12:02:41 <tonyb> #startmeeting requirements
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12:03:01 <tonyb> sorry all I was off looking at how to create a doodle pool
12:03:08 <toabctl> hi
12:03:23 <coolsvap> o/
12:03:32 <tonyb> So I think tonights meeting could be a little less structured than normal
12:04:06 <tonyb> The agenda basically boils down to Any controversies in the Queue? and Open Discussion
12:04:43 <tonyb> so I figured we could have an open discussion about controversies in the queue ;P
12:04:45 <toabctl> any comments on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/207629/ ?
12:05:26 <tonyb> toabctl: only that I saw it earlier (but not on my dashboard) and I need to look into it
12:05:39 <toabctl> tonyb, ok. thx
12:05:54 <tonyb> toabctl: in general we've hot probelms when we tried to do similar in th past
12:06:09 <dirk> o/
12:08:07 <coolsvap> tonyb: yes agreed, I do not recollect but we had similar discussion, i think related to posix_ipc itself
12:08:24 <tonyb> toabctl: I'm still not sure how projects got the wrong data in there :(
12:08:38 <coolsvap> not sure when, need to read some meeting logs I think
12:08:41 <toabctl> tonyb, via the bot. see comment in commit msg
12:09:10 <toabctl> this changeset is already 1 1/2 years old
12:10:52 <tonyb> toabctl: okay.  that's nearly as long as I've been working on OpenStack ;P
12:11:04 <toabctl> :)
12:12:56 <tonyb> toabctl: I'm not opposed to a chnage like that but we need to really think about how that may or may not break things
12:13:21 <tonyb> I like the idea that we're generous in what we accept and strict in what we emit
12:14:40 <tonyb> anything else?
12:15:14 <tonyb> Oh wow! there a lot of -1's from jenkins
12:15:24 <tonyb> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/requirements+branch:master
12:16:06 * coolsvap is not updated on the queue from monday, I will have to look
12:16:40 <tonyb> Looks like it's all due to pypi mirroring
12:17:23 <tonyb> I dropped a request into the infra channel. a few hours ago
12:17:58 <dirk> tonyb: if you find someone from infra or stable team, the check-uc stuff is still non voting
12:18:25 <tonyb> dirk: do we have a review up to switch it?
12:18:33 * tonyb lost track
12:19:29 <dirk> tonyb: yes everything there and reviewed
12:19:32 <tonyb> Oh there it is
12:19:39 <tonyb> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/382232/
12:19:44 <dirk> Only workflows missing
12:19:58 <dirk> I think infra is waiting for stable team
12:21:01 <tonyb> dirk: Ahh I see.
12:21:39 <tonyb> not all of the dpendant patches have merged.
12:21:48 <tonyb> I'll do some poking tomorrow.
12:22:08 <tonyb> dirk: Sorry I didn't realise that was the hold up
12:23:52 <tonyb> While we're doign stable backports .... Does anyone have time to backport and check py3 support ?
12:24:20 <tonyb> I *think* it's just the 'quick wins' patch
12:24:32 <coolsvap> tonyb: i can check that
12:24:39 <tonyb> coolsvap: Thanks.
12:25:07 <tonyb> coolsvap: then we could make py3 voting which would be nice .... not that we break the *code* often ;P
12:25:45 <tonyb> but given some of the churn we're probably going to go through during ocata it'd be good to have that in place
12:26:28 <coolsvap> tonyb: yes I will check that
12:26:46 <tonyb> cool
12:26:57 <tonyb> I appreciate it
12:29:25 <tonyb> any other open discussions?
12:30:39 <coolsvap> nothing from my side
12:31:22 <tonyb> okay perhaps we shoudl call it an afternoon/evening/night ?
12:31:36 <coolsvap> yup
12:31:51 <coolsvap> tonyb: i can set up the doodle poll if you want
12:32:16 <tonyb> coolsvap: That'd be great if you have time.
12:32:31 <tonyb> coolsvap: all the times and timezones are in last weeks logs
12:32:43 <coolsvap> I will do it
12:32:52 <tonyb> coolsvap: again thanks!
12:34:47 <tonyb> okay ....
12:34:50 <tonyb> #endmeeting