14:00:53 <mihalis68> #startmeeting Ops Meetup Team
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14:00:54 <medberry2> \o
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14:01:15 <mihalis68> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ops-meetups-team
14:01:30 <mihalis68> hello everyone!
14:01:37 <emccormickva> \o
14:01:39 <mihalis68> #topic actions from last week
14:01:53 <mihalis68> I was supposed to submit a blog to SuperUser. DONE!
14:02:01 <emccormickva> woot!
14:02:16 <mihalis68> it's approved here, accepted by superuser and due to post
14:02:19 <mihalis68> hello shintaro!
14:02:23 <shintaro> hi
14:02:39 <mihalis68> your action was to update the Tokyo Landing Page
14:02:56 <shintaro> we have eventbrite page ready
14:02:59 <shintaro> #link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/openstack-ops-midcycle-tokyo-tickets-39089912982
14:03:11 <mihalis68> Ah yes, fantastic
14:03:18 <shintaro> I've added the link to the Wiki
14:03:21 <mihalis68> is that ready to go public?
14:03:33 <mihalis68> I think I saw something about it being initially limited visibility
14:03:33 <shintaro> I think so
14:03:52 <mihalis68> could I ask you to check it and then verify it's public and let the mailing list know?
14:04:04 <mihalis68> at that point we can promote it on the usual channels e.g. Twitter
14:04:04 <shintaro> ok
14:04:26 <mihalis68> #action Shintaro to check the eventbrite, get it public and let the mailing list know
14:04:28 <emccormickva> It is public
14:04:32 <emccormickva> (at least I can see it)
14:04:48 <medberry> likewise
14:04:50 <mihalis68> it's worth double-checking so we don't misfire when we first tweet it out
14:05:00 <mihalis68> it was limited to a known list I think
14:05:14 <medberry> visible in incognito window
14:05:15 <shintaro> I will check it
14:06:05 <mihalis68> ah ok
14:06:13 <mihalis68> thanks _med
14:06:23 <medberry> it wants my $20 now. :^)
14:06:33 <mihalis68> the other action was for smcginnis but I don't see him
14:06:35 <shintaro> :)
14:07:01 <mihalis68> Another older action was the operators guide conversion to the openstack wiki
14:07:11 <mihalis68> my contractor happened to be out for 2 weeks but is back and on that
14:07:12 <medberry> #info new TC formed, some members of which are operations friendly
14:07:18 <VW> o/
14:07:21 <mihalis68> his conversion somehow emitted a mix of markdown and html, so needs work
14:07:27 <mihalis68> that's ongoing but I am tracking it
14:07:34 <mihalis68> hi vw
14:07:40 <mihalis68> _med that sounds great
14:07:43 <mihalis68> any further comments?
14:07:48 <emccormickva> one thing of note on the eventbrite. It has twitter and irc handles as required fields
14:07:49 <mihalis68> such as who they are?
14:07:55 <emccormickva> not that I mind, but not everyone uses those things.
14:08:19 <mihalis68> I imagine you could put @null and null and get away with it?
14:08:32 <emccormickva> You can put whatever you want I'm sure
14:08:46 <emccormickva> just maybe a thing to tweak if it's easy to do.
14:08:49 * medberry bites his tongue to avoid snarking
14:09:09 <mihalis68> why would you avoid snarking?
14:09:12 <shintaro> emccormickva I'll check if I can make it optional
14:09:25 <mihalis68> mihalis68 doesn't know how to make those incidental side comments
14:10:04 <mihalis68> any other updates on past actions? I am sorry I didn't trawl older minutes for previous open actions, so it's the honor system
14:10:26 <medberry> my info above was aligned with a former action (to track tc, etc)
14:10:43 <mihalis68> oh yes, very good, thanks
14:11:03 <mihalis68> if it's ok I might email you for more color on TC later on?
14:11:07 <emccormickva> shintaro One other thing. Dietary needs is required but there is no option for "none"
14:11:20 <mihalis68> can just put "calories"?
