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21:01:48 <ttx> A "design summit special" today...
21:01:53 <ttx> #link http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting
21:01:58 <ttx> Should be short.
21:02:06 <ttx> #topic Design Summit Q&A
21:02:19 <ttx> By this time next week we'll be in the middle of the Icehouse Design Summit in Hong-Kong
21:02:27 <stevebaker> here!
21:02:33 <ttx> #info General information about the Design Summit lives here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Summit/Icehouse
21:02:41 <ttx> including travel tips
21:02:52 <ttx> Does anyone have questions, before we all go dark in travel plans ?
21:03:20 * russellb doesn't see travel tips!
21:03:36 <russellb> nm.
21:03:37 <sdague> it's linked
21:04:04 <ttx> There is a "dress fancy in restaurants" advice there
21:04:23 <ttx> ok, so summit is crystal clear to everyone ?
21:04:34 <jgriffith> o/
21:04:48 <ttx> #topic Last minute Design Summit scheduling issues
21:04:57 <ttx> #info Design Summit schedule is up at http://icehousedesignsummit.sched.org/
21:05:01 <annegentle> Octopus card ftw
21:05:32 <markwash> note, an octopus cannot be substituted for an octopus card
21:05:44 <ttx> do not eat octopus cards
21:05:49 <annegentle> markwash: ttx: noted
21:06:00 <ttx> I'd like to abuse this meeting to solve all last minute session swaps so that we can start advertising the schedule more broadly
21:06:19 <ttx> So if you have any remaining conflicts that we can live-solve, please shout now
21:06:19 <markwash> ttx: I have one project-y note
21:06:41 <ttx> markwash: we'll have open discussion afterwards, if it's not schedule related
21:06:54 <markwash> ttx: fine, thanks
21:07:27 <russellb> schedule must be perfect
21:07:33 <annegentle> me and Doug had one where Docs is taking the 9:00 am Friday Oslo slot, what do you need for that ttx?
21:07:33 <dolphm> russellb: ++
21:07:34 <ttx> in particular, if you're giving a talk in the conference side, please check that it's not at the same time as one design session you need to attend
21:07:41 <russellb> my only problem is the inability to be in more than 1 place at the same time
21:08:01 <sdague> jgriffith: only wanted to highlight that you put the cinder live upgrade at the same time as the gating live upgrades bit in qa track
21:08:06 <devananda> russellb: cloning is the answer.
21:08:15 <jgriffith> sdague: I believe that's been changed
21:08:19 <sdague> ok
21:08:20 <ttx> annegentle: and the Oslo slot would go to Monday ?
21:08:32 <russellb> we're doing monday now?  :-p
21:08:33 <jgriffith> sdague: and I'd say "qa" put it in the same time as me :)
21:08:44 <sdague> jgriffith: we published first :)
21:08:50 <jgriffith> sdague: :)
21:09:04 <lifeless> ttx: o/
21:09:11 <ttx> annegentle: or Doug just donates one slot to you ?
21:09:47 <russellb> i still haven't used my friday 5pm slot if anyone wants it ...
21:09:49 <dolphm> everyone: be sure to check for design session conflicts against the conference schedule as well! http://openstacksummitnovember2013.sched.org/
21:09:58 <markwash> russellb: I know you're not as concerned about this, but is there a good time on Tuesday i can run the "image state consistency" session so that I can hope nova-api folks will attend without it being too disruptive? link to follow
21:10:01 <markwash> http://icehousedesignsummit.sched.org/event/c84a3a460b9c90fc611cab7f37cb17e7#.UnAj85R-SDc
21:10:05 <annegentle> ttx: I think it was a donation. What's Doug's IRC handle, dhellmann?
21:10:11 <ttx> annegentle: it is
21:10:14 <annegentle> dhellmann: yeah there you are!
