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21:03:13 <markmc> noooo....
21:03:14 <markwash> mordred: true. . but I consider that bad for them and us
21:03:15 <ttx> Agenda @ http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings/ProjectMeeting
21:03:19 * ttx takes a few red pills
21:03:20 * jgriffith is napping now
21:03:23 <mordred> markwash: me too!
21:03:36 <ttx> markmc, heckj, notmyname, markwash, jgriffith, vishy, gabrielhurley, danwent: let's do it
21:03:42 <jgriffith> ready!
21:03:44 <danwent> hello
21:03:45 <ttx> #topic General announcements
21:03:46 <gabrielhurley> oh, the rest of us get to talk now?
21:03:49 <markwash> o|
21:03:57 <ttx> I pushed a proposal for a limited StringFreeze for projects following the upcoming Grizzly feature freeze in Feb 19
21:03:59 <jgriffith> gabrielhurley: don't count on it :)
21:04:08 <ttx> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2013-February/005303.html
21:04:09 <heckj> o/
21:04:13 <ttx> If nobody complains I'll document it so that it can take effect at FeatureFreeze
21:04:20 <gabrielhurley> +1
21:04:24 <annegentle> sounds good
21:04:24 <jgriffith> works for /me
21:04:29 <vishy> O/
21:04:29 * heckj nods
21:04:34 <ttx> markmc, mordred, annegentle, davidkranz/jaypipes: Updates from Stable/CI/QA/Docs teams ?
21:04:35 <mordred> o/
21:04:50 <mordred> uhm, things got shaky yesterday, but clarkb and fungi fixed everything
21:04:52 <markmc> 2012.2.3 released last week, no regressions reported AFAIK
21:04:58 <mordred> and I'm pushing through version updates to people
21:05:00 <davidkranz> Any feedback about turning on the full gate?
21:05:12 <davidkranz> ^^^ tempest
21:05:13 <mordred> markmc: I may need to add more more versoin patch to oslo
21:05:17 * jgriffith is happy about it so far
21:05:24 <ttx> mordred: was wondering how badly the new long tests will fuck the money time for feature reviews
21:05:28 <mordred> markmc: I found yet-another use case when upgrading glanceclient
21:05:28 <markmc> mordred, ok, what for?
21:05:37 <markmc> mordred, ah, I see
21:05:49 <markmc> mordred, thought you meant something for first oslo-config tagging
21:05:49 <mordred> markmc: glanceclient uses oslo-version in glanceclient/__init__.py :)
21:05:57 <ttx> mordred: do we have any idea of the impact on the number of commits per day, for example ?
21:06:11 <mordred> ttx: we don't - it shouldn't matter, we have zuul
21:06:26 <mordred> ttx: yesterday's problem was log files blowing out disks
21:06:30 <ttx> mordred: it shouldn't matter if we had no false negatives
21:06:33 <jgriffith> ttx: mordred It is going to be interesting when we hit the last week of the milestone
21:06:43 <mordred> ++
21:06:51 <mordred> to both jgriffith and ttx
21:06:54 <ttx> unfortunately we don't live in that ideal world yet
21:07:00 <mordred> we never will
21:07:06 <ttx> so it does matter
21:07:11 <annegentle> I have a brief set of reminders.
21:07:31 <ttx> annegentle: shoot
21:07:34 <annegentle> Wiki migration going to 2/16, monthly doc team meeting 2/12, about to send a copyright guidance note to the -dev ML, operator's book sprint 2/24.
21:07:42 <annegentle> whew
21:07:44 <ttx> cool
21:08:13 <ttx> ok, anything else before we move to project-specific stuff ?
