> zioproto: I'm unable to attend Boston either, alas - ain't going to stop me :-)
21:46:53 <b1airo> powerd, sorry if i've missed this, but who are you? :-)
21:47:09 <oneswig> zioproto: has taken the kings shilling :-)
21:47:12 <dfflanders> zioproto, if its travel funding we should get your application in for travel support
21:47:13 <zioproto> may I confirm this lead thing at the next IRC meeting ? we have the topic also in the next agenda ?
21:47:33 <oneswig> zioproto: sure, no problem
21:47:52 <martial> oneswig: we will talk on the monitoring, I am working on telemetry too, would love to know more about your model
21:48:16 <b1airo> all - regarding weekly meetings and agendas, oneswig and i sort of realised late last cycle that we should be pretty much repeating the agenda over the two different time slots so that we give everyone a chance to be on the same page
21:48:29 <powerd> aha - yes i should really have opened with that ;) David Power (working with a number of Unis on HPC, a number of whom now using openstack)
21:48:30 <oneswig> martial: that would be great - I've already made an action to elaborate on it...
21:48:42 <dfflanders> +1 blair the WG has gotten to that size/distribution, it is unavoidable
21:48:48 <powerd> (based in Ireland)
21:48:57 <b1airo> powerd, cool! you are a consultant then?
21:49:24 <b1airo> would you mind adding yourself to https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/scientific-wg-rolodex ?
21:49:42 <zioproto> dfflanders: should not be a problem the travel expenses, just I have to check other activities going on in my radar :) thanks for asking
21:50:03 <oneswig> powerd: a hearty welcome to the WG!
21:50:16 <powerd> Sort of, few hats including Boston Ltd / vScaler
21:50:20 <dfflanders> zioproto, kewly-o
21:50:23 <powerd> thanks Stig!
21:50:32 <martial> interestingly, telemetry is not on the Etherpad
21:50:38 <martial> down to 10 minutes ?
21:50:39 <dfflanders> +1 welcome welcome
21:50:41 <oneswig> OK nobody yet has come forward for our most popular - identity federation.  Nobody else have this in their in-tray?
21:50:57 <dfflanders> this worth noting re Boston Cloud Declaration meeting as well.
21:50:58 <dfflanders> this worth noting re Boston Cloud Declaration meeting as well.
21:51:02 <oneswig> martial: no - only remembered it afterwards!  Will retrofit
21:51:03 <zioproto> at SWITCH we want to implement it asap
21:51:33 <b1airo> oneswig, we can wait to see if anyone else volunteers interest next week or on the mailing list
21:51:36 <dfflanders> zioproto, Jisc might support this work?
21:51:45 <b1airo> also worth noting Khalil's work on this already
21:51:49 <zioproto> but we have to carefully integrate it in our production system, it is not a easy migration from the existing running stuff
21:52:01 <dfflanders> sorry rather powerd --> jisc might support the identity fed work?
21:52:13 <zioproto> guys when you say themailing list, which ML exactly ?
21:52:20 <oneswig> b1airo: next week looks good for a leader
21:52:31 <dfflanders> +1
21:53:02 <oneswig> zioproto: usually operators gets the right audience
21:53:05 <dfflanders> also good to get redundacy with two leaders per activity where possible \o/ FTW
21:53:12 <zioproto> dfflanders: most tools are there now with Mitaka. We need to upgrade the production infrastructure to Mitaka and start the testing of Keystone+Shibboleth.
21:53:13 <b1airo> powerd, great, and welcome! we can collaborate on the GPU stuff
21:53:16 <zioproto> that is the current status
21:53:45 <powerd> blario: thanks - looking forward to it!
21:53:45 <b1airo> ok we need to wrap up
21:53:55 <b1airo> last quick discussion on SC
21:54:00 <b1airo> #topic SC16
21:54:03 <oneswig> with ID federation, what I miss most is the information in one place
21:54:10 <dfflanders> Khalil is helping put together a congress for international federation between academic clouds...
21:54:20 <b1airo> oneswig, +1 an overview doc would be a great start!
21:54:25 <martial> here is what I have so far, missing anything? Telemetry    oneswig   martial
21:54:25 <martial> Scientific Dataset    zioproto
21:54:27 <martial> GPGPU    powerd
21:54:29 <zioproto> dfflanders: do you have a link ?
21:54:46 <dfflanders> ping me email, I'll FWD info
21:54:51 <oneswig> martial: looks good to me
21:55:00 <dfflanders> flanders@openstack.org
21:55:06 <oneswig> add b1airo to GPGPU I think
21:55:35 <dfflanders> +1 NVIDIA can sponsor the next social evening ;-)
21:55:39 <b1airo> yeah, have some work to do on that this cycle
21:55:48 <b1airo> +1000
21:55:58 <oneswig> zioproto: I think Simon has had contact with Khalil's discussions from previous WG IRC meeting
21:56:01 <martial> nobody on federation ?
21:56:02 <dfflanders> blair, I've already pinged Mike
21:56:15 <oneswig> martial: not this week - carry over
21:56:26 <oneswig> martial: zioproto also pending confirmaiton next week
21:56:50 <b1airo> dfflanders, for sydney summit?
21:57:10 <martial> okay added to etherpad
21:57:25 <oneswig> dfflanders: there was some discussion on Foundation helping organise WG evening socials - hope it wont get forgotten!
21:57:36 <dfflanders> blair, for all of 2017 ;-)
21:57:46 <oneswig> b1airo: what to raise on SC activities?
21:58:13 <b1airo> oneswig, main thing was that the foundation seemed keen to do some promotion via superuser blog or some such
21:58:23 <dfflanders> #action foundation via dfflanders to support organising sponsorship for scientific_wg social evening in Boston
21:58:33 <oneswig> good point b1airo
21:58:44 <oneswig> needs doing by next meeting I guess?
21:58:49 <b1airo> there were some comments added to the etherpad #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/scientific-wg-supercomputing16
21:58:55 <b1airo> yeah asap i'd say
21:59:21 <oneswig> Who was the superuser contact? Nicole?
21:59:30 <dfflanders> Allison
21:59:34 <dfflanders> or Nicole
21:59:41 <b1airo> #action b1airo to follow up with Denise re. SC activity promotion
21:59:58 <oneswig> I see denise in the etherpad
22:00:06 <b1airo> i'll send some email and CC you guys
22:00:10 <dfflanders> Denise for SC, Allison for SU
22:00:13 <oneswig> grand
22:00:26 <b1airo> ok we're out of time
22:00:33 <b1airo> thanks for a very lively session all!!
22:00:36 <oneswig> what a session!
22:00:38 <dfflanders> hasta luego
22:00:40 <zioproto> thanks !
22:00:41 <simon-AS559> bye
22:00:48 <martial> good bye
22:00:51 <oneswig> thanks all
22:00:54 <powerd> ta!
22:00:59 * dfflanders misses jamon
22:01:03 <b1airo> #endmeeting