07:05:31 <tobberydberg> #startmeeting publiccloud_wg
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07:06:22 <zhipeng> We could ping adriant :P
07:07:16 <tobberydberg> you just did =)
07:07:56 <tobberydberg> I know he has a lot on his plate right now, but maybe he is around
07:10:12 <tobberydberg> So, todays agenda is pretty short
07:10:27 <tobberydberg> its basically Forum topics for Denver
07:10:33 <tobberydberg> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/DEN-Train-PublicCloudWG-brainstorming
07:12:22 <tobberydberg> Also added that one to https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Forum/Denver2019
07:13:24 <tobberydberg> We hade 2 more suggested topics than that list contains of - SDK cert and Exposure of SIGs and WG
07:13:44 <zhipeng> The current topics look good to me
07:14:01 <tobberydberg> I've been talking to mrhillsman about the SDK one - he will submit one for that
07:14:22 <zhipeng> Ah great
07:14:36 <tobberydberg> Also, ricolin have already submitted one for SIGs and WGs
07:14:47 <tobberydberg> so I leave those once out
07:15:15 <zhipeng> That makes sense
07:15:31 <tobberydberg> "Operator and Public cloud feedback" - the plans for that is to be kind of a replacer for the missing features session that we use to have
07:16:33 <tobberydberg> My plan is also to cover "Missing features initiative" and "Passport program" at the Working Group session that we will have
07:17:26 <zhipeng> Yes that would be better
07:17:38 <zhipeng> Just general feedback
07:17:59 <tobberydberg> yes
07:25:28 <tobberydberg> I've just requested a WG slot at the summit
07:26:15 <tobberydberg> So it is final that you are not going to Denver zhipeng ?
07:32:18 <zhipeng> Yep pretty much
07:32:55 <tobberydberg> Ok .... lets hope for a change then =)
07:34:12 <zhipeng> : P
08:52:56 <tobberydberg> Client crash here :-)
08:53:05 <tobberydberg> are you still around zhipeng ?
08:55:43 <zhipeng> Yep
08:55:53 <zhipeng> But nothing more to offer :P
09:08:41 <tobberydberg> ok ok :-)
09:09:03 <tobberydberg> Then we end the meeting and I submit those topics for the forum!
09:09:08 <tobberydberg> #endmeeting