14:06:23 <tobberydberg> #startmeeting publiccloud_wg
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14:06:54 <tobberydberg> Lets wait a few more minutes and see if more folks drop in
14:09:25 <tobberydberg> AP from last meeting was to "finalize" the list of things we need to measure
14:10:31 <tobberydberg> Not sure much have bee added since last meeting
14:11:39 <tobberydberg> We have a quite solid list of things though that I think is enough for a start, if we find a solution for those I guess more can be covered in whatever solution for collecting data we come up with
14:11:55 <tobberydberg> Other thoughts around that?
14:12:19 <tobberydberg> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-sig-billing-implementation-proposal
14:14:13 <witek> I think we can put up a support table, which measurements can be collected by which solutions as of now
14:15:27 <tobberydberg> That is probably a good idea
14:17:01 <tobberydberg> For that we also need suggestions of how to collect the data
14:17:42 <witek> Prometheus, Ceilometer, Monasca, Collectd
14:17:49 <witek> anything else?
14:18:56 * tobberydberg looking in old logs
14:19:33 <tobberydberg> But that sounds like the ones that we have talked about
14:22:34 <tobberydberg> I wonder if one of them individually can solve all needs?
14:23:40 <witek> yes, it would be good to find out
14:24:13 <witek> can help on Monasca side
14:24:22 <tobberydberg> +1
14:26:29 <tobberydberg> So, next step i to do the mapping to metric vs method(s) from what it looks like
14:28:13 <witek> etherpad is probably not the best place to collect this, as it doesn't offer nice table formatting
14:30:01 <tobberydberg> correct ... started a topic there just now where we can describe what the purpose is and maybe start ... excel or something id probably better
14:32:16 <witek> wiki or ethercalc.o.o ?
14:32:43 <witek> google docs works as well
14:33:56 <tobberydberg> google sheet is probably a good idea
14:34:11 <witek> +!
14:34:14 <witek> +1 :)
14:37:26 <tobberydberg> Added a section there for mentioning the methods of collecting data, can be good to sum up the pros and cons about the different methods as well
14:38:02 <witek> good point
14:39:10 <tobberydberg> Which is something that we can try to write down there before next meeting
14:40:27 <tobberydberg> Not sure how it looks around the globe when it comes to vacations and stuff ... personally I will be around 2 more weeks before I take some time off, so would be good to have that done in 2 weeks
14:41:37 <tobberydberg> I think it would be good if we send out a mail to the mailing list about this and try to get some people in there to leave their comments before that a well
14:42:07 <witek> yes, the meeting is almost empty today
14:44:50 <tobberydberg> yes
14:45:44 <tobberydberg> I'll send out an email about this (shame on me for this time) and hope we have some comments for next meeting, and some more at the meeting
14:45:58 <tobberydberg> Should we aim for next week you think?
14:46:07 <tobberydberg> Or, use the slotwe have in 2 weeks?
14:46:46 <witek> not sure
14:47:17 <witek> I'd prefer next week I think
14:48:09 <tobberydberg> I see if I can make that as well!
14:48:25 <tobberydberg> I think we call it the day with that :-)
14:48:53 <tobberydberg> Thanks for joining ... we moving slowly in some direction ;-)
14:49:32 <witek> thanks for hosting, see you next time
14:49:43 <tobberydberg> #endmeeting