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09:01:41 <ianychoi> Hi :)
09:01:49 <ildikov> ianychoi: hi :)
09:01:53 <ildikov> ianychoi: how are you?
09:02:07 <ianychoi> ildikov, fine with busy work but good :) And u?
09:02:34 <ildikov> ianychoi: mainly the same :)
09:02:42 <ianychoi> Haha
09:03:28 <ildikov> it seems the meeting idea is not popular today :)
09:03:53 <ianychoi> Aha.. then can I briefly discuss briefly for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/522687/ ?
09:04:55 <ianychoi> Last week, I tried to make use of rst2html5-tools which was mentioned on last August - it unfortunately failed.
09:05:17 <ianychoi> I filed an issue on rst2html5-tools repository: https://github.com/marianoguerra/rst2html5/issues/98
09:05:49 <ianychoi> BTW, hieroglyph is fortunately alive so I proposed a patch. ildikov would u approve the patch?
09:06:44 <ildikov> ianychoi: oh nice!
09:07:08 <ildikov> ianychoi: I saw the patch notification in my mails, but couldn't get there yet
09:07:38 <ianychoi> ildikov, haha fine :)
09:07:38 <ildikov> ianychoi: I think if hieroglyph is working we're good
09:08:12 <ildikov> ianychoi: we also would like to leverage the new contributor portal as much as possible, so we will see how the slides will look like :)
09:08:46 <ianychoi> ildikov, yep https://docs.openstack.org/contributors/ this one :)
09:09:10 <ildikov> ianychoi: patch approved :)
09:09:19 <ianychoi> ildikov, thanks!
09:09:42 <ildikov> ianychoi: me thanks! :)
09:10:31 <ildikov> ianychoi: we also created an etherpad last week to brainstorm about the exercises onwards based on the new portal: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OUI_exercises_reform
09:10:46 <ildikov> ianychoi: if you have any ideas please drop them on the etherpad :)
09:11:41 <ianychoi> ildikov, aha I see - Thanks a lot for sharing the link :)
09:12:06 <ildikov> ianychoi: np :)
09:13:09 <ildikov> ianychoi: do you have any further topics for today?
09:14:46 <ianychoi> ildikov, are you planning to migrate the some content from upstream-training repository to contributor portal repository?
09:15:08 <ildikov> ianychoi: moving everything would be ideal
09:15:19 <ianychoi> ildikov, for example, from my understanding, https://docs.openstack.org/contributors/irc.html was migrated from https://docs.openstack.org/upstream-training/irc.html
09:15:23 <ildikov> ianychoi: I mean content and keep the exercises in the training slides
09:15:40 <ildikov> ianychoi: we need to clean up what was migrated
09:16:08 <ildikov> ianychoi: I think we have at least 2-3 places on the training web that talks about IRC...
09:16:09 <ianychoi> ildikov, okay I see - I will first clean up with current migration status :)
09:16:26 <ildikov> ianychoi: that would be great if you can help out with that!
09:16:49 <ianychoi> ildikov, :)
09:17:09 <ianychoi> ildikov, I don't have any more topics today. How about u?
09:17:40 <ildikov> that would've been it
09:18:09 <ildikov> encouraging people to think about restructuring the exercises and sign up to migrate content
09:18:22 <ianychoi> ildikov, aha okay :)
09:18:57 <ildikov> ok, if nothing else I will close this meeting :)
09:19:38 <ildikov> ianychoi: thanks for the heads up on that patch and the chat
09:19:54 <ianychoi> Yep :) You're welcome! See u later again :)
09:19:56 <ildikov> ianychoi: hope to see you around even if your work keeps you busy now
09:20:12 <ildikov> #endmeeting