21:08:42 <ttx> #topic Oslo status
21:08:46 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/oslo/+milestone/grizzly-3
21:08:52 <markmc> oslo-config is ready to tag
21:09:04 <markmc> hope to move some/most projects to it next week
21:09:15 <ttx> markmc: oh, thought that was done already (tag)
21:09:16 <markmc> common-db is pretty close now, I think - did a bunch of work on it
21:09:25 <markmc> cfg-filter-view is new and I've a patch up
21:09:30 <ttx> that answers my two questions, thanks
21:09:45 <ttx> markmc: ETA to tag ?
21:09:46 <markmc> keyring might not make it
21:09:54 <markmc> I don't know what's stopping me, tbh :)
21:10:07 <ttx> markmc: do it in meeting. That's how I roll
21:10:12 <markmc> I haven't actually got a patch through gerrit for oslo-config yet
21:10:12 <ttx> Anything else on the oslo topic ?
21:10:18 <markmc> would seem odd to tag before that
21:10:25 <markmc> no, nothing else
21:10:32 <ttx> thx!
21:10:35 <ttx> #topic Keystone status
21:10:41 <ttx> heckj: o/
21:10:45 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/keystone/+milestone/grizzly-3
21:11:20 <heckj> ola
21:11:23 <ttx> heckj/dolphm: Should 'default-domain' be considered completed now ?
21:11:51 <dolphm> ttx: the last piece is in review
21:12:05 <ttx> dolphm: for some reason it's not linked. Ok
21:12:06 <heckj> ttx: will change to pending review
21:12:19 <ttx> heckj/ayoung: How are 'replace-tenant-user-membership' and 'trusts' going on ?
21:12:52 <heckj> ayoung was still asserting we'd get them in
21:13:08 <ttx> time is running low and tests running longer
21:13:21 <ayoung> 'replace-tenant-user-membership'  is close
21:13:25 <ttx> heckj: could you elaborate on why pluggable-identity-authentication-handlers is blocked ? Is it technical or resource block ?
21:13:32 <ayoung> I'm down to about 6 unit test failuers
21:13:36 <ayoung> failures
21:13:43 <ttx> ayoung: good news
21:14:01 <ayoung> trying to get that closed out today...tomorrowish
21:14:10 <ttx> ayoung: would be great
21:15:04 <ttx> heckj: ?
21:15:35 <ttx> Didn't see a lot of help coming on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/20524/ -- does that jeopardize stop-ids-in-uris ?
21:15:46 <heckj> we unblocked the authn/authz pieces for gyee, and he has implementation in progress (pending final agreement on the spec) - expecting that to move forward fairly agressively now
21:16:17 <heckj> ttx: if you'll look now, it's been approved - sorted through that with this morning's keystone meeting
21:16:28 <ttx> heckj: which one of those blueprints (if any) would you require a feature freeze exception for, if they don't make it in time ?
21:17:20 <heckj> most critical would be "Implement auth on Identity API v3" and "Token trusts", but I expect both to wing in under the deadline
21:17:40 <ttx> ok, good!
21:17:44 <ttx> Anything more about Keystone ?
21:17:56 <heckj> not from me
21:17:59 <ttx> #topic Swift status
21:18:04 <ttx> notmyname: o/
21:18:15 <notmyname> here (as long as IRC connections are cooperating)
21:18:18 <ttx> Still can't find python-swiftclient 1.3.0 on PyPI
21:18:34 <notmyname> I poked mordred with a sharp stick last week about it
21:18:35 <ttx> Been complaining about that to mordred, maybe you can take the other 12-h nagging shift :)
21:18:49 <mordred> clarkb is aware of it now
21:18:49 <notmyname> :-)
21:18:58 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/swift/+milestone/1.8.0
21:18:58 <mordred> which means something might actually happen :)
21:19:06 <ttx> Do you expect that one to be the Grizzly one, or do you rather imagine two releases until common release, or no idea yet ?
21:19:53 <notmyname> that will probably be grizzly, based on when the cutoff will be
21:20:16 <ttx> ok
21:20:20 <ttx> Anything more on Swift ?
