14:07:21 <tobberydberg> #startmeeting publiccloud_wg
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14:08:28 <tobberydberg> I do only have until 15:30 today as it looks ... been trying to push that meeting, but not all the way there yet =)
14:08:57 <tobberydberg> So, did put together a short agenda
14:09:00 <tobberydberg> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg
14:09:27 <tobberydberg> 1. Deletion of resources (or Project deletion)
14:11:01 <tobberydberg> Just wanted to highlight that, ongoing discussion that adriant has lead on at the mailing list. Please share your opinions around that tc goal, would be really nice thing to get in as a goal!
14:12:48 <pilgrimstack> Ok I'll check it
14:14:55 <pilgrimstack> Do you have the mail subject ? I can't find it
14:15:13 <tobberydberg> I haven't had much time lately for anything, a lot of travel
14:15:23 <tobberydberg> Sure, coming
14:15:50 <tobberydberg> "Project deletion community goal for Train cycle"
14:15:51 <tobberydberg> pilgrimstack  "Project deletion community goal for Train cycle"
14:19:03 <tobberydberg> The next item in the agenda
14:19:19 <tobberydberg> #topic 2. Summit Denver forum topics
14:21:13 <tobberydberg> Just wanted to ping about this, to start think about topics that we can collaborate around and propose as forum sessions. Think we hade good success with that in Berlin, and would love to participate in such collaboration in Denver as well
14:23:49 <tobberydberg> So, feel free to drop suggestions at the etherpad even if you read this offline....and also if you are going
14:23:53 * mriedem joins really late
14:23:57 <pilgrimstack> Yes.
14:24:06 <tobberydberg> welcome mriedem
14:24:27 <tobberydberg> ...and I'm leaving kind of early .... in about 5 minutes...
14:24:44 <pilgrimstack> ok no pb
14:24:47 <tobberydberg> Anything else on your minds?
14:24:55 <pilgrimstack> what about passport program steps ?
14:25:27 <tobberydberg> Happy to discuss that and get that moving
14:26:38 <tobberydberg> I was about to create an email thread to get it going
14:26:56 <tobberydberg> Do you want to help out in that process pilgrimstack ? :-)
14:27:49 <tobberydberg> I just got 10 more minutes
14:30:02 <pilgrimstack> I would like to sync with you, at OVH we are moving from a legacy billing system to a new one
14:30:31 <tobberydberg> Oh, nice!
14:30:42 <pilgrimstack> I'm trying to keep passport program active, but I think I'll lose it for some weeks
14:30:47 <mriedem> oh fyi on a public cloud group reported bug: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bug/1751923+(status:open+OR+status:merged)
14:30:51 <tobberydberg> Happy to do that anytime
14:31:20 <mriedem> ^ is a solution from ovh about having the _heal_instance_info_cache periodic in nova-compute use the neutron API to rebuild the info cache rather than the nova db,
14:31:27 <mriedem> it does require an online data migration for any servers created before newton
14:31:51 <mriedem> i'm not sure how far we'll backport that upstream, if at all, it's pretty complex
14:32:25 <mriedem> Maciej Jozefczyk did the heavy lifting on that
14:32:54 <tobberydberg> +1
14:33:04 <tobberydberg> Just got merged minutes ago I see :-)
14:34:04 <tobberydberg> Thanks for the update on that mriedem
14:34:12 <mriedem> yw
14:34:35 <tobberydberg> You let me know pilgrimstack when you want to do that syncing...
14:35:18 <tobberydberg> Will you be in Denver BTW pilgrimstack ?
14:38:20 <tobberydberg> Well, need to run! You let me know in some way! Thanks for today !
14:38:43 <tobberydberg> #endmeeting