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21:00:46 <markmc> agenda @ https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ProjectMeeting
21:00:51 <markmc> ttx is away, so you're stuck with me
21:00:59 <markmc> who do we have?
21:01:06 <bcwaldon> hey hey
21:01:14 <comstud> hi
21:01:16 <heckj> o/
21:01:26 <ewindisch> present
21:01:27 <notmyname> here
21:01:29 <jgriffith> o/
21:01:30 <vishy> o/
21:01:35 <sdake_> hidy
21:01:36 <russellb> hi
21:01:49 <markmc> danwent , gabrielhurley, sdake, nijaba ?
21:01:54 <danwent> o/
21:02:02 <gabrielhurley> yo
21:02:02 <markmc> #topic General announcements
21:02:05 <markmc> anyone got anything interesting to share?
21:02:12 <markmc> docs, QA, stable, etc. ?
21:02:46 <markmc> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/GrizzlyReleaseSchedule
21:02:59 <markmc> we'll start considering doing an rc1 in 3 weeks, I guess
21:03:04 <markmc> time is flying by
21:03:06 <russellb> note on stable, there was some breakage with unit tests in nova stable/essex ... shout out to fungi for jumping on it and having it fixed quickly :-)
21:03:07 * heckj nods
21:03:24 <markmc> russellb, hmm, nice one fungi
21:03:33 <markmc> ok, moving on
21:03:37 <markmc> #topic Oslo status
21:03:39 <markmc> hi markmc
21:03:41 <markmc> hi markmc
21:03:48 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/grizzly-rc1
21:03:49 <heckj> oh god, I see where this is going
21:04:04 <markmc> looks like advanced-matchmaking isn't going to make it
21:04:11 <markmc> hasn't really attracted enough reviews
21:04:18 <markmc> (partly my bad)
21:04:27 <markmc> ewindisch, any objection to that?
21:04:42 <ewindisch> Obviously, I'd really like to see it through still. I've been working on zeromq docs and having that feature would make it *much* easier to configure
21:05:04 <ewindisch> but I can't do much about others not reviewing the code :(
21:05:10 <markmc> what it does have going for it is that it only risks breaking the zmq driver
21:05:17 <markmc> I'll see if I can get to it this week
21:05:23 <markmc> no other FFEs that I know of
21:05:33 <markmc> we need to start drawing up a list of potential blockers for rc1
21:05:45 <markmc> #topic Keystone status
21:05:48 <markmc> heckj!
21:05:56 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/grizzly-rc1
21:05:58 <heckj> o_O
21:06:07 <markmc> trusts first
21:06:10 <markmc> how goes it?
21:06:25 <heckj> we're blastin' through reviews on trusts - looks like it's coming together well after a rocky week of back and forth
21:06:41 <heckj> dolph and ayoung are dominating the #dev channel with back and forth onit
21:07:04 <ayoung> we're close
21:07:10 <heckj> pluggable identity is likewise very close, doing final tweaks on code reviews mostly
21:07:17 <russellb> so what's going to use trusts btw
21:07:28 <heckj> Heat is the primary first consumer
21:07:29 <markmc> how risky is trusts wrt regressions ?
21:07:36 <russellb> heckj: ack, thx
21:07:55 <heckj> markmc: it's new API and functionality that's not backwards impacting in any significant way
21:08:07 <markmc> but in terms of invasiveness?
21:08:20 <heckj> there's new AuthN and structures with V3 API where it's all incuded - V2 runs alongside without issue
21:08:44 <markmc> the call is basically whether a feature is worthwhile enough to warrant the risk to release quality
21:08:48 <heckj> markmc: there was a lot of underlying code churn getting it there, but the internal structures and APIs extended well to support it
21:08:51 <markmc> ok, so sounds reasonable well self-contained
21:09:07 <fungi> russellb: markmc: thanks!
21:09:08 <heckj> yeah, I think so
21:09:24 <markmc> ok, let's hope they can get in this week
21:09:31 <markmc> any other features needing exceptions?
