14:00:07 <tobberydberg> #startmeeting publiccloud-wg
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14:00:39 <tobberydberg> Just started the meeting, I guess we wait a couple of minutes to let everyone get online =)
14:01:07 <tobberydberg> so, do we have any participants? =)
14:01:28 <Labedz> hello
14:01:51 <tobberydberg> hi Labedz
14:03:08 <tobberydberg> For everyone that is here...please put your name at the etherpad
14:03:30 <tobberydberg> Agenda and etherpad at #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg
14:04:22 <seanhandley> I'm on a train so I apologise for any long silences while me client reconnects to my IRC bouncer
14:04:27 <seanhandley> *my
14:05:27 <tobberydberg> "me client" sounded really British though =)
14:06:03 <tobberydberg> Ok, lets get going and the rest will have to join in later
14:06:18 <tobberydberg> #topic   Review action points
14:06:34 <tobberydberg> a. Sean to make a spec for the OpenStack passport (this will contain multiple proposed solutions)
14:07:16 <seanhandley> Ok
14:07:36 <tobberydberg> Is your connection ok to comment, or should I?
14:07:38 <seanhandley> So after much reading of documentation I've created our documents/specs repo on gerrit
14:08:14 <seanhandley> Feel free to summarise tobberydberg - it comes and goes by the minute
14:08:20 <Labedz> seanhandley: could you share a link on etherpad?
14:08:34 <tobberydberg> #link https://github.com/openstack/publiccloud-wg
14:08:46 <seanhandley> Sure Labedz
14:09:04 <seanhandley> #link https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/publiccloud-wg/
14:09:18 <tobberydberg> Summary: the basics are there to start doing "real work" so to say!
14:09:25 <zhipeng> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/publiccloud-wg
14:09:28 <tobberydberg> Really great job seanhandley!
14:09:40 <zhipeng> i see cookiecutter patches
14:09:52 <zhipeng> no spec yet right ?
14:09:54 <seanhandley> I made an initial directory structure with cookie cutter. I guess most of it can be deleted
14:10:06 <seanhandley> and replace with a structure similar to the API WG
14:10:20 <seanhandley> #link https://github.com/openstack/api-wg
14:10:56 <seanhandley> If anyone wants to clone and submit gerrit reviews, you're very welcome to do so
14:11:05 <zhipeng> great
14:11:43 <seanhandley> Currently tobberydberg and I have the +2 approval ability
14:12:07 <seanhandley> zhipeng: As a chair of the WG, you should have the ability to approve gerrit reviews too. What's your username for gerrit?
14:12:29 <zhipeng> just search Zhipeng
14:12:36 <zhipeng> should give you the auto complete
14:12:40 <tobberydberg> So, basically everything is in place for us to start writing specs
14:12:52 <tobberydberg> great job
14:13:14 <tobberydberg> (this will cover no 2 on the agenda)
14:13:30 <seanhandley> zhipeng: Trying - connection is terrible
14:13:37 <tobberydberg> b. Howard and Sean to begin writing up some public cloud WG
14:13:51 <zhipeng> yes we started with a google doc now
14:14:00 <zhipeng> will have something concrete, say
14:14:09 <zhipeng> next few months lol
14:14:16 <tobberydberg> hehe
14:14:36 <tobberydberg> Ok. lets keep that on here as a AP for upcoming meetings
14:14:44 <tobberydberg> c. Update to active
14:14:58 <tobberydberg> ...well...not much work there, done! ;-)
14:15:09 <seanhandley> Ok zhipeng - you should have the +2 ability now on gerrit :)
14:15:18 <tobberydberg> 2. publiccloud_wg is up and running - can start writing spes
14:15:29 <tobberydberg> #topic 2. publiccloud_wg is up and running - can start writing spes
14:15:48 <zhipeng> thx sean !
14:15:49 <tobberydberg> covered above...or would you like to add something else to this?
14:16:10 <seanhandley> no, that's all so far I guess
14:16:15 <seanhandley> as an aside
14:16:25 <seanhandley> I aim to write some documentation re: creating a WG
14:16:40 <seanhandley> as it's a little different from creating an OpenStack code project
14:16:49 <seanhandley> and quite confusing
14:16:56 <tobberydberg> Thats a great contribution!
14:17:22 <seanhandley> I'll try to make time for it over the next month. Would be a service to the community to have it laid out clearly.
14:17:45 <tobberydberg> absolutely!
14:17:53 <tobberydberg> #topic Passport - what to be done untli Sydney
14:18:53 <tobberydberg> so, to summarize ... a few things are happening  in the backgroud
14:19:22 <tobberydberg> flanders is talking very well about this project to the foundation
14:19:40 <tobberydberg> and, they like it very much this far
14:20:17 <tobberydberg> so, we have put together a "potential timeline" that has been presented to them
14:21:36 <tobberydberg> and the basic of that is to have a proposal of a design of the schema ready by Sydney to be able to recruit public clouds there to be a part of this
14:22:16 <tobberydberg> we will also need some webpages that show the whole concept
14:22:44 <zhipeng> do we need the webpage by Sydney ?
14:23:20 <tobberydberg> that is what "Freemium page at each public clouds website" is - a page at each public cloud that describes how to get a code, how to use it, what you get etc etc
14:24:05 <zhipeng> okey
14:24:16 <tobberydberg> also, something at openstack.org/passport (for example) that list all participating clouds and the links to there description pages
14:24:32 <tobberydberg> well, it will not be a final product, it will be conceptual
14:24:53 <tobberydberg> seanhandley: did I miss something in that summary?
