14:02:05 <zhipeng> #startmeeting publiccloud-wg
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14:02:42 <zhipeng> #topic action items from last meeting
14:03:02 <zhipeng> okey let's browse over the AIs from last meeting
14:03:49 <zhipeng> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg
14:04:04 <zhipeng> please also write down your names on the etherpad :)
14:04:19 <tobberydberg> Good one! I forgot that last meeting =)
14:04:55 <zhipeng> the first item is from me, I have provided an etherpad regarding the use case template
14:05:00 <zhipeng> we could go over it later
14:05:38 <tobberydberg> Sounds good!
14:05:42 <zhipeng> the second one is from Tobias, it has been shared with the team in the last meeting
14:05:55 <zhipeng> so we could close that one as well
14:05:57 <tobberydberg> Exactly...the link is there
14:06:10 <zhipeng> but people please do keep updating the excel table
14:06:14 <tobberydberg> Yes, I think so too
14:06:30 <zhipeng> should we set a deadline for that ? or just let people updating it ?
14:06:41 <tobberydberg> I't should be writable for everyone having access to the link
14:06:46 <astellwag> I'd rather leave it open
14:07:04 <tobberydberg> Hmm...I think it could be open for now
14:07:14 <zhipeng> okey then :)
14:07:25 <zhipeng> the last AI is also from Tobias
14:07:30 <tobberydberg> Yes
14:07:38 <zhipeng> to check out the deadlines for the Forum topic submissio
14:07:40 <tobberydberg> #link http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/openstack-forum/
14:07:41 <zhipeng> n
14:07:53 <zhipeng> have we passed that or do we still have time ?
14:08:09 <tobberydberg> That is the information I have found for the subject
14:08:24 <tobberydberg> Says: March 26, 2017: Deadline for proposing Forum sessions
14:08:57 <zhipeng> Great ! :)
14:09:13 <tobberydberg> BUT, I got the impression from flanders that we were in a hurry, so I guess I will have to double check that
14:09:41 <tobberydberg> Or, someone here that have heard anything about this that differs from that?
14:09:54 <zhipeng> any news from the grapevine ?
14:10:29 <yankcrime> i've not heard anything
14:10:50 <zhipeng> okey then I will check with Flanders to see what he meant
14:11:10 <zhipeng> #action zhipeng to double check with Flanders to see the FOrum deadline
14:11:26 <tobberydberg> Thanks @zhipeng
14:11:34 <zhipeng> no problem :)
14:11:48 <zhipeng> #topic Discuss User Story Template
14:12:17 <zhipeng> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg-use-case)
14:12:36 <yankcrime> link should be https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/publiccloud-wg-use-case
14:12:50 <zhipeng> like I mentioned in the last meeting, I mostly took from product working group's user story template
14:12:56 <zhipeng> thx yankcrime
14:13:26 <zhipeng> the difference is that I added a section called requirement impacts
14:14:02 <zhipeng> to make sure that we could document the impacts on project level
14:14:22 <zhipeng> or on working groups, for example there might be impacts on defcore
14:14:26 <zhipeng> from interop wg
14:14:37 <zhipeng> or impacts on the architecture wg's work
14:14:57 <astellwag> yeah, makes sense
14:15:21 <zhipeng> any comments are welcomed and you guys could directly put it on the etherpad :)
14:15:25 <yankcrime> two sections for problem description and definition seems a bit redundant
14:15:47 <yankcrime> should probably just be one section for 'problem statement' or 'problem definition'
14:16:01 <zhipeng> good catch yankcrime
14:16:18 <zhipeng> #info  just be one section for 'problem statement' or 'problem definition'
14:16:47 <yankcrime> same with requirements really, we could collapse that down into just the one section
14:17:22 <yankcrime> i think getting an example use case written up would help to finalise the template, but really i don't think we should get too hung up on structure as long as the basics are covered and it's coherent
14:18:06 <zhipeng> agree
14:18:31 <zhipeng> yankcrime could you directly put down your suggestion on the etherpad so that I will not forget ?
14:18:33 <tobberydberg> +1
14:18:36 <yankcrime> yeah will do zhipeng
14:18:46 <zhipeng> great thx
14:19:05 <tobberydberg> An example use case would be great!
14:19:17 <astellwag> +1
14:19:33 <zhipeng> so follow up on that, should we setup a repo for publiccloud-wg ?
14:19:49 <zhipeng> so that we could submit the examples and templates
14:20:00 <zhipeng> and of course later on actual use cases
14:21:52 <tobberydberg> Sounds good!
14:22:10 <astellwag> +1
14:22:21 <yankcrime> yup sounds reasonable
14:22:43 <zhipeng> so could someone take an action item regarding the repo setup ? :)
14:23:15 <yankcrime> i've not done this before but would be happy to
14:23:19 <tobberydberg> Yep, I can take lead on that one, but I will most probably need som help
14:23:38 <astellwag> I can assist ;-)
14:23:44 <tobberydberg> Or, yankcrime, no problem if you would like to take lead!
