14:01:21 <mihalis68> #startmeeting Ops Meetup Team
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14:01:22 <shintaro> hi
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14:01:41 <mihalis68> Agenda for today's meeting is here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ops-meetups-team
14:01:51 <mihalis68> Please add your name to the list of attendees
14:01:54 <mihalis68> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ops-meetups-team
14:02:06 <mihalis68> #topic review last week's actions
14:02:46 <mihalis68> I had a few : contact mexico local team for their thoughts on the event - done - i suggested a super-user article
14:02:51 <mihalis68> I'll help with proof-reading
14:03:31 <mihalis68> we also tidied up the planning page on the openstack.org wiki and made a dedicated agenda ether pad for tokyo - covering a couple more actions for myself and Shintaro
14:03:40 <shintaro> I did the Tokyo wiki and planning etherpad
14:03:47 <mihalis68> yep
14:03:57 <shintaro> thanks for the help mihalis68
14:04:15 <mihalis68> I was due to email the openstack-operators and openstack-dev lists with the Tokyo links. Not done. I wasn't subscribed to openstack-dev so just did that. I'll do that email later today
14:04:19 <mihalis68> you're welcome!
14:04:43 <mihalis68> I'm confirmed going to tokyo but NOT going to sydney (sending two people from my team instead). However I plan to keep trying to help out planing with forum for sydney
14:04:56 <emccormickva> hey guys. Sorry for the idle. Was putting things on the PTG upgrade etherpad
14:05:06 <mihalis68> I had an action to check numbers for mexico. Final ticket sales : 41
14:05:11 <mihalis68> that's it's for my actions
14:05:27 <mihalis68> "emccormick to make an ether pad and nag community to make list of topics before submission tool opens"
14:05:39 <mihalis68> status?
14:06:02 <mihalis68> "vw and mrhillsman to confer with oo.o foundation about involvement in logistics, publicity and branding/logos"
14:06:04 <mihalis68> status?
14:06:11 <mihalis68> those are the other two actions from last week
14:06:43 <emccormickva> It got killed by network death. I'll be sending it today.
14:06:50 <mihalis68> alright!
14:06:57 <emccormickva> Can I add it to the wiki? Or should I?
14:06:59 <mihalis68> I don't see Matt and Melvin, so ... moving on
14:07:02 <emccormickva> like the Forum one I mean
14:07:03 <mihalis68> sure
14:07:06 <shintaro> I found sydney forum wiki to propose ideas #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Forum/Sydney2017
14:07:08 <mihalis68> the more links to our stuff the better
14:07:09 <emccormickva> k
14:07:17 <smcginnis> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-operators/2017-September/014167.html
14:07:20 <mihalis68> yes I put that on the agenda
14:07:22 <smcginnis> Also some background. ^^
14:07:24 <emccormickva> shintaro exactly where I intend to put it.
14:07:58 <mihalis68> #topic mexico city followups
14:08:17 <mihalis68> as mentioned, I reached out to the local team to see if they wish to write up their thoughts on how it all went, will share whatever comes of that
14:08:31 <mihalis68> otherwise i think that event is done except I am going to share some of my photos :)
14:09:03 <mihalis68> #topic sydney planning
14:09:18 <rlpple> where are the notes for different meetups?
14:09:27 <mihalis68> as seen above, email from the foundation announcing kickoff of the process, and a landing page for ether pad links
14:09:55 <mihalis68> you can find most of them by scrolling through our agenda, linked above
14:10:04 <rlpple> ty
14:10:05 <mihalis68> is there any specific question you have?
14:10:23 <mihalis68> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ops-meetups-team
14:10:30 <rlpple> no I just wanted to read through them and find out what I missed.
14:10:36 <emccormickva> ripple Ehterpads from Mexico city are here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/MEX-ops-meetup
14:10:37 <mihalis68> ok cool
14:10:44 <mihalis68> thanks Erik
14:11:07 <rlpple> ty
14:11:15 <emccormickva> oops rlpple hehe
14:11:16 <emccormickva> np
14:11:38 <emccormickva> Sydney I'll send out the standard etherpad after this meeting and ask for suggestions and +1s
14:12:42 <mihalis68> does anyone have information on how much time the forum is in Sydney? Is it a separate track? I haven't seen a definition yet
14:12:45 <emccormickva> Other than that I don't think there's much to discuss for Sydney since we have no logistics requirements
14:13:01 <emccormickva> It is its own track like in Boston
14:13:19 <emccormickva> and I think it runs all 3 days (well, 2.5 anyway)
14:13:33 <mihalis68> so after keynotes for rest of day and then two full days?