21:10:43 <markmcclain> o/
21:10:44 <ttx> annegentle: Doug has scheduled an open slot there -- continuation of any needed talks
21:11:00 <ttx> http://icehousedesignsummit.sched.org/event/9316cfc42612494a19e7fe904154df97
21:11:02 <russellb> markwash: 2pm we have unconference, so that'd probably be the best time
21:11:18 <annegentle> ttx: cool
21:11:25 <markwash> russellb: thanks
21:11:41 <ttx> annegentle: if you need an extra slot, you can take one at 5pm on Friday (at the same time as the "Future of Design Summits" discussion
21:11:47 <lifeless> russellb: thats for drinking heavily, right?
21:11:53 <lifeless> russellb: (5pm)
21:11:57 <annegentle> ttx: I'll take that 9 am Fri
21:12:03 <russellb> lifeless: or napping
21:12:28 <ttx> annegentle: what I'm saying is... Doug seems to have scheduled something osloic there
21:13:07 <sdague> annegentle: actually, where the first QA session is is actually a take over of the neutron slot (we cross scheduled to make sure we'd have everyone in the same room), so the QA room will be open then
21:13:36 <annegentle> ttx: right, understood
21:13:44 <annegentle> sdague: which time is that?
21:14:07 <sdague> 11:15 wed
21:15:18 * ttx looks into moving the "release schedule" and the "future of design summit" discussions to larger rooms
21:16:16 <russellb> ttx: can take the nova room
21:16:26 <russellb> ttx: 5pm is unused, and the slot before it probably doesn't need a big room
21:16:45 <annegentle> sdague: ttx: sticking with 9 am Friday, but thanks.
21:17:58 <ttx> russellb: hmm, tempting
21:18:14 <russellb> ttx: well up to you, but it's fine with me
21:19:18 <ttx> russellb: ok, will make the room swaps later
21:19:55 <ttx> annegentle: Still not sure I follow -- Doug currently scheduled something for Oslo there. Should I remove what he put and assign that slot to Doc ?
21:20:38 <ttx> Any other needed move ? Or is the schedule OK for everyone present ?
21:22:05 * SergeyLukjanov have some intersects due to the afternoon savanna design track, but not many
21:22:17 <SergeyLukjanov> with one release session
21:22:40 <annegentle> ttx: I'd like to confirm with dhellmann but I think that's the intent, for Doug to give an oslo slot to doc
21:23:35 <ttx> SergeyLukjanov: so... if you prefer to miss "future of design  summits" rather that "release schedule", we could move that 4:10 slot to 5:00 in savanna (keep 4:10 empty and have a session at 5:00 instead)
21:23:43 <russellb> ttx: annegentle looks like that 9am slot is just a placeholder for oslo, not a real oslo session right now
21:24:04 <dhellmann> sorry I'm late
21:24:06 <ttx> russellb: yes, that's my understanding, just don't want to steal Doug's property
21:24:12 <ttx> ah, here he comes
21:24:13 <dhellmann> yes, that session can go to anne, that's just a placeholder
21:24:20 <annegentle> ttx: dhellmann: thanks!
21:24:43 <dhellmann> ttx: should I unschedule it, or can you clear it?
21:25:00 <SergeyLukjanov> ttx, looks like both of them are mostly informational for me, so, no need to move sessions
21:25:05 <ttx> dhellmann: please unschedule (to make sure you don't accidentally push it again), and I'll clear it
21:25:17 <devananda> jgriffith: did you sort out the conflict with cinder-ironic session?
