15:01:35 <piet> #startmeeting openstack_ux
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15:01:51 <piet> Morning
15:02:34 <piet> Let's wait five minutes for people to wander into the channel
15:04:06 <piet> Can I see a show of hands from who is attending the UX meeting?
15:04:14 <piet> I see Jeff
15:04:31 <jacalcat> Hi
15:04:40 <piet> Que pasa
15:04:55 <piet> It might be a bit of boring meeting
15:05:06 <piet> We'll see
15:05:23 <piet> #topic personas
15:06:12 <piet> Still there?
15:06:41 <piet> So, we've received a ton of feedback on the persona screener
15:07:00 <jacalcat> Cool
15:07:26 <piet> The foundation has agreed to provide a surveymonkey account to the OpenStack UX team
15:08:06 <piet> The intent is to give them accounts, so they have access to the data
15:08:39 <piet> The is our current blocker to distributing the survey
15:08:47 <piet> "that"
15:09:42 <piet> Also, the foundation will be responsible for distributing the survey link
15:10:28 <piet> At some point, we will distribute a "screener" survey to the community to build-up a db of willing participants
15:10:54 <piet> That will allow them to create email lists based on the participants specific interests
15:11:10 <piet> So, we should probably start working on a screener
15:11:38 <piet> Any questions?
15:12:38 <piet> #topic Unified CLI study
15:13:03 <piet> STan and I are working on a unified CLI study
15:13:14 <julim> any details on it?
15:13:29 <piet> This will be a usability study with about eight participants
15:13:55 <julim> what are we testing?
15:13:57 <julim> test goal?
15:14:01 <piet> one second and I will send a link to the tasks
15:14:35 <piet> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-openstackux-cli-research
15:15:04 <piet> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xqCO6Q0EZBpZmGR1AR_8D48EjV0SfF6EVZBwLtQoRBM/edit
15:15:31 <piet> The first go around will be end users rolling-up a VM
15:15:56 <julim> so target users are end-users
15:15:56 <piet> Similar to the tasks we did for the Luanch Instance usability in Horizon
15:16:02 <piet> Yep
15:16:09 <julim> we use it a fair bit for deployment
15:16:19 <piet> Unified CLI?
15:16:23 <julim> deployer users might be a consideration
15:16:24 <julim> yes
15:16:39 <piet> Cool - can you recruit a few people?
15:16:52 <julim> I might
15:16:58 <julim> but it depends on the goal of the study
15:17:06 <julim> and what we're testing
15:18:13 <julim> if you're limited to end-user, are you sure they don't tend to be offerred the ui vs. cli
15:18:17 <julim> who's the real target user?
15:18:21 <julim> operator, administrator, etc.?
15:18:25 <julim> seems a bit fuzzy...
15:18:27 <piet> I can work on writing the goals, but they are really interesting in validating that the CLI is usable with both current OpenStack users and new users
15:18:39 <julim> yes, but which users?
15:18:39 <piet> They have a CLI that has never been tested
15:19:36 <piet> The task was specified by the folks working on the CLI.  Did you want to proposed different tasks?
15:19:39 <julim> I would argue that the cli is more for operator/admins
15:19:45 <julim> and that end-users tend to use ui
15:20:25 <piet> I would tend to questio that assumption, but we could ping the operators channel and see what they say.
15:20:31 <julim> I almost want to find out who is using it and what their top use cases are
15:20:39 <julim> I know what the deployers use cases are
15:20:58 <piet> Can you add them to the wiki?
15:21:03 <julim> hat wiki
15:21:18 <piet> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-openstackux-cli-research
15:21:41 <julim> do we know who's complaining, logging bugs, etc.?
15:21:50 <julim> based on that we'd have a good idea who's using it
15:22:37 <piet> Naw, earlier than that...we don't know what we don't know, so this is more a validation of the current work to make sure that they are on the right track
15:23:04 <julim> well current test is very end-user focused it seems
15:23:20 <julim> but not considering other users which I raise concerns about
15:24:01 <piet> Do you want to push back on them?  We could also ask the foundation to see if there was any results from the community survey
15:25:08 <julim> yes please
15:25:28 <julim> or at least try and get a little more data points as seems a bit lacking
15:25:36 <piet> k - I'll also invite you to the meetings
15:25:46 <piet> About the which persona to test?
15:26:20 <piet> Any other concerns?
15:26:47 <julim> that was it. based on persona, then we'd know tasks
15:27:41 <piet> It's kind of interesting because we could create a set of "study tasks" as part of each persona
15:27:51 <julim> +1
15:28:03 <julim> also depends how much cycles we have for this... and what the priorities are
15:30:41 <robcresswell> Just arrived, caught up on logs
15:33:37 <piet> Still there? my connection went down
15:33:59 <piet> #topic Nova Network/Neutron migration study presentation
15:34:42 <piet> julim should we go through the presentation one last time and record it for the rest of the community?
15:34:58 <julim> wasn't it recorded on tuesday?
