10:01:57 <tonyb> #startmeeting requirements
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10:02:05 <tonyb> #topic rollcall
10:02:31 <tonyb> sigmavirus, number80, dirk, coolsvap, toabctl: ping?
10:02:36 <dirk> o/
10:02:43 <toabctl> hi
10:02:51 <tonyb> we have an appology from prometheanfire
10:03:49 <dirk> he's still doing vacation
10:03:53 <dirk> not sure how allowed him to do that ;)
10:04:05 <tonyb> ;P
10:04:15 <tonyb> He's on a plane heading home
10:05:16 <tonyb> #topic Thawing the current freeze
10:06:08 <tonyb> It looks like we'll branch requirements tomorrow (US time)  so once prometheanfire removes the -2 we can start merging patches
10:06:22 <dirk> +1
10:06:30 <dirk> did all other projects branch as well?
10:06:36 * dirk isn#t following things atm
10:06:42 <tonyb> I'd like to start with adding new projects to g-r.txt first as that's prety safe
10:07:18 <tonyb> dirk: yeah
10:07:40 <tonyb> dirk: manila was last but they did a thing
10:08:02 <dirk> ok, great
10:08:11 <dirk> just let me know and I'll start reviewing again
10:09:29 <tonyb> I'd like to hold off on any minimum bumps in g-r but pretty much anything elase shoudl be fair game
10:10:05 <dirk> ok, so new projects and uc first
10:10:08 <dirk> wfm
10:11:21 <tonyb> cool.
10:12:12 <tonyb> We'd normally talk about the queue but we're frozen so meh.  We can work out what's controversial next week ;P
10:12:25 <tonyb> #topic PTG Session
10:12:34 <tonyb> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/relmgt-stable-requirements-ptg-pike
10:12:55 <tonyb> So we have stuff to talk about on Tuesday morning
10:13:39 <tonyb> There isn't much of an order but it's there
10:13:51 <dirk> yeah, long list given the time
10:14:00 <tonyb> so start thinking and be ready for dicussion
10:14:06 <dirk> unless we agree on everything of course :)
10:14:16 <tonyb> dirk: I think we can spill into the afternoon
10:14:31 <tonyb> dirk: we can certainly do some of the work in the afternoon session
10:16:01 <tonyb> dirk: but yeah it's a lot to talk about ;P
10:17:16 <tonyb> Anything else for PTG?
10:17:58 <tonyb> #topic open discussion
10:18:15 <tonyb> anything?
10:20:36 <tonyb> Well if we don't have anything else we shoudl just call this a quick meeting
10:20:39 <tonyb> ???
10:21:44 <tonyb> Well thanks all.  Let's get ready for a bigger week ;P
10:21:48 <tonyb> #endmeeting