14:11:27 <emccormickva> it's check boxen
14:11:37 <medberry> #link http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/openstack-tc-pike-elections/
14:11:39 <emccormickva> I would accept "beer" as an option
14:11:44 <mihalis68> ok you win
14:11:46 <medberry> mihalis68, of course
14:12:01 <mihalis68> ok moving on #topic Sydney meet up at the Summit
14:12:05 <shintaro> thanks emmcormickva
14:12:25 <mihalis68> my blog posting mentions the upstream LTS releases. It's an attempt to get people to attend if they want those to happen
14:12:36 <mihalis68> mccormick is running
14:12:41 <emccormickva> spiffy
14:12:46 <emccormickva> Yeah I need to get etherpads done this week
14:12:52 <mihalis68> every time I try to type your nick it autocorrects
14:13:29 <mihalis68> what else needs to be done for Sydney? I will ask one of my guys to attend that particular session
14:13:31 <emccormickva> I've also got the Upgrades session. Think Arkady is helping me with that.
14:14:13 <emccormickva> I spoke with Lauren last week re: festivities for Tom.
14:14:23 <mihalis68> oh yeah, please add your name to the attendees list on the above linked agenda if you are here for this meeting
14:14:30 <emccormickva> They are setting something up for Wednesday night. Haven't heard final confirmation yet though
14:14:51 <mihalis68> that reminds me... I am really quite glum to report that Tom agreed with taking his name off our organizers list
14:15:01 <mihalis68> it's official folks, we're on our own now.
14:15:02 <emccormickva> Once I have it I believe I'll be permitted to put it out on the mailing list
14:15:30 <emccormickva> *sniffle*
14:15:33 <mihalis68> I update the list on our wiki page with those who self-identify as being organizers
14:15:39 <mihalis68> matt jarvis is gone, as is Saverio
14:16:02 <mihalis68> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Ops_Meetups_Team
14:16:29 <med_> thanks for the housekeeping mihalis68
14:16:30 <mihalis68> I will update it when it stop malfunctioning
14:17:25 <mihalis68> done
14:17:49 <mihalis68> i felt that the list should be current because then, presumably, it's ok to email amongst ourselves regarding time-sensitive items of work
14:17:54 <emccormickva> I"m not on there *sniffle*
14:18:01 <mihalis68> shall I put you on?
14:18:09 <emccormickva> Please :)
14:18:23 <emccormickva> Oh right, speaking of wikis and your docs earlier
14:18:29 <VW> yeah - intra group emails are cool for the important stuff
14:18:38 <mihalis68> We are 6!
14:18:39 <emccormickva> Can you pop an etherpad in for it for Sydney mihalis68?
14:18:47 <mihalis68> that is better than I figured!
14:18:54 <emccormickva> My name is on that one too, but if you can provide seed content for the session that would help
14:19:06 <mihalis68> for the upstream LTS release session?
14:19:17 <emccormickva> no, the Ops Guide
14:19:26 <emccormickva> Unless it got whacked and I missed it.
14:19:56 <mihalis68> yes ok. I missed a comment that was needed context, was confused there
14:19:57 <mihalis68> will do
14:20:15 <mihalis68> #action mihalis68 to start an ether pad for the ops guide session in Sydnet
14:20:32 <emccormickva> it's there
14:20:33 <mihalis68> what else do we need to talk about for Sydney?
14:22:15 <med_> <crickets>
14:22:17 <mihalis68> #topic Tokyo
14:22:28 <mihalis68> #info the Eventbrite is up and the venue is locked in
14:22:39 <mihalis68> now is the time to start "marketing"
14:23:03 <mihalis68> I also think that we should start asking for sponsors for any remaining unfunded costs
14:23:21 <emccormickva> Should we wait until after Sydney, or maybe *at* Sydney to avoid overwhelming people? Or does it not matter?
14:23:30 <mihalis68> Shintaro I think you said that the beer place wouldn't take reservations?
14:23:34 <shintaro> Yes, the cost is almost figured out.
14:23:40 <VW> I think we should at least make mention of it at Sydney
14:24:07 <VW> "Ops meetup, Tokyo ... Stay tuned for more details..." etc
14:24:09 <emccormickva> Well, I'm just wondering if we should start full-force tweeting it out so soon
14:24:10 <mihalis68> speaking personally, tokyo is a LONG way away. I happen to know about it and I have agreement to go, but for some other people I think the more notice the better
14:24:10 <shintaro> Beer place is still discussing
14:24:32 <mihalis68> We had people unaware of mexico < 2 weeks before it happened
14:24:48 <mihalis68> We don't have to machine gun out notices about it
14:24:54 <emccormickva> k
14:24:56 <mihalis68> but a couple in prominent places seems fine to me
14:25:07 <mihalis68> mailing list, a few tweets, and then maybe something on openstack.org?