21:09:37 <heckj> markmc: nope
21:09:46 <markmc> cool
21:09:47 <heckj> we've also started identifying a bunch of bugs from the dev churn and side issues that have popped out
21:09:50 <markmc> blocker bugs
21:10:16 <markmc> there's a few unprioritized in there
21:10:17 <heckj> continuing to ID those and them we'll triage them into blocker/critical/etc. Have a couple blockers in there now, more detail as the week closes out
21:10:27 <markmc> great
21:10:44 <markmc> ttx reckons approx 25% of potential blockers should be fixed at this point
21:10:56 <markmc> so, prolly a little behind ... but maybe aren't all real candidate blockers
21:11:02 <heckj> frankly, we're probably behind - yeah
21:11:14 <markmc> anything else?
21:11:22 <heckj> not from me
21:11:26 <markmc> thankie
21:11:33 <markmc> #topic Swift status
21:11:36 <notmyname> hi
21:11:37 <markmc> hey notmyname
21:11:42 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/1.8.0
21:11:53 <markmc> so 1.8.0 is planned to come out around the same time as grizzly rcs?
21:11:57 <notmyname> yes
21:12:05 <markmc> and how goes it?
21:12:27 <markmc> there's not much progress info on the multi-region bp or the bps it depends on
21:12:29 <notmyname> we've got a ton of reviews, and can always use more reviews :-)
21:12:50 <notmyname> actually, there is. patches have been merged and are currently under review
21:13:00 <notmyname> the last part (region tier) is being worked on now
21:13:27 <markmc> dedicated-replication-network has reviews linked, but not the others?
21:13:46 <markmc> oh adjustable-replica-counts too
21:13:55 <notmyname> perhaps not
21:14:00 <markmc> so these are all likely to land in time?
21:14:08 <notmyname> that's the plan :-)
21:14:15 <markmc> cool
21:14:27 <markmc> identified any blocker bugs for 1.8.0 ?
21:14:55 <markmc> there's a handful of high bugs
21:15:12 <markmc> are some of them likely to be 1.8.0 blockers?
21:15:25 <notmyname> checking...
21:15:33 <markmc> one of them is there since july, so I guess not
21:15:39 <markmc> no critical bugs, so that's promising
21:16:08 <notmyname> I see 4. no worries on them
21:16:32 <markmc> great
21:16:35 <markmc> anything else?
21:16:39 <markmc> swift questions from anyone?
21:17:04 <markmc> moving along
21:17:05 <markmc> thanks
21:17:10 <markmc> #topic Glance status
21:17:16 <markmc> bcwaldon, the man of the gold stars
21:17:20 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/grizzly-rc1
21:17:29 <markmc> 3 bps not marked implemented
21:17:29 <bcwaldon> hello!
21:17:33 <markmc> but they've all been merged?
21:17:36 <bcwaldon> check yourself
21:17:43 <bcwaldon> 2 bps not implemented
21:17:46 <bcwaldon> both very much in progress
21:18:00 <markmc> I checked all the reviews linked and they're all merged
21:18:05 <markmc> what needs doing on those 2?
21:18:24 <bcwaldon> undocumented things - image sharing needs store ACls and a JSON Schema
21:18:38 <bcwaldon> multiple image locations needs to be integrated into the API - the data is already there
21:18:42 <bcwaldon> so both landing this week
21:18:49 <markmc> hmm, ok
21:18:56 <markmc> maybe add a not about what's remaining to the bps?
21:18:58 <bcwaldon> markwash and I went through all of the open bugs and targeted a bunch at rc1 - we could use some help tackling those
21:19:00 <markmc> a note
21:19:01 <bcwaldon> markmc: sure
21:19:20 <markmc> cool
21:19:24 <markmc> so 5 critical?
21:19:32 <markmc> how scary is the status overall?
21:19:43 <bcwaldon> looking good, that list is optimistic
21:19:50 <bcwaldon> actively working on the Critical ones
21:20:02 <markmc> ok
21:20:14 <markmc> so, is v2 complete after all this work?
21:20:19 <markmc> or more v2 remaining in havana?
