13:01:01 <jpena> #startmeeting rpm_packaging
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13:01:12 <jpena> ping toabctl, dirk, apevec, aplanas, IgorYozhikov, jpena, jruzicka, number80, kaslcrof
13:01:17 <jpena> #topic roll call
13:01:36 <jpena> remember to add topics to the agenda at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-rpm-packaging
13:01:41 <dirk> pong
13:01:43 <dirk> o/
13:01:46 <jpena> #chair dirk
13:01:47 <openstack> Current chairs: dirk jpena
13:05:07 <jpena> ok, let's start with the agenda
13:05:17 <jpena> #topic PTG, week of September 10th @ Denver
13:06:02 <jpena> We now have official dates and location for the next PTG, and I have received an email from the Foundation to confirm if our team is planning to attend
13:06:40 <jpena> I don't know if I will make it (my rough guess is no), what about the rest? dirk?
13:07:39 <dirk> its a bit unfortunate timing for me. I can travel that week but need to be back early
13:07:42 <dirk> I don't know yet
13:08:06 <dirk> also its disappointing that it is again a US Based location :/
13:08:13 <jpena> yep, well :-/
13:08:35 <jpena> ok, since we do not have a clear picture, I'll reply that we are still considering it
13:08:49 <jpena> #action jpena to state that we are still considering PTG attendance
13:08:58 <jpena> #topic SLE 15 SUSE CI (python 3)
13:09:04 <ykarel> o/
13:09:09 <jpena> #chair ykarel
13:09:10 <openstack> Current chairs: dirk jpena ykarel
13:12:57 <toabctl> hi
13:13:09 <toabctl> who added the topic?
13:13:14 <jpena> #chair toabctl
13:13:14 <openstack> Current chairs: dirk jpena toabctl ykarel
13:13:19 <jpena> I guess dirk did it
13:15:00 <dirk> sorry, got distracted :-)
13:15:13 <dirk> I wanted to add a SLE15 based SUSE CI fyi. the main difference here is python3
13:15:31 <dirk> it will be only a non-voting job for now
13:15:33 <dirk> just as a heads up
13:16:15 <dirk> there will likely be some fixes to be done still (I need to check whether its python3 only or python2+python3)
13:16:37 <jpena> oh, nice
13:17:03 <jpena> we're still working on our Fedora 28 repositories, once the basics are laid out I will start working on the CI job
13:19:30 <jpena> dirk: I guess we can move to the next topic, right?
13:20:51 <dirk> yes
13:20:58 <jpena> #topic Reviews
13:21:06 <jpena> any reviews we'd like to bring attention to?
13:22:46 <toabctl> jpena, yes. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/374480/
13:23:15 <toabctl> needed to unbreak mistral (it seems to require vitrageclient now). that should help to fix the SUSE ci again
13:23:23 <jpena> wow, that's been around for a while
13:23:27 <jpena> I'll look at it
13:23:41 <toabctl> jpena, I fixed it an hour ago or so. should be good now
13:24:13 <toabctl> beside that, nothing from my side.
13:25:28 <dirk> I'll fix the stable/queens issues
13:25:39 <dirk> unless toabctl already did that?
13:25:48 <toabctl> dirk, I hope I did. let's see
13:26:24 <dirk> ah, you aggregated from master, I woul dhave picked it from queens instead
13:26:46 <dirk> I'll move it
13:26:49 <toabctl> dirk, it was aggregated from dlp. that's why I used master. but I agree
13:27:37 <dirk> done
13:28:37 <jpena> let's move on then
13:28:39 <dirk> toabctl: can you add a rocky status to your toabctl.de/openstack ?
13:28:56 <dirk> and maybe remove mitaka/newton
13:28:56 <toabctl> dirk, sure. that needs fixing anyway. it looks really bad for queens...
13:30:51 <jpena> #topic Open floor
13:31:03 <jpena> ykarel, I think you've added some questions to the agenda
13:31:14 <ykarel> jpena, yes
13:32:15 <ykarel> So, i have Some queries related to singlespec:-
13:32:24 <ykarel> 1) Any reason services are not moved to singlespec yet?
13:32:58 <ykarel> 2) Known limitation/challenges for the singlespec
13:32:58 <ykarel> 3) Is there a way to create packages for multiple flavors for a sub package
13:32:59 <ykarel> 4) Things to consider while moving services to singlespec
13:33:31 <ykarel> I wanted to save some efforts if i get answers for above
13:33:53 <ykarel> in moving services to singlespec
13:34:29 <ykarel> toabctl, told yesterday that after rocky there will be no support for python2, so no advantage in moving services to singlespec
13:34:53 <jpena> for additional context: ykarel is working in Python 3 enablement for some services, as part of the initiative to create the Fedora 28 repos (so we get ready @ RDO). singlespec is being considered there
13:36:15 <toabctl> jpena, ykarel do you want/need also python2 for the services?
13:36:28 <toabctl> dirk, https://toabctl.de/openstack/rpm-packaging-status-rocky.html is ready
13:37:14 <dirk> toabctl: thanks!
13:37:42 <dirk> ykarel: there are no limitations on singlespec necessarily, but building services for both python versions means some extra pain (update-alternatives for fileconflicts)
13:38:17 <dirk> ykarel: at the PTG meeting we originally suggested to do the services python3 only (except for swift which doesn't do that yet)
13:38:31 <dirk> meanwhile the reality has kicked in here and we might have the need to go with python 2 and python3 for rocky
13:38:38 <dirk> so singlespec the services might also be needed
13:38:44 <toabctl> ykarel, if py2 and py3 is needed, I think we should just start with eg keystone and see how that works
13:39:19 <ykarel> yes for now we want to go with both python2 and python3 using singlespec
13:40:05 <toabctl> ykarel, ok. then let's start with a service and see which problems popup.
13:40:20 <ykarel> so as services have python- package as a subpackage, so 3) Is there a way to create packages for multiple flavors for a sub package?
13:40:24 <toabctl> ykarel, given that I'm also interested in this, I can also take a service and try to convert it.
13:41:13 <toabctl> ykarel, https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Packaging_Python_Singlespec#Subpackage_declarations
13:41:52 <ykarel> toabctl, yes but we want to do this for subpackage
13:41:53 <toabctl> ykarel, does that answer your question?
13:42:01 <ykarel> our base package is non python
13:42:20 <ykarel> like openstack-glance has a subpackage python-glance
13:42:44 <toabctl> ykarel, hm. I would need to try this
13:43:16 <ykarel> hmm that was the concern i had, okk i will also try to convert it tomorrow and see what i face
13:45:39 <ykarel> toabctl, Ok so if you find something ping me, i will do the same
13:45:49 <toabctl> ykarel, I'll try tempest first
13:46:02 <ykarel> Ok, i will try keystone or glance
13:47:14 <ykarel> toabctl, tempest look similar to other libraries and clients so should be straightforward
13:47:56 <ykarel> issue is with services like keystone,glance, nova etc
13:48:24 <ykarel> where we need to target python- supackage for the singlespec
13:48:31 <toabctl> hm. I thought we have also python-tempest and openstack-tempest...
13:48:36 <ykarel> nope
13:48:50 <toabctl> anyway - we need tempest for keystone so having it converted doesn't hurt :)
13:49:23 <toabctl> but I guess we can discuss it outside of the meeting
13:49:29 <ykarel> toabctl, Okk
13:50:32 <jpena> do we have any more topics for the open floor?
13:52:19 <dirk> not from me
13:52:26 <toabctl> noe
13:52:50 <jpena> ok, then let's get those 8 minutes back
13:52:57 <jpena> #endmeeting