13:02:04 <jpena> #startmeeting rpm_packaging
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13:02:08 <jpena> ping toabctl, dirk, apevec, aplanas, IgorYozhikov, jpena, jruzicka, number80, kaslcrof, ykarel
13:03:08 <ykarel> o/
13:03:16 <jpena> #chair ykarel
13:03:17 <openstack> Current chairs: jpena ykarel
13:03:26 <jpena> remember to add any items to the agenda at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-rpm-packaging
13:08:24 <jpena> ykarel, I guess it's just you and me :)
13:08:36 <jpena> let's go with the agenda
13:08:44 <jpena> #topic Fedora 28-based VM and 3rd party CI job
13:08:55 <ykarel> jpena, yes, may be other people are in summit
13:09:24 <jpena> I'm working on this right now. I have a VM with a worker building the rpm-packaging packages, using the stabilized RDO Fedora 28 repo
13:09:32 <jpena> #link https://fedora-rpm-packaging-ci.rdoproject.org/repos/report.html
13:10:02 <ykarel> Too many Failures
13:10:05 <jpena> So far I'm still finding issues and refining the dependencies. I have created https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/rpm-packaging+branch:master+topic:fedora with the required reviews
13:10:19 <jpena> yes, some basic oslo packages are failing, and everything else is cascading from that
13:10:33 <jpena> now I'm trying to get an eventlet version that allows keystoneclient to build
13:10:59 <jpena> Once the repo is bootstrapped, I'll create another 3rd party CI job to use it
13:11:38 <ykarel> jpena, so it's fedora builder right, i meant target=fedora on fedora 28 VM
13:11:44 <jpena> yes
13:11:47 <ykarel> Ok Good
13:11:49 <jpena> the VM is Fedora 27, but anyway
13:11:55 <ykarel> ok
13:11:58 <jpena> the mock target is still f28
13:12:05 <ykarel> ack
13:12:54 <jpena> ok, let's move on
13:12:58 <jpena> #topic Reviews
13:13:14 <jpena> I have https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/rpm-packaging+branch:master+topic:fedora, with most on them on track
13:13:45 <ykarel> jpena, to fix SUSE ci for keystone py3 attempt, https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/rpm-packaging+branch:master+topic:enable-py3
13:14:21 <openstackgerrit> yatin proposed openstack/rpm-packaging master: Switch to python3 for keystone service  https://review.openstack.org/568219
13:14:24 <jpena> ykarel, ack, I'll check them
13:14:41 <ykarel> and ^^ for tox-linter: not skipping py3 for python3 only packages
13:16:43 <jpena> oh, nice trick :D
13:17:04 <jpena> I guess we'll want to have that list hosted elsewhere in the future, but I like it as a first approximation
13:17:25 <ykarel> jpena, yup we can improve that part
13:19:42 <jpena> let's move on
13:19:45 <jpena> #topic open floor
13:19:50 <jpena> Anything else to discuss?
13:21:05 <ykarel> jpena, i wanted to know about what all has to be done for repo bootstrap, so i can also contribute into it from next time
13:22:18 <ykarel> can catch up with u later if that's ok
13:22:41 <jpena> ykarel: ok, let's take this offline
13:22:47 <ykarel> sure
13:23:28 <jpena> but TL;DR: set up DLRN machine with appropriate values, then run dlrn to build all packages. Fix issues, then repeat
13:23:39 <jpena> I'll give you more detailed information
13:23:46 <ykarel> jpena, Okk
13:25:33 <jpena> if there's nothing left to discuss, let's close the meeting
13:26:35 <ykarel> sure
13:26:40 <jpena> #endmeeting