14:05:26 <tobberydberg> #startmeeting publiccloud_wg
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14:05:57 <tobberydberg> Agenda and everything at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg
14:06:07 <tobberydberg> Please add your names there
14:06:58 <tobberydberg> #topic 1. Planning 2019 - revisit
14:07:42 <tobberydberg> so, more of a revisit of that from last week - feedback, thoughts, ideas etc appreciated
14:08:57 <Miouge-> I +1 filters on the passport program, important for consumers to know before getting the account what to expect
14:09:34 <zhipeng> Yes
14:10:58 <tobberydberg> Yea, that is something that I also feel becoming more and more importabat
14:12:34 <tobberydberg> also, we have a few ongoing topics that are being addressed - deletion of project and change of ownership etc, so that will be a focus as well
14:14:00 <zhipeng> I remember adriant sent an email about deletion to the mailing list
14:14:23 <tobberydberg> Regarding deletion of project, "[tc][all] Project deletion community goal for Train cycle" mail on the maling list
14:14:30 <tobberydberg> exactly
14:15:00 <tobberydberg> And etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/community-goal-project-deletion
14:15:17 <tobberydberg> please visit and put comments
14:16:15 <Miouge-> OK, didn’t know about the Etherpad there, interesting!
14:17:03 <zhipeng> Great !
14:17:15 <Miouge-> Is that something folks from openstack-operators can help out with (not just publiccloud)?
14:18:49 <tobberydberg> yes, of course ... champions can be anyone talking to other teams and project to push and support them in the process
14:19:03 <Miouge-> got it
14:19:22 <tobberydberg> But anyone can help out with anything and would be good to have a TC member as champion as well for example
14:20:13 <tobberydberg> No more comments on the list of priorities?
14:21:02 <tobberydberg> We really need some help here with executing on those things as well ... just to have that said, so if people have interest in helping out, would be awesome
14:23:00 <tobberydberg> Ok. so moving on...
14:23:12 <tobberydberg> #topic 2. Ops Meetup Berlin
14:23:17 <tobberydberg> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BER-ops-meetup
14:23:33 <tobberydberg> Was talking to the ops-community the other day
14:25:24 <tobberydberg> So added some notes to our meeting etherpad of that
14:25:40 <tobberydberg> anyone heard of it? PLanning to go there?
14:27:43 <Miouge-> I didn’t know the date was set, good to see it back in Europe :)
14:28:03 <tobberydberg> Yea, planning to have one in the US and one in Europe
14:28:47 <tobberydberg> Looks hard for me to make myself available for it unfortunate because I would love to go and help out... But lets if that changes
14:29:39 <tobberydberg> If you planning to go there and readin the notes from this meeting later, please add your name to the etherpad adn I can pass that along as well
14:30:04 <Miouge-> I need to check at home :D
14:30:07 <tobberydberg> #topic 3. CFP Denver deadline
14:30:41 <tobberydberg> Deadline for CFPs are the 23rd, get them ready and send them in!
14:31:03 <tobberydberg> Follow #OpenInfraSummit on twitter
14:32:14 <tobberydberg> Also, please help out sharing the message about that as well! Steal some tweets from that hashtag and tweet! :-)
14:33:14 <zhipeng> Would be difficult for me to travel as well
14:33:16 <zhipeng> :)
14:34:58 <tobberydberg> wouldn't expect you to! But, I expect you going to Nordic next time ;-)
14:35:23 <tobberydberg> Also Denver for that matter =)
14:35:49 <tobberydberg> #topic Other topics???
14:40:57 <tobberydberg> Nothing there?
14:41:33 <zhipeng> I was thinking about something along the lines of
14:42:07 <zhipeng> If openstack public cloud provider offers something like AWS outpost
14:42:27 <zhipeng> Would it be too much a difference from pure private cloud solution ?
14:43:43 <tobberydberg> Well, do not know the details about outpost TBH
14:44:17 <tobberydberg> But it sounds like "private cloud on tap" basically
14:44:18 <tobberydberg> is that what it is?
14:45:19 <tobberydberg> Are you suggesting a new openstack service @zhipeng ? ;-)
14:45:55 <zhipeng> Yep pretty much
14:46:10 <zhipeng> Public cloud on premise offering
14:46:45 <zhipeng> Theoretically the API should be the same
14:46:46 <tobberydberg> well, so a combination of ironic or any metal provisioning system, openstack deployment system etc etc
14:47:07 <zhipeng> I'm wondering if there are other differences
14:47:15 <zhipeng> Yep along that line
14:47:20 <tobberydberg> would be nice
14:47:31 <tobberydberg> haven't heard of it
14:47:51 <tobberydberg> You let me know when you software is done, right? ;-)
14:51:46 <zhipeng> Haha deal
14:51:53 <tobberydberg> So, time is up - shout now or hold your... until after the meeting... ;-)
14:57:00 <tobberydberg> Thanks for today!
14:57:04 <tobberydberg> #endmeeting