12:00:53 <prometheanfire> #startmeeting requirements
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12:01:05 <prometheanfire> #topic rollcall
12:02:29 <prometheanfire> anyone else?
12:02:39 <prometheanfire> gonna wait a couple of min before calling it
12:08:03 <dirk> o/
12:08:10 <dirk> prometheanfire: sorry, you forgot to ping people :)
12:08:35 <prometheanfire> I did mention it, but ya
12:08:38 <prometheanfire> kinda tired :P
12:10:09 <prometheanfire> done
12:10:15 <prometheanfire> 1-2 more min then
12:11:29 <toabctl> hi
12:11:29 <dirk> to be honest I have no topics, haven't followed g-r the last week or so
12:12:02 <prometheanfire> #topic freeze
12:12:44 <prometheanfire> we are still frozen, but can probably start doing GR updates soon
12:13:08 <prometheanfire> I'll clear it with tonyb one more time though
12:13:37 <prometheanfire> Upper-constraints is taken from the head of the branch (master in this case) directly by the gate, while global-requirements is taken 'gated' by the consuming project's core developers
12:14:01 <prometheanfire> I think new reqs are probably fine too
12:14:11 <prometheanfire> anything else for the freeze?
12:15:29 <prometheanfire> k
12:15:35 <prometheanfire> #topic known issues
12:16:28 <prometheanfire> only thing I have here is the possible backport of blacklisting a known bad babel version
12:16:51 <prometheanfire> it's not in UC, so UC won't change though, so it's usefulness is questionable
12:16:54 <prometheanfire> https://review.openstack.org/493751
12:17:17 <prometheanfire> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-requirements/+bug/1709190
12:17:18 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1709190 in OpenStack Global Requirements "[stable/ocata] Latest oslo.i18n version conflicts with latest Babel version" [Medium,Triaged]
12:17:23 <prometheanfire> # https://review.openstack.org/493751
12:17:28 <prometheanfire> #link https://review.openstack.org/493751
12:17:41 <prometheanfire> so take a look if you want
12:17:59 <prometheanfire> #topic ptg
12:18:29 <prometheanfire> ptg schedule for us is here, we are sharing a room with relmgmt / stable
12:18:32 <prometheanfire> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/relmgt-stable-requirements-ptg-pike
12:18:52 <prometheanfire> feel free to update it
12:19:04 <prometheanfire> #topic open floor
12:20:44 <prometheanfire> gonna leave it open for 1-2 more minutes before closing
12:23:23 <prometheanfire> #endmeeting