14:02:14 <mihalis68_> #startmeeting ops-meetup-team
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14:02:34 <mihalis68_> I went to check the forum topics we submitted and I can't see any of them :|
14:02:46 <mihalis68_> Pretty concerned that something bad may have happened to them
14:02:51 <shintaro> hi
14:03:12 <mihalis68_> #topic actions
14:03:27 <simon-AS559> o/
14:03:28 <mihalis68_> My actions were to submit sessions for the Forum. I did it, but I don't see them
14:03:31 <mihalis68_> hi simon
14:03:34 <mihalis68_> welcome!
14:03:43 <simon-AS559> Hi all!
14:04:00 <mihalis68_> the other action I had was to follow-up with VW as to whether CERN might be interested in an ops meetup in Feb/March 2019
14:04:09 <mihalis68_> mrhillsman was also going to do that he said
14:04:26 <mihalis68_> I'll check with mrhillsman and if he didn't catch up with VW will follow-up this week
14:04:40 <mihalis68_> #action mihalis68 to follow-up with VW on reaching out to CERN
14:04:52 <mihalis68_> any other updates on past actions?
14:05:45 <mihalis68_> simon, you might be interested to know that Bloomberg (my employer) is assessing the possibility of hosting a meetup at our Frankfurt office, probably in march
14:05:57 <mihalis68_> I'm actively discussing it with the people who can approve it
14:06:13 * smcginnis walks in late
14:06:13 <simon-AS559> Cool, Frankfurt is easy to get to from about anywhere.
14:06:14 <mihalis68_> we have an auditorium there with room for nearly 100
14:06:20 <mihalis68_> hi smcginnis
14:06:21 <emccormickva> I submitted the one for Edgar
14:06:37 <mihalis68_> folks I had a scare earlier. I tried to find these sessions in the voting page and couldn't find any of them
14:07:25 <emccormickva> You mean your own submissions page or the vote_for_sessions one?
14:07:56 <smcginnis> We should be good on any submitted forum sessions. The last I checked, the number of submitted topics was *just* under the available time slots, so they should all be able to take place.
14:08:13 <smcginnis> We still need to go through and check for overlap with the topics proposed, but they should all be good.
14:08:15 <mihalis68_> I couldn't find the ones I submitted when looking at the voting page
14:08:31 <emccormickva> I think Jimmy has to push them in there
14:08:36 <mihalis68_> ah ok
14:08:38 <emccormickva> they don't automatically go there
14:08:41 <mihalis68_> I submitted several
14:08:59 <mihalis68_> a ceph one, the ops meetups team one and the ops docs one
14:09:15 <mihalis68_> I think moderators were me, emccormick and smcginnis respectively
14:09:23 <smcginnis> Sounds right.
14:09:29 <mihalis68_> ok then I'll stop panicking
14:09:42 <smcginnis> Don't panic. :)
14:09:43 <shintaro> you mean this page? #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/berlin-2018/vote-for-speakers#/22842
14:09:43 <mihalis68_> btw fully cleared to attend berlin and bring one of my team as of five minutes ago
14:09:52 <mihalis68_> yes that's the voting page
14:10:15 <mihalis68_> last time we went through this jimmy asked for some improvements to the sesions descriptions before they went public
14:10:16 <shintaro> I don't see mihalis68's sessions there
14:10:20 <mihalis68_> maybe that's what is going on now
14:10:43 <mihalis68_> shintaro, they may need to be pushed by jimmy still
14:11:00 <shintaro> ah I see.
14:11:00 <mihalis68_> ok, seems that's it for actuons
14:11:08 <mihalis68_> #topic berlin forum
14:11:17 <mihalis68_> has anyone booked lodging, if you're going?
14:11:28 <smcginnis> Just booked an AirBnB last night.
14:11:37 <mihalis68_> if you have, and if you don't mind sharing location, I'll try and be near
14:11:38 <smcginnis> From what I hear, none of the hotels are very close to the venue.
14:11:45 <shintaro> not yet.
14:11:47 <emccormickva> Not yet
14:11:54 <emccormickva> I was thinking the Marriott
14:12:10 <emccormickva> I"m feeling too lazy for an airbnb.
