12:00:27 <prometheanfire> #startmeeting requirements
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12:00:45 <prometheanfire> #rollcall
12:01:03 <prometheanfire> #topic rollcall
12:01:18 <prometheanfire> it's still early :D
12:02:53 <prometheanfire> anyone else here?
12:03:06 <prometheanfire> tonyb prometheanfire number80 sigmavirus dims coreycb dirk?
12:03:12 <number80> o/
12:03:30 <dirk> o/
12:04:17 <prometheanfire> I'll give it a couple more minutes to be sure it's just us
12:04:40 <ramishra> wc
12:07:57 <prometheanfire> #topic Controversies in the Queue
12:08:23 <prometheanfire> anyone have anything before I bring up two things?
12:09:15 * dirk is good
12:10:14 <prometheanfire> #link https://review.openstack.org/337782
12:11:03 <prometheanfire> oslo.utils thing again for liberty, looks like we are just waiting for the stable-maint team to give the final ok, *cough tony cough*
12:11:50 <number80> well, it's a good compromise
12:12:14 <number80> (is the second thing about monasca recent changesets?)
12:12:32 <prometheanfire> ya, but those were abandoned
12:12:33 <number80> oh, they abandonned
12:12:47 <number80> well, I hope they'll bring their topics on the list
12:13:20 <prometheanfire> they tried to add a bunch of things that duplicated functionality, tornado and the like, I hope they bring them up on the list as well
12:13:24 <prometheanfire> anyone else?
12:13:51 <number80> I'm good, I recommend that another core +2 the ryu backport
12:13:59 <number80> erm downgrade
12:14:09 <prometheanfire> #topic optional requirements
12:14:24 <prometheanfire> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/optional-requirements-draft
12:14:29 <number80> thanks
12:14:45 <number80> Well, now it mostly boils down to define what optional exactly is
12:14:46 <prometheanfire> I forget who was working on it primarily, but I left a couple of comments in the etherpad
12:14:52 <number80> o/
12:15:39 <number80> well, my PoV was that g-r was the set of dependencies required to run a complete OpenStack cloud + big tent projects
12:16:04 <number80> optionals are dependencies that are nice to have, but not strictly required
12:16:37 <prometheanfire> required to run is the question, monasca would say that their json parser is required, given the speed it offers
12:16:56 <number80> json parser speed is not really a requirement
12:17:14 <prometheanfire> optional could be for features as well, only activated upon specific config options
12:17:18 <number80> monasca is likely to work fine with existing json
12:17:20 <number80> yup
12:17:35 <prometheanfire> they may argue otherwise :P  not to put words in their mouths
12:17:50 <prometheanfire> but only those two cases
12:17:55 <number80> I don't want to prevent projects to have such dependencies but they should try to run with trimmed g-r
12:18:18 <prometheanfire> would os-win fall under this?
12:18:30 <number80> it would encourage people to use compat layer like anyjson or add one in oslo
12:18:53 <number80> if we support windows platform, it should be in g-r
12:19:01 <number80> though, I personally think otherwise :)
12:19:10 <number80> s/otherwise/differently/
12:19:17 <prometheanfire> neutron plugins maybe then
12:19:25 <number80> Yes
12:20:30 <prometheanfire> I added a section to that etherpad with examples
12:20:37 <number80> excellent
12:20:38 <prometheanfire> anything else for this?
12:20:58 <number80> Well, we need more input from other contributors before next step
12:21:15 <prometheanfire> ya, but only one other person is around lol
12:21:20 <number80> yup
12:21:37 <number80> that means they trust us with important decisions :)
12:22:10 <prometheanfire> and leave us with the work :P
12:22:16 <prometheanfire> next?
12:22:49 <prometheanfire> #topic tasks from etherpad
12:22:58 <prometheanfire> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/requirements-tasks
12:23:52 <prometheanfire> not much going on for me with looking at more encompassing gating, but should have time 'soon'
12:25:31 <prometheanfire> not much else going on with those of us that are here, but we should generally be looking at upper-caps in g-r and specifically on psutil
12:25:56 <prometheanfire> nothing else for that topic?