14:23:46 <tobberydberg> =)
14:23:49 <yankcrime> haha
14:23:52 <yankcrime> damn, i was too quick ;)
14:24:39 <yankcrime> i don't mind, happy to coordinate via irc or email if anything's unclear
14:24:44 <zhipeng> so I book it down for tobias :P
14:24:51 <tobberydberg> We can do it together! I would really like to learn more about that process!
14:25:09 <zhipeng> #action Tobias and others to setup an individual repo for the publiccloud-wg
14:25:11 <yankcrime> deal
14:25:15 <zhipeng> yeah ~~
14:25:15 <tobberydberg> +1
14:25:57 <zhipeng> #topic PTG/Summit/Forum discussion
14:26:07 <zhipeng> so we have covered the Forum question
14:26:19 <zhipeng> would any of you guys go to the PTG session in Atlanta ?
14:26:27 <tobberydberg> yes, the deadline about it at least
14:26:51 <tobberydberg> No, no PTG for me
14:26:51 <yankcrime> won't be in atlanta sadly, i'll be in milan for the eu ops midcycle and also in boston for the summit
14:26:52 <astellwag> I won't be in Atlanta, unfortunately
14:27:07 <astellwag> Hope to be in Boston though
14:27:09 <zhipeng> so shall we have a virtual session on irc instead ?
14:27:20 <zhipeng> find a time next week
14:27:27 <astellwag> +1
14:27:31 <tobberydberg> Sounds good
14:27:41 <yankcrime> yep
14:27:46 <tobberydberg> Suggestions?
14:27:48 <zhipeng> which date is preferred ?
14:28:14 <astellwag> any day but tuesday
14:28:20 <tobberydberg> Is this a good enogh time for everyone?
14:28:22 <yankcrime> i can do any day apart from tuesday or friday
14:28:26 <yankcrime> around this time is fine
14:28:46 <zhipeng> what about Thursday ?
14:28:53 <zhipeng> about the same time ?
14:28:59 <astellwag> Thursday works for me
14:29:16 <tobberydberg> +1
14:29:56 <zhipeng> yankcrime ?
14:30:10 <yankcrime> yep that's cool for me also
14:30:12 <tobberydberg> Should we send out a "reminder" to the list to invite everyone to this extra meeting?
14:30:23 <astellwag> sounds reasonable
14:30:36 <zhipeng> sure
14:31:06 <zhipeng> #agreed virtual PTG session on Feb 23rd on irc
14:31:14 <tobberydberg> zhipeng, will you be in Atlanta?
14:31:22 <zhipeng> #action zhipeng to send out a meeting invite
14:31:28 <zhipeng> yes I will be there
14:31:38 <tobberydberg> cool!
14:31:50 <zhipeng> :)
14:32:04 <tobberydberg> You will have to speak up for the whole group then =)
14:32:17 <astellwag> :D
14:32:28 <zhipeng> haha if opportunity arises :P
14:33:00 <zhipeng> #topic official document location
14:33:07 <zhipeng> okey I think we just covered that
14:33:16 <zhipeng> we will have a dedicated repo for that
14:34:11 <tobberydberg> Yes. The google doc for the features list can be moved there once we have that
14:34:28 <zhipeng> tobberydberg exactly
14:34:47 <zhipeng> #topic AoB
14:34:59 <zhipeng> okey I guess I ran a little bit too fast today
14:35:04 <zhipeng> open discussion now :)
14:35:08 <yankcrime> naa it's good zhipeng
14:35:12 <astellwag> no problem
14:35:28 <astellwag> maybe I take the opportunity for a quick self-intro?
14:35:36 <tobberydberg> Feel free!
14:35:39 <zhipeng> sure !
14:36:11 <astellwag> So, I recently started as an architect at T-Systems, working on various aspects of their "Open Telekom Cloud"
14:36:47 <astellwag> That's a Germany-based (currently) public cloud
14:36:56 <yankcrime> astellwag: in darmstadt by any chance?
14:37:00 <astellwag> Currently assisting key customers with their onbairding
14:37:02 <astellwag> yankcrime: ack
14:37:09 <yankcrime> astellwag: awesome, i used to live in darmstadt :)
14:37:09 <zhipeng> hey we are from the same trench astellwag :P
14:37:24 <astellwag> zhipeng: yeah ;_9
14:37:25 <yankcrime> sink a couple of beers at the ratskeller and at grohe for me!
14:37:27 <astellwag> yankcrime: cool
14:37:37 <astellwag> will do yankcrime :-)
14:37:48 <yankcrime> i'll expect selfies astellwag
14:38:11 <astellwag> My OpenStack journey started back in 2011, also at Deutsche Telekom, the last 3 years I spent at Red Hat
14:38:15 <astellwag> yankcrime: sure
14:39:02 <astellwag> I'm not an active dev though, always been more on the architecture and infrastructure side
14:39:17 <zhipeng> astellwag so are you still at RH now or t-system?