14:13:37 <emccormickva> yep
14:13:52 <mihalis68> that's a lot
14:13:56 <emccormickva> unless of course there aren't enough session proposals
14:14:12 <emccormickva> It filled that much time and then some in Boston
14:14:44 <mihalis68> we had an actual in person ops meetups team meeting in Boston. Should "we"* do one in Sydney?
14:14:48 <mihalis68> *I can't attend :|
14:14:53 <emccormickva> There'll be lots of PTLs wanting feedback type of sessions so it gets a lot bigger than our meetups
14:15:12 <emccormickva> I think that'd be good. It was very well attended in BOS
14:15:20 <mihalis68> shame about that moderator! :)
14:15:23 <emccormickva> I can skype you in if you like ;)
14:15:24 <mihalis68> heh...
14:15:25 <shintaro> +1 for Ops team session
14:15:35 <mihalis68> You know maybe I will take you up on that
14:15:54 <emccormickva> You can be the disembodied head at the front of the room. You can even moderate!
14:15:59 <emccormickva> :D
14:16:03 <rlpple> Max!!
14:16:06 <mihalis68> I already realized I can at least catch the keynotes and not totally miss out. I did Vancouver through Boston, it's a shame to miss one
14:16:16 <mihalis68> Headroom?
14:16:19 <rlpple> yy
14:16:30 <emccormickva> hehe
14:16:39 <mihalis68> I wouldn't want the moderator to depend on cross-globe telecom. Lag would be horrible
14:17:06 <mihalis68> Ok I'll suggest ops meet up team session on the appropriate etherpad
14:17:11 <emccormickva> *nod*
14:17:22 <mihalis68> #action mihalis68 to add ops meet up team session at syndney forum
14:18:09 <mihalis68> I agree that there is not too much to discuss otherwise for Sydney, since we have confidence in the event, venue, lots of attendees etc
14:18:10 <emccormickva> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYD-ops-session-ideas
14:18:17 <emccormickva> still blank, but that'll be it
14:18:27 <mihalis68> Cool
14:18:31 <mihalis68> I'll spam it later!
14:18:52 <mihalis68> still no vw and mrhillsman?
14:19:12 <mihalis68> I am very interested to hear if they have had conversations about bringing mid-cycle meetups under the wing of the foundation for logistics
14:19:31 <mihalis68> Anyone else happen to know of such discussions? I think they were to be under the auspices of UC
14:19:37 * med_ shows up a couple months late.
14:19:45 <emccormickva> Nothing I've heard
14:19:47 <shintaro> no
14:19:59 <emccormickva> guessing Melvin is in Denver?
14:20:17 <mihalis68> is that this week? I thought next week (you refer to PTG I think?)
14:20:17 <emccormickva> er that's next week
14:20:26 <mihalis68> yep
14:20:34 <shintaro> OpenDevConf is this week in SFO
14:20:36 <mihalis68> Bloomberg is sending a couple of people (not me :|
14:20:51 <med_> yep, next week.
14:20:53 <mihalis68> Ah ok. maybe this week's meeting is poor timing for those chaps
14:21:00 <mihalis68> #topic tokyo planning
14:21:16 <mihalis68> there is now an ether pad for agenda planning specifically for the Tokyo meet up next year
14:21:19 <mihalis68> thanks to shintaro
14:21:23 <shintaro> np
14:21:28 <mihalis68> it's linked to our top-level planning page
14:21:38 <shintaro> I will update if we get more info
14:21:48 <mihalis68> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Operations/Meetups
14:22:07 <mihalis68> we can perhaps put sponsor names and logos on
14:22:19 <mihalis68> make it an attractive landing page worthy of tweeting
14:22:28 <mihalis68> (ether pads are functional but oh so drab I feel)
14:22:50 <shintaro> ok I'll try
14:22:57 <mihalis68> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Operations/Meetups/TYO-ops-meetup
14:22:58 <mihalis68> in particular
14:23:54 <mihalis68> I confused my own point, let me try again. There's an ether pad AND a general landing Wiki page. The latter can I think be made more attractive and more marketing-related than an etherpad
14:24:27 <rlpple> okay
14:24:28 <shintaro> yes ok I got it
14:24:32 <rlpple> that make sense
14:24:57 <shintaro> we mentioned about the logo for the opsmeetup last week too
14:25:09 <mihalis68> I am interested specifically in the logistics for Tokyo with respect to the foundation because if we don't get official support we have the same problem as usual - how to get sponsors and how to handle their money
14:25:35 <mihalis68> has the ops meetups team and meetups events ever had any branding or logos?
14:25:50 <shintaro> I don't think so
14:26:04 <mihalis68> it's not the kind of thing that our people are commonly good at
14:26:12 <shintaro> they have a logo for OpenStack Days event
14:26:54 <mihalis68> is there anyone here who might have a go?