21:20:21 <bcwaldon> yep - we'll rev it to v2.1
21:20:38 <markmc> ok
21:20:48 <markmc> anything else? questions from the floor?
21:21:02 <bcwaldon> just a general request for help on bugs!
21:21:21 <markmc> indeed :)
21:21:30 <markmc> we should have said that at the start
21:21:41 <markmc> everyone should be doing what they can to squash bugs at this point
21:21:46 <markmc> thanks bcwaldon
21:21:48 <bcwaldon> absolutely
21:21:50 <bcwaldon> thank you
21:21:50 <markmc> #topic Quantum status
21:21:56 <markmc> danwent!
21:22:02 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/quantum/+milestone/grizzly-rc1
21:22:16 <markmc> 2 bps in progress
21:22:17 <danwent> hi
21:22:31 <markmc> I can't access https://review.openstack.org/22444
21:22:35 <markmc> is it marked as a draft?
21:23:06 <danwent> ah, that is not the active review for the BP
21:23:10 <danwent> we switched owners
21:23:19 <danwent> let me make sure the right one is linked
21:23:39 <danwent> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/22794/
21:23:39 <markmc> thanks
21:24:09 <danwent> done
21:24:12 <markmc> hmm, only uploaded yesterday
21:24:32 <danwent> yeah, its actualy a very of a different branch, which is no longer active
21:24:40 <markmc> seems like a pretty big new feature
21:24:47 <markmc> does it really need to be rushed in?
21:25:07 <danwent> that's what i'm talking to mark mcclain about.
21:25:10 <danwent> its entirely self-contained
21:25:25 <danwent> so the risk is more about resources being distracted from solidifying + bug fixes
21:25:49 <markmc> ok
21:25:56 <danwent> we've actually cut the patch down by about 3x
21:26:12 <danwent> the original version in G-3 was huge and too much for us to handle in grizzly
21:26:14 <markmc> it depends on https://review.openstack.org/22279 - is that also self-contained?
21:26:40 <danwent> yes, those are changes to previous loadbalancer patches that went in
21:26:52 <markmc> ok
21:26:53 <danwent> basically, loadbalancer API and DB were merged in G-1 & G-2
21:27:05 <danwent> G-3 was supposed to do the driver portion of it, but was too big.
21:27:13 <markmc> so hope is to have it merged for next week?
21:27:15 <danwent> so we've tried to pare it down to its most base components
21:27:22 <danwent> hope is to have it in two days actually
21:27:27 <markmc> ok, great
21:27:31 <markmc> how about quantum-scheduler?
21:27:39 <danwent> if we even get close to next week, i'll drop it like a bad habit
21:27:56 <danwent> mainly b/c i want the resources focused more on bug fixes
21:28:11 <markmc> quantum-scheduler or lbaas agent?
21:28:12 <danwent> but this is a grizzly deliverable that is important to many people, so i want to give them a fair chance.
21:28:13 <markmc> or both
21:28:15 <danwent> both
21:28:28 <markmc> ok, sounds good
21:28:32 <markmc> bugs, then
21:28:37 <markmc> that's a big list, but a bunch fixed
21:28:40 <markmc> nice work
21:28:49 <markmc> anything you're particularly concerned about?
21:28:55 <danwent> yeah, there are a lot of people on the team focused entirely on bugs already
21:29:02 <markmc> that's great
21:29:09 <danwent> we're targeting an early RC1, on March 12th
21:29:21 <danwent> which is focusing minds
21:29:40 <danwent> no major worries, other than the fact that the two FFEs are done yet
21:29:47 <danwent> are not
21:30:02 <markmc> ok, great
21:30:06 <markmc> anything else? questions from anyone?
21:30:26 <danwent> not from me
21:30:28 <markmc> thanks danwent
21:30:34 <markmc> #topic Cinder status
21:30:34 <danwent> later
21:30:38 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/grizzly-rc1
21:30:41 <markmc> hey jgriffith
21:30:42 <jgriffith> :)
21:30:54 <markmc> the only bp seems to be about docs
21:31:01 <jgriffith> Yup
21:31:06 <jgriffith> We had no exceptions
21:31:06 <markmc> which probably technically doesn't need tracking as a FFE, right?
