21:02:46 <sdague> #startmeeting project
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21:02:52 <SergeyLukjanov> o/
21:02:53 <russellb> o/
21:02:57 <sdague> ok, who do we have?
21:03:00 <dhellmann> o/
21:03:00 <david-lyle> o/
21:03:02 <markwash> o/
21:03:08 <devananda> o/
21:03:17 <sdague> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ProjectMeeting#Weekly_Project_meeting
21:03:23 <stevebaker> \o
21:03:23 <sdague> agenda
21:03:39 <sdague> I'm stand in ttx for the week
21:03:55 <lifeless> o/
21:04:01 <lifeless> moah meeting
21:04:21 <jd__> o/
21:04:24 <sdague> we're now a week into the freeze, so want to make sure that the FFEs are under control (re: mostly done)
21:04:34 <sdague> so lets see where we stand on those
21:04:43 <sdague> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/icehouse-FFEs
21:04:52 <russellb> nova FFEs in good shape, all merged except for ones that 1) intentionally left to the end, 2) basically bug fixes anyway
21:05:09 <sdague> russellb: the event callback merged?
21:05:13 <dansmith> no
21:05:20 <sdague> so what's still open in that list?
21:05:22 <russellb> but that's largely bug fix
21:05:23 <russellb> yes
21:05:23 <dansmith> waiting on the neutron side
21:05:29 <stevebaker> sdague: the last heat commit is in the merge queue now
21:05:47 <sdague> stevebaker: can you mark the blueprints that are done there?
21:05:50 <sdague> and which one is in queue
21:05:53 <markmcclain> dansmith: we've run into bug in the gate that arosen is tracking down on that review
21:05:58 <sdague> russellb: ok
21:06:05 <sdague> so the nova side done?
21:06:18 <dansmith> markmcclain: okay
21:08:09 <sdague> markmcclain: excepting the event interface, how are the rest of the FFEs?
21:08:14 <russellb> sdague: except for one change that's blocked on the neutron bits
21:09:11 <sdague> russellb: ok
21:09:31 <markmcclain> sdague: they're progressing the v6 reviews are going through review iterations
21:09:48 <markmcclain> I'm hoping we can get everything merged this week
21:10:08 <sdague> markmcclain / russellb: when do we expect the event stuff to get merged?
21:11:04 <markmcclain> events has been arosen's top priority
21:12:46 <sdague> markmcclain: so we really do need people to start focussing on bugs towards release. I'm concerned that it's going to draw way too much core time away if they are focussed on IPv6 blueprints at this point
21:13:14 <sdague> markmcclain: what's the do or die deadline on that?
21:13:30 <sdague> the IPv6 work that's still going
21:13:30 <markmcclain> sdague: this week
21:13:46 <sdague> markmcclain: give me a more specific time :)
21:14:06 <markmcclain> Euro Friday Morn
21:14:12 <sdague> ok
21:14:53 <markmcclain> v6 is complicated by 13hr difference between collaborators
21:15:29 <sdague> sure
21:15:51 <sdague> what about the other ones in your list?
21:16:38 <sdague> jgriffith: also is olso.messaging in or out now?
21:16:49 <jgriffith> sdague: in
21:17:01 <russellb> i was hoping for that oslo.messaging, but when i checked yesterday, patch still didn't look ready
21:17:01 <markmcclain> sdague: ml2 migration has two cores actively reviewing and on same target
21:17:16 <jgriffith> russellb: sdague it landed yesterday evening
21:17:52 <jgriffith> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/71873/
21:41:55 <sdague> great
21:41:55 <sdague> #topic Open Discussion
21:41:55 <sdague> any other open discussion topics?
21:42:05 <sdague> for whoever is left on this side of the netsplit
21:42:13 <sdague> #topic Open Discussion
21:42:25 <sdague> welcome back meeting bot
21:42:27 <lifeless> yay split
21:42:42 <sdague> ok, going once...
21:42:54 <sdague> going twice...
21:43:06 <sdague> thanks folks, we'll cut it short today.
21:43:17 <sdague> happy freeze everyone, and start diving into bugs!
21:43:19 <sdague> #endmeeting