14:07:59 <seanhandley> #startmeeting publiccloud-wg
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14:08:16 <seanhandley> Everyone please check out the Etherpad
14:08:17 <seanhandley> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg
14:08:25 <seanhandley> Add your details to the attendees section
14:10:12 <seanhandley> Ok, let's start by reviewing last meeting's action points
14:10:21 <seanhandley> #topic Review last meeting's action points
14:10:44 <seanhandley> So, it looks like Howard isn't here today
14:11:19 <seanhandley> So I'll talk to him about a) and b) offline and we'll follow up next time
14:11:22 <tobberydberg> looks so
14:11:37 <seanhandley> (I haven't written any WG material with him yet)
14:11:55 <seanhandley> so onto c) - did you get to edit the wiki yankcrime ?
14:11:56 <tobberydberg> update...know he has created a WG meetup...will see if I find the link...
14:12:12 <seanhandley> oh great tobberydberg - please share it +1
14:12:30 <yankcrime> my update is a short one as i can only offer an apology for not yet putting together the updates for the wiki
14:12:40 <yankcrime> so can we just carry that action please
14:12:45 <seanhandley> ok
14:13:21 <tobberydberg> #link https://www.meetup.com/OpenStack-Public-Cloud-WG-Meetup-Copenhagen/
14:13:27 <seanhandley> Regarding d) I have discussed the OpenStack Passport some more with Flanders from the OpenStack Foundation
14:13:29 <seanhandley> aha thanks!
14:13:40 <seanhandley> I have a rough prototype here in Ruby: https://github.com/seanhandley/passport
14:13:48 <seanhandley> the README file explains loosely how it works
14:13:48 <tobberydberg> ...thats on the wiki as well...
14:14:02 <seanhandley> this is by no means finalised
14:14:16 <seanhandley> and I need to put the details into a spec on openstack.org before next meeting
14:14:28 <seanhandley> #action Sean to make a spec for the OpenStack passport
14:14:35 <tobberydberg> +1
14:14:57 <seanhandley> #action Nick to update the wiki with features and more info on how to get involved in the WG
14:15:21 <yankcrime> ta
14:15:29 <seanhandley> Does anyone have any thoughts/questions re: the prototype ?
14:15:39 <seanhandley> It's literally me building the simplest API I could think of
14:16:32 <seanhandley> Also, does anyone want a recap on what the OpenStack Passport scheme is and how it's loosely going to work?
14:16:44 <pilgrimstack> seanhandley: it could be interested to have a schema to show the exchanges between this tool and the cloud providers
14:17:08 <yankcrime> seanhandley: probably worth a quick recap and what your discussion with flanders concluded with
14:17:16 <seanhandley> pilgrimstack: Like a JSON Schema ?
14:17:33 <pilgrimstack> nop, picture
14:17:38 <mrhillsman> i was not aware of it being codified, i believed it to be a document, "passport" style document, that was printed and handed out
14:17:52 <seanhandley> Oh I see pilgrimstack - yes a diagram is a must
14:18:02 <tobberydberg> mrhillsman: Thats one setup of it as well
14:18:04 <seanhandley> #action Sean to create a diagram of flow for the passport service
14:18:15 <seanhandley> mrhillsman: It is both :)
14:18:20 <seanhandley> I'll recap!
14:18:24 <mrhillsman> ++
14:18:28 <adriant> not what I imagined, but that kind of basic api would actually be quite easy for us to tie into our existing billing flow oddly enough.
14:18:31 <tobberydberg> But, with central part to manage all "codes"
14:19:27 <Labedz_> I think that technical part is relative easy but how about legal and 'anty-abuse' side?
14:19:36 <seanhandley> OpenStack Passport recap: It's a credit scheme for public cloud providers whereby people will be handed out codes that translate to a certain dollar value of credit. So they'll sign up to your cloud, you'll receive their unique token, then you'll validate it against OpenStack's central service.
