15:02:32 <mihalis68> #startmeeting Ops Meetups Team
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15:02:35 <fifieldt> Mihalis68, I am mobile, so chairing not great for me
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15:02:39 <mihalis68> #topic
15:02:46 <mihalis68> #topic review of last weeks actions
15:02:58 <mihalis68> I was to mail the planning ether pad to the mailing list - DONE
15:03:16 <fifieldt> Apologies - I still have not got the eventbrite up
15:03:24 <mrhillsman> o/
15:03:37 <fifieldt> This is because my.colleagues were doing PTg thinga
15:03:45 <mcunietti> hi all
15:03:52 <mihalis68> I was to check with Bloomberg re: Sponsorship. My nearest spending approver is abroad, however I heard from some new possible sponsors during the week
15:03:57 <fifieldt> Within the week.ia the aim
15:04:17 <mrhillsman> i am waiting for responses to my action items, intel for fall mid-cyle and rackspace sponsorship
15:04:29 <fifieldt> Mihalis68: we had an EoI from huawei for.milano sponsorship
15:04:45 <fifieldt> Hello to.anni or rocky if they are attend ing
15:04:45 <mihalis68> Anni Lai got in touch from Huawei
15:05:11 <mcunietti> I am still lacking any response from my candidate sponsors
15:05:14 <mihalis68> tom sent a great summary of this process, likely costs, what sponsors "get" etc etc
15:05:29 <mcunietti> Cloudbase, SuSE, Redhat...no one answering
15:05:33 <mihalis68> to Anni that is. She says there is strong interest from several Chinese companies
15:05:38 <mcunietti> also tried Cisco
15:06:05 <VW> o/
15:06:15 <izaakk> o/
15:06:26 <fifieldt> Yay VW, izaakk
15:06:49 <matt_jarvis> afternoon
15:06:51 <matt_jarvis> sorry I'm late
15:06:55 <emccormick> mihalis68: Can we archive that doc somewhere for use each round? Maybe a link on the wiki or something?
15:07:08 <mihalis68> Absolutely
15:07:23 <mihalis68> #action mihalis68 to convert Tom email into a suitable wikipage for reuse
15:07:32 <emccormick> ty :)
15:07:34 <mihalis68> I'll strip specific details like names and companies
15:07:47 <fifieldt> Thanks mihalis68 - I can provide backing as needee
15:07:59 <mihalis68> i have now checked with my spending approver via email. I hoped to do it in person but missed my chance, so my actions are DONE
15:08:40 <fifieldt> :D
15:08:46 <mihalis68> I think that's all the actions that were recorded last week. Last week was short due to a brief agenda and not that many joining
15:09:20 <mihalis68> ok so the next item I put on the agenda is Milan planning
15:09:47 <mihalis68> I understand that sponsorship decisions are urgent. What else still needs doing other than that and the agenda/moderators etc?
15:10:09 <fifieldt> How is the brainstorming going?
15:10:10 <mihalis68> I think we have the date, venue, floorpans, assurances on wifi, hotel info etc
15:10:18 <fifieldt> Do we have good topics yet!
15:10:23 <mcunietti> :-)
15:10:28 <mcunietti> happy you're happy
15:10:43 <emccormick> Maybe a little "getting around" thing from one of the locals?
15:10:46 <fifieldt> Yes, mcunietti is doing a great jobb
15:10:58 <fifieldt> +1 emccormick
15:11:00 <mrhillsman> for sponsors, who do they need to get in touch with?
15:11:05 <emccormick> I suppose the wikitravel page is sufficient, but a little verbose.
15:11:17 <mihalis68> the planning ether pad is #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/MIL-ops-meetup
15:11:31 <mcunietti> by "getting around" you mean maps and suggested venues, tourist info etc? we'll do it
15:11:46 <fifieldt> Mrhilsman, mihalis68 , I guess sponsors are best to get in touch with mcunietti
15:12:01 <emccormick> particularly getting from the airports to the hotels / venue. The rest is gravy :)
15:12:05 <fifieldt> Mcunietti, have you paid for anything other than.space yet?
