13:13:59 <msdubov_> #startmeeting RallyRelease
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13:14:28 <msdubov_> amaretskiy: redixin: oanufriev: rvasilets Hi guys!
13:14:40 <redixin> sup
13:15:54 <rvasilets> o/
13:16:54 <msdubov_> Ok hope amaretskiy and oanufriev are aroung
13:16:57 <msdubov_> *around
13:17:09 <msdubov_> Seems like we have only a few things to discuss today
13:17:35 <msdubov_> #topic Release 0.0.4
13:17:40 <msdubov_> Ok just for meeting logs :)
13:17:58 <tosky> (shouldn't meeting be on the -meeting channel?)
13:18:01 <msdubov_> One more time, we have cut the 0.0.4 release on May 14th
13:18:19 <msdubov_> tosky: Nope, this is the meeting dedicated to releases, it should be here
13:18:27 <msdubov_> Here are the release notes for 0.0.4: http://rally.readthedocs.org/en/latest/release_notes/latest.html
13:18:45 <msdubov_> Let's move to more interesting topics
13:18:57 <msdubov_> #topic Release 0.0.5: Critical patches
13:19:23 <msdubov_> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TX5zpYcTX8AXm-K_h1lzUNVCMvbRgsjUKU-dEYNWLY8/edit?usp=sharing
13:19:32 <msdubov_> amaretskiy: redixin: oanufriev: rvasilets ^
13:19:38 <msdubov_> amaretskiy: redixin: oanufriev: rvasilets Let's review this one more time
13:19:53 <msdubov_> amaretskiy: redixin: oanufriev: rvasilets Anything that should be there but hasn't been added yet?
13:21:18 <openstackgerrit> Vaidyanath proposed openstack/rally: Updated "rally deployment check" to validate users & updated unit testcase  https://review.openstack.org/179739
13:21:24 <oanufriev> msdubov_: hi\
13:21:25 <rvasilets> Maybe a good patch for release https://review.openstack.org/#/c/181400/
13:21:36 <rvasilets> functional test for samples
13:22:48 <msdubov_> rvasilets: Good patch indeed, but I don't think we should mark it as "critical"
13:22:57 <msdubov_> rvasilets: It will be critical for one of the next releases
13:23:01 <rvasilets> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/172466/ and there is a patch that change our wait for status
13:23:07 <msdubov_> rvasilets: Where we will do more code cleanup
13:23:38 <msdubov_> rvasilets: This is a better candidate, maybe we'll inlude it
13:23:41 <msdubov_> rvasilets: Thanks
13:24:20 <msdubov_> oanufriev: redixin Anything to add?
13:24:42 <oanufriev> no
13:26:11 <msdubov_> amaretskiy: Thanks for editing the docs, accepted your edits
13:26:16 <msdubov_> *doc
13:26:59 <msdubov_> Okay
13:27:07 <msdubov_> #topic Release 0.0.5: Date
13:27:26 <msdubov_> So we definitely should shift the date from May 25th to something else
13:27:32 <msdubov_> Release 0.0.4 took us one month
13:27:51 <msdubov_> But I'd still prefer having a kind of "motivating" deadlines
13:28:29 <msdubov_> amaretskiy: redixin: oanufriev: rvasilets Maybe June 4th (release cycle = 3 weeks)?
13:28:42 <redixin> +1
13:28:49 <amaretskiy> agreed
13:30:31 <msdubov_> amaretskiy: redixin: oanufriev: rvasilets Ok, edited the doc
13:30:41 <msdubov_> amaretskiy: redixin: oanufriev: rvasilets Any questions so far?
13:30:46 <rvasilets> thinking about summit it would be great timestamp)
13:30:49 <amaretskiy> no
13:30:55 <rvasilets> no
13:31:05 <msdubov_> rvasilets: Well not everybody is attending it :)
13:31:09 <msdubov_> Okay, thanks
13:31:12 <msdubov_> #endmeeting