14:12:13 <simon-AS559> I'll be staying in Ku'Damm 101 along with a few colleagues - URL in etherpad
14:12:24 <emccormickva> And I'm 4 nights from some status so why not
14:13:08 <mihalis68_> can't parse that last comment
14:14:03 <mihalis68_> I'm glad to hear that the submissions are safe and likely to be approvd. I'd be embarrassed if nothing went through having told my boss I'm moderating
14:14:13 <shintaro> I'm looking into  "STEIGENBERGER BERLIN" which is not too expensive
14:14:20 <emccormickva> Wow. That's cheap as chips
14:14:20 <mihalis68_> the timing is a little difficult, having to make spending decisions before seeing what I'm doing
14:15:33 <mihalis68_> well... I'll book and confer over next few days
14:15:50 <mihalis68_> in the meanwhile, is there any obvious night to try for an operators social?
14:16:11 <mihalis68_> I presume others want to? :)
14:16:16 <smcginnis> That would be fun.
14:16:34 <shintaro> I'm in
14:16:35 <simon-AS559> sure
14:17:01 <emccormickva> Tuesday will no doubt be a marketplace mixer
14:17:10 <emccormickva> That's not to say it can't happen right after
14:17:21 <mihalis68_> so given how these events always turn out, maybe tuesday or wednesday
14:17:21 <emccormickva> usually those wrap up by 7:30 or 8
14:17:42 <simon-AS559> Yes, Marketplace Mixer is listed on the schedule on Tuesday until 19:30
14:18:06 <simon-AS559> So later on Tuesday evening should work.
14:18:16 <smcginnis> That would work for me.
14:18:20 <mihalis68_> german beer and food? I had bratwurst and spaaten oktoberfest last saturday!
14:18:38 <mihalis68_> not very ambitious as a goal for Berlin, I'll admit
14:18:47 <smcginnis> :)
14:19:03 <mihalis68_> offtopic: we're gonna go into production next with openstack rocky
14:19:07 <mihalis68_> pretty excited
14:19:20 <shintaro> Rocky! wow
14:19:34 <mihalis68_> well we are delayed going to prod on Queens because of hardware changes
14:19:34 <smcginnis> Wow, that's not even a year old yet. :P
14:19:35 <simon-AS559> All the best for a smooth start!
14:19:38 <emccormickva> sweet!
14:20:09 <mihalis68_> my test clutsers for our key app  partners are actually built on virtualbox. It's a little sad
14:20:26 <mihalis68_> yeah yeah, how can we be running it, it's not even dead yet! :)
14:20:26 <emccormickva> I'm a coward. I just did an upgrade to Queens. Although I'm using Kolla for deployment and Rocky is still RC status I think
14:20:50 <mihalis68_> we're weeks away from entering "production" even for DEV workloads, so it's fine
14:20:53 <emccormickva> Is anyone familiar enough with Berlin to pick a place for Ops to meet?
14:20:56 <mihalis68_> also we have full vendor support
14:21:06 <emccormickva> or should I just go full google-fu and see what comes up?
14:21:08 <mihalis68_> good question. Sorry for the offtopic
14:21:15 <spotz> Sorry was in a work thing
14:21:18 <emccormickva> I love off-topic
14:21:19 <emccormickva> :D
14:21:26 <mihalis68_> i think the first question is what does the group feel like
14:21:47 <spotz> Octoberfest is more Bavarian
14:21:57 <mihalis68_> a german beer hall is very obvious. If it had games/activities/anyotherthing besides just focusing on beer that would be more inclusive
14:22:17 <mihalis68_> yeah, also november is well past that season
14:22:34 <emccormickva> well, googling entertainment near Berlin CityKube turns up ...interesting things
14:22:36 <emccormickva> heh
14:22:38 <spotz> https://www.visitberlin.de/en/restaurants-berlin
14:22:41 <emccormickva> must refine search
14:23:06 <simon-AS559> The area around CityCube is not really suited for going out I'm afraid.
14:23:06 <mihalis68_> #action emccormickva to research venues for an operators social in berlin
14:23:23 <simon-AS559> On the other hand, the S-Bahn allows you to get to the more interesting parts of town quite easily and quickly.
14:23:27 <mihalis68_> I figure if you are already doing something, me hitting you with an action does not hurt!
14:23:48 <emccormickva> z'aright, z'ok
14:23:49 <mihalis68_> simon is that the subway?