21:25:17 <SergeyLukjanov> someone from savanna team will attend it instead of me
21:25:27 <jgriffith> devananda: I did thanks to dolphm and ttx
21:25:34 <devananda> great
21:25:54 <dhellmann> ttx: ack
21:25:57 <devananda> there are no other conflicts with ironic sessions that i'm aware of
21:26:24 <annegentle> ttx: I have a blueprint I can put in there, do you need it in summit.openstack.org? https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Blueprint-os-api-docs
21:26:42 <dhellmann> ttx: done
21:27:15 <ttx> annegentle: yes, use http://summit.openstack.org/cfp/create to add it
21:27:26 <annegentle> ttx: will do
21:27:43 <ttx> annegentle: ok, slot added to Doc
21:28:12 <dansmith> I just noticed a potential conflict
21:28:29 <russellb> dansmith: rawr
21:28:30 <ttx> annegentle: once you add the session, approve and schedule it in that slot
21:28:32 <dansmith> sdague: the rolling upgrades qa session overlaps with an apparent cinder one on cinder live upgrades
21:28:41 <sdague> dansmith: yep, read scrollback
21:28:50 <dansmith> oh, sorry, I'm only half paying attention
21:28:54 <sdague> :)
21:28:57 <sdague> jgriffith is on it
21:29:14 <dansmith> cool
21:29:52 <russellb> wish we had time for an upgrade day
21:29:57 <russellb> where we're all in the same room at the same time
21:30:02 <lifeless> russellb: +1
21:30:05 <dansmith> yeah
21:30:13 <russellb> instead of all these sessions with different groups
21:30:21 <russellb> alas
21:30:40 <ttx> russellb: try to remember that feedback for the "future of design summits" discussion
21:30:51 <sdague> russellb: yeh, mordred and I were talking similar things the other day
21:31:06 <dansmith> if we can just start a UaaS project, then we can dedicate a day to it, right? :D
21:31:22 <sdague> nice :)
21:31:23 <ttx> russellb: if we move towards separate events, we'll recover the "plenary" times and could set up cross-project sessions (upgrades, APi design etc)
21:31:24 <russellb> ttx: ok, cool ... i guess more generally, how to best handle cross project issues
21:31:31 <russellb> yeah that'd be good
21:31:39 <russellb> all hands design summit sessions
21:31:47 <russellb> may be tough with that many people in the room though ... oh well
21:31:52 <russellb> we'll figure something out
21:32:16 <ttx> OK, so if the schedule works for everyone, we'll start to more aggressively promote it
21:32:19 <dolphm> russellb: interesting idea
21:32:36 <russellb> ttx: does future of design summits have a potential impact on the schedule?
21:32:43 <dhellmann> at pycon there are some invitation-only events scheduled before the conference. that doesn't fit so well with our model, but if the "invitation" was +2 that would cut the size of the crowd down
21:32:51 <russellb> ttx: as in, should the schedule session go last then?
21:33:07 <russellb> dhellmann: yeah, but ... we'll get flamed hard for that
21:33:08 <ttx> russellb: it's unlikely to affect the NEXT summit that much
21:33:24 <russellb> ttx: ok ... happen to know when the next one is already?  :)
21:33:30 <dhellmann> russellb: yeah, would be a tough sell
21:33:36 <ttx> russellb: I have a pretty good idea yes
21:33:53 <dhellmann> russellb: the other trick is to give the sessions such boring names that no one attends ;-)
21:33:55 <russellb> dhellmann: we got a lot of pushback on ATC-only for the design summit (used to be that way IIRC)
21:34:01 <russellb> dhellmann: there ya go
21:34:05 <russellb> ISO-9001 certification
21:34:09 <dhellmann> haha
21:34:11 <ttx> russellb: hint: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/IcehouseReleaseSchedule
21:34:12 <sdague> heh
21:34:18 <dhellmann> wait, no, that would draw the wrong crowd entirely
21:34:31 <ttx> russellb: still need to have confirmation for exact design summit dates though
21:34:38 <russellb> ttx: perfect
21:34:45 <russellb> i think i will still make it then!  \o/
21:35:02 <lifeless> query sdague
21:35:04 <lifeless> bah
21:35:17 <ttx> #topic Open discussion
21:35:25 <ttx> Anything anyone wants to discuss ?
21:35:29 <ttx> Vim modelines ?
