14:02:36 <tobberydberg> #startmeeting publiccloud-wg
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14:02:45 <tobberydberg> Hi everyone! o/
14:02:54 <zhipeng> hi !
14:03:01 <tobberydberg> Who is here for the PCWG meeting?
14:03:26 <tobberydberg> Please sign your name at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg
14:03:38 <tobberydberg> Agenda is there as well!
14:04:19 <yankcrime> hi!
14:04:26 <tobberydberg> Hi yankcrime
14:04:37 <tobberydberg> I guess seanhandley is around as well
14:04:40 <seanhandley> o/
14:05:12 <tobberydberg> I guess we get started and let more people join in later...
14:05:23 <tobberydberg> #topic 1. Review Action Points
14:05:37 <tobberydberg> eanhandley To write up initial draft spec for Passport Program v1 technical workflow
14:05:56 <tobberydberg> seanhandley: Missed an "s" there... =)
14:06:13 <seanhandley> Yes
14:06:21 <seanhandley> So I got started on that here: https://github.com/seanhandley/publiccloud-wg/commit/5329342b79dd95f1f24306bb354aa0eea02fb83d
14:06:35 <seanhandley> Still needs a lot of editorial work
14:06:52 <seanhandley> and I got a reasonable way through discussing publishing specs on specs.openstack.org with clarkb
14:07:00 <seanhandley> there's some special process to get docs published there
14:07:09 <seanhandley> but he's been swamped with the zuul v3 rollout
14:07:21 <seanhandley> so sadly I'm still uncertain what needs to happen in order to publish
14:07:35 <seanhandley> Anyway, there's some content in the .rst file there so that's something :)
14:07:53 <seanhandley> I guess my next AP is to follow up with clarkb and get it published whenever possible
14:08:04 <tobberydberg> Ok. Nice work seanhandley
14:08:14 <seanhandley> In the meantime I can merge it to our master branch via gerrit so others can contribute
14:08:21 <tobberydberg> yes, would be good!
14:08:21 <zhipeng> we could host it at the publiccloud wg repo right ?
14:08:32 <tobberydberg> +1
14:08:35 <seanhandley> Yes zhipeng, that's where the RST files will be
14:08:39 <seanhandley> just like the api-wg do
14:08:46 <tobberydberg> Can you take that as an action?
14:08:50 <zhipeng> seanhandley you will need git review that using openstack gerrit
14:09:00 <zhipeng> it could not be done on github
14:09:14 <seanhandley> I know zhipeng
14:09:21 <seanhandley> I've merged some changes via gerrit there already
14:09:29 <zhipeng> :) gr8t !
14:09:39 <seanhandley> I just held out on this change because I wanted to know clearly how to deploy specs
14:09:45 <zhipeng> you could add tobias and me for review
14:09:54 <seanhandley> Sure - I'll do that shortly
14:10:06 <tobberydberg> ok, good!
14:10:11 <tobberydberg> Next: * tobberydberg to submit 1 x technical forum session
14:10:44 <tobberydberg> Did submit 2 sessions....should be reviewed and decided today I believe
14:11:07 <tobberydberg> One on missing features and one passport moving forward basically
14:11:08 <seanhandley> (PS there's a gerrit link in the #openstack-publiccloud channel if you want to review)
14:11:43 <zhipeng> ah nice !
14:12:22 <hogepodge> Hi
14:12:31 <tobberydberg> welcome
14:12:43 <wondra> Hi.
14:12:54 <tobberydberg> will do review as soon as my ubuntu account let me in...
14:13:05 <tobberydberg> welcome wondra and hogepodge
14:13:15 <tobberydberg> please put your name at the etherpad
14:13:27 <seanhandley> hi o/
14:13:49 <hogepodge> I'm on mobile right now
14:13:52 <tobberydberg> * zhipeng DeathPing Melvin for a response on the SIG transformation process
14:14:07 <tobberydberg> any update on that zhipeng?
14:14:16 <zhipeng> melvin told me he discussed with you ?