21:31:08 <markmc> cool
21:31:11 <jgriffith> correct
21:31:14 <jgriffith> I'll remove it
21:31:15 <markmc> and one poor lonely bug
21:31:27 <jgriffith> haha.. yeah, but that's going to be growing shortly
21:31:39 <markmc> anything you're particularly concerned about?
21:31:57 <jgriffith> gate stuff, nothing identified specific in Cinder yet though
21:32:06 <markmc> gate stuff?
21:32:19 <jgriffith> High count of screen with no data init
21:32:27 <jgriffith> or no screen process launched at all
21:32:37 <markmc> uggh
21:32:46 <markmc> is there a bug filed?
21:32:56 <jgriffith> Yeah
21:33:08 <jgriffith> take me a moment to find it again though
21:33:16 <markmc> ok
21:33:24 <markmc> so, no critical bugs, a bunch high
21:33:28 <markmc> 15 triaged
21:33:35 <markmc> seems like you're in pretty reasonable shape?
21:33:47 <markmc> 15 untriaged, rather
21:33:57 <jgriffith> Yeah, I need to go through and clean triaging up tonight/tomorrow
21:34:03 <jgriffith> Should be in good shape though
21:34:12 <markmc> anything else? questions?
21:34:15 <jgriffith> TBH Cinder's biggest problem is going to be docs if we don't get it addressed soon
21:34:18 <jgriffith> Nope
21:34:23 <jgriffith> OH!
21:34:25 <jgriffith> yes...
21:34:36 <jgriffith> one other thing... back to my email about unit tests
21:34:47 <jgriffith> The cinder unit tests are horribly broken
21:34:54 <jgriffith> when trying to run in a venv
21:35:03 <jgriffith> The version code doesn't work
21:35:22 <markmc> hmm, the latest version code from oslo?
21:35:25 <markmc> got a link to a bug?
21:35:36 <markmc> you can probably corner mordred into helping
21:35:39 <jgriffith> yeah...
21:35:44 <mordred> uhoh
21:36:01 <markmc> ok, moving along to nova
21:36:01 <jgriffith> markmc: it's unable to find the version string
21:36:04 <jgriffith> mordred: knows :)
21:36:09 <markmc> jgriffith, happy to look at a traceback or whatever
21:36:12 <mordred> jgriffith: I don't believe you - but I'm happy to help figure it out :)
21:36:18 <markmc> #topic Nova status
21:36:24 <jgriffith> markmc: I'll send one your way in a bit
21:36:24 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/grizzly-rc1
21:36:27 <markmc> vishy
21:36:29 <jgriffith> mordred: :)
21:36:49 <markmc> 4 bps not completed
21:37:01 <markmc> backportable-db-migrations ... Beta available :)
21:37:10 <vishy> hi
21:37:26 <markmc> how goes it?
21:37:40 <markmc> oh, nothing needed for backportable-db-migrations
21:37:41 <markmc> got it
21:37:42 <vishy> yeah
21:37:43 <markmc> nova-api-samples?
21:37:57 <vishy> waiting to make sure more dbs aren't needed
21:38:00 <markmc> lots of reviews, questions is when do we say it's done?
21:38:24 <russellb> ideally when all extensions are covered
21:38:33 <markmc> doesn't seem like adding more api-samples is a quality risk, I guess
21:38:40 <vishy> i think there are 3 under review for api-samples
21:38:58 <markmc> migration-testing-with-data ?
21:39:12 <vishy> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/server-count-for-nova-flavors shouldn't be targetted
21:39:18 <russellb> there's a list in the code of extensions without tests, master just shows 2
21:39:18 <vishy> migration testing should be close
21:39:22 <vishy> sdague: ^^
21:40:01 <markmc> yeah, was about to say - russellb nixed server-count-for-nova-flavors
21:40:06 <numero8> #openstack-101
21:40:14 <markmc> ok, so the only bps open are about testing basically
21:40:26 <markmc> more tests probably don't need a FFE
21:40:45 <markmc> any features under review not on the grizzly-rc1 list?