15:12:26 <shintaro> +1 emccormick
15:12:34 <fifieldt> As in - do.other sponsors pay Enter or the vendor directly v
15:12:38 <mrhillsman> mcunietti should we just provide them an email address for you or give them enter's contact details and ask to speak with you?
15:12:48 <mihalis68> one question in this area for Anni is details of how money is handled
15:12:59 <mcunietti> fifieldt: not yet
15:13:02 <mrhillsman> or is that not figured out yet
15:13:34 <mcunietti> emccormick: we'll provide a website with all the info, let me check if that is feasible
15:13:34 <fifieldt> Thanks mcunietti, I guess in this case other sponsors could pay eg food vendor directly
15:13:56 <mcunietti> fifieldt: may be a problem matching all sponsorships with exact fees
15:14:00 <emccormick> mcunietti: Thanks!
15:14:10 <fifieldt> Yeah?
15:14:20 <mihalis68> so the financial details are ad hoc? Anna said Huawei is very big with a very rigid finance system.
15:14:34 <mrhillsman> most companies probably are
15:14:55 <mihalis68> fifield have we processed sponsorship through the openstack foundation for these things?
15:15:15 <fifieldt> Naw, normally funds went.direct to.suppliers
15:15:17 <mcunietti> let me know how are we supposed to manage suppliers, either by our pockets or by sponsors', maybe I'd need some clearance from acct office
15:15:44 <mcunietti> fifieldt: mobile.keyboard uh? :-)
15:16:01 <fifieldt> So very.much :)
15:16:05 <mihalis68> unfortunately I have little insight. Bloomberg (my employer) picked up the rental and all food and facilities and nothing else. Then a separate effort got the first evening event partially sponsored
15:16:19 <mihalis68> Bloomberg was thus able to just pay the venue directly
15:16:38 <mrhillsman> so we have to wait until next meeting for those details mcunietti?
15:17:18 <mcunietti> mrhillsman: what details? sponsorships or travel info?
15:17:23 <mihalis68> So we need a list of items to be funded and then try to get a sponsor for those items?
15:17:25 <mrhillsman> sponsorships
15:17:40 <mrhillsman> maybe if we get an itemized list we can have sponsors pick up tab
15:17:44 <annilai> Hi
15:17:50 <mihalis68> matt did you pool some sponsors for Manchester?
15:17:53 <mihalis68> hi Anni
15:17:56 <mcunietti> mrhillsman: do you mean how much or who is going to pay? I don't understand
15:18:09 <mihalis68> We are just discussing sponsorship details for the milan meetup
15:18:10 <annilai> Sorry for being late. Went to the wrong channel
15:18:23 <fifieldt> Hi annilai!
15:18:27 <mihalis68> oops sorry if we didn't make it clear enough
15:18:28 <mcunietti> mihalis68: AFAIK matt did an exact match and sponsors paid the suppliers
15:18:30 <fifieldt> Please meet everyone
15:18:40 <annilai> Hello, everyone! Glad to be here
15:18:49 <fifieldt> Annilai is a big boss in Huawei
15:18:58 <emccormick> Hello annilai! :)
15:19:00 <shintaro> hi Anni
15:19:01 <mihalis68> the specific question is : what items are currently not paid for for Milan and who can pick up the tab for those
15:19:03 <annilai> Not really just a messenger
15:19:05 <fifieldt> We are privileged to have her here
15:19:12 <mrhillsman> hi annilai, thanks for dropping in
15:19:14 <mihalis68> I believe just the space rental is taken care of?
15:19:42 <mcunietti> mihalis68: except for the venue, everything else has not been paid yet and there is no one on the horizon willing to pay for it :-)
15:19:47 <fifieldt> Annilai, mcunietti is our friend that is leading the venue in Milan
15:19:54 <annilai> Ok
15:19:58 <mihalis68> Ok, let us try to make a list
15:19:58 <mcunietti> Hi Annilai, nice to meet you!
15:20:10 <annilai> Likewise
15:20:23 <mihalis68> Lunch both days. That's really important to hold the day together vs. people leaving the event to shop for food
15:20:31 <fifieldt> True!