14:24:00 <emccormickva> Ja
14:24:04 <simon-AS559> Not quite… U-Bahn = subway, S-Bahn = commuter train
14:24:15 <mihalis68_> ah ok, but public transport. Good. I'll give it a go
14:24:19 <simon-AS559> Both are fine, S-Bahn is better for longer distances.
14:24:27 <mihalis68_> I went to Akihabara by myself in tokyo, so...
14:24:49 <smcginnis> I'm guessing I will probably get some type of rail pass for the week to get around.
14:24:57 <emccormickva> If it's anything like I used in Munich it's complex like NYC but not hard to actually use
14:25:33 <mihalis68_> smcginnis can you give us a "sketch" of how the forum selection will go? Like will we know by next week? Two weeks?
14:25:38 <emccormickva> mihalis68_ IF you navigated Tokyo trains, you can handle anywhere ;)
14:25:51 <spotz> Everyone will need to get railpasses to get from hotels to summit
14:25:53 <mihalis68_> I forget if they have a timetable for all that
14:26:12 <smcginnis> mihalis68_: I actually need to check on that. Since there were more time slots than proposed topics, I think it's just a matter now of trying to come up with a sensible schedule for them.
14:26:20 <spotz> The forum deadline was extended, selection hasn't started
14:26:26 <smcginnis> I would expect it to be soon.
14:26:27 <shintaro> I remember train in Berlin was quite easy
14:26:31 <mihalis68_> I did narita to central tokyo a few years ago, but nearly messed up even with a colleague, but this year I did the more local commuter trains solo
14:26:49 <smcginnis> We'll keep an eye on you mihalis68_ ;)
14:26:57 <mihalis68_> uh-oh!
14:27:34 <mihalis68_> seems like a) interest in a social b) probably Tuesday night c) people will need to have transit passes anyway, so location does not need to be next door to the summit
14:27:46 <smcginnis> ++
14:27:47 <mihalis68_> fair?
14:28:28 <smcginnis> Works for me.
14:28:36 <emccormickva> yep
14:28:40 <mihalis68_> #action mihalis68 to email the operators list mentioning an operators social is likely on the tuesday after the marketplace mixer
14:28:43 <simon-AS559> emccormickva: You could check the areas around the following S-Bahn stops: Savignyplatz, Zoologischer Garten, Friedrichstrasse, Hackescher Markt. All can be reached directly from CityCube (station "Messe Süd")
14:29:00 <emccormickva> Danke
14:29:08 <simon-AS559> Gern geschehen!
14:29:15 <emccormickva> Oo Lasertag. I can only imagine what that must be like in Germany
14:29:41 <emccormickva> Loud as hell house music and extra fog machines no doubt :D
14:30:36 <mihalis68_> I'm not currently favoring that as I've done something to my foot, but I do think ideas for non-drinkers to join and have fun are important
14:31:00 <mihalis68_> is there anything else we need to discuss for berlin right now?
14:31:31 <spotz> Ok so won't invite mihalis68_ to the ghost tour if we find one
14:31:41 <spotz> Did folks decide where to stay yet?
14:31:41 <emccormickva> nothing else for me
14:32:19 <emccormickva> spotz I was leaning Marriot, but then shitaro and Simon dropped a couple other names.
14:32:21 <mihalis68_> Oh i'd come, but I'd hobble
14:32:44 <mihalis68_> #topic inter-summit meetups 2019
14:32:45 <spotz> emccormickva: I can't do the $250 a night at the marriot:(
14:33:32 <mihalis68_> I can report that the possibilitiy of us hosting something in feb/march in frankfurt remains open. I have some paperwork to do today to keep that moving
14:34:28 <smcginnis> Frankfurt is a cheap flight for me, at least with what I see right now.
14:34:32 <emccormickva> spots Simon's one was 90 euro
14:34:42 <shintaro> Frankfurt is nice. we have a direct flight from Tokyo
14:34:43 <emccormickva> https://www.kudamm101.com/en/
14:34:45 <mihalis68_> I was hoping mrhillsman would be here today as he said he'd talk to VW about reaching out to CERN
14:35:15 <mihalis68_> the cern mention is because there seemed to be a lot of interest in a dedicated research track for a european meetup
14:35:36 <mihalis68_> and as we know the topic track worked in Tokyo, right shintaro?
14:35:51 <shintaro> yes. That will attract local attendees.
14:36:00 <smcginnis> I really like that idea.