14:14:29 <zhipeng> like the week before last week
14:15:46 <tobberydberg> we had a discussion I remember...will look into that
14:16:11 <tobberydberg> zhipeng Contact Tom to get the meetup series officially recognised
14:16:36 <zhipeng> I need to do that tmr, sorry
14:16:50 <tobberydberg> Pretty close to deadline now, but maybe we can get something out of it
14:16:54 <tobberydberg> moving on
14:16:55 <tobberydberg> 2. Passport Program
14:17:00 <tobberydberg> #topic 2. Passport Program
14:17:32 <tobberydberg> So, please help me out here with the things I miss...
14:17:35 <tobberydberg> But, status
14:17:57 <tobberydberg> We are reviewing applications (can be found at the link at the agenda)
14:18:32 <tobberydberg> Foundation are working on graphics right now, and there will be 2 webinars this week for questions
14:19:01 <tobberydberg> First webinar is tomorrow at 1500 UTC, next one friday 0000 UTC (?)
14:19:21 <seanhandley> I'll be able to attend the 1st webinar
14:19:24 <seanhandley> but not the 2nd
14:19:32 <seanhandley> (Sorry, 5 year anniversary)
14:19:41 <tobberydberg> Everyone with questions regarding the launch or something else regarding the program are welcome
14:20:09 <yankcrime> have those sessions been announced anywhere in particular tobberydberg ?
14:20:11 <tobberydberg> np seanhandley...if I manage to stay awake, I'll try to join
14:20:37 <tobberydberg> In emails to all the signed up parties yankcrime
14:21:08 <hogepodge> We can send the same announcement to the mailing list
14:21:28 <tobberydberg> +1
14:21:31 <seanhandley> +1
14:21:35 <yankcrime> if it's still open to all, i.e there's still a chance for more public clouds to sign up then yes, i think it should be circulated a bit more widely
14:21:41 <tobberydberg> can you do that hogepodge ?
14:21:49 <hogepodge> Yes
14:21:58 <tobberydberg> Thanks!
14:22:57 <tobberydberg> I would say it is semi-open ... we will not have time to "evaluate" all new signups I guess... AND they will not have time to integrate the landingpage/graphics/texts
14:24:09 <seanhandley> One thing I should mention just FYI all
14:24:21 * tobberydberg approved your commit seanhandley
14:24:30 <seanhandley> Thanks tobberydberg +1
14:24:39 <seanhandley> DataCentred is officially set to cease trading at the end of October :(
14:24:50 <seanhandley> We had a rescue bid for the business but it failed
14:25:06 <yankcrime> actually, datacentred is no longer trading
14:25:08 <seanhandley> so if you see it anywhere regarding the Passport Program, strike out the name - we won't have a running cloud very soon
14:25:24 <seanhandley> Yeah, technically
14:25:37 <yankcrime> but yes, it's over for datacentred in its current form
14:26:25 <tobberydberg> as you know, sorry for you guys!
14:27:01 <seanhandley> Thanks tobberydberg. Don't want to dwell on it anyway - just want to make sure people know the situation. Now back to our regular programming :-)
14:27:08 <tobberydberg> And hope you find interesting challenges containing openstack very soon
14:27:18 <tobberydberg> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Y2_TiSjElnPdNvVtIsco2_PVTtfKdZDMtvL5mmW6E7A/
14:27:31 <tobberydberg> That is something that is up for feedback!
14:27:58 <tobberydberg> Would like to encourage you all to read and comment, all feedback is welcome
14:28:21 <tobberydberg> The first part in particular, since that regards the webinar
14:29:06 <tobberydberg> we can have this question a little open and get back to during the meeting if you don't have any questions or something that you would like to discuss right away...
14:29:12 <seanhandley> Ah nice - thanks!
14:29:25 <yankcrime> yeah i think that'll take a little time to review
14:29:43 <tobberydberg> yes...I move on and we can get back to it later...
14:30:04 <tobberydberg> ...more passport...
14:30:51 <tobberydberg> Oct 16 - Finalize text/layout for Passport landing page on openstack.org
14:31:05 <tobberydberg> ...next on the timeline that is
14:31:32 <tobberydberg> Next: Oct 28th - Deadline for participating providers to have their website live/tested before launch
14:31:44 <tobberydberg> and finally ...