14:26:57 <VW> hey gang - sorry I'm late
14:27:01 <mihalis68> hey! Welcome!
14:27:05 <mihalis68> how's your part of texas?
14:28:09 <mihalis68> the question I was hoping you could answer is whether there's been official debate with the foundation about bringing mid-cycle meetups under the foundation's wing, logistically
14:29:00 <mihalis68> Hmmm... still there matt?
14:29:44 <med_> I'm guessing he just signed in somewhere and is swamped with pings/requests
14:30:19 <mihalis68> shintaro how is the sponsorship situation for Tokyo? I know it's early but then again we always end up scrambling
14:30:21 <shintaro> I think UC irc is on monday and this monday was a holiday in US?
14:30:31 <mihalis68> do you know what your employer will definitely cover?
14:30:59 <shintaro> NTT and NTT communication will sponsor but don't know if we can cover all the cost.
14:31:20 <mihalis68> so specifically, venue (including wifi) will be covered, right?
14:31:21 <shintaro> checking with the venue and event organizer
14:31:52 <shintaro> veinue will be covered but food, drinks need to be checked
14:31:57 <mihalis68> other items sometimes covered by host, sometimes not include : catering (definitely lunch, sometimes breakfast), badges, signage, freebies ("schwas")
14:32:11 <mihalis68> schwag
14:32:42 <shintaro> was T-shirt in Mex coverded by sponsors? or the Foundation?
14:32:46 <mihalis68> also 1st evening social is sometimes covered or partly covered (like happy hour drinks and snacks)
14:33:00 <mihalis68> I don't know how they managed that, but suspect foundation
14:34:23 <mihalis68> I've added these questions to the agenda
14:34:30 <shintaro> We haven't got all the estimates yet. I will discuss with the venue and the event organizer later this month so I can update after that
14:34:36 <mihalis68> can I action you shintaro to define what will be covered by NTT?
14:34:57 <shintaro> yes but need time get the answer
14:35:00 <mihalis68> sure
14:35:18 <mihalis68> #action Shintaro to get definition of what is covered by host (NTT) in Tokyo
14:35:38 <mihalis68> separate question: has it been decided whether to theme this meet up?
14:36:02 <mihalis68> for those new to this idea, it was suggested to add a themed track to these meetups to add relevancy to potential attendees
14:36:09 <shintaro> I think it's a good idea to attract local ops
14:36:16 <mihalis68> possible themes in Tokyo are telecom and possibly ecommerce
14:36:46 <shintaro> current idea is Telecom and Large web service provider (e.g. Rakuten, Yahoo!Japan)
14:36:49 <mihalis68> it's been discussed before e.g. if there was a meet up in Washington DC an "openstack for government" might be good
14:37:13 <mihalis68> as two tracks? Or themed days?
14:37:31 <VW> mihalis68: delayed repsonse - my part of Texas is fine - except for some irrational gas hording the last few days
14:37:35 <shintaro> one track each day maybe
14:37:45 <mihalis68> yeah I like that personally
14:38:11 <mihalis68> might you have theme track and other track each day?
14:38:20 <rlpple> Like the theme
14:38:26 <emccormickva> That makes sense
14:38:35 <emccormickva> Standard track + theme track each day
14:38:50 <shintaro> yes that's what I was thinking
14:38:51 <mihalis68> so day 1 telecom | other
14:38:51 <mihalis68> day 2 large web | other
14:38:58 <mihalis68> sounds good
14:39:06 <mihalis68> VW glad to hear
14:39:16 <rlpple> That would be another question - How many rooms will we have for the meetup?
14:39:20 <rlpple> and what size?
14:39:23 <mihalis68> and if anyone here is in the path of Irma, I hope you are well prepared!
14:39:36 <mihalis68> that is on the venue choice ether pad. I will get the link
14:39:42 <shintaro> one large room with 100+ and few small rooms for breakouts
14:39:45 <rlpple> okay I have it
14:39:45 <emccormickva> mihalis68 That could be us next week ;)
14:39:55 <rlpple> will look at it now
14:40:17 <mihalis68> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ops-meetup-venue-discuss-1st-2018
14:40:36 <mihalis68> arge rooms for up to 200 people? : One room for 192 ppl max
14:40:36 <mihalis68> additional smaller rooms for breakouts?: one for 40 ppl, one for 24ppl (could have one more large room depend on the requirement)
14:40:36 <mihalis68> http://granpark-c.com/floor/index.html  (in Japanese but you can see the pic of the rooms)
14:40:38 <shintaro> extra room cost extra money so I want to fix the number of rooms
14:41:05 <mihalis68> emccormickva yes I am not underestimating risk to further up the NE coast
14:41:46 <rlpple> thank you for the layout
14:42:42 <mihalis68> Another action that I mentioned for myself, but did not formalize, was to continue fixing up the OpenStack operators guide on the wiki. I'll pick that up this wee
14:43:00 <mihalis68> #action mihalis68 to continue fixing up the openstack operations guide on the foundation wiki
14:43:23 <mihalis68> for those not familiar it has been ejected from the main docs set and will live on the wiki to be community maintained
14:43:44 <mihalis68> There's a rough conversion posted and initial feedback was that this could be a good enough start, can community maintain it from here on out
14:44:15 <mihalis68> pages here:
14:44:15 <mihalis68> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Cmorgan2
14:45:01 <mihalis68> any more discussion on Tokyo planning?