21:35:33 <dansmith> haha
21:35:35 <russellb> lol.
21:35:40 <stevebaker> ttx: What does the fox say?
21:35:48 <russellb> periods in the first line of the commit message
21:35:54 <rockyg> {chuckle}
21:35:55 <jgriffith> russellb: grrrrr
21:35:56 <lifeless> ttx: yes, lets discuss vim modelines
21:35:57 <lifeless> :P
21:36:02 <ttx> stevebaker: it asks whether you solved your conflict with the main schedule
21:36:06 <jgriffith> geesh...
21:36:12 <jgriffith> somebody just remove them already and let's move on
21:36:13 <markwash> pbr bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/pbr/+bug/1245676
21:36:21 <rockyg> +1
21:36:21 * russellb chuckles
21:36:30 <stevebaker> ttx: working on it, waiting for the presenters to +1 their new slot
21:36:34 <markwash> just wanted to draw attention to that, I can confirm some folks trying to pip install python-glanceclient are running into it
21:36:35 <ttx> stevebaker: if all else fails there are a few slots left on friday afternoon, at the same time as the release sessions everyone wants to attend
21:36:52 <ttx> stevebaker: see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmUn0hzC1InKdDdPRXFrNjV4SW91SWF5N2gwYnRHYWc&usp=drive_web#gid=1
21:37:34 <annegentle> stevebaker: evil earworm that fox
21:37:38 * ttx looks up marwash's pbr bug
21:38:07 <stevebaker> ttx: it looks like the IBM heat presentation is moving to Friday 3:10
21:38:18 <stevebaker> annegentle: meep meep HONK
21:38:21 <ttx> stevebaker: perfect
21:38:36 * russellb shoots the fox
21:38:38 <russellb> he says NOTHING
21:38:46 <annegentle> stevebaker: hatchee-hatchee-hatchee-ho
21:39:11 <ttx> markwash: interesting
21:39:24 <ttx> mordred: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/pbr/+bug/1245676
21:39:35 <markwash> yeah I haven't repro'd it myself, but someone in my org has
21:39:51 <jgriffith> I have dogs for foxes like that
21:40:10 <sdague> markwash: this is because pip is old, right?
21:40:26 <clarkb> mordred is aware of the bug btu can reproduce. He has asked several people running into it to try and reproduce so that we can get to the bottom of it
21:40:28 <dhellmann> markwash: what version of setuptools is involved there?
21:40:32 <clarkb> *but can't
21:40:46 <markwash> sdague: oh, maybe? it was whatever they got from apt in ubuntu 12.04 for the folks I was talking to
21:40:46 <sdague> we have to do crazy pants stuff in devstack because of that where we forcably upgrade pip first
21:40:48 <stevebaker> ttx: btw, it looks like there is no "state of the project" presentation for each PTL like there was in Portland. Is that correct?
21:40:56 <dhellmann> clarkb: boris-42 was having some issues with installing pbr through requirements.txt earlier today, could be related
21:41:09 * markwash does not comment on using sudo for pip but pip for glanceclient
21:41:17 <ttx> stevebaker: no, it will be done as a webinar afterwards, iirc
21:41:21 <sdague> markwash: yeh, that's probably the root issue. Probably worth taking to -dev or -infra
21:41:21 <lifeless> and glanceclient for <thing>... ?
21:41:35 <markwash> lifeless: well that too
21:41:58 <markwash> s/sudo/apt/
21:41:58 <markwash> ugh
21:42:34 <ttx> clarkb: could be that you run Ubuntu's pip which fails to install pbr but still updates pip, then second run has a sane piip
21:43:23 * sdague thinks this topic isn't really project meeting material
21:43:26 <ttx> ok, if nobody has anything left, we'll adjourn
21:43:45 <ttx> counting 1
21:43:51 <ttx> 2
21:44:05 <ttx> 3?
21:44:10 <russellb> 4!
21:44:12 <ttx> #endmeeting