14:06:14 <tobberydberg> #startmeeting publiccloud_wg
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14:06:44 <tobberydberg> Weather is actually awesome right now for being this time of the year
14:07:04 <tobberydberg> but it will soon go back to crap again =)
14:07:21 <tobberydberg> So, to the meeting agenda....
14:07:42 <tobberydberg> #topic 1. Train goal: Deletion of resources
14:08:13 <zhipeng> Adrian has been driving that nicely ?
14:08:15 <tobberydberg> As you are aware of - this is proposed as a community wide goal for Train
14:08:27 <tobberydberg> very nice work
14:08:35 <tobberydberg> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/639010/
14:08:54 <zhipeng> Great ! I need to review that
14:09:05 <tobberydberg> Would like to just ping for this and if you have feedback of the proposed ... add comments!
14:09:34 <zhipeng> Definitely will take a look
14:09:38 <tobberydberg> I'll try to help out as much as I can, but will not be much code..
14:11:24 <tobberydberg> I think adriant have summed that up in a very good way and captured the use case and problem
14:11:57 <tobberydberg> oh, just pinged him unintentionally ... sorry
14:12:01 <zhipeng> Yep
14:12:11 <tobberydberg> so ... next item...
14:12:12 <zhipeng> Haha
14:12:22 <tobberydberg> #topic 2. Summit Denver forum topics
14:13:09 <tobberydberg> Summit coming up and deadline for proposing Forum topics is 10th of March
14:13:42 <zhipeng> Unfortunately I won't be able to go to Denver
14:13:53 <tobberydberg> Kidding me?
14:13:56 <tobberydberg> :-)
14:14:45 <zhipeng> Given the time and the tension lol
14:14:57 <zhipeng> But look forward to have you in China in November !
14:15:46 <tobberydberg> Yea, I really hope I will be able to go there!
14:16:43 <tobberydberg> Even though you are not going ... any opinions on topics to elaborate on at the Forum?
14:18:00 <zhipeng> I think at least some discussion regarding Train goals ?
14:19:29 <tobberydberg> Train goals for PCWG, or what are you thinking?
14:24:00 <tobberydberg> What else?
14:24:05 <tobberydberg> Follow up on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BER-change-ownership-of-resources
14:24:06 <tobberydberg> ?
14:24:43 <tobberydberg> Should we continue to have a forum session regarding missing features and the passport program?
14:24:54 <tobberydberg> Also thinking SDK certification?
14:25:52 <zhipeng> Yes I was thinking about like the resources ownership one
14:26:16 <zhipeng> I think maybe we should put passport program in the backburner for a while
14:26:36 <zhipeng> SDK Cert is still worth doing
14:27:01 <tobberydberg> Missing feature?
14:27:39 <tobberydberg> OR ... "The community wide operators need"-thing
14:28:24 <zhipeng> Missing features as in general for project deletion, ownership, ...
14:28:53 <zhipeng> We could push a top 3 from missing features as PCWG input of Train goal
14:29:11 <tobberydberg> Was thinking more as a session collecting "new things" - like a possibility for new users to bring issues to the community
14:29:36 <zhipeng> Ya that sounds good as well
14:30:03 <tobberydberg> Not public cloud specific, more operators in general
14:31:34 <zhipeng> Will you go to the Berlin Ops Meetup ?
14:33:11 <tobberydberg> No, unfortunate not
14:33:41 <tobberydberg> Was hoping to be able to go, but do not have the time
14:33:59 <zhipeng> Ah ok
14:34:09 <tobberydberg> Was hoping to go to the UK event as well, but that doesn't look good either...
14:35:51 <zhipeng> lol
14:36:36 <tobberydberg> Ok. I've added some suggestions to the etherpad ... will reach out to potential co-organizers of those as well
14:36:56 <tobberydberg> we might need one for the deletion of resources as well
14:37:11 <zhipeng> Yes
14:37:25 <tobberydberg> next topic
14:37:33 <tobberydberg> #topic 3. Followup goals
14:37:56 <tobberydberg> We actually did set some goals for this cycle....
