12:00:06 <prometheanfire> #startmeeting requirements
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12:00:14 <prometheanfire> #topic rollcall
12:00:20 <prometheanfire> tonyb, prometheanfire, number80, dirk, coolsvap, toabctl, smcginnis: ping
12:00:40 <coolsvap> o/
12:01:17 <prometheanfire> o/
12:02:46 <prometheanfire> looks like it's just us
12:02:58 <prometheanfire> #topic Any controversies in the Queue
12:02:58 <coolsvap> Yeah
12:03:28 <smcginnis> o/
12:03:39 * coolsvap haven't seen the queue since the weekend
12:05:10 <prometheanfire> I don't see anything, the main things I'm focused on reqs wise is zuulv3 and getting known breaking packages update (like the new iso8601)
12:05:18 <prometheanfire> so, moving on
12:05:24 <prometheanfire> #topic Open Discussion
12:05:53 <smcginnis> Are we tracking the iso8601 thing somewhere. Last I remember there were still a few projects needing updates.
12:06:02 <prometheanfire> anything people want me to include in the project update in sydney?
12:06:18 <prometheanfire> https://bugs.launchpad.net/oslo.versionedobjects/+bug/1715486
12:06:19 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1715486 in IoTronic "py35 tests failing due to iso8601 module change" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to zhangyangyang (zhangyangyang)
12:06:26 <prometheanfire> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/oslo.versionedobjects/+bug/1715486
12:06:34 <prometheanfire> I think that's as close as we are going to get
12:06:43 <prometheanfire> if it passes gating we should allow it in
12:06:53 <smcginnis> Oh right, hopefully I got all users in there.
12:07:13 <toabctl> hi
12:07:17 <prometheanfire> smcginnis: :D
12:09:25 <smcginnis> No ideas for the Sydney update.
12:09:51 <prometheanfire> k, anything else?
12:10:16 <coolsvap> Can we revise the meeting time?
12:10:33 <coolsvap> It falls in my commute time mostly
12:11:17 <smcginnis> It could be a little easier for me if it was slightly later. Even by an hour.
12:11:25 <coolsvap> But I don't think we get everyone in the meeting to decide as well
12:11:25 <prometheanfire> I'll talk to tony and see if we can move it later
12:11:31 <prometheanfire> 6 AM is early for me too
12:11:31 <smcginnis> But whatever works best for the group as a whole.
12:11:51 <prometheanfire> he isn't here much anymore
12:12:01 <smcginnis> prometheanfire: Yikes, 6 am is brutal.
12:12:14 <prometheanfire> yep, alarm set for 5:50
12:12:29 <prometheanfire> if that's it I'll close
12:12:38 <coolsvap> Yup
12:13:05 <prometheanfire> #endmeeting