15:35:04 <julim> preso is posted on the wiki already
15:35:22 <piet> No...technical difficulties with bluejeans
15:35:33 <julim> Oh :-(
15:35:41 <piet> I'm hoping to have a dedicated virtual room with Intel
15:35:45 <julim> we can do it again if there's enough folks interested in attending
15:36:13 <piet> I would almost think we should run through it even if its just us
15:36:26 <julim> ok.
15:36:31 <piet> So we have something to share
15:36:52 <piet> We did have a person that was unable to attend that wanted to attend the presentation
15:37:03 <piet> So maybe in the afternoon for anyone in asia
15:37:09 <julim> I'm limited by my timezone
15:37:29 <julim> if we can find a time that works for them and me, then sure.
15:37:32 <piet> I was thinking around 5PM your time
15:37:39 <julim> that won't work
15:37:43 <piet> But we can check
15:37:50 <julim> I've family commitments > 5pm EST
15:37:58 <piet> Let's talk to him on availability
15:38:23 <piet> Anything else?
15:38:36 <piet> 5
15:38:38 <piet> 4
15:38:40 <piet> 3
15:38:42 <piet> 2
15:38:43 <piet> 1
15:39:24 <piet> #topic LBaaS
15:39:58 <piet> I need to get review on the LBaaS edit workflows
15:40:22 <robcresswell> Just pinged Doug cause I know he has some involvement in this
15:40:31 <robcresswell> not sure if eric is around
15:40:33 <piet> We've already approved the panels and the Create Load Balancer UI
15:40:48 <piet> Just need approval on the edit
15:41:01 <neelashah> robcresswell doug is likely not around, but I believe jpomeroy is here
15:41:11 <jpomeroy> sup
15:41:15 <robcresswell> Ah okay
15:41:16 <piet> https://invis.io/59524AX4J
15:41:19 <robcresswell> neelashah: Thanks
15:41:35 <piet> Need reviews on the LBaaS edit stuff. Just posted a link
15:41:51 <piet> I know that Doug has reviewed it, but we need core approval
15:42:37 <robcresswell> piet: Will look after this meeting
15:43:02 <piet> jpomeroy: can you review?  It may be easier for the Cores if we have someone with specific domain experience reviewing them.  Feel free to leave comments on the first panel with the blue eye
15:43:39 <piet> david-lyle: Sup
15:43:56 <jpomeroy> piet, i'm not sure i'm the man for that job, domain experience doesn't really apply to me.  just working on implementation.
15:43:58 <david-lyle> piet o/
15:44:26 <jpomeroy> we need someone from the lbaas team for that
15:44:36 <piet> Sure, but it would be helpful to have feedback from an implementation perspective
15:44:52 <piet> k - i'll reach-out to Michael and German
15:45:11 <neelashah> +1 +1 both are needed
15:45:21 <hinnant_> piet, is there a reason that project doesn't show on the InVision project dashboard?
15:46:19 <piet> hinnant_: just added the larger group - should be visible
15:46:30 <piet> Morning, BTW
15:47:07 <piet> Anything else?
15:47:08 <piet> 5
15:47:09 <piet> 4
15:47:10 <piet> 3
15:47:11 <piet> 2
15:47:12 <piet> 1
15:47:51 <piet> #topic Move to a UX repository (Gerrit)
15:48:05 <piet> Not much to report
15:48:46 <piet> Things are moving along. I am now one of the admins for the launchpad account
15:49:06 <piet> Diana has created a git repository
15:49:19 <piet> Relevant links
15:49:27 <piet> https://launchpad.net/~openstack-ux-drivers
15:49:47 <piet> https://launchpad.net/openstack-ux
15:50:10 <piet> At some point, there needs to be a discussion around the scope of the blueprints
15:50:26 <piet> For example, is personas a blueprint?
15:50:56 <piet> Or should the first file personas that we are currently refining a blueprint?
15:51:12 <piet> Something to think about
15:51:27 <piet> nine minute warning...
15:51:47 <piet> 5
15:51:48 <piet> 4
15:51:50 <piet> 3
15:51:51 <piet> 2
15:51:53 <piet> 1
15:52:09 <piet> #topic mid-cycle
15:52:40 <robcresswell> London \o/
15:52:44 <piet> We are planning to have a joint mid-cycle w the Horizon folks since some of the cores overlap
15:53:04 <piet> london \o/
15:55:00 <piet> Pls complete the survey to identify a location/date
15:55:02 <piet> http://goo.gl/forms/TVtWP96KjY
15:55:33 <hinnant_> piet have we started an agenda?
15:55:45 <piet> In the future, we may piggyback other mid-cycles
15:55:58 <piet> I have created a wiki, but not much in there
15:56:08 <piet> I have a few recommendations
15:56:53 <piet> For example, we need a review guideline (heuristic) for UX Cores reviewing mocks
15:57:08 <piet> Would like to continue working on personas
15:57:32 <piet> three minutes
15:58:00 <piet> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-openstackux-mid-cycle
15:58:09 <piet> please leave recommendations on topics
15:59:03 <piet> Anything else?
15:59:14 <piet> 5
15:59:16 <piet> 4
15:59:16 <piet> 3
15:59:17 <piet> 2
15:59:19 <piet> 1
15:59:29 <piet> Have a good weekend!!!!
15:59:39 <piet> #endmeeting openstack_ux