14:38:05 <tobberydberg> starting from top
14:38:13 <tobberydberg> Future of Passport program
14:38:31 <zhipeng> lol
14:38:54 <zhipeng> Can't see foundation has much interest in it now
14:39:03 <tobberydberg> WE haven't done much, but we had some discussion on going back to base and rewrite the "requirments" and focus on qualiity
14:39:39 <tobberydberg> Well, I guess they they still are...
14:39:44 <tobberydberg> But not sure
14:39:55 <tobberydberg> They have gotten new applications
14:40:10 <zhipeng> Ya I see that
14:40:26 <tobberydberg> I reviewed some ... might have forgot one as well
14:40:32 <tobberydberg> will have to check on that
14:41:43 <tobberydberg> Would be good to get that spec for that done, with the filtering option on the o.o as well
14:42:02 <zhipeng> Ah right, the filtering option
14:42:48 <tobberydberg> So, work needed before we can move on, and help needed from more parties for it to survive and be better
14:43:06 <zhipeng> Yes
14:43:18 <zhipeng> Absolutely agree with that
14:44:21 <tobberydberg> With more people on the meetings, things would be easier... ;-)
14:45:29 <tobberydberg> Missing features....
14:46:48 <tobberydberg> not much work done there either since last time, but we have an ok structure for now to keep it as is and make prio of that
14:47:36 <zhipeng> Ya I think have a top 2 or 3 and push it for cycle goal would be a good close loop
14:47:45 <tobberydberg> exactly
14:48:01 <tobberydberg> SDK Certification - OpenLAB collaboration
14:48:18 <tobberydberg> That is something that we really should help our more on
14:48:33 <tobberydberg> Not sure about the latest there...
14:48:58 <tobberydberg> But I will follow up with mrhillsman on that one
14:49:31 <tobberydberg> UC Collaboration
14:49:48 <tobberydberg> I guess both we and the UC have failed there :-)
14:50:05 <zhipeng> Haha
14:52:56 <tobberydberg> I did one thing in stockholm at the Nordic event ... didn't take the time to do anything great with that feedback together with UC, but will try to followup with that as well
14:53:36 <tobberydberg> Hmmmm...my IRC client just made something strange
14:53:53 <tobberydberg> if you wrote something, please write again =)
14:54:12 <zhipeng> Nope was just waiting for your input :)
14:55:56 <tobberydberg> on what? =)
14:56:10 <tobberydberg> guess I missed that question of yours
14:56:32 <zhipeng> On everything lol
14:56:46 <tobberydberg> #topic . Other topics
14:56:48 <tobberydberg> hahaha
14:57:11 <tobberydberg> worlds peace is what I vote for then! :-)
14:57:18 <tobberydberg> *World
14:57:22 <mrhillsman> o/
14:57:26 <mrhillsman> sorry i missed meeting
14:57:47 <tobberydberg> no worries mrhillsman .... as you can see we are about to solve world peace
14:57:52 <zhipeng> Hey Melvin :)
14:57:55 <mrhillsman> lol
14:58:02 <mrhillsman> i will read over the log
14:58:07 <mrhillsman> thought the meeting was yesterday
14:58:21 <mrhillsman> was online and forgot to update my calendar to today
14:58:24 <tobberydberg> please do ... I will try to attend a UC meeting soon =)
14:58:49 <tobberydberg> Also, thinking about some forum topics that we can talk about then
14:58:59 <mrhillsman> ++
14:59:19 <tobberydberg> If you are awake I might ping you in 30 min, have another meeting coming up in 30 sec ... ;-)
15:00:14 <tobberydberg> zhipeng ... should we start to have the meetings on even weeks wednesdays at 0700 UTC?
15:00:22 <tobberydberg> to get some traction maybe?
15:00:43 <zhipeng> For Adrian at least lol
15:01:56 <tobberydberg> yea, but for others as well that might be in that TZ ... or just for us to have a dedicated time to get some collb work done
15:02:48 <tobberydberg> Thanks for today ... have to run here....lets try to talk next week in wednesday then =) Counting on you! :-)
15:02:49 <tobberydberg> #endmeeting