14:19:46 <adriant> yeah, it needs a couple of extra layers of security
14:19:48 <seanhandley> #link A rough outline of how the flow works https://gist.githubusercontent.com/seanhandley/45abb024511c79ebea25c195652c0d5d/raw/0e21f47651fb38cd43c4fbe2933395a43a0d48e3/gistfile1.txt
14:20:29 <seanhandley> I'm thinking OpenStack.org mints the passport tokens and then validates them - then it's down to us as public cloud providers to mark a code as "expired"
14:20:58 <seanhandley> then we can do whatever internal procedures need to happen in our companies/codebases to make sure the user is discounted the correct amount from their next usage bill
14:21:13 <seanhandley> or if your cloud works on topup credit it's even simpler I guess
14:21:33 <adriant> on signup, or topup, add credit
14:21:35 <adriant> I like it
14:21:50 <adriant> and yeah, at least for us, easy to integrate
14:22:24 <seanhandley> My priority is to keep it as simple as humanly possible
14:22:43 <tobberydberg> easy for us as well
14:22:57 <seanhandley> the tokens can just be securely random strings - there are good libs for generating those
14:23:27 <seanhandley> the other side of this is the admin interface where OpenStack.org gets to create more tokens
14:23:46 <pilgrimstack> one token will be usable on many providers ?
14:23:51 <seanhandley> yes pilgrimstack
14:23:51 <zhipeng> i think this might be a little bit overkill ?
14:24:15 <seanhandley> the value of the scheme is that you can be given a card at a conference that lets you try out anyone's cloud, basically for free
14:24:15 <pilgrimstack> in the same time ?
14:24:22 <adriant> seanhandley: until your total credit runs out, or how exactly?
14:24:29 <zhipeng> if user could just use a SSO to login to an OpenStack public cloud via OpenStack ID
14:24:34 <seanhandley> Well, this is open for discussion actually
14:24:49 <zhipeng> and then they could just use what ever promo scheme that cloud offers
14:25:00 <zhipeng> :) thinking out loud
14:25:00 <seanhandley> I'm due to have a meeting with Mark Collier to discuss it once he gets a window in his schedule
14:25:24 <tobberydberg> I'm pro that one token is valid for $xx at ONE cloud, then invalid...but could be different kinds as well
14:25:34 <seanhandley> zhipeng: Not sure I understand - wouldn't all participating clouds need to change their auth to work with the OAuth part for that to work?
14:25:44 <tobberydberg> no
14:25:44 <adriant> one time use, on cloud of your choice is probably easiest
14:25:47 <yankcrime> zhipeng: i think it'd be more problematic to get willing cloud operators to permit logins via their openstack id than it would be to build this service
14:25:49 <seanhandley> tobberydberg: Yes, that's an important decision we need to make
14:25:49 <zhipeng> no
14:26:47 <seanhandley> Right
14:26:58 <seanhandley> Point 2 in the Etherpad is to discuss this in depth
14:27:04 <seanhandley> so let's do that in just a second
14:27:23 <zhipeng> we should avoid design a new auth api , that was my thinking in general
14:27:27 <seanhandley> point 1) e. is done, our group is proposed to the user committee, so that's awesome
14:27:48 <seanhandley> point 1) f. We submitted three CFPs for the Sydney summit
14:27:59 <seanhandley> One is a presentation about the WG
14:28:06 <seanhandley> the others are fishbowl forum sessions
14:28:18 <seanhandley> one is for the passport service
14:28:40 <seanhandley> the other is for the missing features list, to recap and get more ideas, and discuss in more depth
14:28:46 <seanhandley> a continuation of Boston, basically
14:29:01 <tobberydberg> Lets hope to get those three accepted!
14:29:08 <seanhandley> Fingers crossed :)
14:29:12 <seanhandley> Ok, back to the passport stuff
14:29:21 <seanhandley> #topic OpenStack Passport Service
14:29:44 <seanhandley> I think it'd be worth doing a vote regarding how each token is redeemed i.e. whole amount or partial amounts
14:29:53 <pilgrimstack> for me the easyest way is to simplify the interactions between openstack.org and the providers. for that, the foundation should deal vouchers and a list of providers. Then the providers should be able to manage the uniqness of a voucher on their own side
14:30:02 <seanhandley> the case for partial amounts is that one OpenStack Passport token can be cashed in at multiple clouds
14:30:12 <seanhandley> the case for full amounts is that it's simpler to implement
14:30:16 <adriant> maybe each token has sub tokens?
14:30:19 <tobberydberg> +1 pilgrimstack
14:30:53 <adriant> and a user can use as many tokens per cloud as they want, or try lots of clouds.