14:45:09 <shintaro> great work it should be opened
14:45:30 <mihalis68> when I have something I am more comfortable with i will definitely share on the mailing list
14:45:51 <shintaro> +1
14:46:09 <emccormickva> Nothing more here
14:46:09 <mihalis68> I think we are a bit few in number this week, perhaps we should finish off and give back a little bit of time
14:46:24 <emccormickva> +1
14:46:36 <mihalis68> so selfishly with the next meetups being in sydney (that I can't attend) and then tokyo I feel like it's not quite enough
14:46:51 <mihalis68> is there any interest in something less formal in NE USA before end of year
14:47:01 <mihalis68> we didn't get an openstack days east this year
14:47:45 <mihalis68> it seems like perhaps openstack on the east coats is now stronger down in DC/Reston than up here - true?
14:47:47 <med_> likewise, couldn't make MX and won't make Tokyo.
14:47:53 <emccormickva> I could probably squeeze in a day or two in NYC if you guys have a conference room or something ;)
14:48:02 <mihalis68> what would we call this?
14:48:14 <emccormickva> Well we have Comcast and Walmart here so that's a big chunk
14:48:22 <emccormickva> Also there's some dreamhost guys floating about
14:48:35 <VW> a small US regional event would be great
14:48:48 <mihalis68> is there an already agreed protocol for this?
14:48:53 <mihalis68> I'm guessing no
14:49:24 <med_> Super Secret Ops Meetup. The name will make sure everyone wants to come.
14:49:33 <mihalis68> ha ha ha love it
14:49:33 <shintaro> we have our local ops meetup in December.
14:49:39 <emccormickva> I doubt it.
14:50:24 <mihalis68> ok well as an idea this seems to have some interest.
14:50:34 <shintaro> having local ones are good for people who can't travel much
14:50:37 <mihalis68> yes
14:50:38 <mihalis68> agreed
14:50:51 <emccormickva> Wanna float it on the list just to gauge interest?
14:50:58 <mihalis68> ok
14:51:08 <emccormickva> Informal ops gathering somewhere in the NE Corridor
14:51:17 <mihalis68> #action mihalis68 to kick off debate about local ops meet up somewhere in NE corridor before end of year
14:51:27 <emccormickva> Maybe early December or mid January
14:51:31 <mihalis68> reflecting that sydney and tokyo are very far away
14:51:48 <rlpple> true.
14:51:55 <rlpple> should of done Hawaii
14:52:06 <emccormickva> Find us a host ;)
14:52:06 <shintaro> we can have a session to get feedback from local meetups
14:52:14 <mihalis68> the only people who somehow persuade their bosses they need to go to hawaii and vail are the C++ iso people
14:52:43 <mihalis68> I'll see if a day in the venue we did in august 2016 is doable
14:52:48 <emccormickva> If someone gives me an excuse, I'd go to Hawaii in a hot minute ;)
14:53:03 <mihalis68> but NYC is expensive even for NE USA people
14:53:33 <mihalis68> Erik hawaii sounds great, but that doesn't meet the "not massively far from NE USA" criterion that we seemed to have a minute ago :)
14:53:45 <rlpple> LOL
14:53:45 <emccormickva> yeah I know hehe
14:53:52 <mihalis68> I think we have covered everything
14:54:04 <mrhillsman> sorry mihalis68
14:54:05 <mihalis68> unless VW has an  update about official logistical support for mid-cycles
14:54:08 <mihalis68> hey!
14:54:12 <mihalis68> how's your part of texas
14:54:23 <mrhillsman> i will have that convo tomorrow or on the 10th
14:54:29 <mihalis68> ah ok.
14:54:41 <mihalis68> any more business before we close?
14:55:09 <mrhillsman> nothing from me
14:55:14 <mihalis68> ok then. A good chair finishes when done, giving any time back, so...
14:55:17 <mrhillsman> will catch up via logs
14:55:17 <mihalis68> #endmeeting