14:31:47 <tobberydberg> Nov 6 - launch passport program
14:32:01 <tobberydberg> what we hope for, first day of the summit
14:32:21 <tobberydberg> questions about that are also welcome at the webinars
14:32:39 <tobberydberg> so...leaving the PP for now, we return later during meeting
14:32:49 <tobberydberg> #topic 3. Meetup Copenhagen
14:33:00 <tobberydberg> #link  https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/MEETUPS-2017-publiccloud-wg
14:34:15 <tobberydberg> In the bottom at that ether, please add your name if you plan to attend IRL or remote
14:34:55 <zhipeng> will we have a room ?
14:35:00 <hogepodge> tobberydberg: that was everything, thanks!
14:35:10 <tobberydberg> thanks hogepodge!
14:35:49 <tobberydberg> We will zhipeng ... but we are not part of the official schedule, which is to bad and something that I will push for next time
14:36:16 <zhipeng> I could put the information on the meetup group I created
14:36:25 <zhipeng> so i suppose it would be 19th right ?
14:36:32 <tobberydberg> THe room and time/day isn't set either ... depending on peoples arrival etc
14:37:06 <zhipeng> I'm also wondering if we could do a followup meetup next day, just find a cafe or some place
14:37:10 <tobberydberg> Haven't decided that either, but I guess that is for the best, some time during the afternoon there
14:37:20 <zhipeng> if we got anything left uncoverd on 19th
14:37:37 <tobberydberg> I will not be available 20th unfortunately
14:37:57 <tobberydberg> but, I'm there all day 18th and 9th
14:38:00 <tobberydberg> *19th
14:38:17 <zhipeng> okey
14:38:22 <zhipeng> just a thought :P
14:38:29 <tobberydberg> If you have suggestion of agenda items, please add them to the meetup ether
14:38:41 <tobberydberg> goes for all of you
14:38:44 <seanhandley> +1
14:38:48 <zhipeng> so for the format
14:38:49 <seanhandley> I'll do what I can
14:38:52 <tobberydberg> wondra: will you be in Copenhagen?
14:38:59 <seanhandley> still not clear if I'll be able to attend in person btw zhipeng
14:39:06 <seanhandley> May just be you and tobberydberg chairing
14:39:11 <zhipeng> seanhandley understood
14:39:12 <tobberydberg> rmart04: will you be in Copenhagen?
14:39:44 <tobberydberg> We still hope for you seanhandley ;-)
14:39:45 <wondra> No, but I'll be in the conference call tomorrow.
14:40:38 <tobberydberg> ok ok ... we will announce the day and time as soon as decided for meetup-meeting and hope that a few more will be able to join remotely
14:41:05 <zhipeng> tobberydberg will we only have discussions or we could have presentations as well ?
14:41:41 <tobberydberg> Discussions
14:42:08 <tobberydberg> If we set an agenda, I will reach out to people I know will be there
14:42:46 <tobberydberg> Ok, leave that for now...
14:42:49 <tobberydberg> #topic Forum sessions
14:42:55 <rmart04> tobberydberg: Unlikely unfortunately :( I will also be on the call tomorrow though
14:43:10 <tobberydberg> ok rmart04
14:43:22 <tobberydberg> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg-sydney-forum-sessions
14:43:32 <tobberydberg> Those are the once submitted
14:43:53 <tobberydberg> #link http://forumtopics.openstack.org/cfp/details/29
14:44:02 <tobberydberg> #link http://forumtopics.openstack.org/cfp/details/28
14:44:27 <tobberydberg> No voting I believe, but thats the links to the official entries
14:44:44 <tobberydberg> So....Who will be in Sydney?
14:45:10 <tobberydberg> zhipeng: You will be there right?
14:45:14 <zhipeng> unfortunately i propably will not be there
14:45:21 <tobberydberg> oh =)
14:45:28 <seanhandley> that's a shame!
14:45:42 <zhipeng> :(
14:45:44 <tobberydberg> I will have things to do then =)
14:45:55 <tobberydberg> Glad we didn't submit more sessions =)
14:46:02 <zhipeng> and melvin should be there, so i will delegate things to him :)
14:46:58 <tobberydberg> sounds good, maybe he can help moderating as well ... since we have a few sessions...