14:39:42 <astellwag> zhipeng: No, I left Red Hat on 31 January to join T-Systems
14:40:13 <astellwag> So I have a unlimited fulltime contract with them
14:40:17 <zhipeng> understand :)
14:42:20 <tobberydberg> Nice to have you here astellwag!
14:42:36 <astellwag> thanks tobberydberg
14:43:27 <zhipeng> astellwag i've just got a patch merged in defcore guideline that reflect some implementation choice in the OTC
14:44:12 <astellwag> zhipeng: cool ;-)
14:45:26 <zhipeng> okey guys i'm gonna hit the endmeeting cmd if there is no further discussions
14:45:33 <yankcrime> one thing i was going to say
14:45:39 <tobberydberg> One quick thing..
14:45:42 <yankcrime> lol
14:45:50 <tobberydberg> go ahead =)(
14:45:52 <yankcrime> was about how the attendance for this wg seems to have dropped off significantly
14:45:59 <yankcrime> and what we need to do to encourage people to join again
14:46:42 <zhipeng> yangkcrime shall we start discussions on the mailinglist more often ?
14:46:43 <tobberydberg> first of all, poke at Sean! ;-)
14:46:51 <zhipeng> to increase the visibility ?
14:47:03 <tobberydberg> I think that is a good idea!
14:47:33 <astellwag> agree
14:47:34 <yankcrime> yeah zhipeng, maybe one of the chairs could send out a summary email at least discussing where we're up to, what we're working on, and then mention the irc meeting schedule again
14:47:46 <yankcrime> tobberydberg: i'll kick him irl tomorrow
14:47:51 <astellwag> no visibility = dead project. That's what it is unfortunately
14:47:58 <tobberydberg> hehe
14:48:07 <yankcrime> astellwag: yup
14:48:25 <tobberydberg> Thats a good idea yankcrime, we should do that
14:48:29 <yankcrime> cool
14:48:31 <yankcrime> ok, that was all
14:48:36 <zhipeng> another thing we could do is to submit patches that reflect the public cloud requirement, to the upstream projects/WGs
14:48:55 <tobberydberg> +1
14:49:02 <zhipeng> I'm thinking about suggesting a public cloud branch of defcore at PTG
14:49:07 <zhipeng> maybe branch is a misnomer
14:49:12 <yankcrime> i like the sound of that zhipeng
14:49:50 <zhipeng> so that everything we do, we present it as a work product of the publiccloud-wg
14:50:22 <tobberydberg> +1
14:50:32 <yankcrime> 👍
14:50:33 <astellwag> yup, that sounds good
14:51:36 <zhipeng> okey then let's hit the mailinglist more often, and try to have patches that marked with publiccloud-wg :P
14:52:10 <tobberydberg> My quick thing....we should think about how many forum sessions we should have, and the subject of them
14:52:33 <zhipeng> yes great question
14:52:40 <zhipeng> the categories
14:52:53 <astellwag> I'm preparing a talk about special performance considerations for public clouds at CeBIT, maybe I can re-use that?
14:53:04 <tobberydberg> Suggestion 1: Something about features required by public cloud providers
14:53:46 <tobberydberg> yes
14:54:11 <tobberydberg> Even though I havn't seen the talk =)
14:54:27 <yankcrime> yeah that sounds interesting astellwag
14:54:44 <astellwag> ok, so I will do an English version as well
14:54:47 <tobberydberg> Then I guess you have a couple of things to add to the missing feature list regarding that area =)
14:55:16 <astellwag> Most likely. I will update the list whenever I stumble about something
14:55:25 <tobberydberg> I'll put this as a topic for ucpoming meeting
14:55:28 <astellwag> *across
14:55:47 <zhipeng> great suggestion !
14:56:35 <astellwag> ack
14:56:38 <yankcrime> awesome
14:56:57 <tobberydberg> "PTG meeting" next week - special agenda for that one? Or continue the path we're at?
14:56:59 <dmellado> guys, re: your visibility +1 on sending an email to the ML speaking about what you're up to
14:57:05 <dmellado> I'd be interested, at least ;)
14:57:32 <zhipeng> hey dmellado you are everywhere :P
14:57:38 <tobberydberg> Good to hear that! =)
14:57:40 <dmellado> zhipeng: heh xD
14:57:51 <yankcrime> i've got to run to another meeting - thanks again all and will catch up next week
14:58:05 <zhipeng> tobberydberg we could target the requirement list and use case specifically for the PTG session
14:58:19 <tobberydberg> Sounds good!
14:58:58 <zhipeng> and FYI, PTG sessions could run as long as half-day or a whole day
14:58:58 <tobberydberg> Try to gather some people to join you at the PTG for our PTG meeting =)
14:59:13 <zhipeng> so I will just hang around the irc channel :)
14:59:20 <tobberydberg> Hehe
14:59:44 <tobberydberg> Thanks for today everyone!
14:59:52 <tobberydberg> Guess time is up!
14:59:55 <astellwag> yeah, thanks
15:00:22 <tobberydberg> do you close meeting zhipeng?
15:00:28 <zhipeng> #endmeeting