14:36:17 <mihalis68_> ok, good. I'll push on that hard this week
14:36:33 <mihalis68_> It should have been last week but I was helping with the mother of all ceph cluster outages
14:36:54 <mihalis68_> already gave myself an action to make sure someone does reach out to cern
14:37:20 <mihalis68_> if I can get to the stage of pencilling an offer to host in frankfurt that may be a great time to breach the topic with them
14:37:54 <mihalis68_> seems like all signs are still good for meetup #1 2019
14:38:04 <mihalis68_> not to get ahead of ourselves, but where would #2 be?
14:38:12 <spotz> mihalis68_: I'll try to remember to poke them both, or I'll hit up Tim
14:38:12 <mihalis68_> north america?
14:38:31 <mihalis68_> ah that would be great, thanks!
14:38:42 <smcginnis> Did we want to try anything with the Summit/PTG in Denver 2019? Or just skip that and plan for a separate later event?
14:39:17 <mihalis68_> that is a very good point. I'm skipping over a "slot" entirely
14:39:18 <emccormickva> I think we decided to let the Forum act as the ops meetup kinda
14:39:32 <smcginnis> That makes sense emccormickva
14:39:44 <mihalis68_> what I can't comprehend, so far, is it will be a summit (with forum) and then PTG
14:39:48 <emccormickva> Certainly willing to revisit if there are objections
14:39:51 <smcginnis> Hopefully folks will be there for the Forum, then be able to stick around for any PTG sessions of interest.
14:39:56 <mihalis68_> I don't know if I can survive 6 days in a row
14:40:17 <smcginnis> I think there are a lot of us that are wondering how those 6 days will go.
14:40:31 <spotz> It'll be longer for those of us who do things like OI or board meetings:)
14:40:31 <smcginnis> Might find more dev folks skipping at least the start of the Forum.
14:40:38 <mihalis68_> yeah
14:40:40 <emccormickva> My wife is loving the 3 day summit schedule. She would take my head off if I tried to stay for PTG too ;)
14:40:52 <mihalis68_> I feel that event needs reinventing
14:41:02 <mihalis68_> throw away all structure
14:41:04 <emccormickva> I'm coming for upstream institute in Berlin though
14:41:19 <spotz> Nice emccormickva
14:41:29 <smcginnis> I look at as an experiment. I'm hoping it will surprise me. :)
14:42:55 <mihalis68_> I do think the suggestion that operators should come to PTG is less compelling when PTG immediately follows Forum
14:43:12 <smcginnis> Yeah, I have to agree.
14:43:30 <mihalis68_> medberry unaffilliated... for a second my comprehension went unafilli...uncle phil?
14:43:33 <mihalis68_> sorry ignore me
14:44:04 <mihalis68_> ok so the next denver PTG reverts to being solely for the dev teams, you think?
14:44:24 <shintaro> +1
14:44:26 <emccormickva> That's what I'm thinking
14:44:26 <mihalis68_> or is day 1 SIGs, UC and whatnot?
14:44:53 <emccormickva> it's much shorter. They're really going to need to focus on goals / plans / code
14:45:01 <mihalis68_> 3 day summit, 1 day summit/ptg overlap, final 2 days "pure PTG"
14:45:04 <spotz> I dont think there's a schedule yet, I don't think the UC would object to meeting though
14:45:32 <emccormickva> I didn't actually think there was an overlap
14:45:38 <emccormickva> 3 day summit -> 3 day PTG
14:45:54 <smcginnis> Yeah, last I heard, back to back with no overlap.
14:46:20 <mihalis68_> that's true, what I was suggesting (not very clearly) is making ptg day 1 officially the only day with any expectation of overlap with non dev team folk
14:47:26 <mihalis68_> I could see stretching for one day of PTG, but if I am doing the whole summit/forum I'm not going to take the suggestion that "operators should come to PTG" too seriously
14:47:43 <smcginnis> That makes sense.
14:47:57 <mihalis68_> or maybe I'm making it too complicated
14:48:02 <spotz> And it can be harder for ops to be gone as long
14:48:07 <shintaro> Forum will do the cross-project discussions
14:48:09 <smcginnis> Maybe we can see closer to the event how many people will be around and if there is a critical mass, plan to have some sort of day or half day thing.
14:48:29 <spotz> +1
14:49:32 <smcginnis> OK, so putting aside the Summit for now, North America for Ops Meetup 2019 #2?