21:20:46 <notmyname> that will probably be grizzly, based on when the cutoff will be
21:21:17 <ttx> looks like the Network is not with you today, let's move on
21:21:22 <ttx> #topic Glance status
21:21:26 <markwash> hi hi
21:21:29 <notmyname> not from me. swift meeting tomorrow
21:21:30 <ttx> markwash: o/
21:21:37 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/glance/+milestone/grizzly-3
21:22:02 <ttx> Saw code being proposed for glance-api-v2-image-sharing, which is good
21:22:06 <ttx> Is the review progressing well ?
21:22:13 <markwash> it is, I have been in talks with iccha
21:22:16 <markwash> very good progress
21:22:28 <markwash> I expect it (and everything labeled Good Progress) to land in time
21:22:43 <ttx> I see api-v2-property-protection is not started yet -- do you still think it can make it in master in less than two weeks ?
21:22:54 <markwash> as an absurd optimist, yes
21:23:00 <markwash> but I've been in talks with bcwaldon about retargeting
21:23:12 <ttx> I'd rather get one in rather than target 2 and get none
21:23:23 <ttx> markwash: do you know if Brian got the answers he was looking for from other assignees ?
21:23:56 <markwash> I know that he got some, but we are still looking for info on common image properties
21:24:11 <ttx> ok... The last thing I wanted to mention are the late blueprints: iscsi-backend-store and its dependency, importing-rootwarp
21:24:11 <markwash> probably mostly proposals, rather than info :-)
21:24:22 <rainya> markwash, if you have specifics, let me know and i'll bug folks on this end :)
21:24:24 <ttx> I think jgriffith makes a really nice point in the first review: more generally piggybacking on cinder sounds like a hell of a better solution than reimplementing block storage drivers in Glance
21:24:39 <ttx> And that would benefit from some design discussion, like say at the Design Summit
21:24:44 <markwash> I agree with jgriffith, however. .
21:24:57 <markwash> I think I need to feel like its doing some harm before I could argue that it shouldn't be included
21:25:22 <jgriffith> markwash: ttx I'll yield but I think it would have made more sense to use cinder
21:25:25 <markwash> the way it looks to me, (apart from rootwrap which is fine) it is well contained
21:25:31 <ttx> markwash: you could argue that adding rootwrap for Glance is a bit of a large hammer for a weird nail
21:25:40 <jgriffith> markwash: ttx I also understand something is better than nothing, but I would definitely want to see it changed in H
21:26:01 <markwash> ttx: that may be
21:26:17 <ttx> jgriffith: I feel like accepting that is liekly to make the right solution[tm] harder to implement
21:26:26 <jgriffith> ttx: sadly, yes
21:26:32 <ttx> since we'll have to support upgarde scenarios etc
21:26:33 <markwash> hmm, you guys are speaking my language
21:26:58 <jgriffith> I can shift my priorities to try and have an alternative if folks agree with me on it
21:27:03 <ttx> sounds like something that could live in a branch rather than in a release
21:27:14 <jgriffith> ttx: +1
21:27:19 <jgriffith> I hadn't thought of that
21:27:20 <ttx> anyway, bcwaldon decides
21:27:26 <markwash> well, good feedback. I'll take it to bcwaldon and discuss
21:27:44 <ttx> Anything more on Glance ?
21:27:49 <markwash> not from me
21:27:56 <ttx> #topic Quantum status
21:28:04 <ttx> danwent: hi!
21:28:06 <danwent> hi
21:28:10 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/quantum/+milestone/grizzly-3
21:28:20 <danwent> yeah....
21:28:31 <ttx> Not so much progress in stuff under review, afaict
21:28:33 <danwent> well, the good news is that all of our 'high' items have code posted.
21:28:47 <danwent> but for the overall bulk, very little progres over the week.
21:28:51 <ttx> Could you give us an update on how close we are to merging those ?
21:28:55 <danwent> yes
21:28:58 <ttx> (the high stuff)
21:29:07 <ttx> danwent: it's my understanding that you would require Feature freeze exceptions only for the 'High' priority stuff here, if it doesn't make it in time. Correct ?