15:20:34 <mihalis68> mcunietti have you costed catering for that?
15:20:36 <mcunietti> mihalis68: food and soft drinks for 2 days, night event (=> Foundation?), prints and signage
15:20:58 <mcunietti> yes we already did this calculations two weeks ago, I guess it's also in the etherpad
15:21:06 <mcunietti> three weeks ago, sorry
15:21:37 <fifieldt> So, annilai, it around like if you are interested in sponsoring you have the option of working with mcunietti or paying directly to catering vendor
15:21:39 <VW> amen to the lunch on site
15:21:39 <mcunietti> yes it's there, Dec 20th
15:21:42 <mihalis68> ok I see it now
15:21:45 <mihalis68> thanks for reminding me!
15:21:54 <mcunietti> noprob
15:21:59 <fifieldt> For example :)
15:22:08 <mihalis68> catering approx 4,500 - 5000 Euros
15:22:11 <annilai> At this point I can't commit yet I still have to make a business case and propose it to HQ
15:22:18 <fifieldt> Of course
15:22:23 <mcunietti> annilai how about a discussion offline? mcunietti@enter.eu, +39 340 3195016
15:22:28 <annilai> That's why I'm here, I will let you know as soon as I get the greenlight
15:22:29 <mihalis68> badges and signs 750-1000 euros
15:22:50 <mihalis68> tell you what, I'll ask if Bloomberg can cover badges and signs
15:23:33 <annilai> Sure, discussion offline is great. My email is anni.lai@huawei.com
15:23:41 <mcunietti> BTW, did you see the accomodation information I posted on Etherpad before Christmas?
15:23:46 <fifieldt> Annilai has overlords to please from a potential sponsorship perspective, but she also has a lot of operator friends at many important companies
15:24:13 <fifieldt> She might be able to get some great attendees from some.telcos
15:24:39 <annilai> Yes! I'll get my operator friends to come. Milan is a good place ! 😂
15:24:40 <fifieldt> Experienced people who.might be able to moderate
15:25:14 <annilai> Yes !
15:25:17 <mrhillsman> mcunietti can i have rackspace reach out to you via that email directly?
15:25:19 <mihalis68> ok someone want to take an action to try to arrange sponsorship for catering?
15:25:23 <mcunietti> annilai: you got mail
15:25:45 <mcunietti> mrhillsman: of course!
15:25:47 <fifieldt> Hi zioproto!
15:25:55 <mcunietti> ciao Saverio
15:25:56 <mihalis68> seems like there's potentially money available, it's a coordination effort mainly
15:26:38 <mihalis68> mcunietti can I give you the action since you're picking up this topic via email with Anni?
15:26:38 <annilai> When do u need answer by?
15:27:29 <annilai> Answer to sponsorship ?
15:28:00 <mihalis68> I will try to get an answer for my bit by next meeting
15:28:02 <mcunietti> annilai: is the question for me or mihalis68?
15:28:18 <mihalis68> #action mihalis68 to get answer on Bloomberg sponsoring badges and signs for next meeting
15:28:23 <annilai> All of u. I need to know the deadline for sponsorship
15:28:40 <mcunietti> I think end of January is fine
15:28:45 <annilai> My company moves very slowly so I need to know the deadline
15:28:57 <annilai> Got it. Thx
15:29:04 <mcunietti> one and a half month advance for catering and mid-week night event is sufficient
15:29:23 <mcunietti> can be later anyway
15:29:36 <mcunietti> annilai: get a 10 day grace period more
15:29:42 <mihalis68> #action annuli to get answer about Huawei sponsoring some or all of the catering for Milan, deadline end of Jan 2017
15:29:46 <annilai> Ok. Thx
15:29:56 <mihalis68> sorry I got autocorrected there
15:30:49 <mihalis68> Ok. logistics are moving for milan
15:30:58 <mihalis68> i think the agenda is lagging
15:31:06 <mihalis68> matt_jarvis you here right now?
15:31:42 <VW> was he taking a first pass?