12:26:13 <number80> yes, psutil case is tricky
12:26:41 <number80> (no, nothing else for the topic)
12:27:01 <prometheanfire> ok
12:27:08 <prometheanfire> #topic Volunteer for next 2 meetings
12:27:17 <prometheanfire> coreycb is running the meeting on 20 July
12:27:43 <prometheanfire> number80: want to run a meeting?
12:27:46 <prometheanfire> dirk: how about you?
12:27:55 <number80> next week works for me
12:28:00 <prometheanfire> ok
12:28:20 <prometheanfire> added to the list
12:28:23 <prometheanfire> #topic open discussion
12:28:26 <dirk> prometheanfire: I can do 27th
12:28:46 <prometheanfire> number80: this was for the 27th
12:29:09 <prometheanfire> dirk: that's good if number80 can't do it, otherwise you get it
12:29:30 <dirk> wfm
12:29:43 <number80> dirk: you can take the 27th
12:29:50 <prometheanfire> ok
12:30:14 <prometheanfire> so, how is everyone?
12:30:15 <number80> end of month and first week of august, I'm travelling in eastern europe
12:30:49 <prometheanfire> nice
12:31:00 * dirk is knee deep under water preparing a few talks/demos
12:31:17 <dirk> one thing: do we want to submit a talk ? today is the last day for CfP
12:31:22 <dirk> for openstack summit barcelona
12:31:55 <prometheanfire> I'm not going to be able to go, have to be at a wedding the same week
12:32:12 <prometheanfire> and I HAVE to be at that
12:32:18 <prometheanfire> a talk would be good
12:32:41 <prometheanfire> just a general status update, I'd be able to remote in if the internet is good :P
12:32:57 <number80> dirk: how about a lightning talk?
12:33:18 <dirk> prometheanfire: so you're participating in the wedding?
12:33:24 <dirk> congratulations :)
12:33:33 <prometheanfire> ya, best mad, brother's wedding
12:33:39 <dirk> ah, ok
12:33:52 <prometheanfire> well, best mad works too lol
12:34:01 <dirk> number80: is the CFP also for lightning talks?
12:34:13 <dirk> I am not sure if we'd be for the general tracks anyway or more for the design summit
12:34:24 <dirk> I guess design summit might get some attendance
12:34:35 <prometheanfire> ya, definitely design
12:34:48 <dirk> I think the CFP deadline is only for general track
12:34:55 <number80> dirk: nope, directly managed by thingee
12:35:09 <prometheanfire> we should definitely submit something though
12:35:36 <number80> if you want to submit a talk in general track, you should do it but I'm not very optimistic about its chances
12:36:05 * dirk does not really want more work :)
12:36:13 <prometheanfire> ya, dev track is what I'd prefer
12:36:26 <prometheanfire> dirk: you need an excuse :P
12:39:24 <prometheanfire> I don't think I can submit it since I won't be giving it, but we should definitely submit one for the dev track
12:39:42 <prometheanfire> also, we probably need to do the ptl thing
12:41:10 <prometheanfire> coolsvap and tonyb would be my nominations, though I know tonyb is already ptl of at least one other project
12:41:12 <dirk> maybe
12:41:32 <dirk> yeah, coolsvap is most active right now, he'd get my vote
12:41:56 <dirk> well, depends on the other candidates of course ;)
12:42:04 * dirk needs delete-last-statement in irc
12:42:11 <prometheanfire> maybe a topic for the next meeting, where we have more attendance :P
12:43:28 <prometheanfire> anyway, I'll try and find out if we need to submit the talk today for the dev track and also bring up the ptl thing, at least with tonyb when I see him later today (coworker)
12:43:37 <prometheanfire> anything else before I end this?
12:45:51 <prometheanfire> well, you get 15 minutes back
12:45:54 <prometheanfire> #endmeeting