21:29:13 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/quantum-v2-api-xml: very close.  just minor design discussions.
21:29:46 <danwent> yes, that is correct.  anything that is not high will be booted next week if not in code review, and booted completely the next week if it does not merge.  no exceptions.
21:29:59 <danwent> i fully expect the majority of medium items not to merge.
21:30:23 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/quantum-security-groups-iptables-ovs .  quantum code review is basically done.  waiting on two nova issues.
21:30:41 <danwent> one is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1050433
21:30:44 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1050433 in nova "LibvirtBridgeDriver crashes when spawning an instance with NoopFirewallDriver" [High,In progress]
21:30:48 <danwent> the other is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/quantum/+bug/1112912
21:30:49 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1112912 in nova "get_firewall_required should use VIF parameter from quantum" [Undecided,Confirmed]
21:31:14 <ttx> vishy: ^
21:31:53 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/quantum-scheduler .  A lot of review progress on this.  I am confident about this, though the dev will be out for a chinese holiday next week, which puts some pressure on us (though he said he will continue to work on this through the holiday)
21:32:13 <danwent> the last two blueprints are the LBaaS stuff, the second of which was just posted for review yesterday
21:32:18 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/lbaas-agent-and-rpc
21:32:20 <ttx> ok
21:32:24 <danwent> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/lbaas-haproxy-driver
21:32:31 <ttx> Should https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/nvp-port-security-extension be considered 'Implemented' ?
21:33:17 <danwent> i'm starting to get a bit nervous about the lbaas stuff, as the original code was a fair bit different than what the cores where expecting. But we talked through it on IRC yesterday, so I think we're heading in the right direction.  Definitely the one i'm most worried about though in terms of possibly needing a FFE.
21:33:45 <ttx> danwent: it's relatively self-contained I suspect ?
21:33:56 <danwent> ttx: looks like that BP should be implemented. i'll confirm with the dev and change it.
21:34:02 <ttx> Should I confirm the series goal for routed-service-insertion to "grizzly" ?
21:34:17 <ttx> (it's 'proposed' right now)
21:34:20 <danwent> ttx: yes, lbass is essentially entirely self-contained, which is nice from an FFE perspective, if needed.
21:34:27 <danwent> yes please
21:34:34 <ttx> willdo
21:34:41 <danwent> that one a new one (hopefully the last)
21:34:46 <ttx> Anything else on Quantum ?
21:34:55 <danwent> one question for the community
21:35:06 <danwent> we are looking at how to version our python-quantumclient stuff.
21:35:19 <danwent> i'd like it to be as inline with the rest of the community as possible.
21:35:29 <danwent> was wondering if there was a "standard" mechanism used by other projects.
21:35:38 <ttx> danwent: bcwaldon had a pretty strong feeling about that
21:35:57 <danwent> ok, i will loop him into the discussion with our sub-team lead for clientlib + CLI
21:36:28 <ttx> ok, moving on, answer on #openstack-dev to Dan's question on versioning
21:36:33 <ttx> #topic Cinder status
21:36:37 <ttx> jgriffith: hi!
21:36:40 <jgriffith> hey there
21:36:40 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/grizzly-3
21:36:48 <ttx> Every week I discover more blueprints in here :)
21:36:55 <ttx> How is volume-backups going ?
21:36:56 <jgriffith> :)
21:36:59 <jgriffith> Good
21:37:06 <jgriffith> A few minor nits to fix up
21:37:08 <ttx> How about api-v1-v2-docs ?
21:37:21 <jgriffith> That's going well too...
21:37:27 <ttx> Do you think you need to drop anything early to focus review efforts on the priority stuff... or you can trust cinder-core to prioritize properly ?