15:31:42 <mihalis68> #action annilai to get answer about Huawei sponsoring some or all of the catering for Milan, deadline end of Jan 2017
15:31:53 <emccormick> We have lots of General session ideas but few working group sessions at this point
15:31:53 <mihalis68> (I did that action again just to fix the name)
15:32:17 <mihalis68> VW matt was to be benevolent dictator for this bit of it, however it seems perhaps he has a lot going on
15:32:21 <mihalis68> he just changed jobs
15:32:38 <mcunietti> emccormick: can I still add ideas for working sessions?
15:32:43 <mihalis68> I did fwd the planning ether pad link to the mailing list, but unless I'm wrong we're not getting much tractioon
15:32:47 <VW> ah - gotcha mihalis68
15:32:55 <VW> I am happy to help with schedule planning
15:33:02 <VW> I won't be making it to the meetup, though
15:33:04 <matt_jarvis> mihalis68, sorry am in another meeting at the same time
15:33:08 <mihalis68> understood. I can't make it either
15:33:13 <emccormick> <mcunietti: of course. It's just an open etherpad right now.
15:33:18 <fifieldt> Mihailis68 - if acceptable, I can email.past attendees
15:33:25 <mcunietti> thanks
15:34:06 <mihalis68> yes, fiefeldt I think we need to jump to email and find out who's able to really help get this moving. I should be able to help
15:34:25 <mihalis68> who's in for plan-by-email?
15:34:35 <annilai> +1
15:34:38 <mihalis68> mccormick?
15:34:40 <shintaro> o/
15:34:51 <mcunietti> is there more to say about Milan? I'm on a hurry and need to leave early, sorry
15:35:09 <mihalis68> mcunietti i think we are good other than session planning, thanks!
15:35:12 <mcunietti> I mean Milan logistics
15:35:17 <mcunietti> thank you all
15:35:18 <mihalis68> yes understood
15:35:32 <mcunietti> bye everyone
15:35:39 <annilai> Bye
15:35:41 <VW> bye mcunietti
15:35:45 <shintaro> bye
15:35:50 <mihalis68> #info just past halfway through allotted meeting time
15:36:17 <mihalis68> it looks like fifieldt offered to do the kick-off email
15:36:21 <mihalis68> yes? :)
15:36:23 <fifieldt> Ja
15:36:24 <emccormick> mihalis68: Sorry distractions. Yes email is fine
15:36:58 <fifieldt> Annilai, for reference mihalis68 is Chris Morgan :)
15:37:09 <annilai> Pls include me on email communication . Thx
15:37:19 <annilai> Ok. I see.
15:37:26 <mihalis68> #action fifieldt to email the planning team to get session planning really moving - past participants and definitely mihalis68 vw annilai shintaro matt_jarvis
15:37:41 <mihalis68> anyone else wish to be cc:ed on that?
15:37:49 <annilai> Rocky
15:37:54 <emccormick> and me
15:37:55 <emccormick> :)
15:37:58 <fifieldt> Absolutely
15:38:00 <mihalis68> ok very good, thanks!
15:38:08 <annilai> Pls include rocky on our side too.
15:38:17 <mihalis68> is that enough about milan for now?
15:38:19 <fifieldt> Always, rocky is awesome
15:38:45 <emccormick> milan == covered
15:38:45 <mihalis68> ok. #topic early planning for August 2017
15:39:10 <mihalis68> Has everyone seen the intel proposal? They are saying they can host in Oregon in August
15:39:29 <fifieldt> Any details yet?
15:39:30 <mihalis68> I don't think we have voted on that proposal being accepted
15:39:43 <mihalis68> mrhillsman was actioned to ask them for more
15:39:43 <fifieldt> I am meeting Carol B. tomorrow and can ask
15:39:48 <mihalis68> oh great
15:40:08 <mihalis68> #action fifieldt to obtain more detail on intel hosting proposal for oregon august 2017
15:40:26 <fifieldt> Ack-ack
15:40:34 <mihalis68> in that case, shall we vote next week on the proposal that intel's proposal is locked-in?
15:40:59 <emccormick> sounds good.