21:41:39 <vishy> not that i have seen
21:41:44 <russellb> same
21:41:46 <markmc> ok
21:41:48 <markmc> bugs ...
21:41:58 <markmc> big list, but only one critical and a bunch already fixed
21:42:02 <markmc> looks promising
21:42:14 <markmc> there are 3 other critical bugs, not targeted to rc1
21:42:18 <comstud> I'm getting back to this one with quotas
21:42:23 <markmc> not really critical, or should be targeted?
21:42:37 <markmc> comstud, https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1098380 ?
21:42:38 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1098380 in nova "Quotas showing in use when no VMs are running" [Critical,In progress]
21:42:39 <comstud> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1098380
21:42:40 <comstud> Yeah
21:42:45 <vishy> i'm just going through triaging and targetting today
21:42:47 <comstud> I'll be working on that the next couple of days
21:42:52 <vishy> so there are probably a bunch of unassigned ones
21:43:05 <vishy> i'm just putting everything that seems like it is worth fixing on the list
21:43:17 <markmc> only 26 untriaged, w00t!
21:43:21 <markmc> nice work guys
21:43:37 <markmc> looks in pretty good shape
21:43:42 <markmc> anything else to be concerned about?
21:43:52 <vishy> we have a bunch of untriaged in python-novaclient
21:44:20 <markmc> indeed
21:44:37 <markmc> different release cycle, though, so I guess slightly different concern
21:44:40 <vishy> and we have a whole bunch of open bugs that are not in progress
21:44:54 <vishy> which it would be nice to knock down
21:44:56 <markmc> 604, wow
21:45:11 <markmc> is there a bug squashing day scheduled?
21:45:41 <markmc> anything else? questions from folks on nova?
21:45:41 <russellb> we should have bug squash fridays until RC, heh
21:45:56 <markmc> russellb, sounds like a nice idea
21:46:05 <comstud> casual nickname and bug squash Friday
21:46:12 <russellb> yes!
21:46:22 * markmc doesn't approve of casual nick friday
21:46:27 <comstud> lol
21:46:29 <markmc> because rustlebee always wins
21:46:29 <russellb> rustlebee gonna sting some bugs
21:46:38 <markmc> meh, moving along
21:46:40 <markmc> thanks guys :)
21:46:52 <markmc> #topic Horizon status
21:47:02 <markmc> gabrielhurley ... you get to wait an awful long time :(
21:47:08 <gabrielhurley> yo
21:47:12 <gabrielhurley> that I do
21:47:12 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/grizzly-rc1
21:47:33 <markmc> quantum-lbaas still under review
21:47:42 <markmc> is it likely to make it?
21:47:46 <gabrielhurley> yep, that one's entirely dependent on the quantum team
21:47:59 <gabrielhurley> if they land the LBaaS stuff and sort it all out then this goes in too
21:48:14 <gabrielhurley> sounded like they were confident during their section earlier
21:48:14 <markmc> ok, got it
21:48:23 <markmc> they're hoping to merge it in the next couple of days
21:48:26 <markmc> so that all sounds good
21:48:35 <markmc> no other features wanting to creep in ?
21:48:58 <gabrielhurley> nope, none
21:49:06 <markmc> bugs ... nice list
21:49:10 <gabrielhurley> and the bugs list is currently short
21:49:13 <gabrielhurley> will grow some I'm sure
21:49:16 <gabrielhurley> but nothing too abd
21:49:19 <gabrielhurley> *bad
21:49:26 <markmc> ok, 15 is short for horizon at this point?
21:49:34 <markmc> confident of getting them all fixed?
21:49:43 <markmc> nothing marked critical there, so that's reassuring
21:50:09 <gabrielhurley> yep
21:50:15 <gabrielhurley> many/most are already under code review
21:50:21 <markmc> great
21:50:28 <markmc> anything else? questions from anyone?
