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18:16:03 <_lore_> hi all
18:17:17 <mmichelson> hi everyone
18:17:28 <mmichelson> I guess I can get things started
18:17:59 <mmichelson> Big thing is that tomorrow is supposed to be when we branch for 20.12. Any new features that were submitted before soft freeze and are still not in,  please post them in here so we can review them.
18:18:39 <mmichelson> The big things I know of are the BFD stuff from _lore_, the datapath groups patch fro imaximets, and the parallelization patches from Anton. The DDLog patches are set to go into master after branching
18:18:54 <mmichelson> If there are other new features that need to be reviewed before tomorrow, please be sure to post a link.
18:20:07 <mmichelson> As far as a personal update is concerned, I took some time to try to implement the SCTP version of ACL rejects. I have a patch written and am working on expanding the ACL reject test case to include it.
18:20:49 <mmichelson> I don't intend for that to be included in 20.12. I'm focusing the rest of the time I have this week on reviews and eventually branching.
18:20:58 <mmichelson> And that's all from me.
18:23:42 <mmichelson> Does anyone else care to go?
18:23:54 <mmichelson> Can people see my messages?
18:24:28 <dceara> I have a oneliner update: the patch to try to fix "ovn-nbctl --wait=hv sync" got merged by Han yesterday but I saw today that there are some failures in CI.  I sent a follow up for the case I missed.  Otherwise I did some reviews here and there and debugged some of the issues imaximets was seeing with his datapath groups patches.
18:24:35 <numans> mmichelson, Yes.
18:25:17 <imaximets> Small update from my side
18:25:58 <imaximets> I worked mostly on logical datapath groups patch-set.  And also reviewed and tested idl fixes form dceara.
18:26:36 <imaximets> IDL fixes for memory leaks and use-after-free are merged to OVS now and backported down to 2.12
18:26:47 <dceara> imaximets: Thanks!
18:27:29 <imaximets> v2 of logical datapath groups is on a list, it passes all the tests now.  Thanks to dceara for the great help with debugging.
18:27:48 <imaximets> That's it from me.
18:27:55 <numans> I can go real quick
18:28:08 <numans> I did some small reviews.
18:28:43 <numans> Last week I started looking into mac binding local cache. After discussion in the ML, I paused on it.
18:28:58 <numans> As the mac binding scale issues have solved for the reporter of the issue.
18:29:23 <numans> I've started now looking into ECMP support for router policies.
18:29:49 <numans> And last thing, GHA patch is merged and the CI is mostly green now :)
18:29:55 <numans> That's it from me.
18:30:54 <_lore_> can I go next? pretty fast
18:31:46 <_lore_> after bfd support this week I added the capability to send tcp rst/icmp port unreach. for empty lb
18:32:02 <_lore_> it has been tested by Openshift folks and I posted it
18:32:17 <_lore_> now I running some tests on ovn-scale-test
18:32:25 <_lore_> that's all from my side
18:36:38 <mmichelson> OK, anyone else?
18:38:53 <numans> I guess we can end the meeting today.
18:39:06 <mmichelson> Wow, I figured for sure I wouldn't be able to end this
18:39:12 <mmichelson> OK, thanks everyone!
18:39:14 <mmichelson> #endmeeting