14:47:11 <zhipeng> yep
14:47:55 <tobberydberg> but ok, I'll look for other help as well, Naser and Brono from Catalyst will be there I believe, will reach out to them later....
14:48:12 <tobberydberg> (good that question came up) ;-)
14:48:29 <tobberydberg> #topic Other matters
14:48:31 <tobberydberg> ?
14:49:45 <seanhandley> Oh!
14:49:53 <seanhandley> Testing signed up clouds
14:49:56 <tobberydberg> ...or for that matter... Moving back to other topics
14:49:57 <seanhandley> we should mention this
14:49:58 <yankcrime> mnaser is like, the ultimate forum session moderator ;)
14:50:00 <tobberydberg> ah....yes
14:50:15 <tobberydberg> yes he is yankcrime
14:50:18 <yankcrime> wasn't the thought there that we'd make interop a pre-req?
14:50:57 <seanhandley> Long term yes
14:50:59 <tobberydberg> we had a few of those, but foundation had a will not to close out to many from the beginning
14:51:00 <seanhandley> not in the first iteration
14:51:25 <tobberydberg> And we thought that was a good idea
14:51:27 <yankcrime> righto, now i remember
14:51:35 <seanhandley> regarding testing the signed up clouds: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10ID98gJTMd91hmQuKJDfdm6YtC1AjAbcf4QsgnqsPFI/edit#gid=1029030014
14:51:35 <yankcrime> yeah, launch schedule is pretty aggressive
14:51:45 <yankcrime> although any cloud worth its salt should be part of interop, obvs ;)
14:51:56 <tobberydberg> But, trying ut a few clouds, we will some job there...
14:51:58 <seanhandley> myself, tobberydberg and zhipeng have four clouds each to test
14:52:18 <tobberydberg> totally agree yankcrime
14:52:38 <wondra> Does Interop also mean Foundation membership and the Powered logo? Cause we kindnofndon't have the budget for that.
14:53:01 <tobberydberg> basically yes wondra
14:53:20 <seanhandley> tobberydberg: when is our deadline for ux testing of public clouds?
14:53:55 <tobberydberg> Not sure
14:54:05 <tobberydberg> the sooner the better
14:54:32 <seanhandley> zhipeng: I know last week was a vacation for you
14:54:41 <tobberydberg> I would like to be able to send a decision to the clouds (approved or not) at the same time as the graphics are sent...
14:54:43 <seanhandley> Any chance you can take a look at some of those on the spreadsheet this week?
14:54:55 <zhipeng> yes definitely
14:54:59 <tobberydberg> but, that is just a thought from my side
14:54:59 <seanhandley> awesome
14:55:05 <seanhandley> tobberydberg is ahead there
14:55:14 <seanhandley> I've fallen behind in my testing this week - still 3 to go
14:55:36 <tobberydberg> which also will give them some time fixing some things if they need to
14:55:50 <tobberydberg> for example "privacy policy"
14:56:07 <tobberydberg> even though I know those are not done very quickly
14:56:22 <tobberydberg> so, maybe thats not a good idea?
14:56:38 <tobberydberg> ...wait with decision until 28th?
14:57:08 <seanhandley> sounds reasonable to me
14:57:17 <seanhandley> I'm sure the Foundation wants to square things away quickly
14:57:18 <tobberydberg> because then we will need to have another round of evaluation (are graphics in place)
14:57:28 <seanhandley> the ramp up to the summit will make all foundation staff very busy
14:57:33 <tobberydberg> mmm
14:57:41 <tobberydberg> And probably us as well
14:57:44 <seanhandley> any thoughts there hogepodge ?
14:59:59 <seanhandley> hmm maybe continue in #openstack-publiccloud if necessary then?
15:00:03 <seanhandley> Guess we're done for time in this room
15:00:12 <tobberydberg> yes
15:00:24 <tobberydberg> sounds good
15:00:31 <tobberydberg> thanks for today folks!
15:00:37 <tobberydberg> #endmeeting