14:25:10 <shintaro> some may need visa application and may take some time for them, so earlier is better I think
14:25:19 <mihalis68> right, that's a good point
14:25:29 <med_> what's approx date for Tokyo, Feb?
14:25:46 <emccormickva> March 7th - 8th
14:26:11 <mihalis68> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/TYO-ops-meetup-2018
14:26:13 <med_> "eons away"
14:26:20 <emccormickva> shintaro Do you have a contact for visa invite letters?
14:26:33 <emccormickva> might want to put that on the eventbrite also
14:26:46 <shintaro> no that's what I need to ask Lauren
14:27:09 <mihalis68> is anything decided on meals during the meetup>
14:27:18 <mihalis68> In NYC Bloomberg covered both breakfast and lunch
14:27:30 <mihalis68> and in the end it seems that Mexico City hosts also did
14:27:44 <mihalis68> (I wasn't expecting anything before lunch, but was pleasantly surprised)
14:27:50 <shintaro> We will cover coffee and lunch and may ask sponsors to help for evening event
14:28:05 <mihalis68> oh very nice!
14:28:22 <mihalis68> should we try to offer a morning snack?
14:28:59 <shintaro> breakfast wasn't on my list. but I will check
14:29:11 <mihalis68> it wasn't expected in mexico due to the later start time
14:29:20 <mihalis68> it was 10am, but almost ended up 11am
14:29:28 <mihalis68> so clearly not very much time for breakfasting there
14:29:34 <mihalis68> when do we start in Tokyo?
14:29:57 <emccormickva> looks like 9 - 5
14:30:09 <shintaro> I would expect 10am first day and 9 or 9:30 second day
14:30:30 <emccormickva> start registration at 9?
14:30:51 <shintaro> yes
14:31:45 <mihalis68> #action shintaro to look into breakfast
14:32:00 <mihalis68> I suspect we could cover it, for example
14:32:35 <mihalis68> it is much easier to just get to the venue and have food taken care of than to get out, get somewhere, buy breakfast, then move on again, at least IMO
14:33:15 <shintaro> thanks I will check how much our budget can cover.
14:34:38 <mihalis68> one avenue for interest and sponsorship of costs at these things seems to be going directly to the large distro vendors. redhat, canonical, suse
14:35:13 <mihalis68> I can mention it to the first two as we pay both of them :)
14:35:29 <mihalis68> anyone able to kick off a conversation with SUSE? I have no idea if they do much over there
14:36:03 <mihalis68> #action mihalis68 to get the word out about tokyo to redhat and canonical
14:36:21 <med_> i can suse
14:36:28 <mihalis68> great, thanks!
14:36:40 <mihalis68> #action med_ to mention tokyo mid-cycle to SUSE
14:38:02 <cnf> hmm
14:38:12 <cnf> i can't figure out how to get v6 working on openstack
14:38:50 <mihalis68> Shintaro I see that the eventbrite does not mention Telecom track, is that deliberate?
14:39:18 <mihalis68> I recall talk about explicitly having a telecom track to make it more justifiable for possible attendees in that industry
14:39:27 <shintaro> The agenda is discussed on the etherpad
14:39:47 <shintaro> and the link is on the eventbrite page
14:40:04 <mihalis68> ok. My feeling is you could make it more prominent
14:40:30 <mihalis68> the eventbrite is the "front door" for this event, if you will
14:41:03 <mihalis68> I assume the foundation will slap some graphics on it?
14:41:16 <shintaro> do you mean we should have check box for which session people would attend?