14:31:03 <pilgrimstack> with that, the providers could manage the amount of the voucher, the expiration date...
14:31:25 <zhipeng> btw on point 1.a I've created the meetup group for the Nordic one :)
14:31:43 <seanhandley> thanks Howard :)
14:31:51 <zhipeng> I could later add sean and tobias as co-organizer :)
14:32:12 <tobberydberg> shit...have to leave here... Just leaving a sentens here before I run... I believe that the most important thing to discuss is basics (what you are doing now) and what is bare minimum for a first version to work in a simple form to the Sydney summit =)
14:32:13 <seanhandley> We'll circle back to the WG material before next meeting
14:32:16 <seanhandley> #action Howard and Sean to begin writing up some public cloud WG material ahead of the Sydney Summit
14:32:31 <adriant> also, seanhandley, you should consider making the app in python ;)
14:32:42 <zhipeng> thxx sean
14:32:47 <seanhandley> adriant: That's the plan!
14:33:07 <seanhandley> I wanted a throw-away prototype just to get a feel for how it could work
14:33:15 <seanhandley> Before then, though, spec
14:33:25 <adriant> fair enough :)
14:33:50 <seanhandley> I tend to agree with Tobias on keeping it to bare minimum for first version
14:34:17 <seanhandley> but perhaps the OpenStack Foundation could reduce the amounts and let people have 2 or 3 passports?
14:34:27 <seanhandley> then each passport is redeemed in full with the chosen public cloud
14:34:48 <seanhandley> allowing partial redemption is nice in the long run but it does complicate the app
14:35:25 <seanhandley> zhipeng: Back to your point about not writing a new service. I'm not sure how else we could make a scheme like this work...
14:36:12 <zhipeng> i thought the original proposal was to treat the passport just as a marketing prmotional plan
14:36:20 <zhipeng> that users see an overall concept of OpenStack Cloud Open Passport
14:36:37 <zhipeng> and each cloud provider have the right to have their own promo scheme setup ?
14:37:02 <zhipeng> I mean my understanding was we don't need to actually have a new "Passport token"
14:37:17 <seanhandley> So how would a user get their free credits?
14:37:21 <zhipeng> just use whatever exists now, just put a spin from MKT point of view
14:37:36 <zhipeng> just as any user could get their credits now from OVH
14:37:42 <zhipeng> or citynetworks
14:37:44 <pilgrimstack> what do you think about the "KISS way" in the etherpad ?
14:38:19 <zhipeng> it is good for a long term goal
14:38:29 <yankcrime> i guess the foundation wants to encourage users to make use of openstack-based public clouds, but without blessing any one in particular
14:38:36 <adriant> zhipeng: while I know most cloud providers have their own credit schemes, having a unified one like this may also prove interesting, and promote more to the user that openstack clouds are 'mostly' like secondary regions.
14:38:40 <zhipeng> but I don't think foundation got the resource and motive to do that, and align with so many public clouds
14:38:43 <zhipeng> yes
14:38:46 <yankcrime> so with this they can just say "here's a token that'll get you free credit, you go ahead and pick one"
14:38:47 <seanhandley> Yes, the Foundation needs to remain impartial
14:39:01 <yankcrime> versus them handing out specific codes for ovh, citycloud, etc.
14:39:07 <seanhandley> and having them mint the tokens makes it simpler
14:39:09 <adriant> this would mean users get the SAME credit, everywhere.
14:39:23 <seanhandley> because they can print the unique token and the dollar value onto the passport card that gets handed out to the users
14:39:28 <seanhandley> Yes adriant
14:39:29 <adriant> it's a marketing exercise for 'openstack' rather than OVH or such
14:39:34 <yankcrime> yup
14:39:45 <seanhandley> and we have to do a currency translation from $100 into whatever currency we like to bill
14:40:04 <adriant> it benefits openstack as a whole rather than the user picking the cloud with the fanciest looking care :P
14:40:04 <seanhandley> that's a totally arbitrary amount of credit btw - it's open for discussion :)
14:40:17 <adriant> s/care/card
14:40:27 <zhipeng> i think folks might think this foundation tighten their hands
14:40:27 <pilgrimstack> seanhandley: it's impossible to speack about money with evrery public cloud
14:40:56 <rmart04> A ‘passport’ implies to the user that they can move between providers with their credit. Though I know from my side, the easiest thing for us to implement would be to associate a validated token with a £££ service credit.