14:26:20 <tobberydberg> I commit that we have a page up and kicking with "what content we need" until Sydney
14:27:03 <tobberydberg> Not much job for us, I know datcentred are in as well
14:27:54 <tobberydberg> So, if any of you can commit to this as well, put your name at the etherpad
14:28:09 <zhipeng> so a webpage from the foundation, and a webpage from the participants
14:28:15 <zhipeng> right ?
14:28:23 <tobberydberg> yes
14:28:35 <zhipeng> cool
14:28:49 <tobberydberg> a small web at openstack.org/passport with descriptions etc
14:29:00 <tobberydberg> and a page at each participating cloud
14:29:24 <tobberydberg> and the commit I'm looking for now is "the page at each cloud"
14:29:40 <tobberydberg> with that said - What should it consist of?
14:30:12 <tobberydberg> Should it be screencast how to get started using your code?
14:30:33 <Labedz> idea description
14:30:41 <tobberydberg> +1
14:31:01 <zhipeng> some basic description should be enough
14:31:07 <tobberydberg> (please post all your ideas at the etherpad)
14:32:01 <tobberydberg> so, basic description. Link back to the openstack.org/passport-page?
14:32:27 <tobberydberg> How to signup instruction for the individual cloud?
14:32:57 <zhipeng> yes that's a given I suppose
14:32:59 <tobberydberg> Should we produce like a template of the "must-haves" ?
14:36:02 <tobberydberg> Ok. we can keep working on that, feel free to add thougts and "+1"s
14:36:25 <tobberydberg> #topic Discussions of "Scheme basics"
14:36:32 <tobberydberg> Moving on here...
14:37:02 <tobberydberg> so, I just added some basic concepts about the scheme
14:37:51 <tobberydberg> I would like you to comment on them, +1, -1, etc etc
14:39:07 <tobberydberg> these are what me and seanhandley believe are the most basic concepts that we need to decide upon to continue to specification
14:40:07 <tobberydberg> It's totally fine to comment later after meeting as well if you can't come up with al feedback now=)
14:40:32 <Labedz> about 1) do we plan to put some code to execute on participant side?
14:40:44 <Labedz> or we will adapt our billing systems to play with passport?
14:41:07 <Labedz> (I belive that passport will give some basic REST API)
14:41:50 <tobberydberg> exactly
14:42:06 <tobberydberg> all codes managed by central passport service
14:47:26 <tobberydberg> Jut to have this said. I believe that the success here is to put as much power in the hands to the end users - and at the same time keep it as simple as possible for all participating clouds
14:48:03 <tobberydberg> Pleace continue to comment =)
14:48:13 <tobberydberg> but we can move on to cover the rest as well
14:48:23 <tobberydberg> #topic Other matters
14:48:44 <tobberydberg> a. issues brief. Anyone iterested who is working on issues and how to deal with it? Maybe on other IRC #channel after meeting?
14:48:53 <tobberydberg> Labedz: yours? =)
14:48:57 <Labedz> yeap
14:49:09 <Labedz> I ment our meeting is time limited but for sure there is much to talk about
14:49:33 <zhipeng> on #openstack-publiccloud ?
14:49:40 <Labedz> it would be great if anyone interested could talk about daily job :)
14:49:40 <zhipeng> is that channel registered ?
14:49:43 <Labedz> not necessary
14:49:56 <tobberydberg> yes
14:50:09 <Labedz> just want to gather OS Public CLoud operators online
14:50:16 <tobberydberg> seanhandley has done that, and all merge messages etc will go there =)
14:50:43 <tobberydberg> totally agree, we should be better to hang out there!
14:50:47 <Labedz> great
14:51:34 <tobberydberg> b. telemetry - what are you using guys?
14:51:50 <Labedz> so it's a topic for #openstack-publiccloud
14:51:57 <tobberydberg> I posted a comment in the etherpad
14:51:58 <Labedz> we can go further
14:52:10 <tobberydberg> ok =)
14:52:13 <tobberydberg> cool
14:52:28 <tobberydberg> c. EU Meetup preps: venue information, promotion, recording/photo for Sydney Summit, ...
14:52:32 <tobberydberg> zhipeng:
14:53:03 <zhipeng> yes
14:53:07 <tobberydberg> This one you added I guess =)
14:53:10 <tobberydberg> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/MEETUPS-2017-publiccloud-wg
14:53:11 <zhipeng> i meant we should start preparing
14:53:15 <zhipeng> wow
14:53:17 <tobberydberg> Agree
14:53:22 <zhipeng> great tobias
14:54:06 <tobberydberg> Did this some time ago but haven't had the time to do more, nd thought about this for todays agenda as well, but falled back to "Passport" =)
14:54:20 <zhipeng> should we add OpenStack Day France as well?
14:54:29 <tobberydberg> But it can be used to collaborate around this
14:54:50 <tobberydberg> Would have been nice, but I can't attend that one
14:55:27 <zhipeng> i think labdez could ?
14:55:34 <zhipeng> I could also ask around other guys
14:55:47 <tobberydberg> sure, feel free
14:55:50 <Labedz> for sure somebody from OVH will be in OpenStack Days FR
14:56:25 <tobberydberg> If not many, nice just to meet and have a dinner! =)
14:57:01 <Labedz> for me probably OpenStack Nordic
14:57:14 <tobberydberg> Would be nice to have one or two each cycle
14:57:53 <seanhandley> Sorry guys for flakiness guys - I'll read the logs and add to the etherpad where appropriate. My train's due to stop soon so time to pack up the laptop anyway. Speak more soon o/
14:57:56 <tobberydberg> cool! for you guys, I have a promotion code for the fee...30% off
14:58:11 <tobberydberg> thanks for joining
14:59:24 <tobberydberg> I'll send you the code!
14:59:31 <Labedz> thx
14:59:52 <tobberydberg> Thank you all for today! See you in the #openstack-publiccloud channel
15:00:06 <tobberydberg> #endmeeting