15:41:10 <annilai> Plus one
15:41:16 <mihalis68> we are slightly in new territory. For the NYC slot we had two proposals, so had to have the poll
15:41:36 <mihalis68> but for "north america region, 2nd meet up in 2017" we only have intel, so I guess it's a formality
15:41:58 <mihalis68> (before NYC we just had Tom's magic process making it all happen "effortlessly" :)   )
15:42:17 <emccormick> Those were the days
15:42:47 <mihalis68> ok #info meetup team to vote on intel proposal for august 2017 next meeting 2017-1-17
15:42:47 <annilai> I'll try Huawei too if we need a backup for North America
15:42:49 <mrhillsman> yeah, i mentioned when i came in
15:42:55 <emccormick> We've allowed plenty of time for other proposals to pop up and sent multiple calls, so I see no reason to drag it out past next week
15:43:01 <mrhillsman> i hit up carol mihalis68 fifieldt
15:43:26 <mihalis68> oh yes I see now you said you were waiting for a response
15:43:49 <shintaro> where is the latest proposal? still here ? https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ops-meetup-venue-discuss-aug-2017
15:43:52 <mihalis68> mccormick I agree, we agreed a cutoff of end of 2016 for NA proposals and intel was the only one
15:44:01 <mihalis68> I believe so Shintaro
15:44:27 <mihalis68> i think voting next week is just so that everyone has enough details to make an informed choice
15:44:28 <fifieldt> I also want to talk with shintaro about the potential for.something at OpenStack Tokyo day
15:44:53 <shintaro> ok. fifieldt it's in July
15:44:55 <fifieldt> It would be great to get something in APAC this year, I believe
15:45:08 <annilai> How about China day ?
15:45:14 <mihalis68> #action mihalis68 to notify operators mailing list when full intel details are provided and let them know we'll agree this proposal unless a problem is found (unlikely)
15:45:27 <annilai> The last Monday and Tuesday of July
15:45:31 <shintaro> We are planning a local meetup in Days Tokyo.
15:45:41 <mihalis68> #topic APAC operators meetings
15:46:36 <mihalis68> proposals: operators meet ups at China day and at openstack tokyo day
15:46:44 <annilai> I would like to propose Chyna day for APAC if it's not too late
15:46:45 <mihalis68> Seems good to me!
15:46:54 <annilai> China day
15:47:13 <annilai> In that case why huawei can definitely host
15:47:17 <zioproto> hello, I just arrived in front of the screen, reading the log right now :)
15:47:20 <mihalis68> so there's no limit to how many times operators can get together
15:47:31 <shintaro> We did this last year and had good attendance from Japanese ops
15:47:32 <fifieldt> Indeed
15:47:44 <mihalis68> As I understand there's agreement to do a minimum of two mid-cycles and two summits and then whatever extras people can pull together
15:48:00 <fifieldt> I went to the jp ops meetup last year and it was quite good
15:48:05 <annilai> Great !
15:48:07 <shintaro> and also did it in Okinawa last month
15:48:09 <mihalis68> There's a small chance I'd try to do china. My daughter is doing well learning mandarin
15:48:25 <fifieldt> Also, China day was good :p
15:48:33 <annilai> Ha ha.. she can come and help
15:48:59 <mihalis68> she's not very into openstack, but she could be my interpreter! :)
15:49:10 <fifieldt> Would pay to.see this
15:49:16 <mihalis68> heh
15:49:16 <fifieldt> ^_^
15:49:16 <annilai> Ok 👌
15:49:45 <mihalis68> I have a link I can share. She did a mandarin language video for a school project
15:50:07 <mihalis68> it's funny, especially if you understand the words
15:50:11 <annilai> Huawei is hiring .. she can apply :)
15:50:13 <mihalis68> apologies for getting so offtopic
15:50:37 <zioproto> August will be North America or APAC ? I got confused ?
