14:13:56 <tobberydberg> #startmeeting publiccloud_wg
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14:14:12 <tobberydberg> Lets start
14:14:22 <ricolin> Okay:)
14:14:22 <tobberydberg> Agenda at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg
14:14:46 <tobberydberg> #topic 1. Expose WGs and SIGs
14:15:18 <tobberydberg> I guess we wont have much of a discussion since it is just you and me here ricolin :-)
14:15:45 <ricolin> tobberydberg, yep, and just reviewed your etherpad, I think it's great
14:16:00 <tobberydberg> For the record, you have sent out a request for information and feedback to the mailing list
14:16:03 <tobberydberg> #link  http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-March/004246.html
14:16:26 <tobberydberg> I drafted a response to that located at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg-help-most-needed-feedback
14:16:44 <ricolin> tobberydberg, yeah, so you can reply that ML once it's ready
14:17:34 <ricolin> we got generally nice percentage of reply from SIGs/WGs
14:17:43 <tobberydberg> Good
14:18:00 <tobberydberg> Did someone reply to the list it self, or just directly to you?
14:18:02 <ricolin> I will collect them and share on etherpad
14:18:10 <tobberydberg> ok, cool
14:18:28 <tobberydberg> As a promotion for the session in Denver, please attend
14:18:29 <tobberydberg> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/denver-2019/summit-schedule/events/23612/help-most-needed-for-sigs-and-wgs
14:18:36 <ricolin> I got one or two directly message rest from ML
14:20:52 <tobberydberg> yep, I will leave it open for comments until tomorrow, then I send it to the mailinglist
14:20:58 <ricolin> nice
14:21:39 <tobberydberg> Anything else from you on that topic?
14:21:53 <ricolin> nope
14:22:05 <tobberydberg> ok
14:22:20 <tobberydberg> #topic 2. Migrating to SIG
14:22:49 <tobberydberg> Well, proposed from the community that we consider converting to a SIG
14:23:33 <tobberydberg> Have been discussed earlier as well, main driver is to follow community and be under the governance of both UC and TC
14:23:52 <tobberydberg> ricolin - anything to add to that?
14:24:25 <ricolin> tobberydberg, so I think the very first step is just to rename from WG to SIG
14:24:50 <ricolin> we can done that before summit, and maybe discuss the next step in Summit
14:24:53 <ricolin> or PTG
14:26:00 <ricolin> tobberydberg, That means to remove from https://github.com/openstack/governance/blob/master/reference/projects.yaml and add-in in https://github.com/openstack/governance-sigs/blob/master/sigs.yaml
14:26:34 <ricolin> during the review process TCs and UCs will give their opinions
14:26:45 <tobberydberg> Thanks
14:26:55 <ricolin> I mean and the entire community too:)
14:27:38 <tobberydberg> Yes, lets see if we can get some internal comments to that before making the choice, but otherwise definitely a discussion point for Denver Summit/PTG
14:28:27 <ricolin> tobberydberg, and a potential announce point about this SIG too:)
14:28:37 <tobberydberg> yes :-)
14:29:20 <tobberydberg> #topic 3. Planning Summit and PTG
14:30:15 <tobberydberg> We have a couple of related Forum topics submitted to the summit, will add links to those as well
14:31:09 <tobberydberg> For the PTG, we have a half day booked at Thursday (first day of PTG) .... so any suggestions for topics are appreciated
14:32:10 <tobberydberg> Would be good if we could all help out revisiting the bugs section in our launchpad, mark as solved, mark as important, add new and rank the most important once
14:32:28 <tobberydberg> I might send out an email around that as well
14:33:25 <tobberydberg> #topic 4. Other topics
14:34:12 <ricolin> So I got one for asking some test in real environment for Heat multi-cloud support
14:34:27 <tobberydberg> Today we are not using the time slot we have on even weeks very much, maybe we should remove that from the schedule. But we can postpone that to denver
14:34:55 <ricolin> sure
14:35:02 <tobberydberg> yes, would would be needed for that? Access to cloud?
14:35:59 <ricolin> I mean I kind of hope people who have CA cert environment can help with test the functionality
14:36:33 <ricolin> We currently have new multi openstack cloud support in Stein release
14:36:47 <ricolin> and it can use Cacert as SSL security
14:37:02 <tobberydberg> That is awesome to hear!
14:37:24 <tobberydberg> Not possible to use with 2 different keystones and regular password auth?
14:37:25 <ricolin> And I hope that function is near ready for production
14:38:30 <ricolin> those two cloud can have completely separate environment, and only been able to use the API from another cloud
14:39:03 <tobberydberg> Ok ok
14:39:08 <ricolin> I have a document here to explain everything
14:39:09 <ricolin> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/649220/
14:40:45 <tobberydberg> cool
14:40:49 <ricolin> So if anyone can help with give more test on that will be very helpful
14:41:39 <tobberydberg> I will see what I can find possible to to from my end. But also a good reach out to do in Denver where I hope we will be more than just you and me =)
14:42:03 <ricolin> definitely
14:43:24 <tobberydberg> Anything else from your end ricolin ?
14:43:36 <tobberydberg> I have no other items
14:44:19 <ricolin> Yes, just wondering if there's any plan for discuss about whether to move to storyboard for public cloud wg:)
14:46:03 <tobberydberg> Been some time since that was discussed, back at that time, people felt that storyboard was messy to use and felt that the bugs list in launchpad was a better place for what we are using it for at this point
14:48:01 <ricolin> tobberydberg, storyboard was messy back at some time
14:49:05 <ricolin> I sense it's getting better now, just wondering if it can cover the use cases for you guys
14:49:21 <ricolin> or does it need more improvement
14:49:33 <tobberydberg> That is what we have to figure out as well
14:50:20 <tobberydberg> thinking about the list of "missing features" that we have as "bugs" today, that is basically what we have in there today
14:50:57 <ricolin> that will be a nice start
14:51:57 <tobberydberg> would that fit in as a "Board/Worklist"?
14:52:12 <ricolin> I think it's a workinglist
14:52:27 <tobberydberg> +1
14:52:36 <tobberydberg> Will look at that
14:52:51 <ricolin> in heat we tag story with some specific tag maybe like "missing-feature"
14:53:13 <ricolin> and you can have a working list to list all story with that tag
14:53:58 <ricolin> or list story with that tag and still not closed, so you will have a clear target list there
14:54:23 <ricolin> Board can do the same, just IMO worklist is faster
14:54:40 <tobberydberg> ok, good to know
14:55:40 <ricolin> you can actually create your own private working list or board so feel free to play around storyboard and see if anything need to be improve
14:56:51 <tobberydberg> Will definitely try that out, thanks
14:58:00 <ricolin> that's all from me
14:58:55 <tobberydberg> Thanks a lot for joining today ricolin ! Always nice to have you here! :-)
14:59:29 <tobberydberg> Then we close todays meeting! See you soon in Denver! :-)
14:59:43 <ricolin> tobberydberg, see you there!!:)
15:00:28 <tobberydberg> #endmeeting