14:49:35 <mihalis68_> 3 days of summit, 1 day "big tent", 2 days PTG
14:49:46 <mihalis68_> maybe big test is tarnished as an idea
14:50:02 <smcginnis> We're not allowed to use that term anymore. :D
14:50:12 <mihalis68_> I withdraw that suggestion :P
14:50:21 <emccormickva> +1 to north america for fall meetup
14:50:26 <mihalis68_> I think it's due by then
14:50:40 <mihalis68_> how about erik's house?
14:50:47 <mihalis68_> hee hee
14:51:05 <shintaro> +1 to NA
14:51:51 <emccormickva> Suuuure. My kids can make you all "coffee" (which is dirt from the flower beds in a plastic cup)
14:51:51 <smcginnis> Bloomberg does a lot already, so not putting it on them, but should we target New York general area?
14:51:56 <mihalis68_> #action mihalis68 to update our main wiki page with the expected regions for inter-summits in 2019
14:52:19 <mihalis68_> I'm glad you said that, because I wanted to, but it seemed excessively self-serving and parochial
14:52:26 <mihalis68_> EVEN FOR ME
14:52:34 <emccormickva> IF we did Cern for the Euro one, that would free up bloomberg to do something in NY maybe
14:52:45 <simon-AS559> We could ask Jon Proulx whether they have space in his fancy office building in Cambridge MA (MIT CSAIL)
14:53:05 <smcginnis> Otherwise, a lot of interest in CA or even parts of Canada. But east coast does seem to have enough interest.
14:53:12 <smcginnis> Cambridge would work well too.
14:53:14 <emccormickva> I'm always down for Boston.
14:53:23 <mihalis68_> so far I don't think we have any indication that cern could or would want to actually host
14:53:40 <mihalis68_> it's more like if it were at cern, everybody and their brother would come
14:53:41 <simon-AS559> …but that may be because we haven't asked them (CERN) yet?
14:53:51 <emccormickva> No am just saying if some other euro thing came in then Bloomberg could do the US one
14:53:52 <mihalis68_> very true. As I said VW said he'd reach out
14:53:57 <mihalis68_> ye[
14:54:01 <mihalis68_> *yep
14:54:03 <simon-AS559> cool
14:54:21 <emccormickva> also someone (Simon?) mentioned Vexxhost as another possible candidate over there, so seems there are quite some possibilities.
14:54:32 <emccormickva> All of which I am in favor of ;)
14:54:46 <smcginnis> I'm sure we could ask mnaser nicely.
14:55:08 <mihalis68_> emmccormickva never saw a meetup he didn't like the sound of
14:55:18 <emccormickva> :D
14:55:42 <mihalis68_> we have five minutes left
14:55:46 <mihalis68_> hi jimmy
14:55:50 <mihalis68_> #topic any other business
14:56:10 <simon-AS559> Sorry, addition/correction to the above:
14:56:23 <mihalis68_> I've just remembered that there's still some work left on the etherpad from the last PTG, I'll get back to that ASAP
14:56:24 <simon-AS559> Vexxhost is based in Montréal (CA) so more for the NA meeting I guess.
14:56:40 <simon-AS559> The one I had thought about was OVH, who are based in (Northern) France.
14:56:40 <mihalis68_> oh that's funny, I thought they were europe!
14:56:49 <mihalis68_> aha. yes
14:56:53 <simon-AS559> Well they may SPEAK european :-)
14:56:58 <mihalis68_> thanks for clarifying
14:57:07 <emccormickva> Ooohh ok. I mixed up my FrancoClouds
14:57:29 <emccormickva> OVH is also in Quebec
14:58:24 <mihalis68_> I think these things always do well when we lock in a good host early
14:58:55 <mihalis68_> whether bloomberg or a big european operator, i don't mind. Just the knowledge of a suitable space makes planning start working
14:59:10 <smcginnis> Agree
14:59:13 <mihalis68_> and with that, pretty much out of time
14:59:19 <mihalis68_> thanks very much everyone
14:59:23 <mihalis68_> appreciate everyone's tiem
14:59:52 <simon-AS559> See you!
14:59:54 <shintaro> thank you all!
14:59:55 <smcginnis> Thanks!
15:00:00 <emccormickva> Thanks all.
15:00:03 <mihalis68_> #endmeeting