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17:15:24 <zhouhan> Hi
17:16:02 <mmichelson> Hi everyone. I'll go first real quick
17:17:02 <mmichelson> I've got a small improvement to be able to gather pinctrl stats. You can find my WIP here: https://github.com/putnopvut/ovn/tree/pinctrl_stats
17:17:40 <mmichelson> Right now it just keeps track of the count of packet-in operations that occur per port binding.
17:18:45 <mmichelson> I emailed Jeremy Kerr again earlier this week about getting a separate OVN project for patchwork, but I never heard back from him. So I'll need to ping him again to see what needs to be done on our end to facilitate it.
17:19:02 <mmichelson> Other than that, it's mostly been helping to put out fires for Red Hat customer issues.
17:19:04 <mmichelson> And that's it for me.
17:21:35 <mmichelson> hm, quiet day.
17:22:36 <zhouhan> I can go next
17:24:06 <zhouhan> I continued working on ovn scale test, comparing between versions. The basic findings so far is that 20.03/06's northd spent much more time than 2.12. Second finding is 20.06's ovn-controller I-P has reduced number of lflow_runs.
17:24:53 <zhouhan> I still didn't got time to dig out the reason why 20.03 started to spent almost doubled time in northd. That will be my next target.
17:26:02 <numans> zhouhan, no regressions in ovn-controller due to the I-P patches right ?
17:27:05 <zhouhan> For the e2e latency, it seems the I-P improvement recently done in 20.06 doesn't help much. I.e. 20.03 and 20.06 shows similar result. I think it is due to the flow comparing part. I will work on incrementally install the flows without full comparison, and see how it improves.
17:27:15 <zhouhan> numans: No regression seen on my testing :)
17:27:42 <numans> ok. good to hear about that
17:28:01 <numans> given that there were quite a few regressions earlier
17:28:29 <zhouhan> apart from this, there were lots of questions and discussions in the ML, I tried my best to answer some of them. I think it is a good sign that OVN is getting more and more popular :)
17:29:10 <zhouhan> However, it seems some documentation needs to be further improved, especially for the OVN DB clustering.
17:29:35 <numans> agree.
17:30:00 <zhouhan> Oh, finally, thanks dceara for fixing the RAFT bug I introduced, which caused the inconsistancy problem.
17:30:19 <zhouhan> that's it from me
17:30:43 <dceara> zhouhan: no problem, it's good that we figured it out.
17:30:45 <numans> I can go real quick next.
17:30:56 <numans> Not much on the OVN patches this week.
17:31:09 <numans> I was busy with mmichelson on some issues.
17:31:34 <numans> not much reviews this week. But I'll review zhouhan's ARP patches after this meeting.
17:31:44 <zhouhan> thanks numans
17:32:06 <numans> And request review these patches - https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openvswitch/list/?series=194004
17:32:11 <numans> That's it from me.
17:32:27 <dceara> numans: I'm looking at them as we speak :)
17:33:18 <zhouhan> I forgot to mention that it would be appreciated if someone could help review this: #link https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openvswitch/patch/1596217711-11945-1-git-send-email-hzhou@ovn.org/
17:33:38 <dceara> zhouhan: ack, i'll put it on my list for tomorrow
17:33:45 <zhouhan> dceara: thanks!
17:34:26 <numans> dceara, thanks.
17:36:33 <dceara> I have a quick update too: except for the RAFT issue I found a bug in the IGMP code that was uncovered when ovn-k8s moved to ovn-monitor-all. #link https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openvswitch/list/?series=194449
17:37:01 <dceara> And I was planning to do a round of reviews today/tomorrow. That's it on my side, thanks!
17:37:22 <numans> One last point from me, I need some attention on this patch too https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openvswitch/patch/20200709091156.773306-1-numans@ovn.org/. Ankur and I are having discussions there. It would be nice to get comments from others too.
17:37:36 <numans> dceara, I'll take a look.
17:37:52 <dceara> numans: thanks!
17:38:49 <mmichelson> Anybody else?
17:39:30 <imaximets> No much updates from me.  I'm just looking at DB inconsistency fix from dceara.  Will likely apply it today or tomorrow.
17:39:41 <dceara> imaximets: thanks!
17:40:20 <dceara> imaximets: I assume it's ok to backport it to 2.13, right?
17:40:41 <imaximets> dceara, it should go down to 2.12, I think.
17:40:56 <dceara> imaximets: great, thanks
17:41:19 <imaximets> dceara, np.  thanks for fixing!
17:42:13 <mmichelson> All right everyone thanks for the updates. Talk to you next week
17:42:18 <numans> Bye
17:42:20 <mmichelson> #endmeeting