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13:01:10 <efried> \o
13:02:10 <mdrabe> o/
13:02:37 <esberglu> #topic In-Tree Driver
13:03:05 <esberglu> I have a couple nits to fix up for config drive
13:03:20 <esberglu> Then returning focus to OVS
13:03:41 <esberglu> Next step there is getting a working local.conf for IT
13:04:41 <esberglu> Nothing else from me
13:05:17 <esberglu> #topic Out-of-Tree Driver
13:06:13 <esberglu> I have to rework the HostCPUStats patches after seeing efried's comments
13:06:28 <efried> Do those comments make sense?
13:07:11 <efried> let me know if you want to discuss later.
13:07:12 <esberglu> efried: Yeah. I'll let you know if I have any questions
13:08:40 <edmondsw> I've several got patches up for translations
13:11:49 <edmondsw> efried I don't see any packaging manifests to update for pypowervm
13:12:08 <efried> edmondsw May need to talk to minhn
13:12:12 <edmondsw> k
13:12:14 <efried> Cause the build is failing.
13:12:18 <efried> for both RHEL and deb.
13:12:37 <efried> So if the packaging manifests don't live in the pypowervm project, they'll need to be updated... wherever they do live.
13:13:56 <edmondsw> yep
13:15:41 <edmondsw> did we lose esberglu?
13:15:56 <esberglu> Sorry responding to something else
13:16:14 <esberglu> Ready to move on?
13:16:42 <esberglu> #topic Device Passthrough
13:16:55 <esberglu> efried: You're up
13:17:13 <efried> Specs are froze.  Everything that we need got approved.  Code is proceeding apace.
13:17:34 <efried> I wouldn't be at all offended if y'all reviewed my patches.
13:17:52 <efried> I got started on the series for granular resource requests: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:bp/granular-resource-requests
13:18:09 <edmondsw> efried I would love to, but I don't see it happening any time soon with the way things are going
13:18:15 <efried> Other than that, I've been spending the majority of my time reviewing others' patches.
13:18:40 <edmondsw> I'm sure you've got things well in hand
13:18:42 <efried> Getting toward a decent understanding of how everything is working.
13:18:50 <efried> and keeping everyone honest.
13:18:54 <edmondsw> ++
13:19:29 <efried> Still waiting on requirements for the pike-based hack from jwcroppe
13:19:42 <efried> I imagine that's going to have to go through the whole UX design thing from pvc anyway
13:19:52 <efried> which will drive how the community side needs to look.
13:20:17 <efried> I'm almost thinking it may be more appropriate for pvc to carry this code in pvcos since we're gonna rip it all out anyway.
13:21:33 <efried> Anyway, that's about it.
13:22:29 <esberglu> #topic PowerVM CI
13:22:45 <esberglu> Been in a holding pattern here mostly
13:23:06 <esberglu> hsien enabled dev logs on one of the neos for the map lu bug
13:23:23 <esberglu> Just need it to hit there again so he can take a look
13:25:30 <esberglu> #topic Open Discussion
13:26:09 <efried> Got a quick one for y'all
13:26:17 <edmondsw> shoot
13:26:21 <efried> https://review.openstack.org/514633
13:26:27 <efried> I see esberglu already hit it.
13:26:58 <esberglu> edmondsw: recheck:powervm doesn't work
13:26:58 <efried> Noticed yesterday we don't get patchbot notifications for changes on stable branches.  I want that.
13:27:10 <esberglu> It needs to be the other order powervm:recheck
13:27:32 <edmondsw> esberglu doh
13:27:36 <esberglu> efried: Yep good addition
13:27:41 <edmondsw> ++
13:27:52 <efried> Y'all could review this one too: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/499367/
13:28:03 <efried> Then I could make that a regex and wouldn't have to remember to update it every release.
13:28:28 <efried> People were excited about that patch in IRC when I proposed it.  Then... nothing.
13:28:48 <esberglu> efried: Will do
13:28:59 <efried> Nothing else from me.
13:29:14 <edmondsw> ack
13:29:18 <esberglu> Me neither
13:29:21 <edmondsw> done
13:29:39 <esberglu> #endmeeting