11:00:54 <martial> #startmeeting scientific-sig
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11:01:34 <martial> Good morning friends, welcome to the latest Scientific SIG meeting
11:01:52 <verdurin> Good afternoon.
11:02:28 <martial> Agenda for the meeting are at
11:02:32 <martial> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_SIG#IRC_Meeting_August_15th_2018
11:03:12 <martial> #topic PTG Topics
11:03:27 <martial> so the PTG is coming soon
11:03:41 <martial> the scientific SIG will be present
11:05:06 <martial> we were hoping to have an Ehterpad for conversation about topics for the meeting
11:06:01 <martial> here is a link
11:06:04 <martial> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/scientific-sig-denverptg2018
11:07:03 <martial> From the schedule looks like we have most of Monday
11:07:06 <martial> #link https://www.openstack.org/ptg/#tab_schedule
11:11:13 <martial> #topic CFP: HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference - 21st September
11:11:58 <martial> an FYI for people
11:12:02 <martial> #link http://hpcadvisorycouncil.com/events/2018/spain-conference/
11:12:33 <martial> #topic Ceph day Berlin - November 12th (the day before the summit)
11:12:52 <martial> another FYI
11:12:58 <martial> #link https://ceph.com/cephdays/ceph-day-berlin/
11:14:57 <martial> #topic AOB
11:16:22 <verdurin> Not many around today...
11:16:36 <martial> nope seems to be very quiet indeed
11:16:53 <martial> that is fine, will give us back some time
11:17:25 <verdurin> Yes.
11:17:32 <martial> anybody has a confirmed presentation at the summit?
11:18:07 <verdurin> Not me.
11:18:53 <martial> the Scientific SIG will have its usual two slots (meeting + BoF) I guess
11:19:09 <martial> but I think this time around only Stig can attend
11:19:19 <martial> (so far)
11:19:31 <martial> Blair and I will be at Super Computing 18
11:20:29 <martial> okay well, let's give ourselves back some time in our day :)
11:20:33 <priteau> We should have a Blazar project update, if you want to hear more about the new features of the project
11:20:58 <martial> at the summit? sounds cool
11:21:16 <martial> Pierre, otherwise you can have the floor for a few minutes
11:21:36 <priteau> Sorry, I have a scheduling conflict, can't stay longer today.
11:21:51 <martial> okay, thanks for stopping by
11:21:59 <martial> I propose to end the meeting early
11:22:07 <verdurin> Makes sense.
11:22:35 <martial> Thanks priteau and verdurin , pleasure seeing you here :)
11:22:50 <verdurin> Thanks and bye.
11:22:54 <martial> #endmeeting