14:41:20 <pilgrimstack> if already very hard to do it internaly at OVH with concurrency and different prices of ressources in dofferent country
14:41:20 <zhipeng> anyways my suggestions is to have the KISS thing as a Queen target maybe
14:41:58 <zhipeng> but if we shoot for Sydney summit, we need a more short term approach
14:42:06 <seanhandley> Yes
14:42:19 <yankcrime> yeah rmart04, that needs clearing up
14:42:23 <seanhandley> Basically, I want to see a working prototype that we can announce at Sydney
14:42:33 <seanhandley> the foundation would love to get this in a keynote
14:42:38 <mrhillsman> i still do not understand why a simple coupon code would not work if the provider is managing all the details
14:42:53 <pilgrimstack> I think the passport should be more like "up to X CPU, Y Ram and Z GB for 1 week free"
14:43:04 <adriant> mrhillsman: because that coupon code shouldn't be a code for each cloud
14:43:12 <seanhandley> and it's a great success story to tell for public cloud to show so many have cooperated on this universal scheme
14:43:23 <adriant> it should be one (or a few) for each user, that can be redeemed once one any cloud
14:43:32 <adriant> which means central store for codes
14:43:39 <seanhandley> mrhillsman: Because the OpenStack Foundation is handing them out
14:43:41 <adriant> and each cloud checking that store for the codes
14:43:57 <seanhandley> if we all mint our own codes that only work on our own clouds then we have to send them to OpenStack
14:44:08 <seanhandley> and we may as well all just be doing our own discount code schemes
14:44:13 <adriant> rather than each cloud giving a code per bundle, and then the user getting 10+ codes
14:44:16 <pilgrimstack> the prices are so different between providers, for $100 on some cloud you can run just one instance for 2 weeks, on other provider you can run it for 6 months
14:44:23 <zhipeng> when David floated the idea
14:44:26 <seanhandley> I appreciate the appeal of it for internal simplicity but it nullifies the spirit of the scheme
14:44:41 <zhipeng> it was just a Azure/AWS MKT scheme to have a coupon card
14:44:45 <zhipeng> :)
14:44:57 <adriant> pilgrimstack: maybe that's part of the usefulness of the scheme, it lets the user pick which cloud works for them price wise
14:45:07 <seanhandley> Ok
14:45:12 <mrhillsman> that's kind of the way i thought of it as well, i got a summit, i get a passport
14:45:22 <seanhandley> I think everyone has their own take on this, which is great
14:45:29 <mrhillsman> maybe it is SYDPASSPORT code, which expires when Vancouver comes around
14:45:46 <seanhandley> Rather than make a decision today
14:45:48 <mrhillsman> and new passports are handed out then
14:46:15 <seanhandley> let's all consider the possibilities and write up how we see it working, including motiviations
14:46:16 <pilgrimstack> mrhillsman: I love that, it's the ultra KISS way :D
14:46:17 <mrhillsman> i do understand the idea behind it being more robust
14:46:28 <seanhandley> then we can discuss those candidate solutions next time with pros and cons
14:46:36 <seanhandley> and maybe vote for something that works for us all
14:47:24 <mrhillsman> ++
14:48:42 <seanhandley> Right. If you have an idea for how it should work then add it to the Etherpad
14:48:51 <seanhandley> OR maybe write up a Gist like I did: https://gist.github.com/seanhandley/45abb024511c79ebea25c195652c0d5d
14:49:15 <rmart04> Getting a passport with your OS summit ticket would be pretty awesome, having a unique token system in place means we can get metrics on how many were consumed etc…
14:49:30 <seanhandley> rmart04: That's true :)
14:49:36 <adriant> I'
14:50:04 <yankcrime> hmm, might be privacy-related issues with sharing that kind of information though
14:50:04 <adriant> I'll put my hand up for helping implement anything around this, I should be able to find time
14:50:07 <yankcrime> could be a bit of a minefield tbh
14:50:20 <yankcrime> mrhillsman: a single common code wouldn't work, no way of invalidating it
14:50:51 <adriant> yankcrime, not if we only store collect anonymous data about number of codes claimed vs those given out and such
14:51:04 <adriant> or number of codes claimed per cloud, etc
14:51:18 <adriant> building that into the system shouldn't be too hard
14:51:20 <yankcrime> adriant: probably, ianal - that's one for the foundation
14:51:28 <seanhandley> #action Anyone with an opinion on how it should work at a high level, write up your ideas and we'll discuss our options next meeting
14:51:36 <yankcrime> i guess given flanders has tabled it as a suggestion they're already cool with it
14:52:07 <zhipeng> seanhandley +1
14:52:15 <seanhandley> I need to have this meeting with Sparky tbh
14:52:17 <rmart04> YC - Agreed if they were distributed and assiciated with a specific OpenStack Summit passes, that could be tricky
14:52:19 <seanhandley> I'll poke Flanders about it
14:52:34 <seanhandley> then we should get a very clear picture of how the Foundation sees this all working
14:53:09 <adriant> rmart04: I think that association isn't too useful. Keep it random, and don't store which pass got which code.