14:41:18 <mihalis68> The mexico design was nice, even if (weirdly) featuring a completely unrelated building
14:41:33 <shintaro> We will get the graphics after the Summit
14:42:01 <mihalis68> No just  a feature of the event
14:42:02 <shintaro> the Foundation's designer is too busy for the Summit
14:42:27 <mihalis68> like a cereal box might say "10% extra free" this even could say "Telecom track focusing on OpenStack for the Telecom industry"
14:42:32 <mihalis68> *this event
14:44:09 <emccormickva> oh hey, the SU blog got tweeted out
14:44:18 <shintaro> ok I think I got what you mean
14:44:24 <emccormickva> theLTS one
14:44:52 <mihalis68> #link http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/openstack-at-bloomberg/
14:45:09 <VW> awesome
14:45:13 <shintaro> great
14:45:14 <mihalis68> yeah shintaro I am trying to keep the following idea in mind : we are *terrible* at marketing
14:45:59 <mihalis68> oh boy, I'm having a moment here seeing that post
14:47:15 <mihalis68> anything else re: Tokyo?
14:47:28 <emccormickva> nothing here
14:47:34 <mihalis68> #topic future events
14:48:07 <mihalis68> last week we were undecided on what is customary for the rotation of mid-cycles
14:48:50 <mihalis68> I read through the various wiki pages and basically it's not definitive. Erik's suggestion that every other is in NAM fits one description, but in another it wasn't definitive
14:49:26 <mihalis68> there is, additionally, the suggestion to co-located with PTG
14:50:33 <emccormickva> We need to discuss the PTG idea with whoever organizes that.
14:50:44 <emccormickva> I still fear being a nuisance
14:51:03 <mihalis68> I have a feeling Sydney would at least feature the right people in the same location
14:51:15 <emccormickva> re: the rotation, That's what aprice said they do with the summits
14:51:48 <shintaro> PTG idea was brought up by Lauren from the Foundation. PTG is run by the Foundation.
14:52:28 <mihalis68> I don't think the co-location thing is a slam-dunk
14:52:48 <emccormickva> Maybe bring it up on openstack-dev?
14:53:15 <mihalis68> that's a good idea
14:53:24 <emccormickva> I imagine there would be some strong opinions one way or the other from those folks
14:53:32 <aprice___> I can bring up the confusion with the Foundation team and have someone reach out as well if that's helpful
14:54:16 <mihalis68> I agree it needs a lot of discussion in the wider operators community
14:54:26 <mihalis68> when I reviewed the "who should attend" for PTG it was not for us
14:54:30 <mihalis68> (my team)
14:54:35 <VW> hey folks, I have to run to another meeting.  Next week, can we take a few minutes to discuss specific goals out of the Ops meetup session in SYD
14:54:37 <emccormickva> Thanks aprice___ It would be good to have clarity
14:54:38 <mihalis68> so I wouldn't attend PTG days
14:54:41 <VW> so I can be ready to moderate
14:54:52 <VW> it can even be this PTG or not to PTG discussion :)
14:54:58 <mihalis68> attending afterwards, because the dev team is there... I'm not convinced
14:55:07 <aprice___> Ok
14:55:25 <mihalis68> yes VW I'll put it on the agenda
14:55:28 <mihalis68> see you next week
14:56:02 <mihalis68> perhaps mailing list to warm the community up to the issue and then see if a consensus can be reached in Sydney
14:56:15 <mihalis68> 4 minutes
14:56:21 <shintaro> that sounds good
14:56:26 <mihalis68> #topic team business
14:56:45 <mihalis68> anyone on the organizers list who doesn't want to be (or vice versa) please let me know
14:56:54 <mihalis68> and if possible can I put email address for shintaro and erik?
14:57:19 <mihalis68> and finally (from me) any comments about this meeting time and cadence?
14:57:21 <shintaro> ok
14:57:28 <mihalis68> is it working for everyone?
14:57:34 <mihalis68> weekly and this time slot?
14:57:37 <shintaro> working for me
14:57:56 <mihalis68> ok any other business?
14:58:06 <mihalis68> thanks to all that turned up this week. I know we're all busy
14:58:15 <mihalis68> I just got 80 machines this morning! :)
14:58:16 <shintaro> thank you
14:58:26 <mihalis68> 1 PB SSD
14:58:29 <mihalis68> AWWW YEAHHH
14:58:43 <shintaro> wow
14:59:13 <mihalis68> it's going to pure Ceph clusters not openstack, but they do take a lot of storage load off the compute clusters, it all helps
14:59:32 <mihalis68> last call
14:59:52 <emccormickva> time is good for me too
15:00:00 <mihalis68> #endmeeting