21:37:42 <jgriffith> I'm fairly comfortable with what's left
21:37:53 <jgriffith> But I am worried about what the NFS folks are cookin up
21:38:07 <jgriffith> I fear a 10K line patch dropping next wed from them
21:38:22 <ttx> FYI you have 4 drivers + one other bp targeted to g3 which are not in the series goal: huawei-volume-driver, scality-volume-driver, coraid-volume-driver, glusterfs-support, volume-usage-metering
21:38:35 <ttx> this morning when I looked up there were only 3 :)
21:38:47 <jgriffith> Yeah, I'm not seeing good progress on those guys so I'm giving them til tomorrow then dumping
21:38:56 <ttx> it's high season for surprising code drops
21:39:07 <jgriffith> I need to catch up with eharney on the gluster patch
21:39:07 <ttx> Do you see anything in there you'd request feature freeze exceptions for, if they would not make it by grizzly-3 ?
21:39:23 <jgriffith> The only one is my AZ/Aggregates BP
21:39:31 <jgriffith> the rest I personally think I can live without
21:39:49 <ttx> jgriffith: which one is that ?
21:40:00 <ttx> jgriffith: could you prioritize it at least to 'high' ?
21:40:10 <jgriffith> will do
21:40:19 <jgriffith> TBH, I can call that a bug anyway if need be
21:40:24 <ttx> Anything more in Cinder ?
21:40:33 <jgriffith> Nope looking ok
21:40:36 <ttx> #topic Nova status
21:40:40 <ttx> vishy: o/
21:41:06 <ttx> russellb is down, Flusdem got him
21:41:15 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/grizzly-3
21:41:38 <ttx> do we have vishy ?
21:41:39 <rainya> get down get funky
21:41:59 <ttx> gabrielhurley: around ?
21:42:03 <gabrielhurley> hi
21:42:08 <ttx> #topic Horizon status
21:42:12 <ttx> let's do horizon first
21:42:17 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/horizon/+milestone/grizzly-3
21:42:18 <gabrielhurley> on the blueprints:
21:42:20 <gabrielhurley> The 7 in code review will likely all merge this week. The 3 in "good progress" I've got updates from the assignees and they should be up for review soon. The 2 that are "started" are both in good shape and I know where the authors are at but they're optional for the release; if they don't make it no harm is done. Lastly, I am worried about the two related to file/image uploads. Saw early code and progress, but haven't g
21:42:30 <gabrielhurley> Overall, anything I don't see code for by next week I'm going to untarget.
21:43:04 <ttx> gabrielhurley: Do you see anything in there you'd request feature freeze exceptions for, if they would not make it by grizzly-3 ?
21:43:14 <gabrielhurley> the image uplaod stuff would be the only one
21:43:18 <gabrielhurley> I'd really like to see that happen
21:43:24 <gabrielhurley> but I need more info
21:43:40 <ttx> hmm ok, would be really good to see progress on that then
21:43:47 <gabrielhurley> agreed
21:43:47 <ttx> Anything more on Horizon ?
21:43:50 <gabrielhurley> I'm trying to follow up
21:44:03 <gabrielhurley> nope, that's it for this week. thakns to everyone who got code up since last week!
21:44:23 <ttx> (the file upload stuff is a bit disruptive to land after g3, so it better be very close)
21:44:32 <vishy> sorry back
21:44:37 <ttx> #topic Nova status
21:44:39 <gabrielhurley> duly noted
21:44:41 <ttx> just in time
21:44:45 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/grizzly-3
21:45:11 <ttx> vishy: Should instance-actions be considered Implemented ?
21:45:21 <alaski> not yet
21:45:30 <alaski> needs an API extension which I'm finishing up now
21:45:41 <ttx> Looking into the High-prio stuff now...
21:45:48 <ttx> vishy: Are the db-* blueprints making good progress ?
