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17:16:34 <numans> Hello
17:16:44 <blp> hi!
17:16:48 <mmichelson> hi blp
17:16:53 <numans> blp, hi
17:17:39 <mmichelson> I can get things started, I guess.
17:17:53 <mmichelson> I got a new revision of unit tests put up for review.
17:18:02 <mmichelson> aaand, that's about it.
17:18:39 <mmichelson> I've got a patch brewing that is going to help OpenShift out, but I gave them a rough-cut version of the patch to test to start with. The actual patch I'll submit to the mailing list will likely differ.
17:18:55 <mmichelson> But it is a patch that will allow for user-selection of the CT zone to use for SNAT.
17:19:14 <mmichelson> And that's all I wanted to bring up for the moment.
17:19:16 <blp> OK... sounds good.
17:19:22 <blp> May I go next?
17:19:58 <numans> sure
17:20:28 <blp> OK, I've submitted a number of series of patches building up toward adding ddlog support for ovn-northd.
17:20:42 <blp> Thanks to everyone for reviewing them. The reviews have gone so quickly and smoothly! I am grateful for that.
17:20:59 <blp> I have more series to go. I will send out another one today.
17:21:16 <blp> This next one will focus on refactoring the test infrastructure to make it easier to understand
17:21:25 <blp> and better for interpretation.
17:21:56 <blp> I had to spend a lot of time wrestling with the tests in various ways to make the ddlog implementation pass, but these improvements should help everyone.
17:22:08 <blp> That's my report.
17:22:09 <numans> thanks for the patches so far.
17:22:13 <mmichelson> blp, some of us Red Hat OVN people were talking today, and if you wanted to submit more patches at once it would be OK. We're in a holding pattern right now for new submissions to ovn-northd, and so we'll definitely get on reviews quickly so that we can get back to submitting new northd content.
17:22:50 <blp> I think there are probably 2-3 series left. Today's should be the biggest set of changes to existing code.
17:22:56 <mmichelson> blp, ack
17:22:57 <blp> The final series will essentially be just new code.
17:23:16 <mmichelson> blp, were you ever able to do any scale testing of the ddlog code?
17:23:26 <blp> no, not that I found convincing
17:25:30 <blp> Who's next?
17:25:45 <numans> blp, I've one question.
17:26:06 <numans> blp, I was trying to compile the ovn code from your ddlog6 branch
17:26:13 <numans> and I'm seeing this error - northd/ovn-northd-ddlog.c:45:10: fatal error: northd/ovn_northd_ddlog/ddlog.h: No such file or directory
17:26:22 <numans> blp, any pointers what could be wrong ?
17:26:48 <numans> I wanted to try it out and have a scale test run
17:27:04 <blp> That is a generated file. It is generated by the ddlog program at build time. If it is not being generated, then something is odd.
17:27:24 <numans> someone ddlog generation is skipped.
17:27:42 <numans> I'll debug later and see.
17:28:12 <numans> s/someone/somehow
17:28:24 <blp> OK.
17:28:40 <numans> I can go real quick. I addressed review comments from mmichelson  and submitted v2 of hairpin improvment patches.
17:29:04 <numans> thanks mmichelson for the reviews.
17:29:23 <numans> I still need to address dceara's comments.
17:29:51 <numans> And I did blp's and few other patch reviews.
17:29:57 <numans> That's it from me.
17:31:14 <numans> If someone wants to go next.
17:33:56 <mmichelson> I'm not sure who else is here. I know dceara said he was going to be out today.
17:35:06 <blp> OK, I'm going to get back to polishing up my patches then.
17:35:34 <mmichelson> OK, we'll be watching the mailing list
17:35:40 <mmichelson> All right, I guess that'sit
17:35:44 <mmichelson> #endmeeting