14:53:15 <seanhandley> We're almost out of time - please do write on the Etherpad after the meeting though folks
14:53:26 <mrhillsman> not sure how extensive the invalidation would need to be, but if the individual providers are handling all that, they could just set that code to be valid until x date
14:53:59 <seanhandley> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10ID98gJTMd91hmQuKJDfdm6YtC1AjAbcf4QsgnqsPFI/edit#gid=0
14:54:03 <mrhillsman> but yeah, again, i understand the benefit of making it more robust
14:54:09 <seanhandley> Thanks for adding your details rmart04
14:54:24 <rmart04> adriant: agreed, but would require integration with the summit pass printing stations… more apis! SH: np
14:54:29 <seanhandley> I don't see catalyst on the spreadsheet yet adriant :)
14:55:18 <seanhandley> mrhillsman: Are you associated with a public cloud provider ?
14:55:31 <mrhillsman> yep
14:55:31 <adriant> seanhandley: adding us now :)
14:55:37 <seanhandley> awesome
14:55:45 <mrhillsman> here with zhipeng repping huawei
14:56:03 <yankcrime> :D
14:56:03 <mrhillsman> oh, and am a UC member
14:56:14 <mrhillsman> s/am/I am
14:56:17 <seanhandley> If anyone wants to attend OpenStack Days UK in London (September) or OpenStack Days Nordic in Copenhagen (October) then we have a room reserved for the public cloud WG to discuss these things
14:56:35 <seanhandley> so we can sit around a whiteboard and figure out the passport stuff
14:56:44 <zhipeng> seanhandley should we have a CFP process for the meetup ?
14:56:54 <seanhandley> I don't think so zhipeng
14:57:03 <seanhandley> We have a medium room booked for a few hours
14:57:06 <mrhillsman> who is driving those osd?
14:57:08 <zhipeng> casual then :)
14:57:19 <seanhandley> so I think we do a fishbowl and talk through what's important to the group
14:57:41 <zhipeng> cool
14:57:44 <seanhandley> mrhillsman: DataCentred is organising the London one (so that's me and yankcrime, plus others)
14:57:47 <yankcrime> mrhillsman: i'm one of the organisers for the UK one, and tobias from citycloud is helping nordics
14:58:05 <seanhandley> You can talk to tobberydberg about Nordic :)
14:58:11 <mrhillsman> ok cool
14:58:13 <zhipeng> yankcrime could you help setup the meetup group ?
14:58:40 <yankcrime> zhipeng shoot me an email with whatever you need or talk to sean, i've got you a room that'll seat up to 30 for a couple of hours
14:58:48 <seanhandley> We're about out of time today. Clearly we still have loads to talk about!
14:58:56 <seanhandley> Don't forget the #openstack-publiccloud channel
14:59:02 <seanhandley> we can discuss things in there any time
14:59:08 <yankcrime> the scientific wg are doing something similar as well, might be worth tapping them up to see how formal / informal they're keeping it
14:59:15 <yankcrime> and follow the same pattern
14:59:31 <yankcrime> (for days uk anyway)
15:00:00 <seanhandley> Thanks everyone for coming - really looking forward to seeing how things come together over the next few weeks!
15:00:03 <seanhandley> #endmeeting