21:46:10 <vishy> no
21:46:17 <vishy> well i don't think they will be "complete"
21:46:30 <ttx> ah. I see what you mean
21:46:52 <ttx> Guess we'll just split them
21:47:08 <ttx> though db-archiving would be nice
21:47:16 <vishy> yeah
21:47:24 <ttx> that's "completeable" I guess
21:47:28 <vishy> we'll just have to see how it goes
21:47:35 <ttx> Is no-db-compute still on track ?
21:47:52 <ttx> i.e. all code proposed, just churning through reviews now ?
21:48:22 <vishy> yes i think it is really close
21:48:27 <vishy> like one review away
21:48:27 <ttx> vishy: which one of those blueprints (if any) would you require a feature freeze exception for, if they don't make it in time ?
21:48:41 <ttx> no-db-compute, db-archiving ?
21:49:18 <vishy> no none of the db ones
21:49:21 <vishy> i would consider https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/nova-quantum-security-group-proxy
21:49:28 <vishy> no-db-compute isn't at risk imo
21:49:33 <ttx> ok
21:49:44 <vishy> i would also consider https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/improve-block-device-handling if it gets really close
21:49:54 <ttx> multi-boot-instance-naming still needs some assignee and love
21:50:08 <ttx> or should we abadon it altogether at this point ?
21:51:16 <vishy> i think it is going to get abandoned for grizzly at this point
21:51:20 <vishy> since no one wants to take it
21:51:34 <ttx> ok, will move it off if nobody takes it this week
21:51:38 <ttx> or yo can beat me to it
21:51:43 <ttx> You also have your share of last-minute grizzly-3 suggestions: migrate-volume-block-migration, user-locale-api, encrypt-cinder-volumes, libvirt-aoe, pass-rxtx-factor-to-quantum
21:51:52 <ttx> Some of those sound quite complex to me to be introduced from scratch at this point in the cycle
21:52:16 * ttx would like an ideal world where all blueprints are submitted before the design summit
21:52:33 <vishy> i'm going through those
21:52:43 <ttx> and flying cars, too
21:52:50 <rustlebee> i tried to start commenting on some of those, saying code better show up asap to have the slightest chance
21:53:01 <ttx> rustlebee: you're alive ?
21:53:12 <rustlebee> just a little
21:53:22 <rainya> i totes want flying cars
21:53:24 <ttx> Any question on Nova ?
21:54:20 <ttx> #topic Incubated projects
21:54:37 <ttx> Any Heat/Ceilometer folk around ?
21:54:39 <sdake_z> hi
21:54:45 <ttx> #link https://launchpad.net/heat/+milestone/grizzly-3
21:54:58 <ttx> sdake: Do you plan to have a strict feature freeze at grizzly-3 ?
21:55:08 <sdake_z> not much progress last week, 80% of the devs were at conferences
21:55:11 <sdake_z> yes strict feature freeze
21:55:13 <ttx> You'll have to enforce it without my help, can't spread too much
21:55:16 <sdake_z> we may bounce blueprints if they dont make
21:55:26 <sdake_z> if they dont make it
21:55:37 <ttx> it's just a question of teaching core reviewers what's acceptable or not :)
21:55:39 <sdake_z> heat is usable as is
21:55:45 <ttx> How are those resource-type-* blueprints progressing ?
21:55:51 <sdake_z> yup i'll speak about it this week
21:56:00 <sdake_z> well we are blocked because we are having trouble with quantum
21:56:13 <ttx> glad to see I'm not the only one
21:56:13 <sdake_z> but again devs out of town so only 1 day spent on unblocking so far
21:56:27 <ttx> ok
21:56:36 <sdake_z> main focus really for g3 is fixing bugs ;)
21:56:40 <ttx> that's all I had :)
21:56:46 <sdake_z> want heat to work well for features we have
21:56:47 <ttx> nijaba: around ?
21:58:26 <ttx> I guess not
21:59:06 <ttx> nijaba: my only question was about feature freeze, if you planned to align it with the common one
21:59:16 <ttx> that will be for next week.
21:59:18 <ttx> #endmeeting