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17:16:27 <imaximets> Hi
17:16:30 <_lore_> hi all
17:16:39 <mmichelson> howdy!
17:17:08 <mmichelson> I can go ahead and get things started
17:17:34 <mmichelson> I was off most of the time since we last had this meeting. Yesterday I tagged the 20.06.1 release. Thanks to everyone for the improvements and bug fixes for it.
17:17:49 <mmichelson> Today, I made some changes for the ovn.org site to add release information.
17:17:57 <mmichelson> #link https://github.com/ovn-org/ovn-website/pull/10
17:18:43 <mmichelson> That pull request adds releases to the website just as static markdown. Having some sort of script generate the page in the future would make it easier to adjust the pages when we make a new release.
17:19:01 <mmichelson> Note that the pull request is failing some checks. There's a separate PR that fixes that problem.
17:19:14 <mmichelson> And that's all from me!
17:20:12 <imaximets> mmichelson, does OVN provide links directly to github releases?
17:20:28 <mmichelson> imaximets, yes, the PR adds links to the github releases.
17:20:38 <imaximets> mmichelson, ack.
17:21:16 <imaximets> mmichelson, I just looked at OVS website and it hosts tarbals by itself for a few reasons.  That is actually hard to maintain.
17:23:14 * dceara joins late..
17:23:47 <mmichelson> imaximets, yeah I don't see a great reason to host tarballs when we can link to github and let them do it for us ;)
17:25:13 <imaximets> mmichelson, sure.  AFAIU, the main reason was that it's unclear if github release tarbals are persistent, e.g. if they will have exactly  same hash all the time.  But this question had no answer.
17:26:16 <imaximets> mmichelson, I think it should be fine to only have links to github.  Maybe we could revisit this for openvswitch.org as well.
17:27:13 <mmichelson> imaximets, sure. It's probably worth bringing up on the list.
17:27:43 <imaximets> mmichelson, sure.
17:31:14 <mmichelson> anyone else that wishes to share can feel free
17:31:18 <panda> quick status: I'm not doing much, mostly bashing my head at some bugs for now. I have part of the patch for RA options, and tommorrow I'll look at a flow problem in a reproduced environment
17:32:36 <_lore_> I can go next, very quick
17:33:10 <_lore_> this week I added the PMTU discovery support for IPv6, merged by Numan
17:33:49 <_lore_> I finalized perf support for ovn-scale-test and I added the capability to collect perf results in the node running ovs-rally
17:34:01 <_lore_> then I mainly worked downstream
17:34:38 <_lore_> btw the kernel fix for MTU issue in ovs kdp has been merged
17:34:46 <_lore_> that's all from my side
17:35:03 <mmichelson> _lore_, with regards to the MTU issue fix, do we know which kernel version it will be included in?
17:36:44 <_lore_> it is in net, so it will backported to stable kernels backword
17:37:11 <_lore_> I can't recall what are stable kernels now
17:37:22 <_lore_> let me check
17:38:15 <mmichelson> _lore_, thanks. I just predict I'll be answering this question from a bunch of RH people :)
17:38:54 <_lore_> for RH it is different, since we backport fixes, I have already backported it to rhel8.3
17:39:36 <mmichelson> _lore_, OK thanks
17:39:40 <_lore_> yw :)
17:40:21 <dceara> I can go next if that's ok.
17:41:14 <dceara> A short update on my side this week: I sent a couple of patches to make ovn-detrace work with SSL connections to the NB/SB dbs. I also sent a patch to fix the latest openflow "explosion" problems reported by Girish:
17:41:19 <dceara> #link https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openvswitch/list/?series=188108 ovn-detrace over ssl
17:41:24 <dceara> #link https://mail.openvswitch.org/pipermail/ovs-discuss/2020-June/050287.html flow "explosion"
17:41:28 <dceara> #link https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openvswitch/patch/20200708150301.10666.86582.stgit@dceara.remote.csb/ flow "explosion" fix
17:42:01 <dceara> That's it on my side, thanks.
17:42:25 <mmichelson> dceara, thanks!
17:43:01 <mmichelson> Anyone else?
17:45:17 <mmichelson> That's two minutes without a response. I think the meeting's over. Thanks everyone
17:45:27 <mmichelson> #endmeeting