14:01:03 <tobberydberg> #startmeeting publiccloud-wg
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14:01:17 <tobberydberg> Hi everyone! o/
14:01:35 <tobberydberg> Who is around for PCWG Meeting?
14:01:59 <zhipeng> hi tobias
14:02:09 <tobberydberg> Hi howard!
14:02:22 <tobberydberg> How are you?
14:03:19 <zhipeng> i'm doing gr8t :)
14:03:27 <tobberydberg> Nice to hear that!
14:03:50 <tobberydberg> Wonder if it will just be the two of us...
14:04:06 <tobberydberg> Can wait a few minutes, otherwise we get started
14:04:45 <zhipeng> yep :)
14:08:32 <tobberydberg> Ok...looks like its just you and me
14:08:43 <wondra> Hi!
14:08:56 <tobberydberg> hi wondra o/
14:09:54 <tobberydberg> so, lets get started
14:10:09 <tobberydberg> #topic 1. Review Action Points
14:10:22 <tobberydberg> btw ... etherpad at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg
14:10:26 <tobberydberg> please at your names
14:10:37 <tobberydberg> 1.1 seanhandley to catch up with clarkb re: publishing to specs.openstack.org
14:11:03 <tobberydberg> Sean is not around, and I don't think that he have had time to do that either
14:11:22 <tobberydberg> I can reach out to Sean about that....
14:11:58 <tobberydberg> The other ap:s that we had have been taken cared of....deadline was around the summit...
14:12:06 <tobberydberg> #topic 2. Short recap Sydney Summit
14:12:53 <tobberydberg> At the etherpad we had a bunch of sessiones related to the group
14:13:04 <tobberydberg> ....at the summit ...
14:13:24 <tobberydberg> etherpads are linked from the the topic at this meetings etherpad
14:13:45 <tobberydberg> (feel that I'm crystal clear here)
14:13:46 <tobberydberg> =)
14:15:03 <tobberydberg> In general I think that we as a group had a really good summit....very good interest in the things that we do etc...
14:15:36 <tobberydberg> Well attended forum sessions.... Missing features session was the best attended forum session I was in
14:15:55 <tobberydberg> BUT ... that session wasn't very well prepared, unfortunately
14:16:04 <zhipeng> did we come out with some of the low hanging fruit ?
14:16:23 <tobberydberg> So, that will lead into a goal for this cycle
14:16:35 <tobberydberg> well, not really...but that is a must for us to do
14:17:05 <tobberydberg> we walked through the list, a lot of "cores" have commented on the different items in the list
14:17:21 <tobberydberg> We got feedback of the structure of the list
14:18:55 <tobberydberg> We need a couple of things there... contact person for example
14:19:37 <tobberydberg> Better list in general, convert the list into specs/bugs etc, so we can get a clear priority of them etc etc
14:19:48 <tobberydberg> That should be one goal I believe
14:19:52 <zhipeng> okey understood
14:20:17 <tobberydberg> as well us implementing a few specs that we identify as low hanging...
14:20:52 <tobberydberg> Passport got released, we had a lot o interesting conversations around that
14:22:02 <tobberydberg> other organisations are interested to join, i.e. universities that would like to offer free trials for students
14:22:27 <tobberydberg> initial discussions have been made with the scientific WG around that
14:22:34 <zhipeng> i think we need to address the issue of (1) support public cloud providers that only have 2B buisness and (2) support public cloud providers that don't provide freemium
14:23:05 <tobberydberg> up for discussion for sure
14:23:27 <tobberydberg> we will probably have even more "filtering" on that list as well
14:24:01 <tobberydberg> Enough from the Summit! Lets go for goals....
14:24:30 <zhipeng> :)
14:25:57 <tobberydberg> So, feel free to suggest =)
14:26:31 <tobberydberg> I have a few suggestions....and I see todays meeting as "brainstorming" of goals, to fine tune and take decisions next meeting
14:26:43 <tobberydberg> Right them at the etherpad
14:26:47 <tobberydberg> *write
14:33:08 <tobberydberg> So, I started to write some ... add new, change, +1, -1 ....
14:38:17 <tobberydberg> are you still here?
14:38:37 <tobberydberg> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYD-public-cloud-wg
14:38:52 <tobberydberg> At that etherpad we have a lot of suggested goals as well
14:39:05 <zhipeng> i'm still around :)
14:40:53 <zhipeng> but not sure if we could include university clouds with the current PP scope
14:44:15 <tobberydberg> well, we have clouds that have joined that are selective of customers already
14:44:26 <tobberydberg> UK Cloud, Elastx for example
14:45:07 <tobberydberg> this is just a new kind of selection, and I think that is possible with better communication and filtering at the passport homepage
14:52:19 <tobberydberg> Ok. Soon time to finish this meeting
14:55:12 <tobberydberg> Please add your suggestions of goals to the etherpad so we can continue that discussion...that goes for all you that reads this offline after the meeting as well
14:55:29 <tobberydberg> #topic Other matters
14:55:51 <tobberydberg> Anything else before we close the shop for this week?
14:56:06 <zhipeng> i will add more comments on the etherpad
14:57:20 <tobberydberg> ok
14:57:45 <tobberydberg> Lets it for today then! Talk in two weeks if not in the channel or at the mailing list before then!
14:58:04 <tobberydberg> #endmeeting