21:50:47 <markmc> thanks gabrielhurley
21:50:53 <markmc> #topic Incubated projects status
21:51:02 <markmc> sdake, nijaba - fight for who goes first :)
21:51:09 <sdake> hi
21:51:22 <markmc> cool
21:51:26 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/grizzly-rc1
21:51:32 <markmc> no FFEs, great
21:51:41 <sdake> bugs being worked on
21:51:42 <markmc> 30 bugs, but a whole bunch fixed already
21:51:59 <sdake> going to do a group triage wednesday on remaining open bugs
21:52:06 <sdake> see if any can be bounced
21:52:10 <markmc> cool
21:52:19 <markmc> the only critical one is https://bugs.launchpad.net/heat/grizzly/+bug/1072949
21:52:20 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1072949 in heat/grizzly "Reset DB migrations" [Critical,Triaged]
21:52:32 <markmc> you're dropping folsom->grizzly DB upgrade ?
21:52:48 <sdake> i think the intent was for zane to send a message to the list and see if people care
21:52:53 <sdake> but ya drop upgrade
21:52:57 <markmc> ok, that's probably fair
21:53:03 <sdake> since folsom requires oslo-config
21:53:08 <sdake> makes hard to use on folsom in any regard
21:53:17 <sdake> sorry since heat requires oslo-config
21:53:25 <sdake> and it will get worse as time passes with more modules
21:53:38 <markmc> hmm, no - that's not what I was getting at
21:53:51 <markmc> people won't be able to take their DB from folsom-era heat and migrate it to grizzly?
21:54:01 <markmc> separate from using grizzly heat with folsom openstack
21:54:09 <markmc> what we do in nova to stop migrations building up is to compact them after release
21:54:12 <sdake> your correct got those mixed up
21:54:24 <sdake> markmc that was discussed in our meeting last week (compacting)
21:54:25 <markmc> and only support e.g. folsom->grizzly upgrade
21:54:28 <markmc> not essex->grizzly
21:54:36 <sdake> i'll find out more about what zaneb is planning there
21:54:40 <markmc> coolness
21:54:46 <markmc> looks like you're in good shape, anyway
21:54:50 <markmc> anything else?
21:54:56 <markmc> congrats again on graduation
21:55:01 <sdake> nope we are in good shape thanks for the congrats :)
21:55:15 <markmc> cool
21:55:18 <markmc> nijaba!
21:55:25 <markmc> #link https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/grizzly-rc1
21:55:50 <markmc> hbase-storage-backend and publisher-counters-frequency seem like the FFEs
21:56:04 <markmc> rpc-qpid seems to be about tests?
21:56:27 <markmc> no nijaba
21:56:36 <markmc> how about dhellmann, eglynn, jd__ ?
21:57:05 <russellb> if the qpid thing is about unit tests, qpid is in pypi now
21:57:13 <markmc> russellb, saw that, nice one
21:57:33 <markmc> russellb forked qpid!
21:57:33 <russellb> markmc: and handed over to the qpid project
21:57:38 * markmc gets on the twatter about that
21:57:50 <russellb> i did!  for a day or less
21:58:03 <russellb> qpid folks took it over quickly once I told them about it :-p
21:58:07 <markmc> heh
21:58:14 <markmc> ok, no ceilometer folks :(
21:58:29 <markmc> only 1 critical bug about the nova notifier
21:58:43 <markmc> which it sounds like dhellmann has a plan for
21:58:46 <markmc> ok, moving along
21:58:51 <markmc> #topic Any Other Business
21:58:57 <markmc> questions, comments, whatever?
21:59:13 <markmc> Point of order - ttx shouldn't be allowed vacations
21:59:35 <zykes-> markmc: question you know when the results of talks will be up ?
21:59:49 <jd__> nothing important on our side
21:59:52 <jd__> (sorry :)
22:00:03 <markmc> zykes-, the openstack summit talk selection?
22:00:08 <markmc> zykes-, no idea
22:00:15 <markmc> design summit not until much closer to the event
22:00:24 <markmc> ok, it's gone over the hour
22:00:26 <markmc> thanks everyone
22:00:29 <markmc> #endmeeting