15:50:43 <VW> North America
15:50:53 <VW> but what you are seeing here is the beginning of what we talked about
15:50:53 <mihalis68> August is the "official" mid-cycle meet up
15:51:01 <VW> not just one Ops meetup every 6 months
15:51:04 <VW> but more regional events
15:51:05 <emccormick> NA
15:51:05 <VW> :D
15:51:12 <zioproto> okay
15:51:21 <mihalis68> i think the only true "official" thing about it is the community tries to all get there
15:51:30 <mihalis68> which is why there's a travel distance optimization effort
15:51:52 <mihalis68> what can this team do to assist these other regional events?
15:52:07 <mihalis68> We can get the word out within our organizations of course
15:52:13 <mihalis68> anything else?
15:53:09 <emccormick> We are starting to come up with reusable docs and todo lists. At some point it will be a nice repo we can share with those organizers
15:53:17 <mihalis68> Well, I'll put a note about this topic on the agenda and share that after the meeting and we'll then ping the mailing list to try to get indications of interest
15:53:46 <mihalis68> #info 7 minutes left
15:53:57 <shintaro> how to link regional effort to the official one would be a challenge
15:54:15 <annilai> Agree
15:54:17 <shintaro> since not everybody can travel or speak English
15:54:52 <mihalis68> perhaps we need an effort to translate ether pads?
15:55:09 <shintaro> we did that already :)
15:55:12 <mihalis68> the Summit in Tokyo had fantastic multi-language simultaneous translation
15:55:19 <annilai> I think most of Openstack era can read English
15:55:20 <mihalis68> oh, sorry, i'm out of date
15:55:32 <shintaro> I mean we did our meetup in local language but at the same time did etherpad live-memo in English
15:55:37 <mihalis68> I see
15:55:56 <annilai> Otherwise how do they read documents to learn Openstack ?
15:56:23 <mihalis68> This reminds me ... the systems of furiously spawning topic-specific ether pads is very easy but leads to a fractured result
15:56:38 <annilai> I think there are benefits to do regional ones in addition to official midcycles since not everyone can travel
15:56:48 <mihalis68> if we get 4 main and many more regional events, it will be a shame if you can't browse them from a single index
15:57:05 <mihalis68> and it will be too many to just keep track of each individually
15:57:14 <mihalis68> I can barely find all "our" links for these meetings at times
15:57:25 <mihalis68> which brings me to : fiefieldt any thoughts on tooling?
15:57:36 <fifieldt> Hehehe
15:57:37 <mihalis68> You were going to tell us about a possible tool? Cheddar?
15:57:48 <fifieldt> Thoughts yes, solutions no
15:57:57 <VW> so close...
15:58:08 <fifieldt> Working with ttx on updates to "odsreg"
15:58:11 <fifieldt> Look it up
15:58:19 <fifieldt> It's for submitting.sessions
15:58:22 <fifieldt> Works.well
15:58:31 <mihalis68> I guess it won't be ready in time for milan?
15:58:41 <fifieldt> Could be if we push
15:58:43 <mihalis68> for our purposes?
15:58:53 <fifieldt> Check out odsreg.openatack.org
15:58:57 <fifieldt> Or something
15:59:10 <mihalis68> I'd like ideas on pulling the disparate ether pads and google docs into something more coherent
15:59:13 <mihalis68> maybe for next week
15:59:15 <fifieldt> Oj
15:59:22 <fifieldt> Action me
15:59:26 <mihalis68> #info one more minute
15:59:27 <fifieldt> I can write it up
15:59:37 <mihalis68> #action fifieldt to write up tooling thoughts
15:59:38 <fifieldt> Oh teh noes
16:00:02 <mihalis68> pretty good progress this week I think
16:00:13 <mihalis68> any more comments before I end this meeting?
16:00:14 <mihalis68> anyone?
16:00:22 <zioproto> thanks for the meeting
16:00:28 <zioproto> sorry I was super late :)
16:00:31 <fifieldt> Thank you!for chairing
16:00:41 <shintaro> thanks
16:00:44 <mihalis68> thanks for everyone who participated and particularly welcome our new joiner Anni!
16:00:49 <annilai> Nice meeting everyone ! Have a good day/night !
16:00:53 <fifieldt> Gotta run to the next meeting
16:00:54 <mihalis68> #endmeeting