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17:17:11 <mmichelson> Biggest thing for me to report is that we released OVN 20.09.0 on Tuesday. I've also done some reviews.
17:17:16 <mmichelson> And that's all from me.
17:18:51 <blp> Hi, sorry I'm late.
17:18:56 <mmichelson> hi blp
17:20:05 <blp> Has the party started?
17:20:21 <mmichelson> blp, yes. I've given my update and opened the floor to anyone else. I think others are late to join today
17:20:28 <blp> OK.
17:20:32 <blp> Here is my update.
17:21:04 <blp> I have almost finished bringing ovn-northd-ddlog up to date with ovn-northd.c. However, I haven't tested it and fixed the bugs yet.
17:21:10 <blp> That will probably take another week, at least.
17:21:14 <blp> After that, I'll start posting patches.
17:21:49 <blp> I think that's it.
17:22:09 <blp> We haven't started getting proposals for ovscon coming in yet. I hope they start coming in soon.
17:22:19 <blp> (On the other hand, if everyone is just burned out with online conferences, so be it.)
17:22:28 <mmichelson> blp, cool on the DDlog stuff. Regarding ovscon, I'll submit a talk proposal at the last minute :)
17:22:43 <blp> That's kind of normal. Most talk proposals come in in the last wek.
17:22:56 <blp> I don't remember what deadline we set, I'd have to look at the CFP.
17:23:00 <blp> Probalby I should tweet about it again.
17:23:03 <mmichelson> I think it was something like Oct 19?
17:23:14 <mmichelson> Or maybe the 9th
17:23:22 <mmichelson> That would make more sense since it's a Friday
17:24:16 <mmichelson> Ah, it's the 16th :)
17:24:19 <mmichelson> Split the difference.
17:25:29 <blp> Who else wants to speak?
17:25:40 <zhouhan> blp: I saw there is a patch series posted for making ovn-northd multi-thread. It is a different way of speeding up ovn-northd comparing with DDlog
17:26:11 <zhouhan> blp: any thoughts on the approach?
17:27:12 <blp> zhouhan: Oh, gosh, I have not looked.
17:27:17 <blp> Who is it by?
17:27:53 <zhouhan> it is from anton ivanov
17:27:59 <blp> OK.
17:28:03 <blp> I'll have a look.
17:28:48 <zhouhan> I can quickly update.
17:29:58 <blp> zhouhan: please go ahead
17:30:09 <zhouhan> I am in code reviews. There is a bug fix from Mark for the OVSDB IDL _is_new() problem. I will dig deeper on that one.
17:30:18 <zhouhan> That's it :)
17:30:43 <numans> Hi
17:30:46 <numans> (joining late)
17:31:13 <numans> I can quickly give an update.
17:32:07 <numans> I'm working on the reject ovn action. The patches are almost ready. I'll post them next week. On PTO for much of this week.
17:32:16 <numans> That's it.
17:32:25 <blp> One of the biggest difficulties with ddlog ovn is simply that people keep adding features!
17:32:40 <blp> I mean, I don't want you guys to slow down.
17:33:57 <numans> blp, I understand, it would be hard for you to always catch up. I think it should be fine to get the ddlog patches in even if some test cases fail due to missing features.
17:34:25 <numans> and once the patches are in, community can work on it and get the ddlog in sync with c version.
17:36:26 <blp> yes.
17:36:31 <blp> Anything else?
17:36:53 <numans> I'm done with my updates.
17:37:41 <mmichelson> Hm, not sure if anyone else will be joining.
17:38:09 <zhouhan> blp: understand. You are rewriting all patches in DDlog alone for the work done by the whole community :)
17:46:11 <mmichelson> Hm, 8 minutes of silence. I'm ending this
17:46:12 <mmichelson> #endmeeting